Music Is Awesome

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Moe - 38 minutes ago
I'm really into music, too, and I actually want to make music for a living someday. I don't want to be super popular and famous, just as long as I can succeed. My main goal is to help people with my music the way music helped me. If I can help one person I'll be happy.
Happy Animation
Happy Animation - 41 minute ago
Sooooooo like Ed Sheeran and his album +
Just saying....You need me, I don’t need you is my favorite
It’s- 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Janet Ward
Janet Ward - Hour ago
Omg...... Adam.... that singing was really good! I hope you keep up your pursuit in happiness! Music is the best and you helped inspire me to take up the guitar... well and like hundreds of songs i listen to... but anyway, keep animating! Your content along with James & Jaidens is really fun to watch and always brightens up my day with your jokes and puns. And no none of it is a rip off. Ideas are meant to be shared so that people can take it and create something new with that idea. Well anyways.. bye! Good work animation Community!
Upbeatz Rythm
Upbeatz Rythm - 4 hours ago
Bully : your nothing
Me : aren’t we all?
Richard Drake
Richard Drake - 6 hours ago
Im a butting rapper myself so can anyone who sees this search me on sound cloud R.I.G.D
Julia Teclaw
Julia Teclaw - 13 hours ago
You actually sing really good adam
mario paint gameplay
mario paint gameplay - 15 hours ago
And this is how he created I'm something else.
Jack Beresford
Jack Beresford - 16 hours ago
HavE A iNstERMenT hiS gataRrrrrrrr 😰🗾⛰🌏🏯🏢🗾🗾🏯🏢🌐🏣🏬🏡🏢🏩🏢🌎
Jack Beresford
Jack Beresford - 16 hours ago
Vince Dreemurr
Vince Dreemurr - 23 hours ago
Plot twist: Adam is HowToBasic
bendenderman - Day ago
I play guitar too
Predawarrior Studios
Boy, did you prove them wrong.
Phoenix the Firebird
Phoenix the Firebird - 2 days ago
at 6:55 i almost clicked off
Snake Cake
Snake Cake - 2 days ago
0:42 don't mind this, it's just for me...
minecrASH101 - 2 days ago
I just had an ad for a bag called NutSac
Prince Gonzalez
Prince Gonzalez - 2 days ago
Your amazing at music
Donna Michael
Donna Michael - 3 days ago
Do a full cover please
Galaxy the cat Angel
Galaxy the cat Angel - 3 days ago
Adam actually made a song
Galaxy the cat Angel
Galaxy the cat Angel - 3 days ago
The beetles are actually mah music teacher's favorite band to be honest all old music bands n stuff are his favorite
Astrangga Yoga
Astrangga Yoga - 3 days ago
Adam you play left handed guitar???
Just a person YT
Just a person YT - 4 days ago
Not only are you something
Your something else
Little did you know, that would be your first real song
Alex Banana fofana
Alex Banana fofana - 4 days ago
Fun fact in one of there songs when it said Lucy in the sky with diamonds it ment Lucy in the sky with LSD
VlogsfromaTeenTomboy 23
generic scout
generic scout - 4 days ago
just a thing,if you actually want to play something but cant afford instruments,well,play something would be a problem,but make music is other story,there is this site called soundtrap,its like a FL sturio but for free and on the browser
at 4:45 and he described trap,not rap
Maiti DIngmon
Maiti DIngmon - 4 days ago
lucky! i wish i could play an instrument!!
QueerWølf 13
QueerWølf 13 - 5 days ago
I'm getting a lil bit of TøP vibesss
Spudandcheese MSP
Spudandcheese MSP - 5 days ago
im only 11 and when i was like 2-3 y/o my parents were listening to the beatles and I apparently started to laugh and roll around on the floor xD
Mikayla Busha
Mikayla Busha - 5 days ago
You should make a music channel 🎤
cheeptricks - 5 days ago
You are an amazing song artist even if you forgot the lyrics it was amazing
Mono Animates
Mono Animates - 5 days ago
Oh my frikin are an amazing singer and you remind me of myself because that experience is the same thing I went through!
MINC_VazoEdgy 27
MINC_VazoEdgy 27 - 5 days ago
7:28 the origin of a legend
5,000 subs no videos
5,000 subs no videos - 5 days ago
Aaro 123
Aaro 123 - 5 days ago
Yoo i play guitar
What’s the WiFi Password
You have a beautiful voice, Adam!
What’s the WiFi Password
Not only am I something..
I’m something else
sorry I had to :3
Billy Porteous
Billy Porteous - 6 days ago
You have such a beautiful singing voice, and you're great on the guitar! Is there anything you can't do?!?!
Lillymai Watson
Lillymai Watson - 7 days ago
I know what u were going through bc I’m going through that right now for in school and I haven’t been speaking to anyone with speech only through text
Lillymai Watson
Lillymai Watson - 7 days ago
I know the Beatles from I was born bc my mum and dad listen to it so many times a day I’m now 11 and I don’t listen to it now beaut I listen to different stuff and it’s funny bc my dad would say turn this crap off it’s people singing over a piano thing so off ❤️❤️
Plasma - 7 days ago
The song originated something else 7:30
Plasma - 7 days ago
Well 7:25
David Bivins
David Bivins - 7 days ago
I’m in band and we played ‘Hey Jude’ at the recital and at the “Naa Naa Naa nanana Naaaa nanana Naaaa heeey juuuude” everyone in the auditorium sang and some people took out their phones and swung them around ‘n stuff. And I SHIT YOU NOT that same weekend I went to a concert with my church And sidewalk profits played THE EXACT SAME SONG and now ‘Hey Jude’ is now forever my favorite Older type song,
toastygaming - 7 days ago
vince 5051
vince 5051 - 7 days ago
That is not the congratulations we know
G S - 7 days ago
I love your voice and music please keep going
G S - 7 days ago
G S - 7 days ago
Not everyone is a adult
G S - 7 days ago
JummaLumma Woof
JummaLumma Woof - 7 days ago
I ended up making a creature, entirely because of a song..
And then because of that creature, I made more creatures and realms and other stuff..
So because of a single song I ended up making creatures realms and other stuf... X3
Batgirl Op
Batgirl Op - 8 days ago
Edit: I wanna know the chords you played so I could do it can u tell meh pls
FlashDude44 - 8 days ago
12 BCE anyone
Charlie Birch
Charlie Birch - 8 days ago
6:55 I actually thought that it was the end of the vid
Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez - 9 days ago
My grandpa loves the Beatles
scottro7777777 - 9 days ago
You sound so good........... way better than me😅
G0blin - 9 days ago
music is awesome?? damn fuckin right it is lol
Princess Mandoo
Princess Mandoo - 9 days ago
*-iTs NoT a SmAlL gUiTaR iTs A uKeLeLe!-*
TobiasTron - 9 days ago
7:28 is in the song "Im something else"
lil_quack 612
lil_quack 612 - 9 days ago
Yooooooo that music was Fire dawg....ok I'll stop but seriously that was epic
Molly Castille
Molly Castille - 10 days ago
Adam on guitar.
Jaiden on Piano.
GingerPale on ukelele.
Rebecca on dem vocal chords.
James on the...
1. Kazoo
2. Drums
3. Trumpet
SarahTheGamer :3
SarahTheGamer :3 - 10 days ago
Like your new song 7:28 something else
Ninja Bryson Studios
Ninja Bryson Studios - 10 days ago
Adam: He really wanted me to get into creating my own song
Me: And u did!!! “Ha look at me...” ya know
James Rezabala
James Rezabala - 10 days ago
U should get a gf
James Song
James Song - 10 days ago
Collab with boyinaband
Vivis - 10 days ago
You play good guitar, and I love your singing voice 😍
Heather B
Heather B - 10 days ago
I’m in band...
I play the flute at school
guitar and piano at home
Gacha Lover Jaydin
Gacha Lover Jaydin - 11 days ago
Clap x1000
Îsh Ômar
Îsh Ômar - 11 days ago
The Beatles are amazingly awesome
GHOSTWARRIOR - 11 days ago
This is where his song came from
itsabootleg - 11 days ago
I'm still waiting for that full cover you promised tho
Okra Winfrey Yeah
Okra Winfrey Yeah - 11 days ago
Perfect smol bean
Tinamarie Guzman
Tinamarie Guzman - 12 days ago
Never trust edited comments.
Patricia Gonzalez
Patricia Gonzalez - 12 days ago
If anyone tells me that i'm nothing. I sort of lose it and I kind of. Sort of tell them to fuck off.
Jasmine Patel
Jasmine Patel - 12 days ago
im in band
annie martinese
annie martinese - 12 days ago
If you don't know who the Beatles are you are an uncultured swine
Cuzwhynot :/
Cuzwhynot :/ - 12 days ago
7:29 he used that in his song
Pending Consulting
Pending Consulting - 12 days ago
I love you too adam
Magic_Maxx - 12 days ago
7:27 the song im something else

AllyCatt :/
AllyCatt :/ - 12 days ago
You are so good at singing ik this has nothing related to your video but still!!
GachaTuber YT
GachaTuber YT - 12 days ago
You're welcome?
How about...

tyeese Dawson
tyeese Dawson - 12 days ago
RedX :
RedX : - 13 days ago
Juciy Juice
Juciy Juice - 13 days ago
I play ukulalas (U-i-la-la)
leiser mörder
leiser mörder - 13 days ago
*Frick nO*

Wolf Princess
Wolf Princess - 14 days ago
W-what do you mean I know there fricken mucic and its amazing. Because I'm an 80s kid cause my dad is one.. 👌
Jaylee Navarro
Jaylee Navarro - 14 days ago
Ethan Gods knights
Ethan Gods knights - 14 days ago
I think you should listen to NF
Daniel G Hovda
Daniel G Hovda - 14 days ago
Come'on man go for it
Speed Zebra
Speed Zebra - 14 days ago
The Beatles “were” my favorite band!
DEMON_RTurnill - 14 days ago
What happened to bagel man I wanna see him 🥯
Squib1219 - 15 days ago
I'm so glad you continued making videos!
THE BEATLES!!!??? THEY WERE MY FIRST FAVORITE. And they're also why I want to play bass~!
My mom made me learn piano. I graduated from that. Heh, that sounds silly. I remember I made two songs before. Heh, too long ago. As in, they're probably bad.
Violet Moses
Violet Moses - 15 days ago
That cover was friken awesome
Loser___ Khlo
Loser___ Khlo - 15 days ago
Clara Guidry
Clara Guidry - 15 days ago
It all came full circle
Molly Michalak
Molly Michalak - 15 days ago
*while watching this I was staying in a bettal themed hotel sooooo ya*
RU KittenMe
RU KittenMe - 16 days ago
I play percussion in band
Kyle Kane
Kyle Kane - 16 days ago
Omg, I clicked off the video at the fake ending, yet the second I left, I heard, "HA!"
the youtube worior youtube master
Cool fast cars
Nick Spencer
Nick Spencer - 16 days ago
The Beatles are my favorite!
Tasty_chapstick - 17 days ago
I mean you made a good song
Zakuto Akiro
Zakuto Akiro - 17 days ago
Ok I know who the Beatles are,but I never got into their music.
Zakuto Akiro
Zakuto Akiro - 13 days ago
+J.A.C thanks
J.A.C - 14 days ago
look up paul mccartney he is one of the two surviving members of the beatles and for the question just genetic similarity
SaLoNi - 17 days ago
7:26 yup i recognise that and also this video explains why your mv - im something else - was sooooooo good ^o^
Rizy - 17 days ago
2 years later makes a song called ImSomeThingElse
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