Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer #2

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Doctor Who
Doctor Who - Month ago
Don’t forget to… watch to the end! 💙💙
spike fire
spike fire - 17 hours ago
i loved it
HallsdePapel - Day ago
Subscribe, to the official Doctor Who youtube channel
Sparks - 6 days ago
The new doctor is a perfect mix between the two best doctors Matt smith and David Tennant, she’s got that alien charm two her from smith but she also has that war born rage of Tennant. Fantastically brilliant. Geronimo
bruce wayne
bruce wayne - 8 days ago
is that the best it could do!! 8.2 million.
Thallys 07
Thallys 07 - 4 hours ago
Very Dung
Leø - 10 hours ago
Who is this music???
Nomad Lord
Nomad Lord - 13 hours ago
I want Harkness to pop back up
Tyler Pearson
Tyler Pearson - 16 hours ago
I HOPE this sjw feminist vibe I getting from the trailer doesn't ruin and destroy the show.
TARDIS MAN 111111111
TARDIS MAN 111111111 - 6 hours ago
It does not do that.
Aaron Parkinson
Aaron Parkinson - Day ago
Pathetic series now.
TARDIS MAN 111111111
TARDIS MAN 111111111 - 6 hours ago
Oh Shut It, Moffat.
Eden Haws
Eden Haws - Day ago
Harold Steptoe
Harold Steptoe - Day ago
I'm amazed people are happy with this series so far. It's less science fiction and more a politically motivated Drama.
TARDIS MAN 111111111
TARDIS MAN 111111111 - 6 hours ago
Oh Shut It, Moffat.
ben quintanilla
ben quintanilla - Day ago
looks like the social justice warriors got a hold of the doctor and made him into a short hair homely lesbian
TARDIS MAN 111111111
TARDIS MAN 111111111 - 6 hours ago
Oh Shut It, Moffat.
MTT Brand Cookie Cats
At first their choice to have Jodie Whitaker play the Doctor looked kinda like propaganda or pandering to a certain group. But honestly after seeing the first two episodes i think she's gonna be great. Maybe not as great as my personal favorite (Matt Smith) but i like her. Setting aside the gender swap the writing feels different and as much as i liked Moffat for the first few seasons he did he clearly ran out of steam. Im glad the show seems to be changing. As far as Timelords not being able to Gender swap goes, well hasn't things been added to canon before? So even though i was reluctant at first about this Doctor im now looking forward to see more of her. I hope people calm down after a while and not be so negative towards her.
And am i the only who doesn't hate the song choice?
Ted gaming
Ted gaming - 2 days ago
You know what companion doesnt get a lot of recognition, the one in season 10
Liam Cahill
Liam Cahill - Day ago
Ted gaming why would she? She hardly did anything
Dampfnase - 2 days ago
R.I.P Doctor Who :(
BlUeSpIdeRmAn00 - 2 days ago
Am I the only one that finds her just plain annoying
Can’t wait for the next regeneration
Hecate 33
Hecate 33 - 3 days ago
Ok guys stop judging before watching, I made that mistake but it ended up being really good, though it was a mistake changing writers the new episodes were better than expected
minecraft Master
minecraft Master - 3 days ago
wait is that, OH GOD NO

bruce wayne
bruce wayne - 4 days ago
and dont forget to tune in to episode 3 with a nailbiting edge of your seat story about---- wait for it------ an argument on a bus!!!!!!!
eu - 4 days ago
E sério?
Nenhum br fan de doctor who ai?
Nick - 4 days ago
Bradley Walsh has escaped from the chase lmao
Varahilo - 4 days ago
What did you do?! Doctor rides in a car? First two episodes dont feel like Doctor Who. Atmoshpere is dark, no humor... new Doctor doesnt have that charisma and she lacks energy for this role.... What happened to Doctor Who theme song, new one doesnt feel right? This feels so Amrican in my opinion. I hope it gets better.
Not Gay Bear
Not Gay Bear - 4 days ago
I bet she makes an amazing sandwich.
Meliodas - 5 days ago
prefiro o doutor da 8 temporada
M. A. Technologies
M. A. Technologies - 5 days ago
Why the iconic Sonic screwdriver looks like a f@c!#& Di!$0? And why it looks like a LED in a plastic case that make it a 10 years old?
ShaMana999 - 5 days ago
i watched two eps and concidering this has shots from them it just reinforces my opinion. WORST TRAILER EVER. Show is not top notch but the trailer would have stopped me watch it for sure
jess - 5 days ago
It doesn't even feel like Doctor Who anymore omg
TheMaskedEmolga 587
TheMaskedEmolga 587 - 5 days ago
Time is an illusion that helps things make sense
So we are always living in the present tense
It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends
But you and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
Ross Collingwood
Ross Collingwood - 5 days ago
Well, I finally got to see the first episode of the new series and I have to admit that it wasn't all bad. Yeah, sure, the first 61 minutes and 28 seconds sucked enormously but there was a dramatic improvement after that!
HappyandAtheist - 5 days ago
more SJW man hating crap
The Burger King
The Burger King - 6 days ago
There must be episodes in the series that the trailers haven’t shown a single bit of because like 85% of this is the first three episodes
Adam Littleproud
Adam Littleproud - 6 days ago
I’m watching this back now and realising most of the content is just from Ep 1,2,3 and 4 lmao
Adam Littleproud
Adam Littleproud - 5 days ago
The Burger King that Arachnids in the UK episode
The Burger King
The Burger King - 6 days ago
Adam Littleproud what’s episode 4?
prdprdprdprdprdel - 6 days ago
Just came here after watching e1 to say how much i wanted to like it, and how much i want to kill myself after watching it.. You can sum up the entire experience by that one frame when he's "vlogging" and the entire recommended videos bar is a sexist extravaganza.. Seriously.. The guys in that episode do nothing but complain, except for the villan who is like a posterboy for toxic masculinity.. The interactions are men making bad decisions, and women correcting them, men getting into trouble and women rescuing them, etc.. You can have your female doctor, i like Jodie and think she could be a good doctor.. But please.. PLEASE, could you all collectively board the tardis and go back in time to the days when engaging storytelling was more important than manbashing?
Mournes Wanderer
Mournes Wanderer - 6 days ago
I loved it. As good an episode as I have ever had the privilege of watching. Fabulous episode. I always have a problem with the TV presenter butting in (to mention the next programme) during the brilliant theme music during the end credits. Anybody else feel the same way?
Sola Stars
Sola Stars - 6 days ago
It's about time- is that a pun?? becuase the show is ABOUT TIME BBC NOOOO XD
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - 5 days ago
Bless, no. Back in 1996 the tagline 'It's About Time' was used for the DW TV Movie, having a double meaning of 'it's about time [travel]' and also having being absent from our TV screens for *8 years*, it was announcing it was also 'he's back and it's about time'. They've lazily reused it again because I guess the marketing for this new series couldn't find another tagline that would fit with their 'it's about time [the Doctor was a woman]'.
Sola Stars
Sola Stars - 5 days ago
???? a declaration of what? time?
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - 5 days ago
Back in 1996 it was a pun. Not now it isn't. Now it's a declaration.
ElleJuzou Cheese
ElleJuzou Cheese - 6 days ago
22 little scenes we've seen so far. Not counting 1 or 2 scenes from next episodes trailer.
nah 22
nah 22 - 6 days ago
Ghost monument
BlackForestKaiser - 6 days ago
Doctor who ended in 2013 in my head.
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - 5 days ago
Just being realistic.
Pennywise - 5 days ago
LOL A show which was scoring 3m and under a year ago has more than doubled it's overnight ratings. Like I said - in real life, it's stronger than it's been in years. Got over 10m consolidated. Show's how little YOUR opinions count lol.
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - 5 days ago
58.4 million people didn't watch it, however.
Sparks - 6 days ago
This song perfectly captures the feel of the new doctor
toast99bubbles - 6 days ago
I hadn't noticed that giant spider at 0:49 until today. I only noticed it because the episode title and synopsis for episode 4 was revealed and it mentioned spiders.
Katherine Barnhouse
Katherine Barnhouse - 7 days ago
It really just seems like she pretending to be the doctor
Susan Montgomery
Susan Montgomery - 7 days ago
Just repeat to yourself: "It's just a show, I should really just relax".
Papageno - 7 days ago
Stop worrying so much about the Doctor: he/she is always ok. Improve the bad guys! Improve the stories! They are, sometimes, too much "B series".
René - 7 days ago
honestly i was a little concerned about the new dw being really pandering towards representation but after watching the first ep honestly it's not really a big deal?? there's none of that "oH iT'S the dOCTor but a WomAN" attitude that we're kinda getting in the promotions (the tagline "it's about time" makes me wanna die tbh). im legitimately excited for the next episode.
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis - 7 days ago
That music really makes me miss Murray Gold
HotDisco Cat
HotDisco Cat - 7 days ago
I will not stop watching dw..
But what the hell is this.
Is 14.gonna be gay?
I dont minde...but i think first 12 doctors were the best.
And eleven was the best to me..
Kobe Angeles
Kobe Angeles - 7 days ago
All these people in the comments complaining haven’t even seen the first episode so they can’t judge
ted grodzki
ted grodzki - 7 days ago
RIP Doctor Who
Keryl Ousey
Keryl Ousey - 8 days ago
This looks like a proper movie jeez
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - 5 days ago
Straight to DVD one.
hande sarman
hande sarman - 8 days ago
she is stuning as doctor who. stop complaining kiddos! Please!
Herohammer Studios
Herohammer Studios - 8 days ago
After seeing the first episode, I feel the entire marketing team should be fired
Aurora Anime
Aurora Anime - 8 days ago
My dad's friend went to school with the new doctor
Taranoxial TV
Taranoxial TV - 8 days ago
Cm Cm
Cm Cm - 8 days ago
All hope is lost. Goodbye.
Mermaid Tears
Mermaid Tears - 8 days ago
I watched the first episode and it was amazing she does work as the doctor and a lot of people were ridiculing her before actually watching it
Cao Hân Hân
Cao Hân Hân - 8 days ago
Not Tardis ??
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands - 8 days ago
A Communist Darlik; Sexist Racist homophobic ...Exterminate!!!!
Cami T
Cami T - 8 days ago
Why is everyone bashing this??? Sure the music is a poor choice, I would have liked some classic theme music, but I think the new season is looking up! Yes, the doctor is a woman now! Yes, the show has some diversity! Stop flipping out over it! It’s not like it’s been taken over by SJWs! The only reason Jodie was cast is because she’s a good actor and a good fit for the doctor! We should be happy! The Moffit era is over! This is a new doctor, guys! It’s going to be different, so get over yourselves and embrace change! Don’t boycot it because of a poor trailer soundtrack and your own prejudice against anything that stars a strong female lead!
Raijin - 8 days ago
Honestly if you want a female Doctor just make it happen and don't act any different. Missy was a great character and they rolled with it so well. They didn't do what the BBC marketing is doing and making a big splash about it. Going by the trailer, this is so far fetch from the concept of Doctor Who that had I not watched the first episode I would say that they had ruined it. On that note the new seasons premier feels more like an indie spin off show rather than Doctor Who. Not having the Moffanator's influence is in a word alien. Only time will tell if this series will be as good as the previous ones.
Md.Yassir Bensaudi
Md.Yassir Bensaudi - 8 days ago
crazy doctor who
anukul mallik
anukul mallik - 8 days ago
mishael ochoa
mishael ochoa - 8 days ago
“Everything has its time and everything dies”
Its about time, good bye dear doctor.
I really love Doctor Who!!!!!
Cheryl B
Cheryl B - 9 days ago
Whovian since 1978 I don't care whether the Doctor is a woman; only that the Doctor wasn't a ginger!!!! :(
B Kim
B Kim - 9 days ago
So when is Riversong gonna be in this season? Lol
B Kim
B Kim - 9 days ago
Hmm I thought the episode was better that I expected. A lot more spectacular than previous ones.
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - 9 days ago
I thought it was better than The Twin Dilemma.
The Harvinator
The Harvinator - 9 days ago
0:51 dream crab?
Ciaran Timothy
Ciaran Timothy - 9 days ago
I got a star wars vibe at the start of the music.
Tamara Awiszus
Tamara Awiszus - 9 days ago
Bin mal gespannt wie das wird
PatrolOfficer161 - 10 days ago
Bradley Walsh gives up Law & Order UK for this tripe. "It's about time" alright! Time for this trailer to be the only piece of this garbage I ever watch! Adios!
Topp Cat
Topp Cat - 10 days ago
Whats all the fuss about this Harry Potter meets Startrek ?
Trippy - 10 days ago
She strikes me like a female version of Peter Davison's Doctor - a team player, complete with multiple companions.
Clarence A. P.
Clarence A. P. - 10 days ago
The cinematic view is better but why do they have to remove the title sequence
Didgeridoomen - 9 days ago
The title sequence will be back next episode.
Itsme 1673
Itsme 1673 - 10 days ago
I am totally pumped for this!
Time Patroller Moreno 7
Time Patroller Moreno 7 - 10 days ago
The trailer was lit, but the music was a little off, at the end, it does not matter, i already watched the first episode and it was georgeus!
Al-Ar - 10 days ago
Most amusing.
TheDryPotat1014 - 10 days ago
𝗗𝗼𝗻'𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝘁𝗼 𝘀𝘂𝗯𝘀𝗰𝗿𝗶𝗯𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝗗𝗼𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿 𝗪𝗵𝗼 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗯𝗲 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗹

I was so happy to see that at the end of the video...

Still it won't be the same with Capaldi...But it works
Emma Lola
Emma Lola - 10 days ago
Watched the first episode, so far so good.
Rose Gilliland
Rose Gilliland - 10 days ago
“It’s about time” About time I kicked my dog.
HopeK - 10 days ago
Aw so cute that this actress and David Tennant were in Broadchurch together!
Derek Harris
Derek Harris - 10 days ago
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RoboGamer103 - 11 days ago
I never subscribed the channel but now I did I seen alot of Doctor Who Episodes.
porks - 11 days ago
Nothing new here. Just extra screen time for the other type of main character.
Good job on the extra paycheck...
Which means extra running.
Maybe should rely on face mocap already to not move a single buttcheeks.
Gamesrob - 11 days ago
Great new Doctor, next episode looks sooo good, Sunday can’t come quick enough 😀👍😀
DudeWhaat - 11 days ago
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Ana Fonken
Ana Fonken - 11 days ago
Oh my god I’m like dying to see the whole season!!!!!! I saw the end of the first episode and it’s killing my with that last hanger!
N0_0ne 1
N0_0ne 1 - 11 days ago
David S
David S - 11 days ago
I hope the time lords have kept everything in a bottle for the real DR WHO, she should be at home with the children waiting for her husband to come home from work with tea on the ready, Dr Who is all very black now.
Gabriel  Johnson
Gabriel Johnson - 11 days ago
0:58 The show IS about time..... How did you know? Are you Psychic????!?!?!
cem berk
cem berk - 11 days ago
I am missing David tennant and matt smith if this actors come back I start the series again.
AICabal - 11 days ago
Chopperwocky - 11 days ago
Maroš mrva
Maroš mrva - 11 days ago
It´s a decent sci-fi show, but not a Doctor Who anymore. They sould have sticked with the formula. Epic music, Inspirational speeches, and original story and villans...
Raisa Flörsberg
Raisa Flörsberg - 11 days ago
It's about time for the series to end. The real Doctor died long ago.
Glorious Bastard
Glorious Bastard - 10 days ago
Protocal - 11 days ago
The first episode was great!!! Even though everyone said it was gonna be terrible
Nautilus1972 - 11 days ago
Is it Bubble from Ab Fab? Nope, it's the Doctor ... apparently. Except it's #NotmyDoctor.
Crimson Prose
Crimson Prose - 11 days ago
Thank goodness Jodie did the character more justice than this trailer. Seriously, someone in your marketing department needs slapped.
Roger Melly
Roger Melly - 11 days ago
A very weak opening episode story wise , it came across more like CBBC show ( children's BBC ) and the plot was very derivative of the Predator films . Regeneration episodes are not always the best ones to determine what the new Doctor will be like but what I have seen of Jodie so far I have not liked , I know a lot of people are saying it is influenced by David Tennant but to me it seemed like a bad impersonation of David Tennant and I found it a bit irritating . I think I will probably give it one or two more episodes but unless it improves I will drop the show . Plenty of other good scifi genre shows these days after all .
Emilie Stirling
Emilie Stirling - 11 days ago
Time to start watching Dr Who for the first time.
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - 9 days ago
Because the lead was a man?
Glorious Bastard
Glorious Bastard - 10 days ago
+Emilie Stirling I wonder why. This isn't DW btw.
Emilie Stirling
Emilie Stirling - 11 days ago
+Adam Darren i guess I just never felt drawn to watch it before.
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - 11 days ago
What kept you away for so long? You've missed a great ride.
Star WarsLive
Star WarsLive - 11 days ago
GTR MAN - 11 days ago
They are having a laugh.A "eey by gum", female northerner. 😂 😂
GTR MAN - 11 days ago
They are having a laugh.A woman and a "eey by gum", northerner. 😂 😂
Scine Bamm
Scine Bamm - 11 days ago
I can't believe they didn't advertise their greatest character: Salad Man

Rip Salad Man 2018-2018: "eat my salad!"
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