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TheRamblin’ Mahoney
TheRamblin’ Mahoney - Minute ago
Anyone willing to take bets on this actually being Deadpool 3?
Evigmae VonBenerot
Evigmae VonBenerot - Minute ago
Wreck it Ralph + Ready Player One + The Lego Movie = Free Guy
thor - 2 minutes ago
is it in hindi also ?????????
Митозавр - 2 minutes ago
Бесплатный Гей хд
Harris O.M.O
Harris O.M.O - 2 minutes ago
Lets talk about how ryan reynolds is brilliant for advertisement. Just so happened to post a video that made it on trending a day before a movie he stars in posts an ad.
Eldar Hasanbegovic
Eldar Hasanbegovic - 2 minutes ago
This movie great
emilie baartman
emilie baartman - 3 minutes ago
I see Taika, I go.
uniquegenius - 4 minutes ago
So basically this is GTA but if the people actually decided to fight back.
I don’t have A good name
I don’t have A good name - 4 minutes ago
So...basically... it’s Deadpool in a Lego GTA Movie???

Take my entire cash I’m soo watching this
It's Carnage
It's Carnage - 4 minutes ago
So this is deadpool playing ready player one and I like it hopefully it makes alote of money and we get a second part
Rae Gabriel
Rae Gabriel - 5 minutes ago
Jodie freakingggg Comer!!!!!!!
Chun Ping Ooi
Chun Ping Ooi - 5 minutes ago
Mariah Carey RULES that's all i took away from this trailer
Jacob S
Jacob S - 6 minutes ago
pasha endo
pasha endo - 7 minutes ago
Epic movie
Milia Xo
Milia Xo - 7 minutes ago
Joe kerney before the bad hair cut @ 2:16
I miss that 😭
the dragon queen
the dragon queen - 7 minutes ago
It’s Lit
It’s Lit - 8 minutes ago
It’s like the LEGO movie
伍Joe - 8 minutes ago
Sounds like the plot of an actual manga/anime.
Mehrin VF
Mehrin VF - 8 minutes ago
Did I just see Steve Harrington? I-

Anyways I love Joe Keery a lot😂❤
I.T Production
I.T Production - 9 minutes ago
So Ninja is not in the trailer...hmm
LooseLeaf - 10 minutes ago
*Deadpool 3*
Derp SSundee
Derp SSundee - 11 minutes ago
Is this Deadpool 3??
Mateo Aray
Mateo Aray - 11 minutes ago
So it's a movie about an NPC becoming self aware
Miles Law
Miles Law - 11 minutes ago
Ryan Reynolds, Taika and Steve?
Alright I'm In.
Hackers Life
Hackers Life - 11 minutes ago
Anshuman Singh
Anshuman Singh - 11 minutes ago
Villanelle and Deadpool paired !!! It's going to be awesome!
Genesis Rodriguez
Genesis Rodriguez - 11 minutes ago
Cómo se llama la película
taeholland - 11 minutes ago
So an npc becomes a player? Cool.
Videogamebunkey -
Videogamebunkey - - 11 minutes ago

Qwerty D
Qwerty D - 12 minutes ago
Fantasy just makes this trailer a million times better 😍
Mike Lazzaro
Mike Lazzaro - 13 minutes ago
So we gonna ignore the fact that Steve Harrington from stranger things is in this movie.
Lightningluke - 13 minutes ago
Live action gta
IsaacNormanProductions - 13 minutes ago
How on Earth is this #1 on trending???
Michael Cubed
Michael Cubed - 13 minutes ago
So it’s the Truman Show but violent and starring Ryan Reynolds?

I’m in.
gamercat56 - 15 minutes ago
Where is lazarbeam
TomCook1993 - 15 minutes ago
Was this whole movie filed at universal studios? Lol
Zhasetube - 15 minutes ago
Why does this feel like cyberpunk 2077 a little bit
Poolboy Wade
Poolboy Wade - 16 minutes ago
GTA Online the movie
odinmage - 16 minutes ago
Looks like the NPC character's artificial intelligence has become sentient and is logically about to invade the real world. But maybe like digital currency they realize they are infinite and must compete for limited/finite bodies or hosts and resources.
A technological Pandora's Box or something.
gamecreepers - 16 minutes ago
This is every non gamer who finds out about the world of video games.
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