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Movieclips Trailers
Movieclips Trailers - 7 months ago
Kristen Stewart plays Jean Seberg in the first trailer for the upcoming biopic on the French New Wave star.
Jon grigsby
Jon grigsby - 3 hours ago
chrisla Phillips
chrisla Phillips - 17 days ago
@Deirdre Evangelista vvvvv
Howard Pope
Howard Pope - 5 months ago
She wasn´t French but American. Born in Iowa.
Deirdre Evangelista
Deirdre Evangelista - 7 months ago
Thanks for the reply,I don't know much about her,it will be interesting to see how this movie tells her story,I hope it does her justice. 🎭🎥🎬
Karen Byrd
Karen Byrd - 7 months ago
@Deirdre Evangelista FBI. The years depicted are 1968-71. They essentially ruined her life. She died in 1979 as a reported suicide. One could connect her death to what happened to her starting in 1968.
Asad lion
Asad lion - 15 hours ago
Budget 8 million dollars
678,000 dollars box office 💵😒that says it all
Thebuckstopshere Right here
The story behind young Ellen Degenitals
Anna W
Anna W - 10 days ago
Sympathising with domestic terrorists, no thanks
Marcus Mendes
Marcus Mendes - 17 days ago
Anybody here after the announcement that she's set to play princess Diana?
L L - 22 days ago
99% of the comments are about the actress and not about the movie. Hmmmm. But she did kill it I will admit.
Sunzu49 - 25 days ago
1:19 - So this was Pussycat's life before joining the Manson Family...
Tony Uzi
Tony Uzi - 26 days ago
I just finish watching the movie... Kristen Stewart is superb and FBI suck
Tasneem Samuel
Tasneem Samuel - 26 days ago
twilight is just a good movie which make us belive that the main lead are bad actors
Dhyey Gajjar
Dhyey Gajjar - 27 days ago
Ellen DeGeneres...🤗
e l s i i
e l s i i - 28 days ago
don't call me angel...
The FOX's View
The FOX's View - Month ago
"You run around with a handful of nails looking for a cross to die on" dam!
Remo68 - Month ago
There are soo many others- HUNDREDS of other actors who would have been perfect for this role...but NOT KRISTEN STEWART! They might as well have cast an old rotted log with a face painted on it, at least the log would have a wider range of emotions and it would have been a MUCH LESS WOODEN performance.
Lucy Stephanie
Lucy Stephanie - Month ago
Oh, the hair color and cut reminds me of Emma Watson somehow.
EBear - Month ago
Just watched this. The week of the murder of George Floyd....💔 This happened to Jean Seberg in the 1960’s. HOW long will this go on !?? Is it to be part of our country’s narrative forever. We have to change!!!!!
TralfazConstruction - Month ago
She's reminiscent of Jean Seberg. By chance I watched Airport (1970) two nights ago then saw this trailer. I saw Airport several times before it left the theater back in '70 and early-'71. Jean Seberg's voice is one that I can summon from memory for some reason.
UJR78 - Month ago
Anthony mackie - ''You run around with a hand full of nails looking or a cross to die on...''
Us in the know - ''why not, they already crucified you.''
DTMD - Month ago
jar jar binks..
markyncole - Month ago
I've never seen a bad Kristen Stewart because I've never seen any of the Twightlight movies.The ones I've seen were pretty damn good or decent enough not to disappoint.
Edwin Robinson
Edwin Robinson - Month ago
Sorry folks: any movie that Ms. Stewart stars in, is bound NOT TO CUT IT. THAT is where her consistency lies, in LYING to herself that she can choose an effective script. The only bank-ability she ensures, is the bank-shore she washes up upon.
K W - Month ago
Well that looks dire
Andrew Fitzgerald
Andrew Fitzgerald - Month ago
Did anyone else search up just the letter a out of curiosity to see what came up, and this be the first result on google.

Just me? ok
Riya Singh
Riya Singh - 6 days ago
Cleopatra al-ajmi
Cleopatra al-ajmi - Month ago
she's my sister nafartiti i am her twin sister cleopatra her genes is in my father & mother 🔺️brain & heart🔻 my genes is in the mother marilyn monroe the heart i am Surrealism & she's a visuaL art i am summer in kuwait & she is a snow in america i am senstive and she is not i am Sarah and She's Hagar elder sister of me real ( elsÃnna ) The twins.
Karen Skinner
Karen Skinner - Month ago
flower_ girl
flower_ girl - 2 months ago
*"I am trying to get away from that person my whole life".* that could also apply to Kristin getting away from Bella swan
karan verma
karan verma - 2 months ago
crush for eveyone straight , lgbt
Julie Minard
Julie Minard - 2 months ago
You cannot bring 2 cultures together that do not want to come together This is on both sides
Julie Minard
Julie Minard - 2 months ago
This movie is going to suck I know it already
Penny Smith
Penny Smith - 2 months ago
Penny, You've Scored Tokens! Now..
امنه بخيت
امنه بخيت - 2 months ago
potato head
potato head - 2 months ago
I thought this movie is based on Ellen when i saw the thumbnail lol
Junus Eliezer
Junus Eliezer - 2 months ago
best movie of her
The Non Smoker
The Non Smoker - 2 months ago
The Non Smoker
The Non Smoker - 2 months ago
She kinda looks like Emma Watson🤔, except her eyes👀
DeadBunny69 - 2 months ago
It was terrible.
rhi - 3 months ago
jack o’connell king of pop
Jewel Seng
Jewel Seng - 3 months ago
She can act but she can’t express
there’s a big difference
Esther Hamalka
Esther Hamalka - 3 months ago
She slept with a married man, and she is blaming others? Consequences dear. Great hair and style btw 😀😇
yankee army
yankee army - 3 months ago
I like Zazie Beetz i think see does better acting then Kristen Steward.. Beetz is cute and awesome..
Reece Lowe
Reece Lowe - 3 months ago
This is probably one of my favorite movie
0:59 💯💞
Uriah Fuller
Uriah Fuller - 3 months ago
Thanks for the inspiration and the encouragement!!
1:36 💟🎬
فاطمة فخامة الاسم تكفي
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton - 3 months ago
fake nails or not, she's still a dude
Mr President
Mr President - 3 months ago
She's a great actor I love her
Hannah - 3 months ago
Kinda crazy that there was an entire branch of the fbi is to discredit protesters
FRxDispatch Gaming
FRxDispatch Gaming - 3 months ago
ANGEL HAS WON - 3 months ago
please subscribe to my channel evreyone
TheRaziel07 - 3 months ago
Stupid af
xDMTea - 3 months ago
Macleodking - 3 months ago
Terrible casting. She doesn't look or sound anything like Jean Seberg. Despite the cropped blonde hair, she sounds like she is playing herself.
Paul Herbst
Paul Herbst - 3 months ago
Awesome movie totally worth it... very contemporary- Excellent Kristine Stewart 5 Stars!
levan kupatadze
levan kupatadze - 3 months ago
d i s g u s t i n g . . . to t a ll y .....
Morgan Pastorchik
Morgan Pastorchik - 3 months ago
Gabriel P
Gabriel P - 3 months ago
Anthony Mackie has smashed Kristen Stewart and Margaret Qualley in a movie
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez - 3 months ago
This guy's a gangster? His real name is Clarence!
Cyrus The Virus
Cyrus The Virus - 3 months ago
Does this movie have a BBC scene?
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 3 months ago
Sara E.
Sara E. - 3 months ago
Did the FBI ever apologize or have anything to say after her death? Were they ever questioned for doing this?
Magdalena Sacco
Magdalena Sacco - 3 months ago
I didn't look at the title but two seconds in I went "Breathless!" Well done Stewart, you embodied Seberg so as to be instantly recognizable!
Venkatesha Pancholi
Venkatesha Pancholi - 3 months ago
When you finally cast ellen degeneres in the movie
rydawg32 - 4 months ago
Alan Harper
Alan Harper - 4 months ago
If you want to movie to suck and tank and lose a lot of money hire Kristen Stewart to be in it
A M - 4 months ago
Looks good actually
Aaron Cook
Aaron Cook - 4 months ago
A good film should deepen one’s experience
1:30 🔥🔥
Scott Sharp
Scott Sharp - 4 months ago
This looks WAY worse than twighlight even? (an fyi as a factual adult I couldn’t watch twighlight turnt it off after 17minutes, HAD TO) what an AWFUL ACTRESS PLAYING AWFUL ROLES IN AWFUL MOVIES.
Dave Davis
Dave Davis - 4 months ago
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha another left troupe.
Trevor Crabtree
Trevor Crabtree - 4 months ago
Anybody know the very FIRST song? Opening song? Anyone?
Bandedcookie - 4 months ago
Another white guilt film. Pass.
MD MOTIN - 4 months ago
Hgd Fghb
Hgd Fghb - 4 months ago
Another white savior movie here we go
Yo Breeo
Yo Breeo - 4 months ago
Still hot
Hoolahop - 4 months ago
Hottest woman alive
Daniel Almir
Daniel Almir - 5 months ago
If Jordan Peele and Darren Aronofsky would make a movie together
David Vo
David Vo - 5 months ago
yo thats the guy from striking vipers x
Montana jack
Montana jack - 5 months ago
I'm 73yo and Jean wes the most beautiful woman I've ever seen
Tallow Hyde
Tallow Hyde - 3 months ago
love her in Bonjour Tristesse...terrific movie
Iron Fauzi
Iron Fauzi - 5 months ago
Betor2 punya
Madamei.Mercy.JeanX. 83_20_19
+ « Zazie Beetz Is Like The New Halle Berry !! »
100% X3
Nucky Mancini
Nucky Mancini - 4 months ago
Said no one ever
Shaun Kang
Shaun Kang - 5 months ago
Toll paid.
Jonny Tracker
Jonny Tracker - 5 months ago
Nobody wants to watch a lesbian movie hahaha
Call your hits OR Quit
Call your hits OR Quit - 5 months ago
Underwater and Seberg? Kristen is busy. i hope those seeing her act for the 1st time wont be polluted, by the opinion of the few who still cant get over the Twilight saga. time for her to get her deserved break from past.
princeoftidds - 5 months ago
She makes so many bad movies with weak performances that we forget that Kristen Stewart can act (at least when she wants to).
nexus Ebtuoy
nexus Ebtuoy - 5 months ago
BASED ON KOSHER INTELLIGENCIA lol consider yourself historical indoctrinated LOLOL
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