How did Apple DO this?? - MacBook Pro 2019

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Bjourne - 9 days ago
Heeey it's linux-guy! Wassup mah man??
Spencer Linkous
Spencer Linkous - Month ago
Well said, Macs are Lamborghinis, and running windows is commuting.
Tamás Kisely
Tamás Kisely - Month ago
I honestly dont't understand how can/could you use a 2011 MBP as a daily. Mine was from 2012 and it was the not cto maxed version with a pretty good processor and ssd ( and radeon something). As a mobile developer I have really bad thermal issues on the newer version of the OS, so in 2017 I finally sold it for a web developer. He loved that beautiful display.
Oh, and about the ports. Yes, the older ones have a lot of ports, but the new ones have better dock option. I only use ONE cable for charging, connecting to 2 external monitors and connecting to my mouse and keyboard (sapphire eGPU), so I can change from laptop to workstation with one move. Since then I don't really care about the missing ports.
Daryl Davis
Daryl Davis - Month ago
"This is my MacBook Pro... It's obsolete now... " Goes on to say it does everything he needs and isn't the hot mess the newer machines are.
Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster - Month ago
New subscriber checking out the back catalogs and I can't say enough how much I am enjoying Anthony's presentation style and how he presents information. I'd really love to see more of him!
Brian Clancy
Brian Clancy - 2 months ago
Do a story on charging you MacBook Pro on the wrong side...
John Fandialan
John Fandialan - 2 months ago
Why weren't you testing a 2019 15" MacBook Pro with a Vega 20?
Eric Chang
Eric Chang - 2 months ago
Anthony, thanks for the great review. I'm watching in reference to past machines at today's later date. Your writing is tight and speaking is very smooth! Hope to see lots more of you on LTT
rodknock garage
rodknock garage - 2 months ago
I'm a simple man I see Anthony I click. I wana see more Anthony
Claire Arendse
Claire Arendse - 2 months ago
What an excellent presentation. Thank you
Gaming With AJ
Gaming With AJ - 2 months ago
Anthony : I'm not the messiah
All of humanity: He is the messiah!!
Kevin Joe
Kevin Joe - 2 months ago
What I've learned from looking at reviews... Don't buy anything, go into the woods and sit there in hopes that next year is better, if not then go back into the woods
Ayush Agrawal
Ayush Agrawal - 3 months ago
Should I buy this or Macbook air 2020?
Stu - 3 months ago
What a legend!
BitZone UK
BitZone UK - 3 months ago
Anthony for successor if Linus ever fully retires.
Dylan _
Dylan _ - 3 months ago
Why does Anthony look like the guy from the simpsons that owns a comic book store
Jasper Tidigu
Jasper Tidigu - 3 months ago
How is everyone at LTT so good at reviewing things
Abdur-Rehman Siddiqui
Abdur-Rehman Siddiqui - 3 months ago
Man this guy have a soothing voice...reminds me of my kindergarten teacher teaching me about colours...
Andrew Cool
Andrew Cool - 3 months ago
I like that touch bar.
Amritansh Sharma
Amritansh Sharma - 3 months ago
That intro was sick
BundesRepublic Murica
BundesRepublic Murica - 4 months ago
cool video but you are way more MAC knowledgable and computer knowledgeable than I am. There was a time when I was the go to guy that everybody in my work and friend circle came to to ask what is good, what should I get? now I'm just an average user. Thanks for the cool video.
BundesRepublic Murica
BundesRepublic Murica - 4 months ago
I'm still loving my 2013 Mac Book Pro. I have bought two newer ones since and given them away.
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola - 4 months ago
Aye we have the same Mac
Charles Duzzie
Charles Duzzie - 4 months ago
The Fixd sensor is F'd....
Dũng - 4 months ago
Mac Users: Welcome to dongle city =)
Michael_Ebel - 4 months ago
such a pig
Sohaib Mahagri
Sohaib Mahagri - 4 months ago
Anthony are you Chinese? If not get your eyes fixed.
Matt Wils
Matt Wils - Month ago
why is a terrorist being racist?
Jason W
Jason W - 4 months ago
Well done. Thank you for the honesty. I may be converting top Mac from PC's
B-MAN - 4 months ago
Beo TinhKhiet
Beo TinhKhiet - 4 months ago
Green Toastr
Green Toastr - 4 months ago
how is a commercial for an apple laptop going to have 2 more commercials?
Alex Rydin
Alex Rydin - 4 months ago
Yo dog, I heard you like boost clocks, so we put some boost clocks on your boost clocks..
PiGuy 314
PiGuy 314 - 4 months ago
if only there was an option for the keyboard...
Seth Campbell
Seth Campbell - 4 months ago
Anthony should do more videos
KK Kapur
KK Kapur - 4 months ago
also the macbook pro 15 dorst use ddr4 2666 mhz ram it is 2400mhz becuase of thermals and better battery life
KK Kapur
KK Kapur - 4 months ago
i agree with you but if apple lists the true speeds their cpus can reach, then they will lose money because less people will buy it
KK Kapur
KK Kapur - 4 months ago
if you want to keep your mac from throttling however, keep an ice pack underneath it and put a couple layers of aluminum foil underneath or a thin paper so it can make contact with the bottom of the laptop if you don't want to spend money on a cooling pad
KK Kapur
KK Kapur - 4 months ago
the donglebook pro should actually be called the flexbook pro because 90% of people who buy macbooks are wannabes who want to flex they have a macbook saying that mac os is easier than windows 10 yet they don't know how to use all of its functions and they don't know the internal specs of their macs
Darky - 5 months ago
I just add an ad with Linus...
Jose H Velez
Jose H Velez - 5 months ago
What macbook pro are we talking about?
Olando Anônimo
Olando Anônimo - 5 months ago
That dude has such a great voice.
Kaarel Kõivomägi
Kaarel Kõivomägi - 5 months ago
Yeah, maybe Apple would have responded to your e-mail if you had not made the biggest typo there is to make, stateing that you are asking about the 15" Macbook Pro...
Aditya Bhardwaj
Aditya Bhardwaj - 5 months ago
The guy in the thumbnail looks like if diabetes had a face
GhostjjG - 6 months ago
who is here for Anthony not the actual video
cool dead
cool dead - 6 months ago
Hmm so 2019 MacBook Pro or asus zenbook pro duo
Hunter Gamerz
Hunter Gamerz - 6 months ago
I come here for that thumbnail
Krill Siluroid
Krill Siluroid - 6 months ago
I don't mean to throw shade on Linus with last appreciative comment about Anthony. I think it's good to have multiple presenters with different personalities and narration voices. I think Anthony will be good with delivering the more technical deep dives on concepts. But you need to remember to break it down purple dinosaur barney style for me because I'm just an end user.
Krill Siluroid
Krill Siluroid - 6 months ago
Really enjoyed this new guys presentation and command of the technical facts so much I subscribed. It sorted me on the processor thermal questions or should I say reservations. I also placed my order for the 2019 Macbook Pro 16! An early Xmas gift for myself.
Ninja 1122
Ninja 1122 - 7 months ago
Windows is way better
Ninja 1122
Ninja 1122 - 7 months ago
We all know that apple sucks because ugly
K1TT3NM1TT3N5 - 7 months ago
I love the Anthony vid this is awesome
Cameron Cluelow
Cameron Cluelow - 7 months ago
3:07 the irony here is that you used windows error sounds on an apple product review.
you guys are savage.
SAMFICOM - 7 months ago
I have 2017 and 2012 model. 2012 is better designed and more convenient to use. I believe Apple forgot what PRO means....
flyhighone - 7 months ago
6-min in, I realize that this is the 2019 15” MBP, not the new 16” 🤦‍♂️
TheLucifer69 - 7 months ago
love for Anthony
Orson C. Badger
Orson C. Badger - 7 months ago
ANTHONY!!!!!!! GREAT VID!!!!!!!!!
The President of The Internet
DONT DO IT!!!!! I used to love Apple and I have had half a dozen new Macbook Pros I have had nothing BUT buyer's remorse on everything since the 2013 model - I'm about to give up on them completely and buy the MSI WS75
Marc-André Couillard
Marc-André Couillard - 7 months ago
Screamer alert at 1:03.
Tjay123 Shm
Tjay123 Shm - 7 months ago
I like this guy
sidcup_bus_spotter - 7 months ago
Why has he already not changed his 2011 MBP? He must be aware of all of the NVIDIA GPU issues on those models and the fact that it’s not natively supported anymore.
Hikari Frozen
Hikari Frozen - 7 months ago
Anthony will get the MBP 16 . He's gonna do a review soon.
Anthony - 7 months ago
Anthony should a review of the new Macbook pro 16".
Zsurvivalist - 7 months ago
Maybe they won't break this time
McBain WoW
McBain WoW - 7 months ago
Pay more get less should be apples slogan 😂
Show me a Mac book with a better processor ram and screen that’s new and cheaper than a windows laptop and I will agree with you....
Cam Dieu
Cam Dieu - 7 months ago
Not anymore with the new 16 inch. Pay equally and get more 🤗
Rohith Madhav
Rohith Madhav - 7 months ago
Please do a thermal test for 16 inch MacBook pro
Autumner - 7 months ago
This channel has the smoothest transitions to the sponsor part I have ever seen.
mustard roshi
mustard roshi - 7 months ago
Damn that's one obese boy
Kostas Kolias
Kostas Kolias - 7 months ago
This dude is cool
Avery R
Avery R - 7 months ago
Can I get an Anthony at Walmart?
Agustín Ballesteros
Agustín Ballesteros - 7 months ago
I see Anthony on the thumbnail
I click
Thomas Barrett
Thomas Barrett - 7 months ago
Omg that nope 😂
Akilleus - 7 months ago
Too many retards in this comment section.
A.Ffirmative - 7 months ago
John Michael Gadier
John Michael Gadier - 7 months ago
DongleBook Pro. Lolz
Bruce Cooper
Bruce Cooper - 7 months ago
Anthony, I also have a late 2011 MacBook Pro 17" that is processed with ghosts of Jobs and keeps crashing since I upgraded to Sierra 🤦🏼‍♂️🤯
Any tips? 🙏🏻
Tay Gumi
Tay Gumi - 7 months ago
I can't wait for the new 16 or 17 inch MBPr I want a successor for my macbookpro 2011 17 and 2013 15. :DD
Bryan Teng Bowen
Bryan Teng Bowen - 7 months ago
I thought this was a verge video at first
RedblueRenegade - 8 months ago
They should call this Antony Tech Tips, no offense Linus
BoxerFadlan - 8 months ago
I really want to know your Mac specs from 2011 that hold up better than anything made since.
mr. dotchetter
mr. dotchetter - 8 months ago
Great stuff Anthony
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