Natalie Reveals She Doesn't Love Mike! | 90 Day Fiancé

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Anna B annA
Anna B annA - 2 days ago
She should have been honest from the beginning and said she is using him for citizenship, money, baby, and will say I love you without meaning it.
Alessandra Milita
Alessandra Milita - 9 days ago
I thibk she is just being honest probably the mist honest monent in the series
Used Gifs
Used Gifs - 11 days ago
The moment she said "I sink" Mike should have known that ship was out
Dallsant - 11 days ago
She's honestly wife potential, a mature, beautiful and honest woman that knows what she wants, I don't understand him.
Sandy Marcelo
Sandy Marcelo - 11 days ago
She is crazy the way she will not talk and stares with those googly eyes
Sam Burns
Sam Burns - 12 days ago
Tif C
Tif C - 12 days ago
Mike doesn’t deserve Natalie to love him,he’s so mediocre and childish
Joseph Summers
Joseph Summers - 17 days ago
0:25 She really isn't overly gorgeous or pretty. She's okay, but kinda off. Her eyes look sorta alien-like, her head isnt tall enough, her neck is long. There have been way prettier people on the show.
Ser ka
Ser ka - 18 days ago
Maybe the show should have a different name for this couple because she didn’t fall in love with him like he did I get her honesty and that’s perfect at least she didn’t lie
Aldo Goza
Aldo Goza - 19 days ago
Damn she looks like a man
O Lioli
O Lioli - 19 days ago
Chileee anyways so..........
Wiesia Loonen
Wiesia Loonen - 22 days ago
She doesnt love Mike but thinks about a baby ?????
Wiesia Loonen
Wiesia Loonen - 22 days ago
I can't listen to her English....she is like a old childe..
you know who
you know who - 22 days ago
I actually agree with her.
Ceekay Schofield
Ceekay Schofield - 22 days ago
I dont think she is in the wrong in what she said, obviously she wants a man to fight for her and be strong. Which this man isnt, plenty of opportunities she gave him, he show nothing. Gotta be a man of action with this woman and fight for her, show her a reason why she should love you and not be so laid back and meh....
tuk tuk
tuk tuk - 23 days ago
5 bucks says this man cried after this scene. emotional men always get this kind of lead-on treatment from women because they're extremely turned off by it
Mailo Reach
Mailo Reach - 26 days ago
So... When is the wedding? :3
Cristina Azanza
Cristina Azanza - 29 days ago
Oh my god ... How heartbreaking. its not worth being with her find someone better.
oracle MPH
oracle MPH - Month ago
How are you supposed to "fall in love" with someone in 90 days? You know some things about them, but a lot you learn along the way.
frankjaeger - Month ago
TLC fucked this up.
Linda Scherpenisse
Linda Scherpenisse - Month ago
She is just a grown up. Love should not be thrown around like it is nothing. Love grows.
A lonely college student
I agree with her. Americans are always talking about love, when they haven't even met someone for that long. Love doesn't happen in one day, you see someone you like, you see there is a potential of being happy and when it all goes well you start to love them
noble GTR32
noble GTR32 - Month ago
Is her Jaw wired shut? (And if so, I love her)
Briseyda Carrillo
Briseyda Carrillo - Month ago
I really like her response and way of thinking. I think deep inside many of us think like her or feel like her but many times we just dont say it. All we say is I Love you, when we actually stil don't know like she said
Loric Sidii
Loric Sidii - Month ago
When you live life on "Recruit". GET THAT GREEN CARD GIRL!!
Marcus Schultz
Marcus Schultz - Month ago
This guy is a flat out loser
David Zock Stop
David Zock Stop - Month ago
First, I just gotta say, her eyes are amazing. Second, she is being upfront and honest about her feelings. Third, she didn't say she wasn't willing to trying make something work. Fourth, it does look like she does at least care to some extent about the guy's feelings. I don't blame the guy for being emotional as I do think that has got to hurt to hear someone that you think you love say that, but at the same time at least he heard the truth, some guys don't even get that.
Andreea Suciu
Andreea Suciu - Month ago
All she wants is a man to get a child for her .. that’s so selfish
Kat Perse
Kat Perse - Month ago
She's saying same thing Alla said at the time (forgot the guys name). That guy was smart and understood what Alla meant and is happy today. That's how I view love too. Americans are too big on the word ''love''. Love is actually actions, not just saying it. Just like Natalie said - that word means nothing. Her saying what she thinks not what he wants to hear already is proof that she cares for him.
Jakub Antala
Jakub Antala - Month ago
She does not look as a scaming ho at this moment. Good for her. But i don´t know whole picture
Carmela Sleva
Carmela Sleva - Month ago
Why do men want honesty if this is the way they react to it lmao
Brenda Castillo U
Brenda Castillo U - Month ago
He is sensitive
Rachel Marie
Rachel Marie - Month ago
Of course it takes time
Rachel Marie
Rachel Marie - Month ago
I can't stand him
Marina Kudrina
Marina Kudrina - Month ago
Oh, I'm suare if it would be me, he would say that he is Not in love with me😁 because men loves when woman does not love! And i am not lucky. Natasha, what are u doing?! He is so nice guy
Azhar Kader
Azhar Kader - Month ago
She is drop dead gorgeous and smoking hot 😍🔥. Damn that cleavage is so sexy 😍🔥
Marija Poučki
Marija Poučki - Month ago
I think that Americans don't quite understand the Eastern European and Slavic mentality in general. We have a need to show love by doing something, not just saying it. Love is a feeling, not a word. You have to earn it, just like you earn trust. I personally don't like saying "I love you", but some other people do, and I respect that. But the way this guy acted out on her, it was just awful. She was being honest and if he gave her some time to think, but at the same time work on that relationship, it would probably last for many years. She was just unsure, it's not like she didn't have ANY feelings for the guy...
Riko Smith
Riko Smith - Month ago
What u want her to lie and say yes i love u ???
Riko Smith
Riko Smith - Month ago
She's just being honest u can't b pissed about how she feels
Ila Na
Ila Na - Month ago
so I totally understand her and he is acting like a child
ww21943 - Month ago
Russian women are hot but they are not warm and tender people. Most American men are too soft for them. That’s the reality.
kamionkami1 - Month ago
He should appreciate that honesty...
Asia Dodacka
Asia Dodacka - Month ago
Mi dispiace per lui non si meritava quello e una brava persona
Mark Bryant
Mark Bryant - Month ago
She does love him but shes in denial for some reason. When she is asked whether she loves him, she shakes her head yes while shes thinking. Body language doesn’t lie. For some reason she is questioning her love for him. Sad.
أحمد المنصور
there is a difference between attraction and love
Mark Bryant
Mark Bryant - Month ago
She is correct: love is an action, not a feeling. You work on it. Its a choice.
Jemar Balasabas
Jemar Balasabas - Month ago
I hope there will be a trans with a man featured here... And hope to see a successful relationships... Funny but it's like mostly are stressful hahaha
Serene Shoucair
Serene Shoucair - Month ago
why is the silence so awkwardd
MJ Partyof7
MJ Partyof7 - Month ago
He’s kinda just goofy and uncoordinated
Nitin Jaswal Application Developer
hmm thats heavy
Johnny Rib Cage
Johnny Rib Cage - Month ago
Always amazes me how easily these dudes be offended. Bro she was asked a question and gave yo ass an honest answer. You want her to lie and tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy? 😂 sensitive as hell
Benny Bees
Benny Bees - Month ago
He’s childish
Benny Bees
Benny Bees - Month ago
Why you all want her to lie? And if she doesnt like him that aint her fault!!! It doesnt happen in two weeks ffs!! Why is HE angry with her?! That is controlling. If you dont love someone, tough!!!
Jamal Khalil
Jamal Khalil - Month ago
Typical Americans. No patience 🤣🤗🤷🏻‍♂️
Angel And A Vlog
Angel And A Vlog - 2 months ago
The way she stare at his guy, really that creeps me...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Wiesia Loonen
Wiesia Loonen - 2 months ago
She already applied for a visa, I think, and got a refusal. Her reaction to Michael's question confirms this. Why did she go to the toilet? That's why she can't apply again or that's why she got refused because everything is in the system.
thesingularity1 - 2 months ago
This is real! I admire her for this.
chai83x - 2 months ago
hes batting above his average
Wiesia Loonen
Wiesia Loonen - 2 months ago
in my opinion natalia wants to leave Ukraine at all costs. I know a few Ukrainian women who catch Westerners just to leave. I know the realities of Ukraine and I wonder where she got such a furnished flat from? he asked her directly if she was already applying for a K1 visa, so she had to be in a relationship with some American and probably didn't work out. now she found the next one...her honesty has nothing to do with it.
꧁ Jessi ꧂
꧁ Jessi ꧂ - 2 months ago
She's being so honest he should be HAPPY!!!??? WTF
Ruth Tembo
Ruth Tembo - 2 months ago
She resembles mother Garthel from rapanzel (tangled)
Jerry Hsu
Jerry Hsu - 2 months ago
Big ol bitties
Janjua Rajput
Janjua Rajput - 2 months ago
Now I know why he couldn't find a girl in America
Mustaqeemah Oni
Mustaqeemah Oni - 2 months ago
I love her already , he is being such a baby , mommy doesn't love you so you go to your room and lock the door , I never understood how people just say I love you after 1 day or 2 day encounter and here she's honest , at least he will try to make it work but he just got sad? Mad? I don't know , look at Darcey and Tom with their "abundant" love , where r they now ? Pls it's okay not to have crazy love for someone n still be with them , and love can grow from there.
Kerri D
Kerri D - 2 months ago
I have a lot of respect for Nathalie I think she has the right intentions and isn’t using him. She wants to be honest
setare mordab
setare mordab - 2 months ago
Why she want to force him to belive God .I do not belive too
Michael McAuley
Michael McAuley - 2 months ago
Come on, look at the way she looks at him. She’s all about him, even if the love hasn’t came about yet
Adriana Morawietz
Adriana Morawietz - 2 months ago
I could not be with a manlike that. A needy type. 🤢
Clearfield - 2 months ago
Americans have a very Disney worldview. In many countries, people meet each other, get to know each other, test each other, court each other through the testing moments, fall in love, get married, have sex, then have children. Many American men want love or sex at first sight, some even want children, then they may or may not decide to get married, and eventually may or may not love each other. I am glad he wrapped up and left with his big fat ego and Disney expectations. I'd say she dodged a bullet!
Liza Bar
Liza Bar - 2 months ago
She has another vision or definition of love that probably comes from her culture. Do not date people from other cultures if you can't understand or you're not willing to try to understand.
Kathryn Jarlov
Kathryn Jarlov - 2 months ago
She's honest.
Takashi - 2 months ago
If a man said that all u guys would go crazy..... but not her coz she a women. But i respect her for saying the truth because u get lots of people faking it just to get the green card and leave
M. P.
M. P. - 2 months ago
"He's a good guy" - - > worst connotation for man these days
"She's a sweet girl" - - > worst connotation for a woman these days
Gramz - 2 months ago
Shes damn right LOL
CJ - 2 months ago
I thought she said she loved him long ago?!
Melk Tert
Melk Tert - 2 months ago
Damn shes pretty
Matthew Shanks
Matthew Shanks - 2 months ago
I think to comment on a reality production is quite delusional .
Nicolas Leone
Nicolas Leone - 2 months ago
Is that Leon lush
Thoreau - 2 months ago
"Strong and empowered" single mothers... produced all these Simps.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson - 2 months ago
She just want a free ride...move on guy
Bébé Sauvage
Bébé Sauvage - 2 months ago
I like her, she’s honest. I’m like her, it takes time for me to fall in love. I dated men who told me they loved me after 2 weeks 🤨 it usually makes me feel really u comfortable and run for the hills.
Taylor Wise
Taylor Wise - 2 months ago
She is sooooo stunning 😍
Exclusive - 2 months ago
Such a baby, man grow up love is just couple of minutes
Zarmin Drow
Zarmin Drow - 2 months ago
she loves lamp
Ken Arnold
Ken Arnold - 2 months ago
Man Up!!
Simon Simcic
Simon Simcic - 2 months ago
She's a mmmm
juniper quaintrelle
juniper quaintrelle - 2 months ago
She is right though. Is their relationship new?
Sara Lowe
Sara Lowe - 2 months ago
What a genuine authentic woman. Hes hurt, but she's just wanting to be sure. As a woman I fully understand that, and its better to have an honest woman than some fake burn out woman who wants to marry for other reasons then leaves. This woman genuinly wants to try and grow together. Not everyone falls in love at the same speed.
Screen Share
Screen Share - 2 months ago
at-least she didn't lie! im impressed !!
t briggs
t briggs - 2 months ago
There's too many crazy eyed people on this show.
Snehaja Sawant
Snehaja Sawant - 2 months ago
Why does she look like Sophie Turner scary version....
Reserved - 2 months ago
1. Her eyes are stunning. She s gets away with a lot of shit because of it.
2. She is CONSTANTLY shit testing him. She wants a guy who takes no shit and puts her in her place. Hes a nice guy.
John Hooper
John Hooper - 2 months ago
And then comes geoffrey who knows how to deal with these women.. and all women hate him 😆
robsmusic68 - 2 months ago
uh huh
Lina Bliss
Lina Bliss - 2 months ago
He is just 🤮 to me. Wtf did you want? For her to lie and play you like many others have on this program?!
Mohamed Amine Labidi
Mohamed Amine Labidi - 2 months ago
She told him before that she love him so he's right
Ember M
Ember M - 2 months ago
I think she’s absolutely rational and correct in her response.
Keisha Calixte
Keisha Calixte - 2 months ago
She’s right love grows.
whois wat
whois wat - 2 months ago
If he understood Russian woman, he would not let this one go. Being honest is a rare thing ......
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Her eyes are insane. I'd marry her just so my babies had her eyes. I have blue eyes but hers look like bermuda waters
chris solis
chris solis - 2 months ago
Mad because someone told you the truth ?
Fiona - 2 months ago
She treats him so bad. She mean to him and its like everything must be her way and if it's not she sulks. And if she wants to say anything to him she does, she doesn't care how it comes across or whether it's hurtful and she expects him to just accept it. It's like she's always right and wants to be in control. She was horrible to him at the airport
John Les
John Les - 3 months ago
Ew I don’t like him
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie - 3 months ago
Love is something that's earned. He thinks he's feeling love, when it's really lust. She's right. And wow, she's so beautiful. What is it with these men who demand women gaga for them right away? How is that a healthy paradigm?
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