20 Annoying Things People DO!!

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Javier Jimenez
Javier Jimenez - 16 minutes ago
Your all so funny
Victoriarose DeFlorio
Victoriarose DeFlorio - 14 hours ago
Who nites kit Kats
Victoriarose DeFlorio
Victoriarose DeFlorio - 14 hours ago
What milk before cereal
Mister Noname
Mister Noname - 21 hour ago
Yo, I used to watch this as a small child. Going back to it now brings back so much. Thanks!
Ruby Rosenbaum
Ruby Rosenbaum - Day ago
Lol the chancla se puso todo en la cabeza
Yeet Tricks
Yeet Tricks - Day ago
The person who asks you questions with food in your mouth
Freddy Rosales
Freddy Rosales - 2 days ago
One like👍= 1🍎 cause I love apples
Marcus Juanillo
Marcus Juanillo - 2 days ago
Milk first? Welp you are getting your 1st sin
The Vera Show!! !
The Vera Show!! ! - 3 days ago
Mama you are so pretty and so are you Gabby AND ALL OF YOU ❤️❤️❤️ 😁😁😁😁 and I've been subed since 2015
jean metters
jean metters - 3 days ago
Subscribe For no reason
4:06 Rip Headphone users...
Subscribe For no reason
2:59 😂 I laughed at that!
Daniela Olar
Daniela Olar - 4 days ago
I'm the leg shaker 😂😂
Squid time!
Squid time! - 4 days ago
CashMoney32 - 5 days ago
how does someone like this
Lilly’s Pack of wolves
I’m the like person like literally 😂(edit) I’m the leg shaker,interrupter,the loud talker,pen clicker,finger zapper lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jennifer Revels
Jennifer Revels - 5 days ago
mama bee should make an asmr video her taping was on point
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Xbox b. H. H. Cy a df. 💙💚❤💛💜🎳😂👖👕💵👛👟🎼
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Rachel Holthe
Rachel Holthe - 6 days ago
I guess I'm annoying! I'm a finger taper!!!
Ilona Amendola
Ilona Amendola - 6 days ago
Ugh the nuckle one gets me😟
Xxfix fitxx
Xxfix fitxx - 7 days ago
Here are the one that I do that showed in vid
-Milk before cereal
-The finger tapper
-The chip bag opener
-The knuckle cracker
-The pen clicker
-The hair player
-the finger zapper
Lukes Animations!
Lukes Animations! - 7 days ago
Here’s one: the beeping noise
Youknowmeboi 4
Youknowmeboi 4 - 7 days ago
You guys do this crap all the damn time
Jordan Richmond
Jordan Richmond - 7 days ago
When she opened the bag of chips upside down, I wanted to fly out window and hit my head on a concrete pavement while getting hit by a parked car. That just irritated my soul lol.
Jayden Elliott
Jayden Elliott - 7 days ago
I do milk before cereal
Stephanie anne Delos Santos
The Thumbnail..
oubeid - 8 days ago
i think this is the reason why papa bee have his own bedroom 2:54
Nacho Bga
Nacho Bga - 8 days ago
1:20 OMG, this is definitely me always! LOL
demxx - 8 days ago
Me: perfect asmr 😴
Eh Bee Family

Momma Bee

Mr. Bee

Miss Bee
Munchies - 8 days ago
that chip bag opener gave me anxiety
onekickykid - 8 days ago
I’m really the pen clicker I do it when I’m only nervous
Leilah Santa Ana
Leilah Santa Ana - 9 days ago
There is more than 20 annoying things that people do LOL
Fruity Loopy
Fruity Loopy - 9 days ago
Ahlam al_habahbeh
Ahlam al_habahbeh - 9 days ago
one time i opened a cheetos upside down by accident and my sister was like🤨🤨
Heidi Yip
Heidi Yip - 9 days ago
I do milk before cereal because I want it to be crunchy
BogartGaming - 10 days ago
Sees mrbee bite the Kit Kat the right way.
Aight I’m bout to head to Canada to pearsonly applause for him.
ItzViolet Editz
ItzViolet Editz - 10 days ago
My bffs do that to me a lot !
I 💜 this channel
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