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Tom Scott
Tom Scott - 5 months ago
I'd like to thank all the team at ██████ VPN for ████████████. (The opening speech isn't about a real person, by the way; it was just the worst possible segue I could think of.)
Jacob Furrow
Jacob Furrow - 21 hour ago
I thought it was Mary Anning bc I didn't hear the "1942" and you're at cliffs.
Václav Urban
Václav Urban - 4 days ago
I recognize the link with two Q's Tom
jackzter04 - 4 days ago
Oh you mean⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ right
des 0619
des 0619 - 5 days ago
Milliatary grade encryption is stuff no one outsides intel branches knows about, its all secret
Havish Prattipati
Havish Prattipati - 6 days ago
Gayness Anus McFuckit
Gayness Anus McFuckit - 2 hours ago
Another thing to mention: I've had friends that use VPNS to buy games that are sold cheaper in other countries. I forgot the exact games they bought, but they said that certain games on steam are much cheaper if you buy them from countries like Thailand.
Grant Robertson
Grant Robertson - 6 hours ago
I rarely watch videos twice. This was worth it. I just wish I could "like" it twice.
James Latini
James Latini - 7 hours ago
I am in fact a gay pirate assassin and want to pretend i'm in France so ██████ VPN will work perfectly for me
M M - 7 hours ago
We all now this is a Nord VPN ad. Every youtuber is doing one.
Lilith Leon
Lilith Leon - 9 hours ago
I got an IPvanish VPN service ad served on this video.
H3xad3cimal Dev
H3xad3cimal Dev - 10 hours ago
I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's IP Vanish
Crasimationz - 12 hours ago
Great vpns lied to me
crabboceans - 15 hours ago
hey tom! i'm a gay pirate assassin, thank you so much. you changed my life!!! cheers from the sandwich islands
The Car Studio
The Car Studio - 17 hours ago
████████████ ██████ █████ ███ ███ ██████
Trey Green
Trey Green - 20 hours ago
Viewers will remember that.
neglington - 20 hours ago
TFK_001 - Day ago
[DATA REDACTED] should never [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] except for at Site ██
mkcuber. - Day ago
I think it was supposed to mean express vpn. judging bt his mouth and duration of blanking the name.
Halcyon Lu
Halcyon Lu - Day ago
2:36 its a rickroll
but you didn't get me because it said rick astley never gonna give you up before i finished putting in the link
Magnesioferrite yeet
Magnesioferrite yeet - 2 days ago
After the video ended an ad played trying to fear monger saying how criminals are stealing your info and it was just the funniest thing to me
imeuropa - 2 days ago
for actual security the best vpn is tor
Kellen Matousek
Kellen Matousek - 2 days ago
1:45 It. Won’t. This is not a private site
Martin Alkenius
Martin Alkenius - 2 days ago
this video was sponsord by nord vpn, dashlane and some othwr shitr
The Digital Nerd
The Digital Nerd - 2 days ago
Do you know what I got an advert for after this video, that's right, a VPN.
Noah Shewell
Noah Shewell - 2 days ago
Ray Wu
Ray Wu - 2 days ago
Hey Google, define proxy
Justin Abner
Justin Abner - 2 days ago
Gotta watch out for those gay pirate assassins
DaPotatoLemon - 2 days ago
hippity hoppity
hippity hoppity - 2 days ago
when you're sponsored by pornhub but the video is 10 minutes long
JayLeeBeanz - 2 days ago
I almost considered getting a VPN eventually because everyone made it sound so important and secure, as well as such a good and valuable deal with all these sponsorships. I would've just done my research on which provider is truly best beforehand because if Express or Nord are anything even remotely close to Raid Shadow Legends, I won't just blindly pick whatever a random YouTuber has been paid for to tell me oh how so awesome it is.
Now I am learning that, for the sake of privacy and security, as a normal user, you don't even need them because connections are already safe. That's good and relieving to know!
I might only get one for the sake of accessing region blocked content, then. A handful years ago, it was as simple as installing a browser add-on but eventually that one became a paid service. I also used VPN freeware at some point but there was only one IP to select and it was incredibly slow. Not really that much better than websites which promise to hide your IP.
I eventually moved on and stopped caring, but ever since these sponsorships started to flood the web, I've been reconsidering. Just not sure if I want to pay a monthly or yearly fee, God knows how high, if its security feature apparently isn't necessary after all, so that I'll use it for the only remaining gimmick maybe thrice a week. I don't feel like I'm that committed to watching American Netflix after all.
Bertram Hasseriis Dietz
love your content keep it u
Lars van Emmerik
Lars van Emmerik - 3 days ago
That link is Never Gonna Give You Up
Jack Kraken
Jack Kraken - 3 days ago
It's was Edward Snowden that largely changed the online security landscape.
DingoYabuki - 3 days ago
CatInTheSoup - 3 days ago
You thought you could rickroll me
CatInTheSoup - 3 days ago
Idk many vpn companies with a name as short as those bleeps.. I mean maybe one.. the children of Skyrim perhaps.
Tommy Johansen
Tommy Johansen - 3 days ago
my main issue with VPN's and why i haven't gotten into them is: I run an adblocker... it's not a great one, mind you, but i do...

I get their ads anyway.

I'm sorry, if your business platform is based on customers trusting you, and relying on you respecting their privacy, then circumventing adblockers is a bad faith move.
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay - 3 days ago
I got a VPN sidebar as with this 😂😂
Doobleberry - 3 days ago
Gay Pirate Assassins made me laugh.
Myroyes - 3 days ago
That awkward moment when you get a VPN ad on this video
a random girl
a random girl - 3 days ago
I use a VPN to get around the strict child security settings on my home WiFi. I use a free VPN, it's probably terrible. But it works.
Êkran Etilmeyletré
Êkran Etilmeyletré - 3 days ago
If VPN's sponsors were honest.
Daniel McRae
Daniel McRae - 3 days ago
Its called hacking.
TABBY - 3 days ago
Whenever i see “VPN” my mind instantly says _”Nord VPN”_
vladde - 18 hours ago
Then that means the marketing team of NordVPN are good at their jobs.
ali_ e804
ali_ e804 - 3 days ago
Vpn = government spies on you
Tor = not effective against the US government (because of the NSA)
Windows = not safe against the NSA (Eternalblue) (also if the NSA had Eternalblue they're probably holding something alot worse
Mac OS X = get a life
Linux = you have no life (I'm not saying Linux is bad, I use Debian Linux, I'm saying the only people that use Linux don't have a soul or they're a database admin for Linux servers (98% of all servers are Linux)
iOS = get a life
Android = you have no life (android is a highly modified version of the Linux kernel)
Google = ... Everyone talks about mark Zuckerberg spying on you but no one talks about how google is swallowing a lot more data than Facebook
DuckDuckGo = at least read about it, I'm sure you will switch by the end of it
Arch Linux = I will hunt you down if you get arch or own arch, why can't people just use APT like normal humans. Who the hell is bothered to go to the weird arch package thing online and download it of a web browser and then install it. (Also that wasn't a death threat if you don't understand sarcasm but please don't get arch, it's poo)
All of the above = breathable by the NSA
P.S google gives data to the government
ali_ e804
ali_ e804 - 3 days ago
I don't know why I hate Nord vpn but I do
Edit: I think I know why, a long time ago I mistook Nord for Norton (and we all know Norton is a joke)
Also there ads and sponsors piss me off so much
Clemens Katzer
Clemens Katzer - 3 days ago
Finally a Youtube creator who puts facts over profits. Thanks a bunch!
Ashit Mehta
Ashit Mehta - 3 days ago
This video: "you don't need VPNs"
Next video up by Tom Scott: "Why you can't trust me"
Noscoper Sans
Noscoper Sans - 3 days ago
thanks for this █████████ video, i love it, thanks to ██████ vpn for saving me!
White Shadow
White Shadow - 3 days ago
So a VPN hides where you're connecting to ultimately? Like Tor? So is Tor a VPN if you don't otherwise have a VPN?
*Goes in search of a Tom Scott Tor video*
Red Rain
Red Rain - 3 days ago
Just so you know, Tor is much better than a simple VPN at protecting your privacy/anonymity, read: matt.traudt(.)xyz/p/24tFBCJV.html Also, if you want to learn a bit more about Tor, Computerphile has made a few videos on it.
SnobGoblin the third
SnobGoblin the third - 3 days ago
It's definitely nord
Lewis Allan
Lewis Allan - 4 days ago
Alex - 4 days ago
too bad the vpn sponsorship fell through, as a gay pirate assassin, i wouldve loved to learn about a vpn perfect for my needs
Michael Inocente
Michael Inocente - 4 days ago
So VPN's won't protect me from (corona)virus?
Killer :D
Killer :D - 4 days ago
i have been found by the ██████████ i can't leave the house, please come to █████ to rescue me
Lydomina - 4 days ago
6:12 " extremely low, but not zero risk of being found out?" - Define "extremely low". I don't know about other countries, but a lot of the major movie studios in the US hire people to sit and log every IP address that is downloading a torrent of their film. Then, they send a letter to your ISP in an attempt to get you removed from their internet service. Getting caught isn't low at all depending on what you're downloading.
d0nut - 2 days ago
The point of the VPN in that situation is to mask your IP address while you torrent the movie. Those major movie studios would see an IP address for expressvpn or nordvpn, but not your residential address. It's still not "0%" because, hypothetically, they could subpoena your VPN provider to see what data may be available to unmask your IP address.
Ender Shard
Ender Shard - 4 days ago
As soon as this video ended I got an ad. It says. "we all love the internet. But the internet is tracking everything you do. With *company name* etc etc etc. How ironic
akhil - 4 days ago
Came here from a comment on Smarter Everyday channel and loved this video. Subbed :)
Goabnb94 - 4 days ago
Unfortunately Netflix and co have ways to detect VPN usage to get around it, because of "exclusive rights to broadcast in a region". Of course, VPNs can be very useful at still watching those shows and movies via other means....
IntelPentiumMMX - 4 days ago
Military grade means made by the lowest bidder
ShadowKick32 - 4 days ago
Youtuber did the right thing
Everyone liked that
TStudios - 4 days ago
if your ISP saw the link at 2:36 oh boy there are in trouble.
Adam Hartmann
Adam Hartmann - 4 days ago
This video was followed by several vpn ads
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire - 4 days ago
So VPNs may not protect you from data pirates but it does protect you from unethical governments & institutions. Noted.
Falcon Heavy
Falcon Heavy - 4 days ago
HiImEthan -
HiImEthan - - 5 days ago
137K gay pirate assassins liked this video.
Philip Paxton
Philip Paxton - 5 days ago
Thank you! I have the same problem with email providers that say they don't read/inspect your mail. Well do they block spam? Cause if they do then they are inspecting your email.
Retul - 5 days ago
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles - 6 days ago
When the scandal with iraqveteran8888 broke I was shocked at how much YouTubers get offered to shill/advertise products. So I applaud Tom for leaving this money on the table.
George Walker
George Walker - 6 days ago
Tom Scott is too good for this world
Devious Verendus
Devious Verendus - 6 days ago
lmao Gay Pirate Assassins
Your videos never fail to teach and/or amuse. Often both.
Love your work!
Devious Verendus
Devious Verendus - 6 days ago
"Military grade encryption" is essentially the same as "Surgical grade steel" a buzzword used to sell you things
RayneR - 6 days ago
Except if everyone logs.
Pizza Gamer
Pizza Gamer - 6 days ago
I literally have no watch next list. Oh no.
Latino Sci-Fi Geek
Latino Sci-Fi Geek - 6 days ago
Those ads always bothered the hell out of me when they talked about stealing passwords of wifi and isp spying. This video was really cathartic to watch.
Rio Jordan
Rio Jordan - 6 days ago
Ironically, I’m using a *free* VPN to watch this video, for privacy reasons. There are a LOT of free VPNS, so even if you did want to use one, you don’t necessarily need to use one of those ones
Red Rain
Red Rain - 4 days ago
@Wombattler No corporation has a truly free service, if you're not paying monetarily, you're still paying with another type of currency. You might not necessarily get ads, but yes your data/metadata is most likely being sold.
Wombattler - 5 days ago
@Red Rain lemme guess, a free VPN uses your traffic that's diverted through it to feed you ads and that gives them money?
Red Rain
Red Rain - 6 days ago
(Ignoring the fact that you're using a "free" VPN) VPNs in general cannot protect your privacy, if you're actually using the VPN for privacy reasons, I'd highly suggest using Tor instead...
Sean McKinnon
Sean McKinnon - 7 days ago
Robin Brimalm
Robin Brimalm - 7 days ago
I laughed a lot. Ty
Capitão Explosão
Capitão Explosão - 7 days ago
Emil Lybech
Emil Lybech - 7 days ago
Probably Nord VPN
Seraphim Alpha
Seraphim Alpha - 7 days ago
"that being said, this video was sponsored by NordVPN! Nord VPN is a...."
Condescension - 8 days ago
I'm a gay pirate assassin and a VPN has helped immensely, thanks Tom.
Seth Adkins
Seth Adkins - 8 days ago
2:36 ofc it's the rickroll link
Merc at Arms
Merc at Arms - 8 days ago
That opening is perfect
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