Music Is Awesome

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Dead_Manz GachA
Dead_Manz GachA - 48 minutes ago
Your so talented, you can sing,animate,create quality content👌
And all i know how to do is be frikin annoying- WHICH I AM GOOD AT! Ive mastered the powers of annoying-ness hehe
Albert Baez
Albert Baez - 13 hours ago
I play alto saxophone 🎷
Marley Lopez
Marley Lopez - 17 hours ago
The Beatles are awesome owo
FøxyLuna_Playz X3
FøxyLuna_Playz X3 - 19 hours ago
"according to my *Madré* "
You say that too?! >:o
Kim Mj's Mangos
Kim Mj's Mangos - Day ago
BTS has taken a The Beetles spot
Jonny Harvey
Jonny Harvey - Day ago
Twist and shout (twist and shout) c'mon c'mon baby
Victor Egelund
Victor Egelund - Day ago
who else is watching this after his song help
THEDESTROYR62 - 2 hours ago
Victor Egelund le me
Evelyn Calixto
Evelyn Calixto - Day ago
I love music
Glitch Studio
Glitch Studio - Day ago
I play piano and clarinet.
BoredomComics - Day ago
welcome to middle school where your whole life was on crack and is about to get worse. here we have our smartso kids, the dying inside kids, the kids who are absolutely hyper on 10 packs of coffee a minute, and the ones that are trying to live a normal life and ultimately failing. then those rare people who do stuff with your life. you, my friend, is one of those people who make people laugh and smile :)
christian perez
christian perez - Day ago
Saw this right after "help" which btw is amazing
LazyBoy Lofgren
LazyBoy Lofgren - 2 days ago
pls do a cover the song you sung plssssssss
HappyStick99 - 2 days ago
I love beatles
lad and dad
lad and dad - 2 days ago
OMG adam u are soo good on guitar!!!
Charlotte Wong
Charlotte Wong - 2 days ago
Like you’re video here and back to the moon
Jaime Roman
Jaime Roman - 2 days ago
Yeah do more
Kiddos Jelken
Kiddos Jelken - 2 days ago
just by a ukulele there like 20 bucks man.
Kai Luedey
Kai Luedey - 3 days ago
finally someone else likes the beatles
Yeet Master
Yeet Master - 3 days ago
Dumb Crap, Huh.......

Go checkout LazarBeam
figee - 3 days ago
Favorite song is from MOTOWN AND it is PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE
figee - 3 days ago
James Cook
James Cook - 3 days ago
have you ever heard the artist Alan Walker i think he is cool
kat_ gacha
kat_ gacha - 3 days ago
OoOoOoO day singing it's amazing
Wolfie Does Stuff
Wolfie Does Stuff - 4 days ago
I flippin LOVE DA Beatles. I have a shirt, a sweatshirt, the yellow submarine movie, yellow submarine matchbox car, poster, super old Sgt Peppers picture,aaaaaaand... The soundtrack of yellow submarine k luv you

Laura Deakin
Laura Deakin - 4 days ago
I love music!!
Laura Deakin
Laura Deakin - 4 days ago
zxd op
zxd op - 4 days ago
Nice singing
ROBLOX crazzyamza
ROBLOX crazzyamza - 5 days ago
who clicked off the vid then came back
If Mations
If Mations - 5 days ago

Amy williams
Amy williams - 5 days ago
Hadley Ellis
Hadley Ellis - 6 days ago
I love the Beatles too
Bananas For Life
Bananas For Life - 6 days ago
Not only are you good at guitar , like really good... You're a pretty good singer too :D
Eclipse GalaxyGamer-07 _07
Cool music
Fero Kovac
Fero Kovac - 7 days ago
i learn to violin and is cool and i think you are awesome
Cat Logical
Cat Logical - 7 days ago
I love music
hfgfs gtjsb
hfgfs gtjsb - 7 days ago
this "yeea" is soooo cute
Diamond Slasher
Diamond Slasher - 7 days ago
Diamond Slasher
Diamond Slasher - 7 days ago
Fun fact:when your pointer and thumb touch and you try to bend them and them only, all your fingers bend too
Ebony McCormick
Ebony McCormick - 8 days ago
I got into the guitar. Now I can play hot rock and classical music.🎸🎼
Ewan Roubos
Ewan Roubos - 8 days ago
I also play guitar
Jacob Torres
Jacob Torres - 8 days ago
My brother is named after John lennon
Lizzietheclown Loves horror
I wanna hold your handdd~~ I like that song to
Adam Roth
Adam Roth - 8 days ago
wow and i thought i was good at sinning
Brecken McLeod
Brecken McLeod - 10 days ago
Tammylovez Gamez
Tammylovez Gamez - 11 days ago
ADAM is the common sence hoodie still gonna be in nov 1st bc i want it for mah BD and my BD is in nov 1st... Plz answer... °^°
Whistling Gamer
Whistling Gamer - 11 days ago
That might be my new favourite song now
Thicc_Bøî 12
Thicc_Bøî 12 - 12 days ago
plz teach me the guitar TwT i luv the guitar.
Rocco Sartori
Rocco Sartori - 12 days ago
I love your vid's !!!!!!!!
Poputrash Lauchen
Poputrash Lauchen - 14 days ago
I've been into playing music for almost 15 years now. Mostly drums though. I started playing the harmonica recently, 2 years ago. Now all me peeps say I'm really good.... and I don't believe them. Same thing happened when I started with drums. Now I believe.... after over 10 years... dammit
Illuminati Confirmed boi
Illuminati Confirmed boi - 14 days ago
Amazing guitar and singing!!
Skelita07 - 14 days ago
i wanted to play the guitar for the longest time.. my mom got me one but i never learned and then i signed up for band and im leanring to play the trumpet :)

"Ha look at me i will do and will succeed.."
will steiner
will steiner - 14 days ago
He made spoon babies
Megaweebnerd Weirdo
Megaweebnerd Weirdo - 15 days ago
The Beatles are my life!
Nunjass Gaming
Nunjass Gaming - 15 days ago
Is no one gonna talk abut that he’s using internet explorer
flame flower
flame flower - 15 days ago
You have a great voice and I wish I could teach myself how to play the guitar but it's hard but I have two guitars!
Tiffany Langdon
Tiffany Langdon - 16 days ago
When he said ha and I was about to close outta the video
Jayden Tkacz
Jayden Tkacz - 16 days ago
That was really good
DBG_ Darker Overwatch And More
Or just guitar I'm something else
DBG_ Darker Overwatch And More
Do a full version
Don&Pat Proctor
Don&Pat Proctor - 17 days ago
I knew the lyrics to bohemian Rhapsody by 5
IAmMisterGold - 17 days ago
Music IS awesome 👍😎
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