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Movieclips Trailers
Movieclips Trailers - 21 day ago
Kristen Stewart plays Jean Seberg in the first trailer for the upcoming biopic on the French New Wave star.
Deirdre Evangelista
Deirdre Evangelista - 20 days ago
Thanks for the reply,I don't know much about her,it will be interesting to see how this movie tells her story,I hope it does her justice. 🎭🎥🎬
Karen Byrd
Karen Byrd - 20 days ago
@Deirdre Evangelista FBI. The years depicted are 1968-71. They essentially ruined her life. She died in 1979 as a reported suicide. One could connect her death to what happened to her starting in 1968.
Deirdre Evangelista
Deirdre Evangelista - 21 day ago
So basically ,she was targeted and killed by the CIA? Or the FBI? WTF...... Dammm how many people have to die for others to wake the hell up? Check out out David Icke he has some interesting stuff to say about governments etc. ....😤😡😡😡😡
Paulo Roberto
Paulo Roberto - 6 minutes ago
That dude is going to be the next Bond.
Nathan Hogan
Nathan Hogan - Day ago
Kirsten Stewart really cant act
Hoovie - 2 days ago
looked up 1 into google
Soul Chicken
Soul Chicken - 2 days ago
Hoover was awesome.
Julie W
Julie W - 3 days ago
Krisein Stewart is not the right actress to play this role. Not because I think she's a bad actress; she just doesn't have the delicate, classic femininity of Seberg. Kristen is a very modern androgynous beauty.
Jennifer Moran
Jennifer Moran - 3 days ago
Shes not a bad actress but was in the Twilight series and Snow White
Stephanie Lugo
Stephanie Lugo - 5 days ago
I love jean seberg this looks disappointing. At least give her a good haircut damn 🙄
LASH - 7 days ago
"The finest performance of her career " lowest bar to cross ever.
Liam Urry
Liam Urry - 10 days ago
Actually talking, rather than grunting the entire movie lol
ZeroCool AcidBurn
ZeroCool AcidBurn - 10 days ago
Margaret Qualley it would have been a better choice to play Jean Seberg, physically she looks more alike. Margaret just needs a haircut and dye her hair blond. Plus, she is a better actress than Kristen Stewart
Invox - 11 days ago
2:10 ...and those two fingers that you are pointing probably know them all.
Heven Mulatu
Heven Mulatu - 12 days ago
Jack The Lad !!❤
theblahblahsheepie - 12 days ago
the music in the first 5 seconds SCREAMS Luca Guadagnino
førza - 12 days ago
yessss, do you know the name of the song ?
Syasya Ames
Syasya Ames - 12 days ago
The true story is just awful.
Guilherme Guimarães Cruz
Kristen, Kristen...
tika tika ayu nastiti
tika tika ayu nastiti - 13 days ago
She has winona ryder's eye stare
naeema alkiyumi
naeema alkiyumi - 13 days ago
Charles angel and now this ??? Kristen is definitely back !!!
FunnyMinimalism - 13 days ago
I mean it looks better than charlies angels
Promise You
Promise You - 14 days ago
Horrible actress
Mimi notbovered
Mimi notbovered - 14 days ago
White woman to the rescue!
Abdulrahman Baqais
Abdulrahman Baqais - 14 days ago
Zizi doing great job these years.
Starlight Fevoura
Starlight Fevoura - 15 days ago
This probably the first time I saw Kristen's acting skills truly shine, well done, I'm intrigued 😊
Amiabiz channel
Amiabiz channel - 15 days ago
Is that only me thinking kristen Stewart looks like Ellen's sister
Hasmaul Fadilah
Hasmaul Fadilah - 15 days ago
Apakah film ini akan ada di bioskop indonesia?
Awal Ilkin
Awal Ilkin - 15 days ago
Kristen Stewart the most perfect & good looking girl with short hair. No matters how is her orientation.
Shen Shen
Shen Shen - 15 days ago
Her acting matured a lot.
Tae Dni
Tae Dni - 16 days ago
Kristen is amazing
stochastictarget - 16 days ago
Putain le retour d'Yvan Attal après Taxi....
Amina Khebbab
Amina Khebbab - 16 days ago
I've never seen her like this...she can act omg ?!
The Dude
The Dude - 16 days ago
That's what America needs, more race pimping. Wtf
Intan Nisita
Intan Nisita - 16 days ago
Kristen stewart is tomboy girl beacause she FBI politican😊
damienh1001300 - 16 days ago
Yes Yes Yes ON ALL EVERYTHING THAT IS GOD YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black People need to know this story
Henry Burby
Henry Burby - 16 days ago
Martha Nyamu
Martha Nyamu - 17 days ago
They used the house from dream girls ....
William James
William James - 17 days ago
Where does Anthony Mackie find the time?
TheFlowMind - 16 days ago
William James he shot avengers something like two years ago.
Soma mitro
Soma mitro - 17 days ago
Wow I hop it's nice upcoming movie 😙
Merantle - 18 days ago
Manny Salazar
Manny Salazar - 18 days ago
This looks great!
300bpm - 18 days ago
This looks like a trainwreck
Blu Bandit
Blu Bandit - 18 days ago
Why because the storyline
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