Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer #2

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Doctor Who
Doctor Who - 2 months ago
Don’t forget to… watch to the end! 💙💙
BCFC 29 - 9 days ago
We did and thats why we are no longer watching!!
Keth - 10 days ago
With respect, you comment sounds too good to be true. Not a wrinkle in it, Sounds like a Paid Review one might see on the Promo Poster. +Margie B
Margie B
Margie B - 11 days ago
Jodi is amazing as the Doctor. The companions are sympathetic too but Jodi is just knocking it out of the park. I hope we get the next season soon!
Margie B
Margie B - 11 days ago
+charlie brownau She's a really excellent Doctor. You should give her a chance. People are people. Humans are human. The Internet makes you feel like there is a war but there isn't. You are missing out on something fun, exciting and hopeful. The Doctor would want you to have fun and choose love.
Keth - 18 days ago
No. BBC Propaganda - SJW/PC ETC Ad nausium infinatum You make her a woman, then give her a phallic screw-driver wand-thing? Series is Dead. _UNDER HIS EYE_
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 14 hours ago
Hahaha get woke go broke
Jackson C. Root
Jackson C. Root - Day ago
You already know the season’s going to bad when you hear this music...
Jack Creagh-Flynn
Jack Creagh-Flynn - Day ago
It looks like 13 is taking 12's last words to heart. That makes me happy.
W. R.
W. R. - 3 days ago
Another cool franchise ruined....sad....
Jakobubele - 4 days ago
Reported for child abuse.
hua15caca - 5 days ago
Only started watching doctor who properly this series due to Jodie Whittaker playing the doctor. I NEVER want her to regenerate to someone else. Don't know if i will watch it then lol
hua15caca - 5 days ago
Llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jodie Whittaker. Always have done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx
hua15caca - 5 days ago
Where was 0.32 to 0.33 in any episode in the series. ??????
hua15caca - 2 days ago
+MaccamatBux1674 Yea i watched episode 9 cos i forgot to watch the end of it and it was there straight after i put the comment lol
MaccamatBux1674 - 3 days ago
I'm pretty sure it was episode 9
Aekin Shovkovskiy
Aekin Shovkovskiy - 6 days ago
Can somebody give me the synopsis of series 8,9,10 when Peter Capaldi was the doctor ?
lollollolsn 5678
lollollolsn 5678 - 8 days ago
What is that song

It's amazing
#Doctor who
Maxwell Schoppman
Maxwell Schoppman - 8 days ago
Yet another great tv show ruined by people who think it’s sexist.😔
bruce wayne
bruce wayne - 9 days ago
episode 9 down to 5 million viewers!!!!! the batman.
NobodyLikesAlex - 9 days ago
14% of people: I actually quite like the new doctor and sure, some episodes are bad but they are also really good and the characters are well balanced!
Keth - 10 days ago
Great effects, tight camera work and editing. Boring story and lazy characterization. It makes a great trailer, but a terrible series.
Luke Hansen
Luke Hansen - 11 days ago
Okay it's gonna be real awkward if River is in this season.
Slous Slouson
Slous Slouson - 12 days ago
I cant wait for it to start air on Netflix Germany :D
Rodon Howard
Rodon Howard - 13 days ago
when people need help, I never refuse!!!! despite the great outcry of criticism, Jodi Whittaker's Dr. had me at that line!!! how people have turned on this new Dr Who is so sad!!!! The same people who proclaimed how great it is for the Doc to be a woman, such fanfare, about time etc.,. and now you do nothing but complain about how bad the show is. sorry, but I like this new Doctor!!!! I never wanted to kiss the Doctor before but, I sure would like to plant one on the gorgeous Jodi!!!! this Doctor has energy that I have not seen scince the reboot of the series seasons ago. too much PC you say, well this Doctor is teaching us a little history along her journey. But I guess Racism, which is more prevelant these days does not matter to people who have not had to live it, or been discriminated against. Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. sure I would like to see more action and in depth plots, but even a bad Dr Who is better than no Dr Who. not that I think it's so bad!!! just my opinion, so lay off my Dr Jodi Who!!!!!! you go girl 😘
me 17
me 17 - 13 days ago
let's be honest here. This has ruined the show. This is completely un-needed. Bring back the guy doctor or I WILL scream.
Armağan Ünlü
Armağan Ünlü - 14 days ago
If I was a doctor. There are unlimited lives. I could just put a bullet in my head. What this type: D
Cotton candy Skies
Cotton candy Skies - 14 days ago
Brilliant. Well done! Excited for what you have in store for us in the next episodes💙
Al - 15 days ago
Too bad the show is about to bomb. The show stinks now and it's mostly the writer's fault.
Mayara Dovalli
Mayara Dovalli - 16 days ago
Eu não falo engles mas gosto da Serie
Gleam - 16 days ago
I don't get why people talk so much about wich sex the doctor should have. I was sceptical at the beginning, but jodie is a very good actress and she does the job well. The writing is different then the last few seasons, but hey, why does that has to be so bad. Doctor Who lives with the change. I don't know any other show that prevailed for so much time, because every other show got boring at some point. I like every doctor, and started to fall in love with the new. Just give her a chance. You won't like it if you imagine yourself not liking it in the first place. Its not about the show being bad. Its about your opinion that the show will be bad, that makes you blind for the fun parts. But thats like everything else in the internet, people are just so negative about everything that is new and strange, without even giving it a chance
Aaron Roman
Aaron Roman - 15 days ago
exactly who put a rock in their shoes? I think people just want to complain about the doctor's gender there's a guy called bowlestrek who gaslights everything about the series now and lie about everything and bitch about how the show has become a PC show with no proof and nit picks everything about it and he attacks the stars at every turn the guy is an ass.
MILES AUSTIN POST - 17 days ago
I love the 13th Doctor portrayed by Jodie Whittaker. ✌🏼
Jamie Olberding
Jamie Olberding - 17 days ago
Where's the Tardis? Is it still used or is it getting replaced?
Dead Gurl
Dead Gurl - 17 days ago
I don’t get all the commotion about The Doctor regenerating as female. The Doctor is The Doctor no matter what the incarnation.
“It’s not because the doctor is a female but”, clearly it is an issue since that’s the first statement to be written, perhaps some people just do have issues with women taking on roles they’re not accustomed to, but don’t always like to be frank about it.
M P - 17 days ago
Utter. Crap. All those involved should be thoroughly ashamed.
Demetri J
Demetri J - 17 days ago
I actually like this song and thought it complimented the trailer... oh well I guess
Keth - 18 days ago
BBC: Please destroy DH with 'Song of Praise' asap. Maybe going forward the Beed could move DH to BBC3? - Just beside the babified Blue Peter?
lync drops
lync drops - 19 days ago
Any Daleks?
DereC - 20 days ago
I didn't see a dalek...
Coldplay Live Official
Coldplay Live Official - 21 day ago
Welcome to the movement of Political Correctness my friends
Jobn Ttv
Jobn Ttv - 21 day ago
Do a doctor who move
Wil Martin2006
Wil Martin2006 - 21 day ago
This isn’t dr who dr who is darliks the silence cibermen not this rubbish make it like that again I hate the new one please make it like Matt smiths one
Callum Babao
Callum Babao - 21 day ago
I love doctor who
amila Ss
amila Ss - 21 day ago
I’m doctor who fan from Sri Lanka. It was very exciting till the latest season. Now its no longer watchable with those sjw crap. Please i don’t want to stop watching it. If you are the official page please do something to correct it. Thanks.
amila Ss
amila Ss - 20 days ago
Lilith i think I don’t need to defend myself. Ratings talk for itself. I don’t care about doctors gender. Missy was a good doctor. ( even though she didn’t actual doctor) my concern is about her poor acting and childish plot. About me I’m watching doctor who since I’m 15 years old. And now I’m 28. So almost 15 years.
Lilith - 20 days ago
amila Ss I am from Sri Lanka and I am quite disappointed that you don’t seem to enjoy it. Have you actually watched any of the episodes or just made assumptions because the Doctor is a woman now? I, for one, think it’s empowering for women everywhere. I was worried too that she wouldn’t be good but turns out that she is a brilliant Doctor, acting wise. Interested to hear your opinion 😄
kaan şengün
kaan şengün - 21 day ago
I want "wwoorps"
TheLonelyGoomba - 22 days ago
Identity politics is killing entertainment. I had no issue with a female Doctor, but this trailer puts sooooo much focus on her being a woman it's unbelievable. But I was still hopeful for the show being decent. But no, 7 episodes in and it's been pretty mediocre (imo). It's really down to the writing ultimately, but that doesn't excuse the other issues with the show.
However, much criticism is reflected with "sexist, racist etc" so eh, why bother? I hope Chibnall leaves and the show is given another chance. I understand the show was tanking in ratings and something drastic had to be done to save it, but this is not the way.
Scott Hogan
Scott Hogan - 22 days ago
They just ruined it with a women, they had strong female characters already. Forced diversity isn’t good and it rarely works. And Matt Smith will always be the best doctor
Azrael - 23 days ago
Get woke go broke...
Welcome to the last season of Dr Who
CLASSIC - 24 days ago
indoctrinate ! indoctrinate ! indoctrinate ! indoctrinate ! indoctrinate ! (The new progressive Dalek)
KingKaitain - 24 days ago
I have some sympathy for Peter Davison's position: that the Doctor was a great, atypical role model for boys, because he emphasized brain over brawn, was usually empathetic, didn't use weapons, never looked to violence as a first resort, always tried to reason with people, even his enemies. That was a very particular take on what masculinity could be - non-toxic masculinity, in modern parlance. I fear something has been lost if the Doctor is now revealed as being essentially an asexual or hermaphrodite entity.
Just Passinthru
Just Passinthru - 24 days ago
Min Gầy
Min Gầy - 26 days ago
Có ai việt nam ko ??
Sir Cog
Sir Cog - 26 days ago
The force is strong with this one
Mysticlover Fairy
Mysticlover Fairy - 26 days ago
I don't care if the Doctor is a man or woman I am still watching because it's Doctor Who and British that's good enough for me. I am not watching it just because the new Doctor is a woman I am watching because I like it and in the end that's all that matters if you like it watch it ,if not don't watch but neither side needs to get into heated debates in my opinion.
brian 2
brian 2 - 28 days ago
This series so good watched on bbc I player finished all of ones released in 3 days
Björn Meissner
Björn Meissner - 29 days ago
Well that was unexpected
Andrew Lippert
Andrew Lippert - Month ago
When did the Tardis become a patriarchy detection device again?
MrMLD1972 - Month ago
Big Jims Shed
Big Jims Shed - Month ago
My god the writing has let this doctor down no Christmas special omg what's next men having babies omg
Natasha Price
Natasha Price - Month ago
Coming back to this over a month after the first episode airs, I'm really enjoying seeing everyone getting butthurt and saying "She's not right for the role" and "It's all just feminist preaching" when she's an incredible doctor and the writing has increased tenfold :)
Drifter - 23 days ago
Dan Brown
Dan Brown - Month ago
How long before the only people watching this leftist propaganda and historical revisionism are brainwashed Guardian readers?
Ratings falling like a stone, long may it continue.
Aaron Roman
Aaron Roman - 16 days ago
+Dan Brown your a dumbass and wrong a wrong dumbass you can write a paragraph or not but it doesn't help your case it's just your opinion
Dan Brown
Dan Brown - 16 days ago
+Aaron Roman Doctor Who was always liberal but not understanding the difference between liberalism and leftist cultural Marxism AKA progressivism AKA political correctness and identity politics that have become ever more invasive since season 6 right out to the in your face, anti Christian anti white, anti male feministic, pro subversive, identity politics driven leftist shit-show that is 11 which even has a feminist in the lead is what is truly moronic. Go and play with someone closer to your own IQ or at least as indoctrinated in the cult of cucks as yourself please
Aaron Roman
Aaron Roman - 16 days ago
+Dan Brown it has always been political on both sides even David Tennant's doctor, Matt Smith's doctor and so on have hated guns, no it's not PC at all arguing otherwise is moronic.
Dan Brown
Dan Brown - 16 days ago
+Aaron Roman Well let's see how the ratings do. Maybe (but unlikely) they will tone down the PC SJW rhetoric and tell some SciFi stories instead leftist revisionism and fantasy.
Aaron Roman
Aaron Roman - 16 days ago
+Dan Brown just here to let people know there doing another series together
Harley Laufeyson
Harley Laufeyson - Month ago
So the Thirteenth Doctor is Rachel Chu
Christopher McAuley
Christopher McAuley - Month ago
It's about time. For what?
Warrior Princess of Wakanda
I wish she would wear some suits like tenant that would be great imo.
Sami Lalaami
Sami Lalaami - Month ago
Should i spend my time from seas 1 to 11 if i love sc-fiction. Fantasy &superhereos tv shows ?
Panzer_ Fauz
Panzer_ Fauz - Month ago
That background music makes it.. sounds... you know..
bruce wayne
bruce wayne - Month ago
episode 6 down to 5.77 million viewers!!!!! the batman
Geekygamer Ahmand
Geekygamer Ahmand - Month ago
Too scary
toms talking cabbage
toms talking cabbage - Month ago
Zardoz zardoz ZARDOZ
Snickerz4Lunch - Month ago
rip doctor who :(
seis dios
seis dios - Month ago
this is starwars not doctorwho
cyka blyat
cyka blyat - Month ago
I cant take this new doctor seriously xd
Gediel Oliveira
Gediel Oliveira - Month ago
Pelo menos a chave de fenda sônica voltou a ser uma chave de fenda sônica!!
TheUnleashedRT - Month ago
Against all the hate here (except some exceptions): Just finished S10 and can’t wait for a fresh take on this series. Maybe a bit more upbeat even, and I’m sure 13/14 will bring exactly that to the table!
bruce wayne
bruce wayne - Month ago
episode 5 down again to 6.12 million!!!
Daz Lawton
Daz Lawton - Month ago
I am a Dr Who Fan, but the new series i think has gone to Diverse with the Political Correct attitude, sorry but ive lost interest
Akwend - Month ago
Next doctor: 8 years old kid
Alex Medrano
Alex Medrano - Month ago
And there goes another thing feminist ruined
SuperChiefStar - Month ago
Worst Doctor Who Ever, and Yes for it is a Woman Playing Doctor Who, she makes the few bad acting Male Doctor Who's Look like a Precious Gem. Once again and Yes for it is a Woman Playing Doctor Who. (side note) I can not add this to my collection Terrible just Terrible
Peter Ball
Peter Ball - Month ago
Boring BBC political lessons
Ben Vickery
Ben Vickery - Month ago
I'm not feeling this doctor who season. I'm all for change to doctor who but changing the doctor to a female actor was a bad move. I'm no way sexist but why didn't the BBC doctor who team introduced a female actor before and why now. If doctor who was ment to be female actor / doctor then why didn't they do it after David Tenannt or after Matt Smith. This season feels cheap and no thought was gone into it.
Individuo Qualsiasi
Individuo Qualsiasi - Month ago
What's the name of the song at 0:27? Please!
Niel Ivarez
Niel Ivarez - Month ago
Sorry but, should she be called "Doctor *Shoe* "?
The Carrington Hollister Show Unfiltered
I was thinking Catherine Tate would be the new doctor on here I mean she's the perfect candidate for such thing
Edwin Jackson
Edwin Jackson - Month ago
Finally Doctor Who is finished, so i can go back and collect some of the classic Doctor Who DVDs, i have yet to even see.
Mrmeme thing
Mrmeme thing - Month ago
Guess who's back back again doctors back back again
bruce wayne
bruce wayne - Month ago
oh dear!! episode 5 down to 6.12 million overnight viewers!!! . the batman.
Flowey Comics
Flowey Comics - Month ago
This is good an all but man I really miss the 11th doctor
Jan Kurowski
Jan Kurowski - Month ago
I really miss 11th Doctor and 12th Doctor
Rene R.
Rene R. - Month ago
What an awful trailer. Guess what makes this trailer so terrible is the music. Especially for Doctor Who who always had a great OST. Even if I just blend out the music there is no Doctor Who magic in this one.
Luke Pattinson
Luke Pattinson - Month ago
It's just not the same anymore 😞
TheDiamondNether - Month ago
Whoa Jodie is good
tafkah_ - Month ago
great job Jodie Whittaker it great to have a female doctor. Finally
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - Month ago
White knighting doesn't work, buddy. Trust me.
Katherine Michael
Katherine Michael - Month ago
for all the people hating on the new Doctor Who, LET IT GO. My dad has watched Doctor Who since it first aired 53years ago and loves the new season. It is about time a female took over as season 10 wasn't it's best. Jodi is good in this role and maybe if you haters gave it a chance and actually watched an episode or two, you would see it as well, and if not then at least you would have given it a go. Also, s11 has the highest ratings since it aired. Not only that but the master is now female and goes by Missy, yet somehow no cracked the shits about that.
El Patron
El Patron - Month ago
Watch my videos Katherine. You'll immediately change your mind.
Danny Kay Vlogs
Danny Kay Vlogs - Month ago
worst series of dr who ever so far
Natasha Price
Natasha Price - Month ago
I strongly disagree. When Capaldi first started out as the Doctor, the writing went so downhill that I stopped watching it for the first time since the new series started. They've clearly put time and effort into fixing the issues with storytelling and are making this series back to how the show was when Eccleston started...
Electro Duck
Electro Duck - Month ago
D34Dx Sn1pZ
D34Dx Sn1pZ - Month ago
If you watch Lydon Coleman’s channel of doctor who trailers it makes me feel like he’s made this love the trialer
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands - Month ago
I have a serious question..Is the doctor a Virgin?
Adam Darren
Adam Darren - Month ago
He's a grandfather.
xxdudeyy Dude
xxdudeyy Dude - Month ago
+Duncan Sands Susan Foreman
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands - Month ago
+xxdudeyy Dude prove it?
xxdudeyy Dude
xxdudeyy Dude - Month ago
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands - Month ago
Dr Who is bloody awful its so P.C like Chairman Mao runs the beeb..little red school book.The British Empire in India is next..followed by the suffragettes?? Darliks please exterminate them!!
H2Ódio - Month ago
Não gostei, parece guardiões da galáxia....
Esse negócio de forçar diversidade não tá comigo em relação a essa série
Ciaran Timothy
Ciaran Timothy - Month ago
What is the song called?
Ciaran Timothy
Ciaran Timothy - Month ago
The song actually is rather catch in my opinion.
Ciaran Timothy
Ciaran Timothy - Month ago
Oh ok thanks man😁
Tadiwa Mboko
Tadiwa Mboko - Month ago
Glorious by macklemore
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands - Month ago
the red flag!
Joe Trimble
Joe Trimble - Month ago
Time Lords can die and so I take off my hat and walk away overcome by grief.
Truth_is_the _new_hate
Dont really like the forced diversity. I guess I'll have to watch and see if i like the new direction dr. Who is taking.
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands - Month ago
One direction............little red school book!!
PinkButterflyGaming - Month ago
Am I the only one here who's trying to figure out what is going on in the last scene of the trailer?
Carats Ritzy
Carats Ritzy - Month ago
You know what would be fun? Have Macklemore's lovely grandmother cameo in a future novel/episode/comic.

(Watch the official music video and see what I mean, she is such a sweet old lady.)
Caitypie - Month ago
if YOU want to see something proper scary ( like DrWho used to be without all the 'current affairs' and ecological bibblebabble check out Eeriedrum !!!!! yes Eeriedrum!!!!
LebronJames 011
LebronJames 011 - Month ago
Hey here’s a suggestion for an episode you could make it about remembering people and at the end of the episode the doctor could go to every companion she’s ever had Alice or dead and cry just stand there crying. That’s an idea for an episode if you want to do it I mean
DOMLNLON [] - Month ago
looks like a low budget star wars nickelodeon show now
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