Music Is Awesome

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Awesomecatjazz - 2 hours ago
Keep doing music it is amazing 😁
puber wolf pup
puber wolf pup - 4 hours ago
Is the garage hard
Charles Nelson
Charles Nelson - Day ago
I play the tuba

Ghost The Badger
Ghost The Badger - Day ago
Somethingelseyt will forever be not nothing
Story time
Story time - Day ago
Whats your opinion on dubstep, I LOVE IT
Story time
Story time - Day ago
0:20 #thatsthedefinitionofdubstepandEDM
jewel couture-voyce
I used to love to write short story's an i wanted to write a novel once.. then the same thing happened to me people destroyed my dreams because i could not spell or use grammar i still cant. i haven't written in a long time but i want to try it again. because of you Adam i want to thank you for your vids i have watched them an learned more about myself every vid so thanks for what you do it means a lot to me. I love your content! i also watch odd1sout an jaiden animations an I believe you are very different from each other its stupid that people say you are the same your style an stories are not even close to the same. anyway hope you can find this in the sea of comments
Minsung MWHJ
Minsung MWHJ - Day ago
I... I was actually looking for the toothpaste while watching this video
Minsung MWHJ
Minsung MWHJ - Day ago
I... I was actually looking for the toothpaste while watching this video
Jenny Gutierrez
Jenny Gutierrez - Day ago
Why no one told me he’s not only beautiful himself but his voice is amazing as well😍😍
Fiire _stormm
Fiire _stormm - 2 days ago
Ur nothing

No u.
Evanni - 2 days ago
Everyone is talking about 8:10 but have you even heard 0:42?
Sprinkelz with a Z
Sprinkelz with a Z - 2 days ago
Omgggggggggggg you didddd greeeeeat
Greed is Bad
Greed is Bad - 2 days ago
I ask my mom for a guitar when i was 5, never touch the guitar until I was 16
Someone From Somewhere
Someone From Somewhere - 2 days ago
If I met Adam, I wouldn't ask tor autographs, I wouldn't ask for a picture...

I would just want to geek out about Paul McCartney with him.
Jawad Sarip
Jawad Sarip - 2 days ago
I also liked the beatles
Snwflk08 AJ
Snwflk08 AJ - 2 days ago
The Legendary Spade
The Legendary Spade - 2 days ago
I know I'm late but noice voice. I play clarinet and I can play about any song there is. I'm thinking of switching to drums tho..
Letmeramble Z
Letmeramble Z - 3 days ago
I am named after a beetles song
Robert Justice
Robert Justice - 3 days ago
NUKE: I like you as a youtube friend
Treestar Light Guardian
Alisson Lemus
Alisson Lemus - 3 days ago
I play saxaphone 🎼 🎷🎷🎷🎷
Benjamin Jarman
Benjamin Jarman - 3 days ago
I SUPPORT YOU! You beautiful bi-horned hooman bean!
Blanca Castro
Blanca Castro - 3 days ago
It’s been two years we need a cover😭😭😭
Harrison Marschall
Harrison Marschall - 4 days ago
do imagine dragons believer
pixie yolo
pixie yolo - 4 days ago
your the one talking in my ear lol #earbuds
Roblox Catto
Roblox Catto - 4 days ago
My band is mandatory
Keiththe Fox
Keiththe Fox - 4 days ago
It’s amazing
Skyla Wolf
Skyla Wolf - 5 days ago
Adam, you have an amazing singing voice!! 🎤 🎶🎶🎶
Crystal Galaxy
Crystal Galaxy - 5 days ago
tipe writer
tipe writer - 5 days ago
drop youtube and be a singer just remember the words
Anna Fisher
Anna Fisher - 5 days ago
I love you too Adam
Boybrainz Tetratera
Boybrainz Tetratera - 5 days ago
Might I say, your singing voice is awesome.
Danica Cooper
Danica Cooper - 5 days ago
Hahaha, Fit in. Haha, your joking right?
Lydia Gosz
Lydia Gosz - 5 days ago
the Beatles are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feather Bros
Feather Bros - 6 days ago
We need to play guitar together
Śliwa TV
Śliwa TV - 6 days ago
9990 comment lmao
Crystal Galaxy
Crystal Galaxy - 6 days ago
Like really i thought you were lipsinkiblebleble
Crystal Galaxy
Crystal Galaxy - 6 days ago
Adam you sing really good I like the guitar 2 but i sing like shit and I play like shit
charelle almandres
charelle almandres - 6 days ago
I fell for it
Kiya Gordon
Kiya Gordon - 6 days ago
Hey I love the song you're voice is beautiful. I love you too.
it's ya gurl Jayden
it's ya gurl Jayden - 6 days ago
Can you please make more music ????? Pleaze
Arely Solis
Arely Solis - 6 days ago
CaLl uS bAnD NeRds oNe MorE tiMe!!!!!
Ahem.... I mean.....
Edit: dang, thats really good singing
Marvyn Velasquez- Reyes
lucio Correia dos Santos
woodwinds for life
Maci Ledbetter
Maci Ledbetter - 6 days ago
Anyone else notice how high pitched his voice was when he was singing and how deep it got when he started talking again? I thought that was sooooo weird and cool
summerrose 45
summerrose 45 - 6 days ago
he's so lucky he's an extrovert 😂
Marilee Grace
Marilee Grace - 6 days ago
WOAH my first song on the guitar was also “Im yours” haha
Waffle Llama Hufflepuff
You look like my tennis teacher Ben
ThisIsStartacus - 7 days ago
PLEASE! Do the full cover, best 30 second cover ever.
Emma Scherer
Emma Scherer - 7 days ago
DARN!! you got talent!! yikes ! please keep it up !!!
caygill pro 1
caygill pro 1 - 7 days ago
I actually almost left when u showed the end card
alivia mercado
alivia mercado - 7 days ago
When he started to talk about he was nothing it got real
Dark TGB
Dark TGB - 7 days ago
you can sing!you are somthing else
TERI WOODWARD - 7 days ago
Omg Adam you are so freaking talented
Plz release songs:)))))))))
Midnight S
Midnight S - 8 days ago
I was about to leave the video

Then it continues
Seba_is_my_name 37
Seba_is_my_name 37 - 8 days ago
Like yo voice
Shnitzer Weesle
Shnitzer Weesle - 8 days ago
Wow that cover was really good Adam!!!!
Animated OreoCookies- animations and more
I think your parents were actually getting you into music because it channels different flows like from crazy-jumpy-hyper-kid to clam-kinda crazy-kid
Ricardo Bàez
Ricardo Bàez - 8 days ago
You rock man
Tommie is annoyed :3
Tommie is annoyed :3 - 8 days ago
0:42 Why is this not a Song yet??
girl of gaming Feenstra
your animation is very cute!!! i just want to hug it!!! :3
Herkko Kauhamies
Herkko Kauhamies - 9 days ago
6.36 but.. but... butt how the hell are you holding that guitar
Kitty Cat27
Kitty Cat27 - 9 days ago
This was soo good your a great singer
Tracy Breeden
Tracy Breeden - 9 days ago
i'm on my mom's laptop because yeet but i understand you i love the beatles,david bowie,queen,cindy lauper and i have from like age 0
David Alcala
David Alcala - 9 days ago
That was my first band that i ever used u tube
HinataScarlet - 10 days ago
My dad loved the Beatles when he was growing up in Germany. They were a big hit and he even went to see them play at London. As a kid, he introduced me to his favorite music so our favorite thing to do is sing in the car of their songs XD ahh...good childhood memories =u=
Bandwagon Desavage
Bandwagon Desavage - 10 days ago
u if u do not know the Beatles
kitty Cat
kitty Cat - 10 days ago
3:22 are you calling me a nerd?? 😂😂
Thaeranasaur - 10 days ago
someThingElseYT Why do you wear a hat on your head to hiding your DEVIL HORNS???
Angelic Demon
Angelic Demon - 10 days ago
Adam, you have such a good voice! And you're a really good guitarist!
Drawing Is fun
Drawing Is fun - 10 days ago
8:11 *OH MY GOD!!* I just melted into a puddle on the floor
Andrew Canese
Andrew Canese - 10 days ago
I got Billy Joel tickets.
Atom - 10 days ago
Wow you can sing good
Joseph Rozier Music
Joseph Rozier Music - 10 days ago
drop a song
Fiona Ordonia
Fiona Ordonia - 10 days ago
Try my chemical romance
kitty cat 9000
kitty cat 9000 - 11 days ago
Not important but i play uke
Vinny Sanford
Vinny Sanford - 11 days ago
Song name?
Dank Raccoon
Dank Raccoon - 11 days ago
A wrote an okay price about a girl I saw at a local sandwich shop and found out she was in my art class and after finishing the song I walked into school pumped as shit saw her at lunch making out with a guy who I will call chad and then gave her the song anyway she said “wow what a great song what’s it about” and I just pointed at the title ........ she slapped be for no fucking reason
mom reid
mom reid - 11 days ago
Milo Plays Games
Milo Plays Games - 11 days ago
IS THat PErSona!??!?!?!?!?!!!?
S L J - 11 days ago
I love everything you said in this video. It made me feel a lot more confident in making music. I'll stop caring what people think of me because their opinion doesn't matter!
gold Queen Platinum monster
BlueBerry Soda
BlueBerry Soda - 11 days ago
8:10 *o h s h e t d a t b o i i g o o d*
Yvette valdez
Yvette valdez - 11 days ago
Who else thinks that Adam sang that song better than post malone?
niall horan
niall horan - 11 days ago
skskskskSKSK adam can sing 😭😭
Grace Craaybeek
Grace Craaybeek - 11 days ago
Grate Voice!!!
Grace Gutierrez
Grace Gutierrez - 11 days ago
I want to hollllddd you haaaaannnd *crys* I want to hold youuuuurrr hand
Grace Gutierrez
Grace Gutierrez - 11 days ago
Omg your an amazing singer
Portland Griz
Portland Griz - 11 days ago
Real music, not fucking rap hip hop or anyone with lil
Evie's Gacha Life
Evie's Gacha Life - 11 days ago
Kat Timelord
Kat Timelord - 11 days ago
At least this nerd knows how to play multiple instruments.
XShadowX X
XShadowX X - 12 days ago
Aušra plays
Aušra plays - 12 days ago
Suzan Saleh
Suzan Saleh - 12 days ago
Everyone loves music it's the best thing ever!! I love it I heir it everyday in life! I have more that 1000 favorite or songs I like
•Cherry Lemonade
•Cherry Lemonade - 12 days ago
I just have to say, that singing was actually so amazing. I though he was lip-syncing the song near the beginning at how well it was.
Nice voice Adam!
Doge Memes Gaming
Doge Memes Gaming - 12 days ago
I’m not nerd and I’m in band and I play the trombone
Wolffang10210 The Wolf Pack
Wait to never do nothing isn't that a double negative?
Wolffang10210 The Wolf Pack
Music is awesome well that is a given
Wolffang10210 The Wolf Pack
My mom has the musical talent brought to my family
Wolffang10210 The Wolf Pack
That is called ADHD a attention deficit hyperactive disorder I have it look it up it may help
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