How did Apple DO this?? - MacBook Pro 2019

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Nate 17
Nate 17 - 8 hours ago
He looks cuddly:)
Thurminate - 15 hours ago
I like Anthony a lot!
AnnoyingBoss - Day ago
I like this guy 👍
Jonas Lyckegård
Jonas Lyckegård - Day ago
Normally I don't click videos on Apple products. But I always click videos on Anthony, so what should I do?
محمد العمري
give this man the channel
Mirco Mircoft
Mirco Mircoft - 2 days ago
Music while is showing score from blender?
Filipe Frade
Filipe Frade - 2 days ago
Anthony you are awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing more of you!
David Layne
David Layne - 2 days ago
this fat mf is ugly af
Talk ID
Talk ID - 2 days ago
I like how he talk. More patient in explaining things.
Motomoshi 24-7
Motomoshi 24-7 - 2 days ago
the advertisements are becoming smoother and smoother over the years.
Graham Miao
Graham Miao - 3 days ago
Dude you have really really nice voice.
Amanullah - 3 days ago
TimTalksTV - 3 days ago
Damn this was fantastic, great writing and presenting
J P - 3 days ago
Prefer listening to Anthony over Linus. Well done.
pleappleappleap - 3 days ago
Meh. I'll stick with my Thinkpad.
Paul Cotterill
Paul Cotterill - 3 days ago
Anthony rules!
Filip TM
Filip TM - 3 days ago
chris simmons
chris simmons - 4 days ago
t2 chip that spontaneously dies
AR极乐世界 - 4 days ago
3:00 5GHz Intel Boost clocks are not real
bapboi - Day ago
you're not real
Mikkel Isaksen
Mikkel Isaksen - 5 days ago
4.46 HAHA
Hugh Wong
Hugh Wong - 5 days ago
!ANTHONY TECH TIPS CORPORATION! Just an idea. Anthony, you do a great job at what you do.
Russ H
Russ H - 5 days ago
Aero 17 has ran over 4000 on Cinebench with the same processor, probably costs the same as the macbook pro, and it has better..... everything. Just saying... 4000 point Cinebench score:
Wraith1283 - 5 days ago
Good job Anthony! Looking forward to more reviews you do in the future.
Mr Corndog
Mr Corndog - 5 days ago
did he eat linuses mom?
Connor Cole
Connor Cole - 6 days ago
This video helped me make my mind up about whether to upgrade to the Macbook pro and I'm glad I did. Great video.
Aias Stocco
Aias Stocco - 7 days ago
The only problem I have with the MacBook Pro is that the apple logo doesn’t light up
Master Ed
Master Ed - 7 days ago
My computer only gets to 50°c, and its a medium end gaming pc(GTX 1060). Yet a MacBook is sooooo much worse it's bellow low end and it over heats somehow :0
Kamal Kristipati
Kamal Kristipati - 5 days ago
@D Shhhhhh you can't use logic to argue with the 9 iq "geniuses" that are Apple haters lmao.
D - 5 days ago
Is this some level of irony that's too advanced for my puny brain to understand, or are you seriously comparing the thermals and performance of a thin laptop to those of a tower?
Master Ed
Master Ed - 7 days ago
Is a MacBook, book proof? I know the answer to that...

Obviously no, it's made by a company who some how can't afford to buy good material even though they charge a lot of money
Kamal Kristipati
Kamal Kristipati - 5 days ago
Is this supposed to be ironic cause Apple's macbook literally has the best build quality out of any laptops out there...
ΔŇỮβIŞ Eveningstar
man with great honesty you should really host ATT (anthony tech tips) and removed that thing called linus!!
underwaterman - 8 days ago
it's kind of like south park in real life
Catch 11
Catch 11 - 8 days ago
KYLE Pettigrew
KYLE Pettigrew - 8 days ago
Love the snapshot lol awesome
Liquid Milkbone
Liquid Milkbone - 8 days ago
That is so fat I don't even want to look at it..
Moe Szyslak
Moe Szyslak - 8 days ago
Who uses Mozilla for dev tools hahahhaha
scott stevenson
scott stevenson - 9 days ago
Did I take too many shrooms. Or was there really a 🧀 cheese grader on the table WTF
gku2004 - 9 days ago
What 4k editing laptop would you recommend thats not a macbook
David Freeman
David Freeman - 9 days ago
Anthony rocks. And no I don’t have a man crush. He is just really cool.
Andrei M
Andrei M - 9 days ago
it s a Macbook :))) lols
David Carter
David Carter - 9 days ago
I’ve always wondered what happened to that fat kid from The Sandlot.
jcw !!
jcw !! - 10 days ago
I'm loving the Anthony tech tips lol
A. S.L
A. S.L - 10 days ago
in the end, does it run microsoft office as smooth as in windows? cos it lags alot in Mac.........
Enrique Contreras
Enrique Contreras - 11 days ago
Great Presentation Anthony!!...lose some weight though, wanna have you in many more videos.
Administrator - 11 days ago
Baruch Kofsky
Baruch Kofsky - 11 days ago
This guy looks precisely like a weather balloon
Hadi Alqallaf
Hadi Alqallaf - 12 days ago
Thumbs up for Anthony
gary reardon
gary reardon - 12 days ago
Anthony needs his own channel!
Hans Nyström Pastor
Hans Nyström Pastor - 12 days ago
i love anthonys voice
Tanvir Ali
Tanvir Ali - 13 days ago
Brennon Mitchell
Brennon Mitchell - 13 days ago
give me this man from now on. i want this man. he didnt take a mallet to the mac just because he doesnt like apple. however if any of the other group members were talking it would be "this mac is shit... blah blah blah"

doesnt bash apple just bc
actually knows what he's talking about
near perfect narration
mzkittyy - 13 days ago
If my 2019 Macbook pro is running games/blender at 192 degrees F.. is that normal?
Ki 10
Ki 10 - 14 days ago
lol the shredder on the table
NvrUseYur RealName
NvrUseYur RealName - 14 days ago
Andy Spencer
Andy Spencer - 14 days ago
I like this guy, nice review.
NikoVash Empire
NikoVash Empire - 14 days ago
More Anthony in videos plz kthnxbye
Edoardo Migliavacca
Edoardo Migliavacca - 15 days ago
Is just AMAZING the fact that I have to tap 2 times to skip the whole add part, I dunno if y'all are doing 30 seconds ish ads on purpose, but I like that
Andy Man
Andy Man - 15 days ago
Congrats Anthony on what I believe is your first solo video. This was an exceptional review. Very well written, great data points hit, and still some humorous bits slipped in. Very very well done. I look forward to more of your content.
Doug Larsen
Doug Larsen - 15 days ago
Fantastic in depth review Anthony!
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish - 15 days ago
if it dies you cant recover any data tho
Oliver Deckenhoff
Oliver Deckenhoff - 15 days ago
Louis Rossmann says noooooooo!!!!
Multihunter95bg - 16 days ago
Why, why do you people continue to buy this laptop? Why are you giving your money to a company that deliberately screws you? Louis Rossmann put it perfectly: Why are you buying a Mac ? What do you need on a Mac ? What can you do on a Mac, that you can't do anywhere else? Is it really that important, that you're willing to give up your ports, the soldered on SSD, RAM? Are willing to deal with a machine that thermal throttles, that you can't open and close, that you can't type on? Willing to deal with a machine that the manufacturer tells you to go F*#@ yourself, because there's humidity in your room and charges you in the thousands for repair or tells you better buy a new one ? Just why ?!
Stefano - 16 days ago
Pratiprabha Barma
Pratiprabha Barma - 16 days ago
Linus’s whole team eating! 💯
gentoolive - 16 days ago
You hired Honey Boo Boo's mom?
JulianFernandez - 16 days ago
dude is legit
Lazdinger - 16 days ago
Damn... Anthony’s got tech review game 👌
Juno - 16 days ago
He, smart.
OoieGooie - 18 days ago
Before you buy...
Fonzies - 18 days ago
so.. is it a good purchase overall?
Kaitlin Walsh
Kaitlin Walsh - 19 days ago
I have the same 2011 Macbook pro and it's still going strong!
Usman Asif
Usman Asif - 19 days ago
Anthony you are rockin man
Robert Evangelista
Robert Evangelista - 19 days ago
Anthony is a natural speaker..
RocketLR - 20 days ago
I've got a friend, her company literally buys Macbook pros for their employees. But the IT department first wipes them and installs Windows 10 on them....
RocketLR - 17 days ago
@SHREKonDVD how come?
SHREKonDVD - 17 days ago
RocketLR As apple user who loves and enjoy their products, I will never allow our IT department to buy Macbook Pro or iMacs
Jesse Struyvelt
Jesse Struyvelt - 20 days ago
That cheese grater though :D
Maxi Wu
Maxi Wu - 20 days ago
I see, I should get myself a 2011 Macbook pro
Jonathan Laliberte
Jonathan Laliberte - 20 days ago
Great job, love the episodes with Anthony in them. Feel like you learn a lot
iMacross-002 - 21 day ago
haha Thank you .. so this will be the one to substitute my recently dead 2011 MBP :D wow 8 years with a laptop lol
Insane Sounds
Insane Sounds - 21 day ago
I'm only watching for more anthony
Ramesh Sanghar
Ramesh Sanghar - 22 days ago
Now you made the video
Thomas Nielsen
Thomas Nielsen - 22 days ago
the eye doesn't lie
Kazi Dip
Kazi Dip - 22 days ago
Anthony is love Linus is sh*t :p
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