How D.K. Metcalf Broke the Rookie Receiving Record in Wild Card Weekend | NFL Turning Point

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Luke Olson
Luke Olson - 22 hours ago
3:02 Turning on the jets 99 speed!
Michael Olson
Michael Olson - 2 days ago
I love this kid, gonna work his ass off.
1 Man Dynasty
1 Man Dynasty - 7 days ago
Hard to hate these cats
Skyler Moorman
Skyler Moorman - 10 days ago
It’s weird to see so medcaf cry
Zay Duncan
Zay Duncan - 14 days ago
If Marshawn loving it I’m loving it
Jonathan Redecop
Jonathan Redecop - 14 days ago
I love how tough dk is and how giant but it's kinda funny when he cried
RJsaysno - 17 days ago
Anyone see that super quick guy dart across the screen at 4:04??
Marcus Pierre
Marcus Pierre - 19 days ago
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams - 21 day ago
I bet the eagles GM was punching the air after that game.
Loski - 22 days ago
Thanks scouts for making him fall to us
Dale Dan-Irabor
Dale Dan-Irabor - 22 days ago
Mannnn! Russ is just a nice dude! Just a cool dude 🙌🏾
Maxine Newson
Maxine Newson - 25 days ago
Dk is my friend just so y’all know
Jeremy Wagner
Jeremy Wagner - 26 days ago
The best thing to happen to Metcalfs career is being drafted by the Seahawks and getting to play with Russ. He gets to see firsthand what it takes to be amazing. All the hard work that goes into it.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams - 28 days ago
This video displays the difference between quarterbacks like Russell Wilson vs a Dak Prescott. Russ knows how to make his teammates great. That's a quarterback you pay for.
DonFNM - Month ago
imagine not picking combine monster DK Metcalf when your the eagles in the second round looking for a wr. stooooooopid
stephen st.clair
stephen st.clair - Month ago
I'm a believer that GREAT quarterbacks can move good receivers to great. If he stays healthy and puts in the extra work necessary Metcalf has all the tools needed to become an icon similar to another wide receiver from a college in Mississippi. Hint; he's in the hall of fame and played his last NFL game as a Seahawk.
CUGTHEGANG - Month ago
I don't even like the Seahawks I'm a die hard niner but no cap Metcalf go crazy
Cardinals Fan India #RiseUpRedSea
I just can't hate Russ man eventhough I despise Seahawks
C.A. Toro
C.A. Toro - Month ago
Scouts: but...but....his 3-cone drill was slow DK: I told you, it was the last event, my feet hurt and I wanted to get home to my family. 12th Man: Thank you family
eli trey
eli trey - Month ago
@3:49. Beautiful pass.
Stefan McCullough
Stefan McCullough - Month ago
Dk looks like he was born to be a Seahawk
Prod. NeptuneBeats
Prod. NeptuneBeats - Month ago
He’s about a Popeyes biscuit away from being a TE
Jimbo Palmer
Jimbo Palmer - Month ago
KJ Wright is the other Seahawk from Mississippi, notice how much support KJ is giving DK. They never play on the field at the same time, but the support is there.
Mack Martin
Mack Martin - Month ago
Been a Seahawks fan since 2014. Yea, you can say I jumped on the bandwagon, but I've never looked back since, even after they lost Lynch and Sherman. I've always deeply admired how much respect they have for their fans (such as, but not limited to, retiring #12) and after last season, DK is my new favorite player. Part of that comes from the fact that he and I were born in the same year, so I played high school football at the same time as him, and he was able to do what I could never have dreamed of. Go Seahawks and go Metcalf!!
Mimimi - Month ago
Big man crys✌️ Lov efootball
Bacon Is Good
Bacon Is Good - Month ago
I’m glad to say that I saw this live
Seth Dom
Seth Dom - Month ago
I was at the gsme too
Cj batousi
Cj batousi - Month ago
Yeah he balled tf out in that game no doubt
David Söhngen
David Söhngen - Month ago
How to win the respect of your draftpick in a blink of an eye? Take your shirt off.
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson - Month ago
Welp Seattle got another Beast over there lol
Yung Wiser Quapo
Yung Wiser Quapo - Month ago
Anyone could’ve done that with that atrocious eagles secondary
APB0407 - Month ago
Marquise Brown is better though
Save the Geese
Save the Geese - Month ago
In what world? Lmao
Sea Hawks
Sea Hawks - Month ago
If this team stays healthy, knock on wood, they might win 14, why don't these pundits see it.
Sea Hawks
Sea Hawks - Month ago
And they'll all act super surprised when the Seahawks dominate this year, as if it isn't obvious, Wilson will lead the the MVP race all year.
thegoat89 - Month ago
he's a demon for that block
A - Month ago
Clowney took out Wentz... That's the story of the game lol
Owen Maurer
Owen Maurer - Month ago
gman and bro 1
gman and bro 1 - Month ago
I feel like dk Metcalf is the new doug baldwin
stephen st.clair
stephen st.clair - Month ago
Good comparison. I'll compare him to Kam Chancellor too. A boy turning into a man right before our eyes.
Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez
Lockett looks crazy small when he is beside DK
Nikky Krueger
Nikky Krueger - Month ago
I see this guy come through my Starbucks every Tuesday evening almost. Dude is so humble man!
Douglas Green Jr
Douglas Green Jr - 2 months ago
If they think metcalf was a problem. Add the new 6"7" TE russ's statts multiply...
Zolvez - 2 months ago
I'm a Colts fan and I don't know how I'm supposed to not like this guy
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson - 2 months ago
Dk is good
Macky Boo
Macky Boo - 2 months ago
Ive loved DK since college, and as an eagles fan... drafting Whiteside over DK was the mistake of the decade.
SakaLa Bolsita
SakaLa Bolsita - 2 months ago
What a find by the Seahawks...
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai - 2 months ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai - 2 months ago
James Kupihea
James Kupihea - 2 months ago
Noticed a little something can see a tired, old, semi-retired (and still great) Marshawn Lynch execute perfect blocks on passing downs. Meanwhile Germain Ifedi less mobile than the turf @2:42 ...
Patrick K
Patrick K - 2 months ago
LOL the way this dude cried when he got the phone call he was drafted.
meowmix - 2 months ago
DK boi if you don't take them earrings off
1k subs with videos challenge
4:20 Fletcher Cox has a ripped jersey
ScorinMcLaurin - 2 months ago
Is it only me or does Marshawn look like a juiced up snoop dogg
Prod. NeptuneBeats
Prod. NeptuneBeats - 2 months ago
Imagine if AJ Brown, And him were on a team together. The team would have 1 WR on the Field and 3 TEs
Eric Ruiz
Eric Ruiz - 2 months ago
Coming from a Niner fan I hate matching up against DK.
Devon Bickmore
Devon Bickmore - 2 months ago
To happy to call you fam dk
JAMES HUGHES - 3 months ago
You can't stop DK, son!
G Kim
G Kim - 3 months ago
The Eagles missed out on Russell AND drafted JJ Arcega Whiteside over DK...
Maurice Mallari
Maurice Mallari - 3 months ago
So happy for DK! Revenge is sweet!
gsilves0897 - 3 months ago
Can we acknowledge at 2:58 his head down sprint to block for a teammate. That’s next level commitment right there.
stephen st.clair
stephen st.clair - Month ago
Shows who he is.
bob - 2 months ago
I agree!! He's a beast but not a pre-madonna
Young dagger Dick
Young dagger Dick - 3 months ago
bruh he started ugly crying but much love
Mann Made
Mann Made - 3 months ago
No it wasn't a perfectly thrown ball by Wilson. It was a great catch by D.K.
stephen st.clair
stephen st.clair - Month ago
Similar to the josh Gordon catch earlier in the year. Russell Wilson throws catchable footballs. Even DK Metcalf couldn't have snagged that Jimmy G overthrow in the super bowl. That diss to Russ was unfair.
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker - 3 months ago
Proven fact that Skittles make you go beastmode.
Crystal Peterson
Crystal Peterson - 3 months ago
Emily Hutchens
Emily Hutchens - 3 months ago
I'm not a huge Seahawks fan but I was rooting hardcore for DJ Metcalf on this day. He helped me win a tourney on Draftkings. Thanks DJ.
ONYX-WARRIOR16 - 3 months ago
Russell Wilson & DK Metcalf, 2 of a million stud draft picks the eagles slept on throughout franchise history along with ray lewis, randy moss and warren sapp
Noon _
Noon _ - 3 months ago
:me when I throw a pass on to the wide reciver 4:35
OpticMyst YT
OpticMyst YT - 3 months ago
whos watching this when tavarious jackson died in the car crash :( R.I.P
Darrel Humphrey
Darrel Humphrey - 3 months ago
Russell Wilson has his receiver in DK Metcalf.
Matt Cox
Matt Cox - 3 months ago
Bruh 900 yards rookie year holy
Wikash Bidesie
Wikash Bidesie - 3 months ago
All i heard is "Seattle ran the ball"
Obese Boy
Obese Boy - 3 months ago
funny how he took his shirt off bc he wore a "should have never passed" shirt lmaooo
stephen st.clair
stephen st.clair - Month ago
Ironic and potentially iconic.
The Twister
The Twister - 3 months ago
That’s what the eagles get for not drafting him
Carlitos - 3 months ago
anybody else feel like the hulk when russ gets hyped up?
Sean Deady
Sean Deady - 3 months ago
It blows my mind that people thought he would suck because he couldn’t run around some cones fast enough
Adrian selby
Adrian selby - 3 months ago
Cardinals should have got him instead of Andy Isabela
mystic 711
mystic 711 - 3 months ago
DK a Dog💯💯 he should have been a 1 rounder but he’s good with the Seahawks 💪🏽
Retro FE4RR
Retro FE4RR - 3 months ago
When covid is gone I’m going to be so excited to see my Seahawks again!!
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey - 3 months ago
All the teams that passed him should be ashamed
Gary 509
Gary 509 - 3 months ago
Last pick in 2nd round is going to haunt every NFL team that passed on him.
Juan Zuniga
Juan Zuniga - 3 months ago
He should've gone in the 1st round Seahawks got a steal
Miles D
Miles D - 3 months ago
As an eagles fan, I think it’s safe to say that JJ is a bust and we should have taken DK
Esmeralda Chicas
Esmeralda Chicas - 3 months ago
MagmaPlayer craig
MagmaPlayer craig - 3 months ago
They lost vs packers tho
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez - 3 months ago
I'm a fan of Russell Wilson and DK metcalf.
Luis Freundt
Luis Freundt - 3 months ago
Megatron in the works, hopefully he retires after winning a couple of rings with the Seahawks
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar - 3 months ago
He's gonna be a great wideout. Period
Cooper Warren
Cooper Warren - 3 months ago
Seeing vets like Marshawn and KJ praise DK makes me happy
gabe briggs
gabe briggs - 3 months ago
Eagles done it again with reagor instead of justin Jefferson
Seamus - 3 months ago
It feels so good to hear marshawn lynch touchdown. Was a dream come true to see him back 💙
sweatpantsforlife - 3 months ago
At 3:00 when you see him hard stride to go help the homie, he a baller
Zac Whiddon
Zac Whiddon - 3 months ago
I'm a Falcons fan (RISE UP!), but i might buy a D.K. jersey. Ive been following him since he was an Ole Miss Rebel.
Dior Blunt
Dior Blunt - 3 months ago
Fact: All the dislikes are from salty Eagles fans.
Jared Drake
Jared Drake - 3 months ago
I need to revisit the draft coverage because like.. How did this dude fall to the 3rd round?
Ken Rosenblum
Ken Rosenblum - 3 months ago
I would like to thank the Eagles for passing on this man right here, he had more yards this game than JJ had all season. Cry Eagles Cry. Also when DK was crying I was crying also so happy we picked him up.
ankr3w1 - 3 months ago
This guy is my favorite player in the league a giants fan.i want to watch him every week
PB42189 - 3 months ago
russel wilson is really sayin fudge
Dildo schwaggins
Dildo schwaggins - 3 months ago
Eagles coulda had dk and Russ..... wow as a Hawks fan can't be thankful enough :)
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper - 3 months ago
We deserved that we passed on him for jj lol
Humpty Dumpty head ass look a like Yes
I’m glad eagles passed up on him cause Ik damn well he wouldn’t be that good there w that shii ass qb they got
Durell Brittingham
Durell Brittingham - 3 months ago
Welcome to seattle
Drew DeStefano
Drew DeStefano - 3 months ago
DK still doesn’t change the fact that you should of ran the ball
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