Night Time in Super Mario Maker 2's Castles! (All 4 Styles!)

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pb ɥdʞɔoɹpǝq
pb ɥdʞɔoɹpǝq - 2 months ago
Oh the Nighttheme Castle.
Finally someone used it

Don't see it everyday
Lere Rodriguez
Lere Rodriguez - 3 months ago
when i saw this first time, it was so epic
Caolan Leonard
Caolan Leonard - 4 months ago
Very creative video
Snes fanatic
Snes fanatic - 4 months ago
Bye bye gravity
Crazy Reactions
Crazy Reactions - 4 months ago
How are u swimming?
Erik The Cleric
Erik The Cleric - 4 months ago
Anyone have any idea what Mario's ability to swim in castles at night is supposed to be referencing? If anything?
Sonic Comedy
Sonic Comedy - 4 months ago
Wow, never thought Nintendo would reference the flooded castle level in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown - 4 months ago
It’s a weird idea to have underwater castles.
Hassan Hamouda
Hassan Hamouda - 4 months ago
Big mushroom!
Eeveecudroid - 4 months ago
I recently bought this game, and i decided to make a sun level
Green Boi
Green Boi - 4 months ago
There’s 5
Louise Henry
Louise Henry - 4 months ago
We're is 3d world
XibussFan2008 - 4 months ago
Airship Please Please I bet it’s gonna be raining at night
Lord of Noob Tube
Lord of Noob Tube - 4 months ago
iNsaNeN3rd the Inkling
iNsaNeN3rd the Inkling - 4 months ago
0:43 that must've been painful.
AK Vids
AK Vids - 4 months ago
Honestly, I don't like how they're just the same song played with a music box. I also don't like how Super Mario Bros. and 3 don't sound 8-bit.
clyde254 - 4 months ago
Veronis Nucleus
Veronis Nucleus - 4 months ago
4? Pfft.
Militchick - 4 months ago
wait... four modes... then, no night mode on 3D World?
Zeevea - 4 months ago
Sadly, there is no night theme for 3D world.
aidansplat - 4 months ago
Is there anyway to disable the music box music at night?
Koopa Troops
Koopa Troops - 4 months ago
Jontron: I have several questions
Generic Alias
Generic Alias - 4 months ago
Carter K
Carter K - 4 months ago
I wish there was night time in 3d world
The Weebish Weeb
The Weebish Weeb - 4 months ago
I'm gonna say this, because nobody has yet.
0:23 *I love the sideways Thwomp sprite for Mario Bros 3*
Hjimpie_splatoon - 4 months ago
3 days left!!!!
Mason B Cartoons
Mason B Cartoons - 4 months ago
0:42 Blocks can now go upside down!!??? Cool feature!! 😀
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun - 4 months ago
The hype is real!
K D - 4 months ago
I wish you could change the music from that shitty sounding music box. It doesn't fit the theme at all, and the other music available is really only fit for overworld levels and boss fights.
AK Vids
AK Vids - 4 months ago
I agree.
Fede Was
Fede Was - 4 months ago
New súper Mario bros u castle with super Mario Galaxy song 😍
SummerDawn1385 - 4 months ago
2 OK
3 FU......I MEAN GREAT...
TwO67 YT
TwO67 YT - 4 months ago
Where was 3d world
RedYosh - 4 months ago
I hope an in an update there will be an option to night theme castle without swimming.
Tony R.
Tony R. - 4 months ago
The whole Freaking world: Create all styles levels!!!

Me: Only creating Super Mario World levels! :3

Super Mario World is da way!
Gavin toons
Gavin toons - 4 months ago
0:08 smb1 goombrats
Under - Gamer!
Under - Gamer! - 4 months ago
Kinda disappointed at what they did with it.
MisterZygarde64 - 4 months ago
The music box really kills the atmosphere
Zombiux 18
Zombiux 18 - 4 months ago
Only 4 styles?
aterr - 4 months ago
It’s cool but I really don’t like the music
EdUaRdO3108 - 4 months ago
You are the BEST , soy el único que también habla spanish xd
Tetlus - 4 months ago
The new soup castle night theme is kinda scary
Daniel Alfa
Daniel Alfa - 4 months ago
Castle's theme at night would be like
SMB: Horror movie's scene
SMB3: Thriller
SMW: Cursed palace
NSMBU: A dangerous dungeon
SM3DW: *N O*
DatHott Gamer
DatHott Gamer - 4 months ago
How is the night theme for the airship theme going to look and act I wonder?
Mattie Mario
Mattie Mario - 4 months ago
A thunder storm will happen
Toby A
Toby A - 4 months ago
You did not do 3D wold
GlitchyYoshi 546
GlitchyYoshi 546 - 4 months ago
What about 3dworld?
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy - 4 months ago
That's weird... They should of added fireballs instead for the night theme. Like when you're close to bowser instead of actually puting bowser itself
Toe Bro
Toe Bro - 4 months ago
What about airship?
Everett Zook
Everett Zook - 4 months ago
0:41 how did Bowser fall if he had wings???
lildoggy 76
lildoggy 76 - 4 months ago
Wait at 0:15 when mario got big from that mushroom was that amibo?
Cuz big mario was amibo
lildoggy 76
lildoggy 76 - 4 months ago
@Mattie Mario Thanks are you a newcomer to mario maker 2?Cause im not just curious
Mattie Mario
Mattie Mario - 4 months ago
It's not an amibo but I know what you were thinking
Trutchy 84
Trutchy 84 - 4 months ago
Bowser can fly, but Mario can too? What is this?!
Trutchy 84
Trutchy 84 - 4 months ago
Did it come out?
Meme Boi
Meme Boi - 4 months ago
Do the airship night theme next
I Scream For Ice Cream
I Scream For Ice Cream - 4 months ago
That's impossible! How can Mario say "Mario no. 1" underwater???
I Scream For Ice Cream
I Scream For Ice Cream - 4 months ago
Still impossible, how a plumber can shoot fireballs with his hands?
Toe Bro
Toe Bro - 4 months ago
Mario isn't underwater. He just gains the power to swim on land
عبدالرحمن الحربي
Flipping hell stop teasing us
Detre Flame
Detre Flame - 4 months ago
Wait there no 3D world night stages?
Spooky Boi
Spooky Boi - 4 months ago
Ender Infinity064
Ender Infinity064 - 4 months ago
Next can you do airship theme at night
Super Steve
Super Steve - 4 months ago
Who else thinks it’s dumb that the castle HAS NO BACK WALL
Haydo Mo106
Haydo Mo106 - 4 months ago
So the castle just turns into a water stage? Ok then
Lachlan Travers
Lachlan Travers - 4 months ago
Why did they do this to the castles... ? It makes no sense and has nothing to do with the theme. I genuinely dont like it
Blue Oshawott
Blue Oshawott - 4 months ago
In Super Mario Bros 1 in the last castle there was a section of water. And it's cool to swim away from the lava
Blaize G
Blaize G - 5 months ago
Does the mega mushroom come with the game
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