I Got A Japanese Lolita Fashion Makeover

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - Month ago
HELLO FRIENDS!! happy saturday! here is the next episode of our east asia series - hope you guys enjoy it! what did u think of the makeover?? xoxo, saf
Anishacallysta.official - 10 days ago
ines teixeira
ines teixeira - 13 days ago
How do your eyes look ten times bigger???? love ya hugs from portugal
mmtruooao - 13 days ago
I really wanted to see you in a steampunk sort of lolita but i think the video was really fun <3
Callmehbob jr
Callmehbob jr - 27 days ago
Connie Maddison
Connie Maddison - 27 days ago
Safiya Nygaard OMG NERDECRAFTER made you in to a bat/dragon!!!
elfie Mystic
elfie Mystic - 2 hours ago

Plz tell me somebody is in Japan here
Katie Smith
Katie Smith - 2 hours ago
I would kind of want to try this but I don’t think the corset would work for me
Bailey Eckerson
Bailey Eckerson - 3 hours ago
You looked like Alice in Wonderland when she eats the cake to grow and becomes Um from Um-bridge.
Leen Hassan
Leen Hassan - 3 hours ago
Did anyone else notice that safiya says “alriiiiight” or “ okaaaay” alot . Not hating, just stating
Atsuki Dayo
Atsuki Dayo - 3 hours ago
I don't have words, I just ADORE the way that this makeover turned out. ♥
the walking whatsit 2008
the walking whatsit 2008 - 4 hours ago
This video was very amazing and intresting love you guys
Black Rainbow
Black Rainbow - 5 hours ago
Today I discovered Lolita fashion
Thursday August 22 2019
Love you
Laura Reljan
Laura Reljan - 5 hours ago
I really love when she goes to japan,these videos are the best and they are always fun
Passion Asmr
Passion Asmr - 6 hours ago
I keep getting bts ads and I’m not complaining
Sebastian Lockwood
Sebastian Lockwood - 7 hours ago
Yo I screamed when I saw Malice Mizer! I adore Mana-sama with all my heart. He's the reason why I got into gothic lolita. Now if only it wasn't so expensive lol.
Angela Muji
Angela Muji - 7 hours ago
You should go to a Love Hotel in Japan and give us a tour! Hahahaha
Katelyn_Does _Covers
Katelyn_Does _Covers - 8 hours ago
Omg I love lolita!!
Pandora Box
Pandora Box - 11 hours ago
100 percent of this video is me sighing wistfully. (I have a slight obsession with Lolita fashion)
Koki Niehaus
Koki Niehaus - 12 hours ago
OMG... HOW DID I NOT GET Alerts ABOUT NEW VIDEOS!!!? I've missed it!!!
Ayla Buck
Ayla Buck - 14 hours ago
Anyone else catch the beat around 1:50 that’s so close to The Real Slim Shady?
Ayla Buck
Ayla Buck - 14 hours ago
Anyone else catch the beat around 1:50 that’s so close to The Real Slim Shady?
Saint Alexandriel
Saint Alexandriel - 16 hours ago
Ciel? Why are you wearing a dress (again)
Jag Girl
Jag Girl - 18 hours ago
Only in Japan.
It looks quite uncomfortable and ridiculous.
But you're gorgeous S..
Sweet Sharon
Sweet Sharon - 18 hours ago
You look like the girl from Beatle Juice lol
Kirra Potts
Kirra Potts - 19 hours ago
It not possible for her to dress bright she's goth
Junn__ette - 22 hours ago
This is a full, wholesome and entertaining video!! Thank you for your work, it didn’t feel rushed and it was all so cohesive! Thank you!!!!
Zoe Hunermund
Zoe Hunermund - 22 hours ago
Please watch out for the slit mouth woman while your in Japan 😂
Lisa Tervoort
Lisa Tervoort - 23 hours ago
Jade Franklin
Jade Franklin - 23 hours ago
I just started watching your videos. I’m hooked. I love how educational and captivating they are!
Anachronistic Ash
Anachronistic Ash - 23 hours ago
I don't care what anyone says
I am doing this in the future
Yes I know I'm a guy, I don't care, I want to try it for fun 😂
Soul Dance
Soul Dance - 23 hours ago
hazel plays
hazel plays - Day ago
Nya Nya
Mrinal Sahoo
Mrinal Sahoo - Day ago
Love love looooove the Descriptions!! Brilliant episode
l j
l j - Day ago
You should have a Victorian style make over with Karolina Zebrowska cause u kno she would crush it!!!
500 subs without any videos Challenge
Who here is a Lolita?
Hanh Yeung
Hanh Yeung - Day ago
In Vietnam they wear Aoi yai
Eliise Peegel
Eliise Peegel - Day ago
!!! ❤ YOU'RE SO CUTE ❤ !!!
Zoey Yackel
Zoey Yackel - Day ago
Your makeup reminded me of like a Tim Burton character which I’m totally living for!!💞💞
brklynbaby2291 - Day ago
I like how you explain the entire background/community of the Lolita culture.Very cute!Also LOVED that morpho butterfly necklace from Atelier Pierrot!Cannot find it anywhere UGH!Loved the overall outfit she chose even the batwing shirt!She managed to express the culture and still be herself!
Taylor Lars
Taylor Lars - Day ago
Those elven ears are so cool! I want them !!
sonia aguilera
sonia aguilera - Day ago
sonia aguilera
sonia aguilera - Day ago
Jane Gilmore
Jane Gilmore - Day ago
Has anyone read the book Lolita? Bc that gives this video a whole different meaning😬 like every time she says Lolita I just cringe haha
최수연 - Day ago
I love how thoughtful and talented rinrin is. she matched the vibe of gothic theme but simplified the look so that safiya would stand out, and looked beautiful AT THE SAME TIME.
ayidas - Day ago
Actual Alice in Wonderland 11:06
MinYoongi isOPPA
MinYoongi isOPPA - Day ago
I love safs make up so much
Kaitlin Bettenberg
Kaitlin Bettenberg - Day ago
Can I just say all the Lolita girls are so adorable in this!!! They are so sweet!
Cheri Chesley
Cheri Chesley - Day ago
You look awesome.
Johanna Devereux
Johanna Devereux - Day ago
Absolutely stunning 😍 I'm so jealous of that final outfit!!!
Justis Fett
Justis Fett - Day ago
Mana-Sama really put gothic lolita on the map.
Nicole Ying
Nicole Ying - Day ago
Lucky... I always wanted to try a Lolita costume
lili Storm
lili Storm - 2 days ago
youre make up is so cute
Elsa A.R.M.Y
Elsa A.R.M.Y - 2 days ago
8:31 you were looking very good in it
magicmonkey707 - 2 days ago
She looks like a raven.
Sup Top
Sup Top - 2 days ago
27:40 no joke I could smell the sweets 🍬
Star Darling
Star Darling - 2 days ago
Hellloooo May I get a shoutout
Mal K
Mal K - 2 days ago
I'm definitely not an expert, but I read that Kawaii culture and Lolita fashion were developed as a feminist movement against catering for the male gaze.
elise pryor
elise pryor - 2 days ago
i so badly want to move to japan and become a lolita but my family would never aprove :(
Savanna Seidensticker
Savanna Seidensticker - 2 days ago
I think the outfit was perfect, it was so so cute and stayed true to your own style in some ways
kaylee i_am
kaylee i_am - 2 days ago
there are different kinds of lolita fashions and i’m like the classic one
Lexie 345
Lexie 345 - 2 days ago
why do they wear masks when doing hair and make up?
Ellie Ridgway
Ellie Ridgway - 2 days ago
Omg when ty mentioned marvel !!! I feel like there’s barely any popular YouTubers who like marvel
Lara Freitas
Lara Freitas - 2 days ago
the shots of the stores make me want to cry, everything is so beautiful
Emily Cayanan
Emily Cayanan - 2 days ago
Gothic Lolita outfit looked awesome on you!!
채ᅢᅡᅣᄃWhistle - 2 days ago
*its crazy that she has enough money to g9 to all those places*
채ᅢᅡᅣᄃWhistle - 2 days ago
For barbies
Yu Kay
Yu Kay - 2 days ago
pedo is pretty common in japanese culture.
u can watch that kind of contents in on the national tv show in daytime.
also, u can get the comics which adults rape elementary school kids at convenience store easily.
disgusting ppl.
PyroDove1 - 2 days ago
Your final outfit was amazing!
eat - the - rude
eat - the - rude - 2 days ago
double fisting OH HONEY😂😂😂
Random - 2 days ago
The blue gothic pirate look (especially wih the eyepatch) reminds me a lot of Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler
Oracle - 2 days ago
The corset hair would be pretty for the wedding-
Hermosa S
Hermosa S - 3 days ago
Yeah but 30 minutes video just to see you dressed is not worth it
Mera - 3 days ago
I just found this channel and LMAO this girl is funny af
Whiteflaming. Da potato
I live in Utrecht Netherlands :>
Sydney Kurtz
Sydney Kurtz - 3 days ago
The hair corset! It’s so unique I love it. This video makes me wanna design a million Lolita looks
Snickering Snake
Snickering Snake - 3 days ago
Real talk, there was a flower corset that I was really digging in the same store as the pirate patch
a r
a r - 3 days ago
"it was just hiding somewhere much futher down"
Nuh Uh
Nuh Uh - 3 days ago
Double fisting ieeeeeeeeeee
MarionetteArtist - 3 days ago
not to be gay or anything but tall Safiya is VERY good

I have a thing for tall girls that could totally pick me up, don't @ me
Madam Hunter
Madam Hunter - 3 days ago
When she wore the eyepatch it gave me ciel phantomhive vibes
Sonia S.
Sonia S. - 3 days ago
Japanese culture is very much into pedophilia, it is a part of their life, probably ok for them and Lolita represents the for ever girl the guys want to have.....weird but true. There are videos on line made by westerners who have lived there who talk about life in Japan and the differences of our cultures. I love Lolita outfits though.
Minty Frills
Minty Frills - 3 days ago
That's me on the left at 2:33!
Weekend Flex
Weekend Flex - 3 days ago
I absolutely loved this look
25ehn - 4 days ago
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