Notre Dame vs. Georgia Recap: No.3 Bulldogs Survive Late Push From No.7 Irish | CBS Sports HQ

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Gabi Bell
Gabi Bell - 15 days ago
Dang Georgia probably got scolded by coach so they picked up their game XD
John Hancock
John Hancock - 24 days ago
Woof, woof, woof....Go Dawgs!
first time
first time - 24 days ago
Swift is Swift
recklets rickts
recklets rickts - 25 days ago
where rudy
Ras-Simeon Tong
Ras-Simeon Tong - 25 days ago
would love to see Georgia vs clemson in the regular season doesn't matter which stadium
Kovačević Dobrina
Kovačević Dobrina - 27 days ago
Can we get Cole Kmet on grad transfer to UGA?
Jawon Craig
Jawon Craig - 27 days ago
Damn y’all just don’t stop lol. Notre Dame is good give them credit, they played a hell of a a game. UGA is good too. These are two of the better teams in CFB. Notre Dame will give anyone a challenge this year
Mordecai The Awesome BlueJay
Georgia played like shit. Will get blown out in the SEC Championship game
Gamecock Nation
Gamecock Nation - 10 days ago
They might not even make it to the SEC Championship.
Street Renegade
Street Renegade - 28 days ago
It seems like on the very last offensive play for Notre Dame one of the O-linemen let a Georgia rusher run right by him without even trying to block him.. what's up with that?
Neva' eh's Natas
Neva' eh's Natas - 28 days ago
Georgia is and will be one of the greatest teams in college football for quite awhile. It’s only a matter of time when they win a few more championships. You mark my words on that. They have an amazing recruitment class every year and one of the best coaches who already has national championships under his belt. So, be on the lookout for this team to win and win big in the future.
Gamecock Nation
Gamecock Nation - 10 days ago
But what happened when they played the Gamecocks.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trent Briden Piano
Trent Briden Piano - 28 days ago
notre dame fan at 0:36 is a fake fan
ted peters
ted peters - 28 days ago
Great atmosphere and courtesy Dawgs. Hope we have more games in the future.
doliio volay
doliio volay - 28 days ago
UGA vs Ohio State in playoffs. Fields (Heisman Trophy candidate) vs Fromm
Alice Sigford
Alice Sigford - 28 days ago
I love football game
trumpetjoe40 - 28 days ago
Does Georgia come to ND next year?
Tom Reedy
Tom Reedy - 19 days ago
trumpetjoe40 I don't know. I'll have to check. Good question.
The Jigglenaut
The Jigglenaut - 28 days ago
What a game. I'd love to see both teams stay undefeated for the rest of the regular season, which I can easily see ND doing. UGA we'll see but gl to both teams!
doliio volay
doliio volay - 28 days ago
Notre Dame is not just Cheating the Justice System when it comes to sexual pedaphiles, but when faking injuries !!!!! !
Dan M
Dan M - 29 days ago
Because I’m Catholic probably.
Dan M
Dan M - 29 days ago
Ohio State fan here. But ND was my second favorite. Not sure why though.
Christbepraised - 29 days ago
Good job, Georgia
J S - 29 days ago
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GR33N3B34N - 29 days ago
jagoice 98
jagoice 98 - 29 days ago
Ill admit that 1 of 2 of those ND players dropping was just an attempt to stall, but if SEC officials will allow LSU players to drop to the floor on more than 5 occasions to stall drives vs Texas than its all good!!
Durham - 29 days ago
PI is the reason georgia stopped that pass 🤦🏻‍♂️ georgia is going to get smacked by auburn lol
Gamecock Nation
Gamecock Nation - 6 days ago
@Durham I agree. Auburn will beat Georgia and their defense will for sure put a lot of pressure on Fromm. I see Florida also beating Georgia.
Durham - 6 days ago
Gamecock Nation Aye just giving me more hope lmao 😂 they lost to South Carolina who has had a terrible season and the refs damn near gave Georgia the game but they still couldn’t finish it. Congratulations on the win brother, every time Georgia loses it’s a celebration from me! 👍🏽 Gonna be an easy dub for Auburn 😉 hopefully lol
Gamecock Nation
Gamecock Nation - 10 days ago
@Durham My Gamecocks just handled Georgia. Defense stopped Georgia's offense.
Durham - 28 days ago
The Jigglenaut Yikes 😂. georgia doesn’t have the oline for auburn’s defense atm. auburn’s winning easily just like they did a couple years ago. and then winning again in the conference championship this time 😉 georgia played this bad against notre dame who isn’t that good. Auburn’s gucci lmao
The Jigglenaut
The Jigglenaut - 28 days ago
Eh its hard to say. Auburn looks decent but they have a lot of exploitable issues on their O and D. It'll probably be a close game, but I doubt Auburn is good enough to kill UGA lol
Cory Green
Cory Green - 29 days ago
Nothing but respect for Georgia and their classy fans. A fantastic game between two elite teams. Proud of my Irish! ☘️
Ides94 - 29 days ago
If I'm not mistaken, we have Ian Book for one more year as well. If we can get that guy some receivers, we'd be a real problem.
Tom Reedy
Tom Reedy - 19 days ago
Ides94 We have receivers, we just need rbs to stay healthy. Book has a helluva arm and is accurate.
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert - 29 days ago
"Go Georgia!"
RyanVideos - 29 days ago
What a great game! Two great teams!
Derek Eady
Derek Eady - 29 days ago
Just think if Holloman was still with us.
Uga Boi
Uga Boi - 29 days ago
Here we go again kirby show some nuts my goodness we from is a damn..Jr now our players were better but coaching still sucked in a another big game
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf - 29 days ago
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Brian - 29 days ago
Notre Dame is not just Cheating the Justice System when it comes to sexual pedaphiles, but when faking injuries !!!!! !
Greyden 66666666
Greyden 66666666 - 29 days ago
Shut up 😎
Katherine Chiodo
Katherine Chiodo - 29 days ago
Notre Dame FOREVER! It’s ok boys try again next time!
John Massingale
John Massingale - 29 days ago
ND played a bad game in a hostile environment. GA was down halfway through the third quarter. 2 int’s, 1 was heroic and the other off a drop. Played in South Bend.....ND wins 30-17. Either ND is surprisingly Elite or GA is seriously overrated.
The Jigglenaut
The Jigglenaut - 28 days ago
UGA played a pretty bad game too, honestly probably worse (Especially giving ND that free early TD off the special team's mistake). The game would have been close, but in no world does ND win by over a TD, that's just dreaming. I would say both are probably overrated though.
NDFOOTBALL #1 - 29 days ago
They're both overrated .. 💯🍀🍀🍀
Greyden 66666666
Greyden 66666666 - 29 days ago
What ya mean surprising?.
Rusell Shaw
Rusell Shaw - 29 days ago
From what I seen in the game against Notre Dame Georgia will not beat LSU and y'all will not make it to the college playoffs this year stop living off the memory of Herschel Walker
Digital Ambition
Digital Ambition - 28 days ago
Lol. Stop getting gashed by Vandy before your lips start flapping
Manuel Baca
Manuel Baca - 28 days ago
LSU allowed 30 something points by Vandi!! That is not a balanced team. Sorry!
Odera - 29 days ago
No penalties and ND won this game...this year playoff run will be the best in CFB
The Jigglenaut
The Jigglenaut - 28 days ago
Could easily say the same for UGA though, and in addition to that free TD given on the punt. But both teams are solid, should be a fun season.
Literally Me
Literally Me - 29 days ago
I saw nothing special. The dawgs will fall to bama yet again.
Gamecock Nation
Gamecock Nation - 10 days ago
@Rusell Shaw Georgia just lost to South Carolina. So you're right they don't need to worry about Georgia because won't even make it to the SEC Championship game.
jarett stahl
jarett stahl - 29 days ago
Amen @Rusell Shaw. LSU wins the west. Takes on GA in SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. And we beat them for a second time back to back last year and this year. I see the playoffs As these 4 Clemson LSU OKLAHOMA OHIO STATE.
Rusell Shaw
Rusell Shaw - 29 days ago
@abbsnn cose to keep it real y'all don't need to worry about Alabama Clemson you going to end up losing to LSU
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick - 29 days ago
Ok fellas. I was thinking ND was going to win. Georgia is a great football tram. The ND defense really stuck it to them. Georgias defense was also very good. However. ND QB Ian Book did not play to his ability. He missed open receivers of which credit is due to Georgia defense in some part. HE threw a few interceptions and missed some first downs. I think two of those first downs were play calling all the way. This game was NDs to win and I was truly surprised by that. ND in Georgias house really was not to far from being the victor. and lets not forget about the glaring interference call to end the game. It was such a pull on he receiver that it got overlooked. Pulled him back and down by the shoulder pads from the back without a whisper. Just some food for thought about how good ND really is. This game was certainly full of mistakes and mosques on both sides. GO ND.
The Jigglenaut
The Jigglenaut - 28 days ago
ND is a good team, but ND got away with a few pass interference calls as well, one of which would have resulted in a UGA TD. I think if both PIs were called it would have been the same result tbh.
Greyden 66666666
Greyden 66666666 - 29 days ago
Brian Yes! Glad you notice.
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry - 29 days ago
SEC baby!
great game
Bonehead Junkies
Bonehead Junkies - 29 days ago
Kmet looks like Gronk.
omarseedless - 29 days ago
Great game, but I don't see GA beating Alabama at all.
Gamecock Nation
Gamecock Nation - 10 days ago
@Rusell Shaw LSU always get the smackdown against Alabama. South Carolina on the other hand just man handled Georgia.
Rusell Shaw
Rusell Shaw - 29 days ago
Honestly I don't think they'll beat LSU
New Mobile
New Mobile - 29 days ago
kevin ensley
kevin ensley - 29 days ago
uga couldnt have made this a more frustrating game even if thats what there intent in the game plan was to do....catches there dropped for a td or two - game plan esp first half was horrid - you know a team is bad stopping the run and you dont run it with your all american back wth - they did everything they could to help ND stay in this game an potentially win it - kirby has got to learn when to be aggressive and when to lay back - he doesnt seem to get that yet - uga is super talented but this coaching staff concerns me and ultimately if they dont win big this that staff will be the reason why
chris shields
chris shields - 29 days ago
Our Defense saved our ass
chris shields
chris shields - 29 days ago
Mr. Landers #5, please learn to not run into our punt returner.
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Alexis Croft
Alexis Croft - 29 days ago
Nino Lamkin
Nino Lamkin - Month ago
Cole Kmet was looking great out there
Savage Savant
Savage Savant - Month ago
GA secondary needs to improve a'lot. Bama & Clemson will eat them alive!
Rusell Shaw
Rusell Shaw - 29 days ago
@thejazzmusician get the f*** out of here with that b*******
Savage Savant
Savage Savant - 29 days ago
@thejazzmusician I hope your right.
thejazzmusician - 29 days ago
Those were the back ups playing. The starters didn't play
Savage Savant
Savage Savant - Month ago
Jake Fromm a Top 3 college QB.
jarett stahl
jarett stahl - 29 days ago
Negative. Google heisman QB watch. Fromm is nowhere near.
RiDE OR DIE TELEVISION's street hustler knowledge📙🎓. Was the greatest of all time
Nick Peters
Nick Peters - Month ago
If we can barely beat ND then how can we beat bama or Clemson
Zach YT
Zach YT - 29 days ago
@NDFOOTBALL #1 Back with the trolls i see
Nick Peters
Nick Peters - 29 days ago
@Brandon Reilly the reason is because bama and Clemson are way better than ND so it's gonna be a hard game
Rusell Shaw
Rusell Shaw - 29 days ago
@Brandon Reilly right now Georgia needs to be concerned about LSU
NDFOOTBALL #1 - 29 days ago
Georgia's defense looked pretty good , but I'd be worried about your offense. Notre Dame is a mediocre team this year , so I'd be worried about the Auburn and Texas A&M games ... 💯🍀🍀🍀
Brandon Reilly
Brandon Reilly - 29 days ago
ND is a very good football team. So I don't understand why you are questioning Georgia's chances against Bama and Clemson. They will be tough games as well.
JC 40324
JC 40324 - Month ago
Dawgs kicker, Blankenship, was the MVP in this one.
laudanum669 - Month ago
Please Vikings find a way to draft Jake Fromm.
Bloodklot - 22 days ago
What about Cousins LOL!
Arun Maurya
Arun Maurya - Month ago
American Football is Vanilla or Soft or Sissy version of Rugby.
tyler lewis
tyler lewis - Month ago
Dang when u r grounded and this is punishment
jim bo
jim bo - Month ago
46 ND rushing yards. ND better do better or no NY6 game this year.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Month ago
#12 on trending
The Sperminator
The Sperminator - Month ago
There's finally a Notre Lame team that actually deserves its ranking ; not like the consistently overrated teams of the last 30 years. But, they are still not good enough against quality SEC teams.
The Sperminator
The Sperminator - 29 days ago
@NDFOOTBALL #1 I agree. That's why I stated that ND are not good enough for top quality SEC teams (i.e Georgia, Alabama, LSU).
NDFOOTBALL #1 - 29 days ago
I think Georgia just had a bad game , but I could be wrong. Georgia played below their capabilities and Notre Dame had a really good game ... 💯🍀🍀🍀
kyle allison
kyle allison - Month ago
Great game I’ve seen in a long time
KTS912 - Month ago
All I got to say is a team that fakes injuries is a bitch ass team to me #GODAWGS
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