An Antidote to Dissatisfaction

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Ohai! For a change a few personal words. My name is Philipp and I started this channel almost seven years ago – you don’t know my voice but you have heard my words because I write most of our scripts.
Oh boy. This was a hard video to make. Gratitude felt vaguely risky to do as a topic. It has this aura of cheap Instagram hashtag self help stuff.
Some of you will hate this video deeply, and the thought of that made me pretty anxious writing it. Gratitude was not supposed to be a video topic originally. Just like the Nihilism and Loneliness videos, the script was based on personal struggles and part of the process of dealing with them. And so it felt right to make gratitude a video too.
But Kurzgesagt is not a self help channel, so we'll keep this sort of content at roughly one or two per year.
We hope they are helpful to some of you.
If you care for my take on how to practice Gratitude, we made a Kurzgesagt Gratitude journal to combine the science with practical tips.
Edit: PRE-ORDER is available again.
Please note: You don’t need to buy this or anything else to practice gratitude – you only need a pen, a piece of paper and 5 minutes.
Thank you for watching our videos and reading this comment. Being able to do Kurzgesagt means a lot. To me and the whole team. – Philipp
Sagar Shrestha
Sagar Shrestha - Month ago
plz make a video on how to not desire anything materialistic things.
shrey s
shrey s - Month ago
Hello kurzgesagt your channel is really awesome 👌 even in grade 9 my science teacher has shown one of youre videos to the class We hope to see you for many more years
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen - Month ago
The content of your each video is astonishing. I really appreciate your hard work to create such great videos. Particularly, this video helps me have deeper understanding about my feeling then control it better. Keep going team!
mythirdchannel - 2 months ago
Hey Philipp! I love your work :D I know it's not the type of topic you'd normally cover, but as far as I'm concerned I think it's a worthy subject and that you all did a great job. I've known this about Gratitude for a while, I took a course in positive psychology a few years ago, and this is a good time to practice it, especially since these are dire times (deep into 2020 while watching this). I just wanted to leave a positive note
Priyanka Raghuthaman
Priyanka Raghuthaman - 3 months ago
Thanks for the video. 👍
HumourusLAV - Hour ago
I am actually really grateful kurzgesagt that they make these self help videos!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nick Lia
Nick Lia - 3 hours ago
I'm gonna make it a goal to connect with atleast one friend per week and every week im going to write down what im grateful for.
little steps :)
no anime crazy frog fff
no anime crazy frog fff - 5 hours ago
Im grateful for my dad because not only is he my parent but sometimes i talk to him and it makes me comfortable but he only has 7 or 16 years and i feel like without him ill be gonna forever.
iS0L8eD N0B0dY
iS0L8eD N0B0dY - 17 hours ago
There is a solution to dissatisfaction, it’s called being a douchebag
Minh Phương
Minh Phương - Day ago
what a great video Im so glad it popped up in my recommendation. A bit out of topic but I really love the art of this series!
nate han
nate han - Day ago
Believe in Jesus as your personal Saviour and Shepherd of your soul. Thats how.
All your philosophical jargon has been tried and failed.
Jesus never will.
paul jung
paul jung - Day ago
극소수의 투기꾼들 vs 온 인류
인간의 통제를 벗어난 기술과 자본 vs 온 인류
의 싸움입니다.
다들 한번 해봅시다.
진짜 할 수 있습니다.
우린 이미 이 싸움에서 승리했습니다.
그 사실만 개개인이 인식한다면 말입니다.
한번 해봅시다.
나를 위해서, 당신을 위해서
나와 당신의 사랑하는 가족들을 위해서
한번 해봅시다.
마스크 던져 버리십시오
아무 일도 일어나지 않습니다.
코로나바이러스는 가짜입니다.
It's up to you, yeah you
It's just up to you, everybody
We can make it
It is up to you, yeah you
no mask, no problem
nothing happens
Izia Vanhecke
Izia Vanhecke - 2 days ago
I don't know how to describe the feeling that flows into my body when i watch this series of videos. It's like a physical pain in the chest, but it's good pain, it makes me smile, as I finally understand why I've been feeling so bad for some years. I will try gratitude journaling, I want to feel better.
Mona - 3 days ago
Hah... it’s too late for me I’m already cynical and depressed lol
Hamed design
Hamed design - 3 days ago
This channel is one of the real scientists around i like it , i follow it i hope to see more videos , we have same thoughts
Prateek Banerjee
Prateek Banerjee - 3 days ago
This is good work and quite relevant for Kurzgesagt. People need to talk more about fundamental values. These values have been out of discussion for a while and the asinine presumption that they are weird, just displays ignorance about their meaning at best. Keep on with the efforts Philip from @Kurzgesagt
Beyondfubar - 3 days ago
Good theme, but you'd be surprised at what happens at the other end of the spectrum too. Being exceedingly happy all the time will get you some face to face time with a doctor.
Onur - 4 days ago
Rafi Pearlman
Rafi Pearlman - 4 days ago
Haphazard Productions
Haphazard Productions - 5 days ago
When you’ve been practicing gratitude for a decade and all you have to be grateful for is failing suicide
Ruben Régnaud
Ruben Régnaud - 5 days ago
My social ankwardness : HAHA *no*
johnwolfsciante #
johnwolfsciante # - 5 days ago
My friend show me this vid 6 month ago, i'll say right now im grateful for my loneliness
Dismythed & JWA
Dismythed & JWA - 5 days ago
While the points made about the benefits of gratitude are absolutely correct, the evolutionary viewpoint expressed here paints a rather rosey picture, but is very naive. In fact, there is not one single shred of proof that gratitude is genetic. We have the capacity, but not an inborn tendency, as gratitude is a learned behavior in which we learn to associate positive feelings with the knowledge of having received a benefit.
Children have to be correctly instructed in gratitude or they tend toward sociopathy, psychopathy and/or narcissism. After all, if it were evolutionary, people would not need to be instructed in it and no amount of instruction would be able to change their level of ability to express gratitude.
Apes do not exhibit reciprocity and people tend to be drawn to, rather than repulsed, by narcissists, who are the most selfish of all. Rather than feelings of gratitude, the narcissist seeks only their personal advantage, leading them to play nice only until they get those advantages. Animals and humans do not play well with others, but are fierce, aggressive warmongers who maintain minimal social groups. Things contrary to survival.
While a person's learning gratitude can counteract the negative traits mentioned, those negative traits exist in too much abundance to account for the "evolution" of gratitude. We all have the capacity, but only a portion of the people exercise it in a way that benefits them to the shiny happy degree mentioned in the video.
A bullet journal is not necessay. You just need to take time to reflect on things you are grateful for each day and try not to take the things you receive for granted without gratitude at the time you receive them or when you remember who gave them or the benefit you receive from them.
It is very interesting that the Bible teaches gratitude to God in all things, which is why so many religious people have a higher general satisfaction with life, but it took studies to teach evolutionists to benefit from it.
Dinar - 5 days ago
I was a grateful person. But one man consumed me. President of Turkey. Because of him no one gifts each other anymore because no one has spare money. We can barely afford our basic human needs. I am so very unhappy to live in this country. He took everything from me, my money, my youth years, my efforts... I can’t feel grateful for anything until he leaves and it is something I cannot control. He hasn’t left since 2002 and there’s no hope for his leave. I wish somebody saved me from this hell.
Good3rip _
Good3rip _ - 5 days ago
But after video you understanding that you living in Russia, and just😔✌🏻
Jnetrock - 6 days ago
I'm grateful for how adorable the dogs were in this video. I actually mean that, not being facetious or sarcastic. Cute things give me warm fuzzies and it's actually good for the brain as long as don't over indulge. Part of the reason why watching a few minutes of cat videos is good for mental health (stress relief) and focus. So thanks for the dose of cute!
Ayman Sossi
Ayman Sossi - 6 days ago
I 'm grateful for you Kurzgesagt ❤️❤️
Rudraksh Gupta
Rudraksh Gupta - 8 days ago
Guys if you are serious in being grateful and need help in any way, you guys should read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It is an amazing book, and, believe me, it really does work. If you go on to search for other books by Rhonda Byrne, you will find The Magic, which is solely based on gratitude. These books really changed my life, and I am utterly grateful to them.
John Woodward
John Woodward - 9 days ago
I am very grateful for this video and the gratitude journal I bought. This actually turned my life around. In an unbelievable way. So honestly I can't thank you enough for making this video.
German_Girl102 - 9 days ago
Garrett sent me here
TheUnseenBefore - 9 days ago
So if a guy breaks into my house and steals my life savings, the way to be happy is to feel gratitude for what I have left? No, the best solution would be to actively try and recover those things and if that doesn't work then I should feel sad to let the world around me know how bad things are so that they do not fall in the same hole.
TheUnseenBefore - 9 days ago
@I'm NoT NoT GaMeIaC MaNiAc If people focus on the good the bad will continue to affect them. If everyone focused on the bad, the bad would quickly disappear. Do you know why psychiatry and mental health movements have done nothing but exacerbate the mental health condition of the population? Because they stopped people from reacting to the bad. They made them complacent. This video is following the same individualistic science of how can we make a single person feel better. Rather than looking at the bigger picture.
I'm NoT NoT GaMeIaC MaNiAc
yeah no shit. it's not saying ignore the bad its saying focus on the good
Line - 10 days ago
0:24 reminding to take as truth lies they told u
Just Ranolu
Just Ranolu - 10 days ago
I better get me one of those gratitude things
Too bad I hate myself whenever I make a mistake
Octopod - 10 days ago
Be grateful for the experience of feeling pain, and you will never feel dissatisfied; pain is never in short supply.
Questionaire by me
Questionaire by me - 10 days ago
สุดท้ายแล้ว ชีวิตก็เป็นดาบสองคมอ่ะ
Chia Jie Chong
Chia Jie Chong - 10 days ago
Thats why i decided to close my facebook and never start an IG account.
Luna -
Luna - - 11 days ago
This is all great on paper, but not how things work irl in my case. I am very grateful towards other people and I treat them how I want to be treated. But when they treat me worse than I treat them, which is most cases for me, if not all, then I become disappointed and angry. So when people dont repay me with their gratitude as presented here, what am I supposed to do then? I want someone to care for cuz it gives me joy, but I want them to care about me too. But when they dont, why dont they? It isnt like in this video. People dont repay you with gratitude.
Rudraneel Khamaru
Rudraneel Khamaru - 11 days ago
Antidote to dissatisfaction

reccomendent for you
De Pluie Bruit
De Pluie Bruit - 11 days ago
Means, we r living 21st century with cave-man's body.
But, we r living now and we have to solve the matters.
Between our needs of stone age and social needs living in 21st.
It is 2 hard to us...;;
Well, I start grateful that I can watching Kurzgesagt video.
And...maybe my life will be way better.
Magical like this π
Magical like this π - 11 days ago
@De Pluie Bruit I have no idea to what u just sayed but I'm pretty sure we can control our bodies what's free will for then?
De Pluie Bruit
De Pluie Bruit - 11 days ago
@Magical like this π I think, no one cant control their bodies. Just trying. The evolution is 2 slow 2 see to us. So, in my opinion. Trying to goal personal life goal will be better.
Magical like this π
Magical like this π - 11 days ago
No our bodies r God like machines if u can't control it don't blame evolution.
Tariktalk - 11 days ago
You can at the end of the day have something to eat and you are depressed other people can not find something the hole day to eat and they are great full for what they have and so should you❤️
ツXxJxX - 11 days ago
Its funny how whenever he says stuff about being lonely or stuff like that he says that people turn down friends ti hang out but how it really is is that no friends offer to hang out cause there aren't any lol
Pavitter Josan
Pavitter Josan - 12 days ago
how on earth did we deserve such amazing videos from you?!?!?!?!?!! this is so beautifull
Bar Landau
Bar Landau - 12 days ago
Anyone else noticed the Bellsprout at 5:33????
Bar Landau
Bar Landau - 12 days ago
I'm really grateful for noticing it as a pokemon fan!
LoGhandi The Imperial Diehard
This video is what caused the lightbulb to go off in my head about organized religion. If you simplify religion to its fullest extent it consists of people showing gratefulness for an all powerful God who has given them a reason to be thankful simply for just existing, and obeying this God is a way of returning your gratitude for an even greater reward after your life ends.
MadamRenee - 13 days ago
I’m really glad I watched this
payday payday
payday payday - 13 days ago
6:12 for some reason number 3 feels like the least one
Trippy - 14 days ago
I always got suspicious when people said "You need to like yourself or have a high self esteem to be happier". It seemed like an invitation to narcissism when it's worded like that.
I like this explanation a lot more. Find things to be grateful for. It doesn't need to all come from oneself, nor all from outside.
Kwstas Delipeleas
Kwstas Delipeleas - 14 days ago
I mean the smarter you are basically the saddest you are right?
Hri Doy
Hri Doy - 15 days ago
Thank you for amazing information
Magical like this π
Magical like this π - 15 days ago
This video is so stupid disafaction is the only thing that keeps us Alive without it the is no satisfaction although I believe this video explains everything well but I still don't find it that right.
Magical like this π
Magical like this π - 4 days ago
@kevin cruz nonsense ask me why?
kevin cruz
kevin cruz - 8 days ago
Magical like this π dissatisfaction and satisfaction is a spectrum of feelings. I agree we should be moving back and forth from each side of the spectrum as we live life. I think you miss understood the video though as it was probably talking about depression and the dissatisfaction of everything that comes with it. Because there is a place in dissatisfaction where nothing seems to satisfy and therefore are not motivated to do anything
Magical like this π
Magical like this π - 12 days ago
@kevin cruz no it doesn't if only you allow yourself to but all in all Dissatisfaction is a great motivator to improve yourself if u where Satisfied like forever, you could not care about anything but yourself.
kevin cruz
kevin cruz - 13 days ago
How does dissatisfaction keep you alive? It literally leads you to depression. You might not find it right because this video goes against one of your core beliefs
Tomas Fontana
Tomas Fontana - 15 days ago
thank you!!!
Axea - 15 days ago
I feel grateful for you working towards something which help humanity and particular people
tarana sharma
tarana sharma - 15 days ago
Isn't it amazing that a channel called Kurzgesagt exist!
Wong Luo Wen
Wong Luo Wen - 16 days ago
Remember one thing: Be grateful for Kurzgesagt.
Ryder Young
Ryder Young - 16 days ago
Sub to Kurzgesagt and ants Canada
野生のこま犬 - 17 days ago
Actulers - 17 days ago
I want "me" to end
DarkWali - 17 days ago
The first verse of the first chapter of the Quran:
(الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ)
Meaning: All the praises and thanks
be to Allâh, the Lord (which is the highest level of gratitude)
We say this verse at each prayer at
least 17 times a day!
I had too many doubts about my religion and I was on the verge of becoming an atheist. But everyday I encounter something that shows me how great Islam is.
I'm grateful for being a Muslim ❤️
Jullian II
Jullian II - 18 days ago
You ever had got a cold and start appreciating the fact you can breathe through your nose more.
Andrew Harron
Andrew Harron - 13 days ago
Jullian II I used to, but I haven’t had a blocked nose since quarantine started.
Truthfulman S
Truthfulman S - 19 days ago
Why is there a narrator with a British accent in most of these videos. IDC what country the narrator resides from. i care about the material. Although this video is exquisite.
Luke Gunfield
Luke Gunfield - 19 days ago
I'm grateful for this video 🙏.
Enes Malik Uzuner
Enes Malik Uzuner - 19 days ago
ı so much gratefull
Plamler - 19 days ago
I don't think that dissatisfaction is bad per say, but rather the lack of a path to satisfaction causing despair is the root of the issue. Dissatisfaction could be a large factor in innovation and drive to succeed.
Magical like this π
Magical like this π - 15 days ago
Basically depression and sicknesses
manthan Patil
manthan Patil - 19 days ago
Love you all
Yash Menghani
Yash Menghani - 19 days ago
I love you Kurzgesagt 🤍
firdaus faeez
firdaus faeez - 19 days ago
It just makes so much sense that dissatisfaction and loneliness have the same soundtrack
Loli Raviolli
Loli Raviolli - 20 days ago
"gratitude refocuses your brain towards the good things you have"
ok but...what about when you dont have anything good going for you
Magical like this π
Magical like this π - 15 days ago
@2076 _ thats a bold statement what about poor kids in Africa having no fun starving to death yeah that'd good alright lol.
2076 _
2076 _ - 20 days ago
Everyone had something good happen to you
Sara Teitelbaum
Sara Teitelbaum - 21 day ago
he rly said this u?
LowLighter - 21 day ago
anyone know which animating program are they using?
Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl
Gratitude helps us realize what we've accomplished instead of trying to do something even bigger.
Magical like this π
Magical like this π - 15 days ago
That's fair enough
Loup Damman
Loup Damman - 21 day ago
Great advices !
Marco Barite
Marco Barite - 21 day ago
There's one and only solution gaming with the boys
Dalton Boardman
Dalton Boardman - 21 day ago
I'd legit watch a two hour movie with this animation, narration, and music.
Juan Tapia
Juan Tapia - 22 days ago
best self help channel
Yazan HR
Yazan HR - 22 days ago
the antidote is to know why are you here is this life?
seojun Kim
seojun Kim - 22 days ago
stoffy marster
stoffy marster - 22 days ago
hey kurzgesagt i wanted to hear if you might be able to make a video about Jeff bezos and his giant plan to build a space base in the future with blue origin or any other giant space base idea :). because you make it so easy and understand but do not make it too simple. if you do not know what it is then search for "Jeff bezos space plan" then it will probably come. if you like and do it then feel free to reply to this comment
Ken Burns
Ken Burns - 22 days ago
Got it: Stockholm Syndrome.
Biche Tordue
Biche Tordue - 22 days ago
the picture i had while watching this episode was netero from HxH,
he was unsatisfied with the power his martial art granted him and his response to it was to be grateful for it.
he was praying everyday for years to repay the martial art that made him who he was, to show how thankful he was.
Patricia Brun
Patricia Brun - 22 days ago
Philipp, Iike the concept, and mostly agree with you. Unfortunately, the scientist mention, makes it annoying. The commercial end, empty of meaning. We are no perfect. I will keep on watching your videos, because I like the core concepts. Greatfulness can't be acquired unless you were raised within a family who show how it works. The real meaning of gratefulness is never being paid back, but simply offer the gift of appreciation and awareness to the person who did something for us, equally expecting nothing on return. Otherwise, it would turn into a favour, pretty much a trade. I wish you a great day, perhaps the word " solidarity" fits better with what you are so beautifully trying to express. This, is obviously written by a not native English speaker. Do not hesitate to correct me if I am wrong. Thank you!
Mohiti Kaʻanāʻanā
Mohiti Kaʻanāʻanā - 23 days ago
People who disliked this video have disappointed
Stojan Draskovic
Stojan Draskovic - 23 days ago
super video
Jack Jarvis
Jack Jarvis - 24 days ago
Thank you for videos like this 🌟🌟
paista kakka
paista kakka - 24 days ago
vitu jonne vihaan sut
• ツ O Y A_S U M I ツ•
Someone sent this to me and idk how to feel- because i had said to them that no ones ever been nice like this before (they were sparing money for bandages)
Влад _
Влад _ - 24 days ago
I grateful for neat graphics of this video.
Windshield laugh
Windshield laugh - 24 days ago
I started recognizing things I really should be grateful for, like living in a safe household that has enough money to support me and even more, and little things that are under appreciated, like my grandma cooking for us or watching tv with my family or just having fun with my friends, I really enjoy these moments and it’s important to realize that you enjoy little things not just that you’re grateful for them but the reason why you are grateful for them.
And here is something under appreciated but sweet too
I wish you a good day and stay healthy 😊
NGUYEN THANH HUONG - 25 days ago
You're welcome
fade black
fade black - 25 days ago
Whenever I'm sad, I watch this video.
Windshield laugh
Windshield laugh - 24 days ago
That’s nice ☺️
Kula Diamond
Kula Diamond - 25 days ago
Of all the video you made this is the only one that makes me sub
Antony Toaquiza
Antony Toaquiza - 26 days ago
It is interesting how a piece to be happy is other people, not money as the world makes us believe
Emsie Eises
Emsie Eises - 26 days ago
If it wasn't for this video I could have killed myself but thanks it helps me calm for once and for all.
qwerty - 26 days ago
Can’t believe this video has captions on almost every language
Edit: Autocorrect
黎LEX - 27 days ago
I don't know why i am crying after watching this, is that gratitude?
Night Orcid
Night Orcid - 27 days ago
Thank you
Cayden WONG [08C1]
Cayden WONG [08C1] - 27 days ago
I've just realized that each of Kurzgesagt's self-help videos has a main character.
Optimistic Nihilism: A girl
Loneliness: Another girl
Gratitude: Yet another girl
Afnan Akhtar
Afnan Akhtar - 26 days ago
may be the creator has a daughter or a sister
As Vet
As Vet - 28 days ago
I am grateful I am laughing my ass off seeing this video and that there are people who actually need this kind of advice.
Dr STAME - 28 days ago
Damn! Cover photo is so cool!
I love you guys
Taxtro - 28 days ago
What if I'm grateful for being dissatisfied, narcissistic and materialistic? 🤔
Emsie Eises
Emsie Eises - 26 days ago
Then u r stupid
catgirl gf
catgirl gf - 28 days ago
I have a lot of cool stuff in my life. Is it wrong/unhealthy to want more cool stuff or different cool stuff? Being grateful for what I have doesn't stop me from wanting more. Is it ok to want more and work towards it? Also, what's wrong with materialism? For me personally, being surrounded by beautiful and high-quality material possessions is enough to feel content with life. My brain is very stuff-oriented.
Windshield laugh
Windshield laugh - 24 days ago
Hm then maybe try to appreciate the little stuff even more. Like somebody being nice to you. In the end you don’t need much material stuff, you need the people that mean something to you. No money in the world will make you happy if you don’t have someone to share it at least the tiniest bit with. Not saying that material stuff can’t make you happy but there’s a point when only people and yourself can make you feel better. It’s not wrong or unhealthy, it’s natural to want more from things that make you happy but I think some may need to realize that they can’t depend on material things to live a happy life.
Guilherme Pereira de Andrade
Grato pela luz
Jason Willows
Jason Willows - 29 days ago
"Your relationships aren't satisfying enough"
Yeah... or existent enough, lmao
damian tenev
damian tenev - 29 days ago
A brainwashing for social animals
XxReman_ingsxX - 29 days ago
Next videos