Lakers should explore using Brandon Ingram at PG - Stephen A. Smith | First Take

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Vincent E Stone
Vincent E Stone - Month ago
TO STEPHEN A. & MAX, You two double handedly have DESTOYED this Beautiful NBA season. With talking about NOTHING specifically The Lakers. PATHETIC !
Eric Long
Eric Long - 3 months ago
B shaw or mark jackson will be the coach for the laker.
Eric Long
Eric Long - 3 months ago
Laker get luke walton out of here with his no coaching ass.You can't put pope and hart in and lonzo in the back court with bi @ power forward.
Awen24 - 4 months ago
I've come back to this video three weeks after watching it...
now that Rondo has a broken hand and BI has been running the offense quite a bit.
Invariably, commentators have been talking about how stagnant and slow the offense is at times (despite the Lakers being a high paced team).
And here's the thing: it slows down because BI is a slow-down, iso-scorer. Think James Harden. Dribble, dribble, dribble... but instead of the step-back 3, BI takes mid-range jumpers, turnarounds or gets to the basket.
He's competent, but I'm not sure he's a good fit with the Lakers' new offensive strategy... and as much as he's taken huge strides defensively, he clashes with LeBron (they both require the ball too much), isn't a great outside shooter, and isn't fitting with the up-tempo style that guys like Lonzo, Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma really gel with.
I think it's time for the Lakers to put him on the trading block. As much as I like the guy, we need a shooter more than we need Brandon Ingram at this point.
Mariano Quintos, Jr.
Mariano Quintos, Jr. - 4 months ago
idk Brandon Ingram ball handling skills isn't that good enough . I'm not saying he's bad. but not good enough.
KniGht1st - 5 months ago
oh great let's use Ingram as PG and put Ball and Rondo on the bench and let Josh Hart play 48 minutes per game with no back up
Florida boi
Florida boi - 5 months ago
The lakers should try to trade ingram, pope & rondo for beal and satoransky. If you can trade Covington and saric for butler. Then i think you can do this deal. 🤔
Corey Mccoy
Corey Mccoy - 5 months ago
Smartest move i keep thinking of is not trading any of their core 4 young players: Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, Hart. So what if they don’t make playoffs this year. They shouldn’t have to hinder their development as the next big team by getting carried by Lebron and a second superstar. I think Lakers should wait it out and not trade any of these guys. All have so much potential, including Zo.
Connaugh Grace
Connaugh Grace - 5 months ago
What's up with the girl in the middle?? She's basically a mediator for them two and that's it haha
Mateusz Kozak
Mateusz Kozak - 5 months ago
"Bwandon Ingwam"
Blackbean Burger
Blackbean Burger - 5 months ago
he doesn't have the handles to play point... SAS is so fucking dumb sometimes
izzy 23
izzy 23 - 5 months ago
He should actually be in that post with that size smfh
Christian Samayoa
Christian Samayoa - 5 months ago
I liked your joke molly 😘
Khabib The Eagle
Khabib The Eagle - 5 months ago
For once I Agree With something Stephen A Says about the lakers
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock - 5 months ago
Ingram has the most potential of the new guys besides Kuzma. If they develop him right he can be like a Kevin Durant type of scorer
Carl Kieline
Carl Kieline - 5 months ago
Punk ass reporter!
Racer X
Racer X - 5 months ago
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen - 5 months ago
According to my analysis, for the Lakers to contend, they need to complete 2 trades for disgruntled superstars:
1. Ingram & Ball for Kemba Walker.
2. KCP & McGee & 1st Rnd Pick for Marc Gasol & Omri Casspri.
Lakers would have a line-up of
Kemba Walker/Rondo
According to advanced statistical analysis, this is the best line-up that the Lakers can get, and would win 59 games based on a statistical simulator.
J Tate
J Tate - 5 months ago
It's just drose highlights and debate
reggiebw11 - 5 months ago
The lakers team will be dominant shortly.. somebody on the team need to get on lebron to go hard on defense period, They got plenty of offense so no need to “save” your energy
god - 5 months ago
didnt stephen said lakers should trade ingram now u want them to explore him at pg. bruh 🤣🤣
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen - 5 months ago
I think the Lakers need to package Ingram with ball and try to get a disgruntled superstar. Maybe Ingram, ball, and a couple of picks for John Wall? They just missed out on the Jimmy Butler fire sale and I can't think of anyone else.
tavo Vazquez
tavo Vazquez - 5 months ago
Last year Ingram ran the point like a beast when Lonzo was injured. That's also when Lakers starting winning more. They should trade Lonzo if they can something worth while for him
Duke Harvard
Duke Harvard - 5 months ago
PG- LeBron James
SG- Josh Hart
SF- Brandon Ingram
PF- Kyle Kuzma
C- Tyson Chandler
6- JaVale McGee
7- Lonzo Ball
8- Rajon Rando
9- Lance Stephenson
10- KCP
Desire Kidd
Desire Kidd - 5 months ago
Wasn't he just talking bout how the Lakers should trade him 3 days ago? Now he talking about how they should use him. Damn Stephen A? You speak the truth but damn
Mehdi X. Ismael
Mehdi X. Ismael - 5 months ago
I still don’t know what she sounds like
Just Anon
Just Anon - 5 months ago
Alright.. I think I know nothing about basketball.
Karma - 5 months ago
Why are ppl worrying? Like lakers are on track to hit the wins that they should as a team. Don’t have unrealistic expectations for them
Rmr Qnt
Rmr Qnt - 5 months ago
Trade! Thats it. And for u A. Shut the F up!
J Phantom Official
J Phantom Official - 5 months ago
They’re completely ignoring this girl 🤣🤣
Felipe Toro
Felipe Toro - 5 months ago
L James n brandon I
elevation - 5 months ago
Can she stop
YOB Music
YOB Music - 5 months ago
Y’all people don’t listen he said putting Ingram is a possibility, if it works then they maybe could keep him
Emmanuel Nwankwo
Emmanuel Nwankwo - 5 months ago
Why when you have rondo, ball, and LeBron too!
Alexandria Fritschie
Alexandria Fritschie - 5 months ago
1. Sub
2. Like
3.Comment done
4. I’ll do the same!😁
Erick Phillips
Erick Phillips - 5 months ago
The Lakers should definitely sign Nick Young
2 Cents
2 Cents - 5 months ago
They should because he always wants the ball like last time when he was waving at lebron for the ball & lebron just told him go back to position.
Experimenting is the only way to see what works better.
UFAMORIGINALIFE - 5 months ago
Nathan Exde
Nathan Exde - 5 months ago
If he had this same kind of compassion when Carmelo was playing for New York they might’ve been big rn
Che'Quan Johnson
Che'Quan Johnson - 5 months ago
Ron D.
Ron D. - 5 months ago
Mollie breasts are the real MVP tho..
Farty McGee
Farty McGee - 5 months ago
Does anyone else remember when Magic claimed that he put together this team, not thinking about creating a great shooting team in a 3 point shooting league, but rather a team based upon gutsy and gritty Defense! Lmao, what happened to this Defensive juggernaut that Magic claims to have created?!
Farty McGee
Farty McGee - 5 months ago
Skip is SUCH an LA homer!!! I do agree that trading Ingram would fetch LA the shooter that they need! Using Ingram at PG is genius too Bc it will have one of two likely results: Ingram becomes the starting PG, making the lakers much better, OR, he will become trade bait of much greater value! Worst case: Ingram flops entirely, devaluing him for the Lakers and damaging his career irreparably!
It’s awesome seeing D Rose make this unprecedented comeback with his career! I hope for the very best for Rose, seeing a man overcome such mental challenges is wonderful and should give hope to others struggling with similar battles all across the country!
Andrew Leigh
Andrew Leigh - 5 months ago
Ingram playing point? Rondo, Lonzo, Stephenson and Lebron all play point... lets get more!! Stephen A Stupid.
Mike C
Mike C - 5 months ago
Lmaoooo he said ingram for bradley beal gtfo why cause the lakers should ruin their roster so lebron can get another shooter
mack 2k
mack 2k - 5 months ago
Lebron is most laziness player
Greysen G
Greysen G - 5 months ago
Well kd can put all his effort in cuz if he tired, he got the whole rest of the team to help him. Not saying the lakers are bad, but they dont have a all star scoring player
Sami - 5 months ago
Nah they should explore a trade partner instead. This dude has become a distraction lately.
Riley Dinkleman
Riley Dinkleman - 5 months ago
I’m dead, she js said Westbrook a better dresser than Rose though 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ really? I didn’t know we were judging a fashion show.
Riley Dinkleman
Riley Dinkleman - 5 months ago
Stfu Stephen keep Brandon’s name out your punk ass mouth. - Rajon Rondo.
D.O.P.E Views
D.O.P.E Views - 5 months ago
Riley Dinkleman lmaooo damn finally the quote came out 😂😂
Scott Bheir
Scott Bheir - 5 months ago
Lakers would be retarted if they traded Ingram
Dr. Upper90
Dr. Upper90 - 5 months ago
Brandon Ingram is ass
DEE DUBZ - 5 months ago
Ingram at Point Guard ?!! WTF! Players on the same team as LeBron has to do all the adjusting apart from him, yet this is the so called greatest. Give me a break. SAS you should be ashamed for letting this nonsense spew out your mouth.
Relax Music
Relax Music - 5 months ago
the only way to build a real dynasty is to do it with your draft picks
like how the warriors are doing, 4 starters are draft picks
trading for players and what not does not make it special
if they wanna keep on trading their #2 picks for players
and make some fake all star team then whatever
TheOpinionatedOne - 5 months ago
If they trade ingram for beal it should be straight up just those 2 in the trade. Ingram and beal are pretty even
Mikie Lee
Mikie Lee - 5 months ago
Lakers should explore bringing Andre Ingram back cause Lebron ain't enough, rondo would rather have a UFC match, Lonzo flops, and every one else is more worried about how many minutes they play rather than actually playing the damn game.
Grant Riley
Grant Riley - 5 months ago
If this what we doin put Lebron at pg
Slim Chain
Slim Chain - 5 months ago
If only Westbrook could shoot like Rose can now..
John Young
John Young - 5 months ago
Everybody has their own opinion. But
Stephen A Smith is crazy. He he never played on the NBA level nor the college level and he's talking about trading someone...crazy. just like KD said "he don't know what he's talking about".
Aj Torres
Aj Torres - 5 months ago
Derrick rose looks great..its inspiring tbh. I lowkey teared up when he dropped 50
Guy Boome
Guy Boome - 5 months ago
Honestly he is not going to fit in the rotation anymore Juana is clearly the better player to start and eventually Ingram is going to be frustrated about not starting.
D.O.P.E Views
D.O.P.E Views - 5 months ago
Guy Boome who THE FUCK is Juana ? 😡😡
Mitch C
Mitch C - 5 months ago
Lonzo to Heat or Magic
Travis Jones
Travis Jones - 5 months ago
That's why I dont fuck with Stephen A like that
Ian Ashley
Ian Ashley - 5 months ago
STS Tech
STS Tech - 5 months ago
Lol Bring it another star lol the Lakers are stacked.
They are just not measuring up with the rest of the league.
Ya gotta deal with losing better.
STS Tech
STS Tech - 5 months ago
Why would you want to trade Brandon Ingram to look for another strong shooter lol.
It's Brandon Ingram he is that strong shooter and he's also a great player. That's just silly.
Laker Logic
Laker Logic - 5 months ago
They should let Bi run point!
Zo isn't doing anything out there. Bi can only be better at this point
Nasty Nase
Nasty Nase - 5 months ago
You guys are always talking about LEBRON James is so Great,but he excepted to play there and now you wanna Trade this person and that person because you have a loosing record!
Delaney Salazar
Delaney Salazar - 5 months ago
This man just said KCP can play point. IM DONE
Davon Jones
Davon Jones - 5 months ago
Stephan A Seems Pretty Smart But He Let's One Game Or A Sequence Of Define A Team
Punit Modi
Punit Modi - 5 months ago
Lol this will never happen, as long as lebron needs to control the ball it’s going to be hard for anybody else to truly be the point guard of the team
jack - 5 months ago
Ingram as a pg? Not a bad idea 😂 kuzma can ball with bron anyways so why not
A Z - 5 months ago
Jalen rose lucky dude
Jason Clark
Jason Clark - 5 months ago
Molly sexy asf
drew Mow
drew Mow - 5 months ago
OMG MOLLY!!! great winter colors.
D Rose
D Rose - 5 months ago
Save this: Brandon Ingram gonna be nasty real soon
Sale CNC
Sale CNC - 5 months ago
Please trade Stephen A for another speaker.  Yesterday just say another story!
James Noles
James Noles - 5 months ago
We need to trade Ingram for Beal I have been saying this forever Ingram won’t flourish on this team
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 - 5 months ago
Didn’t he just say to trade him lmaoo
TYB Godly Perry
TYB Godly Perry - 5 months ago
The Lakers won't be playoff contenders this year and they know that this year is to figure each other all they need is a shooter if they trade at deadline it's Lonzo or BI Magic even said BI is unavailable and Lonzo is showing his value so you can tell that this year will be a make the playoffs surprise some people land a Free Agent it could work I think Bradley Beal will come Wizards are over matched in the east this year I doubt they'll make the playoffs if the Lakers can show enough bite maybe win 2 games against the Warriors go to the Western Conference Finals he'll join along the way I feel like a veteran shooter could at least bandage the wound at a 3PT shooter for them *cough cough* Ray Allen
Sani Nabi
Sani Nabi - 5 months ago
according to draft kings hes already a PG lol
Coming Soon
Coming Soon - 5 months ago
Can someone PLEASE make a video on all the times Stephen A has done a 180 with his hot takes after a few weeks
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Luke Walton has a tough job
Jesus Shuttlesworth
Jesus Shuttlesworth - 5 months ago
ESPN should explore the discussion about every player instead of keep taking just about LA because of Bron
daniel bernal
daniel bernal - 5 months ago
Bro he just said Ingram handle isn’t good enough to run point and we should trade him??? This indecisive ass nigga
CAC CAC - 5 months ago
day 1: trade him
day 2: Keep him
lol SAS
T. Looo
T. Looo - 5 months ago
I agree I don’t like Brandon Ingram he to aggressive. He need know when to back up and allow help.
Blues Bros
Blues Bros - 5 months ago
Lakers could’ve had Jason Tatum or Donavon Mitchell...yet their stuck with Lonzo trash ass Ball. Pitiful.
LD Henderson
LD Henderson - 5 months ago
Aye for real basketball fans, Is chris paul better than kyrie irving. if so why because i think that CP3 is better...
Maurice Jordan
Maurice Jordan - 5 months ago
not on offensive but all around pg chris paul id better
You lion
You lion - 5 months ago
Do you own the team or you just a fan. Seat back and enjoy the show
Jonathan Briscoe
Jonathan Briscoe - 5 months ago
Don’t y’all pau gasol my Brandon Ingram I swear to god bro this is how it started ESPN starting the narrative that pau should be traded now they doing it with BI
Raymond Mendoza
Raymond Mendoza - 5 months ago
they should prioritize trading kcp lmao
Rollxm Joey
Rollxm Joey - 5 months ago
Ingram is the only player whos untradeable
Sonic_Speed1 - 5 months ago
Lonzo is helping the ram as a ph more than rondo
Jack Patrick Dickens Essobmadje
But yesterday you want him to be traded
Maurice Jordan
Maurice Jordan - 5 months ago
Malcolm M
Malcolm M - 5 months ago
Bi Hart kuz bron McGhee
Alabaster - 5 months ago
How can anyone play pg on a team with lebron?
Sk Massive
Sk Massive - 5 months ago
You'll trying to trade a 21 year old potential allstar because of a guy that have 2 to 3 years maximum is foolish.
Ingram is better now than kuzma and Hart and have way more potential than both in the future.
What the Lakers however should do is get another star in the off season and keep Ingram for when LBJ starts declining along with the other young pieces and replace some of the other veteran players that don't fit with make up of this team, I guess the Lakers makes the Sport media lots of money so they have to push different topics every day!
Freddy Johnson
Freddy Johnson - 5 months ago
Lol it will be 2020 in two years, y'all will still be waiting on Ingram to develop...Move on like ya did from D'Angelo Russell, the guy who was supposed to be the Lakers savior hahaha
Matthew Oh Yeah Yeah
Matthew Oh Yeah Yeah - 5 months ago
Slender man
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