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Cut - 10 days ago
Hey friends! Life isn’t normal for anybody right now, but we’re doing our best to upload regular content for our community of fans and friends. That means we’ll be editing as much as we can from the videos we shot before we went on quarantine--and pushing ourselves to make some fun new things to keep you company, wherever you are. We love you guys!
Sith Lord Saber
Sith Lord Saber - 5 hours ago
I don’t think all white people are racist I think all people can be racist but saying that one group of people are racist
Shondell tt
Shondell tt - 2 days ago
xpizzaplace100 - 6 days ago
Good vid
Thor - 8 days ago
@Robert Patterson and you are wrong
AscendingDruid - 8 days ago
@Patriotic Bird Again, here is part 2 of that other reply, you may have already seen it and read it, I'm still gonna try and post it again for context. Cut is definitely deleting these, so thanks for the sabotage you assholes. *"Also with my name,I’m not even really American. I just put this username because the bird looked cool so I just stuck with this name. Seriously,there is a whole paragraph about my username like wth?!"* - Seems like this post-modernism thing is contagious. So you picked a name, and profile picture that gives off the impression you are from the US, you have in your description "Bird Gang Protects America" and yet that is what, a gotcha on me? I'd say you just exposed yourself as weirdo charlatan, who thinks that because you don't care about how you present yourself you somehow win. That is bizarre dude. Oh and yeah, a paragraph about your username, was it too much for you to read, did it hurt your feelings? I just didn't know too many words would be such a problem for you, well I'm afraid this reply is going to be quite long, so you might want to clutch your pearls real tight. *"f you think that some random stock photo bird represents what I believe..."* - So because you're a liar, who's presenting as an American Patriot, that's somehow a fault with me. Right, got it, good to know you're even more ridiculous than I first thought. You know I was only half joking with you when I said you were a sniveling weasel, now I think you should definitely change it to that, suits you far better. *"...then I don’t think you should even bother with it at this point."* - Should bother with what? Taking people at face value? Believing people until they give me reason not to? Or do you mean I shouldn't bother commenting or replying to you, because if that's what you mean, then shit man, I ain't going nowhere. They have to censor and ban me to get me to fuck off. *"EDIT:Re-reading your comments again I don’t think you even bothered trying to have a sensible argument,you just wanted to be an ass."* - How many times do you have to attempt to pass off your terrible opinion as fact? I told you, weasel, it just don't work that way. Besides, I don't give a shit how you think I was being, because apparently they don't have wit where you come from, so you perceive it as anger, you really are kinda basic aren't you?
Ale Ramirez
Ale Ramirez - 2 minutes ago
Kayla E
Kayla E - 9 minutes ago
as a black person we don’t claim those who said “black people cant be racist”. ANYBODY CAN BE RACIST
Domenic Playzit
Domenic Playzit - 39 minutes ago
Yes. Yes I am.
pepes bleach
pepes bleach - 50 minutes ago
this video is upsetting apart from the people talking about their experience of being a victim to racism
evelinamaria91 - 51 minute ago
I would explain racism as "one race thinks they are more powerful or better than another race".
I don't think any race is better than any other, sometimes I find that certain stereotypes within certain races are a bit funny or unusual, or just different from what I'm used to. (I'm white, Scandinavian)
But I would NEVER show it to anyone or treat anyone differently for it! 
We are all human, therefore we are the same race.
Vaughn Sherman
Vaughn Sherman - 52 minutes ago
lmaoooooooo i felt that “only when i’m driving” 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂
Svenja 08
Svenja 08 - Hour ago
I am white and I know more black racists than white.
Vic Hard
Vic Hard - Hour ago
All those who said everyone is racist is trying to make themselves look a little less bad which doesn't work on me
Alejandrina Ruiz
Alejandrina Ruiz - 2 hours ago
“I’m not racist, but I know races... How do I say this without sounding racist?” Same. Haha.
Michael Tobias
Michael Tobias - 3 hours ago
My Family : We live in the U.S , you can speak any language and Express yourself anyway you want . It's a free country
Also My Family: Speak Spanish!!!
Why are you dating a white girl?
How come you listen Country music are you not proud to be Latino?
Me : 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Keycn - 3 hours ago
4:03 I’m sorry but why does she look like Mr. Bean?
Simply Perfect
Simply Perfect - 3 hours ago
Okay, we all have been in that situation were that 6'4 black guy who weighs 250 pounds approaches you and you lock your car, check your pockets and try not to make eye contact. Whites can relate the most.
aii xiomara
aii xiomara - 4 hours ago
I get annoyed when someone says “I’m not racist because I have a black friend”
Ga flippers Official
Ga flippers Official - 4 hours ago
“All white people are racist”
Dakota Fuller
Dakota Fuller - 4 hours ago
I'm white in a mostly black community, and I swear to god. I've tried my best to get along with everyone as best as I can, I try to just chill and smoke a blunt with the guys, But they treat me worse because I'm the white man, I've been physically assaulted for being white. I know this because they were yelling "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WHITE BOY" in my own hood. Do the people in this video that said you can't be racist as a black person live in a different universe? I literally have been called honky then had some bitch spit in my face before I clocked the fucker. I love all races, but this nonsense about how blacks can't be racist is so wrong. anyone can be. it's up to us to stop treating eachother this way!
Review Sam
Review Sam - 4 hours ago
The question should be if they are prejudice. Racism is most times systematic, and the people that benefit from it are from the dominant society. Black people in an ACTION context, can't be racist because they hold no power no control to use it. In an ideology context only, yes, however, could not use their idealogy and destroy lives by creating laws, ordinances..etc.. Racism HURTS folks' lives and most times when done in institutions like employment, education, media, politics..etc it is done covertly. Racism is like cops killing Black men because of their skin color; Jim crow era was racism; slavery was racism; Black codes were racism; Apartheid was racism; removing Aboriginal /Native American kids our of there home to make them more Eurocentric was racism; placing Japanese people in internment camps was racism, and xenophobic Racism word should now be thrown around.
Kamarrhea Smalls
Kamarrhea Smalls - 4 hours ago
I honestly, in my opinion, do not think all people are racist like I accept everyone for who they are no matter their race. Some people might disagree but don’t speak for all people only speak for what you know about entirely (yourself).
grace rose
grace rose - 4 hours ago
Man this really makes me wonder if I'm racist or not. I make racist jokes about my own race and my friends, but I try to read the room and not make offensive racist jokes. But by being half white would that make me racist from the start? I love the conversation this video brings up lol. But would political views also determine if you're racist? I'm an anarchist, and my ideal society is one where each person is valued for their services not their appearance or background. Haha I want this video to be longer
Tess - 5 hours ago
wtf is this videooo
Vazzera - 5 hours ago
These people must’ve been handpicked, there’s no way you wouldn’t atleast get one person who’s being honest.
Antônio M
Antônio M - 5 hours ago
Crossing the street because you saw a black man and think he might be a criminal due to the conditions a lot of black ppl grow in= Racist.
Crossing the street because you saw a man and think he might rape you due to the sexual preferences of most men= Ok.
i think that if you're scared of someone you should cross the street, doesn't matter if its because of their race, gender, nationality, whatever, safety comes first. but you cant just say crossing the street bc of a black person is racist, when you also discriminate against men(as i said above, i dont see a problem in being scared of men bc they have higher chances to rape/sexually harass you), by your standard, that action would be sexist, just like the other is racist.
stop with the hypocrisy and double standards ppl ffs.
A person
A person - 5 hours ago
I was expecting a compilation of people saying no... Sigh, we're not fully there yet
Nick Memeholder
Nick Memeholder - 5 hours ago
3:15 to 3:26 I hate when white people act all guilty for being white. Like they think they're being considerate or woke or whatever but it honestly just makes me uncomfortable. I have white friends, they're not like this. Just be a normal person.
Im StillRowan
Im StillRowan - 6 hours ago
bunnywavy xx
bunnywavy xx - 6 hours ago
I know these comments are gonna be hell.. that's kinda why I clicked on the video.
Leo Kogan
Leo Kogan - 6 hours ago
0:29 He actually went up and said it, big respect
999 - 6 hours ago
White privilege is made to victimize other races and is 100% fake. And while victimizing other races it also gives them privileges and takes from white people.
ThePlantBreather - 6 hours ago
"Black people can't be racist" Shut the fuck up, yes you can. Just because black people were oppressed in the past doesn't mean you aren't capable of being offensive to another race.
"I'm white so I am racist" "All white people are racist" Jesus can you be more daft... "OlD gEnErAtIoNs Of WhItE pEoPlE wErE rAcIsT tHaT mEaNs aLlLlLl WhItE pEoPlE aRe At FaUlT" Pathetic...
Jack - 6 hours ago
Lind jok
Lind jok - 6 hours ago
Black people need more love
All my white friend are racism
And let me tell u something
If white boy and white girl ask a black girl omg is that your real hair
Omg does tou parent beat your a** every day
Asking stupid questions
That mean that she/he traing to be not offensive but she / he's

Like if understand what im traing mean if u black u know
Mike F
Mike F - 7 hours ago
0:34 tf this is so sexist.
Nicholas C.
Nicholas C. - 7 hours ago
I'm one of those that says I'm not racist, I mean just by the application of common wisdom you shouldn't be, but racism is a symptom of an unstable and unfulfilling life, ive gone through stages where I hated people of other culture mostly because Its easy target, easy blame, for other problems in my life which I choose to look away from, this life is continuous growth and motion, if you're not growing and surmounting your challenges you'll spiral into darkness of which racism is just an expression of it, btw I'm black
Garci 13
Garci 13 - 7 hours ago
Los guiris sois mas raros que un perro verde
Frankie C
Frankie C - 7 hours ago
There weren’t enough No’s in this
Apex legends I tutorials And tips
Dumb video idea
Nathan Jackson
Nathan Jackson - 7 hours ago
We prolly have all had racist thoughts so saying your 100% not a racist is a lie
thetrashslingingasher - 7 hours ago
people are too combative towards the "black people can't be racist" and "all white people are racist" ideas -- yes, both of those are wrong, i disagree with them, but i think people's responses aren't addressing the actual premise of the ideas and some people are just saying "thats a stupid idea, those people are stupid", which is never gonna change anyone's mind
Beau Anita
Beau Anita - 8 hours ago
This video makes me very upset.
Armando B.
Armando B. - 8 hours ago
I think anybody can be racist. OK, they say in the US or Europe black people can't be racist because they don't made the institutions etc., but they can also be racist on another level. Maybe it's called prejudiced then. And it's stupid to say you are "racist" because of the so-called white privilege because you then put yourself in the same boat as white supremacists, neonazis etc.
15k Shay
15k Shay - 8 hours ago
Producer: Are you Racist? Me: Define Racist
GaMb2206 - 9 hours ago
As a white girl.
I am not a racist🤷🏻‍♀️
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 9 hours ago
why do people still not get that jokes dont make you racist... being racist is when you dont like a person because of theyre skin tone
Austin 921
Austin 921 - 9 hours ago
“Yeah I’m racist because I’m a white person” like stfu😂😂
NooNooIsLove NooNooIsLife
oh my god. right racism isn’t ok no matter what. and if u say ‘no just don’t like ****** people’ dude, being prejudiced to a certain group because of their race, culture or religion, ur fucking racist. and it’s not something to be proud of. it’s fucking unacceptable. if u are, ur a dick and need to get that checked out cuz ur strange. can’t just judge a whole group without knowing every single person within that group. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ahhhhh go fuck urself😂😂😂😂
ahteef - 9 hours ago
All races have been enslaved and they have all suffered. Slavery is not an excuse for everything. I’m Bosnian and only one generation ahead of what my people faced which was extreme “ethnic cleansing” and slavery (albeit only lasting half a decade). Not to knock on African Americans, but you are generations past being mass murdered and enslaved, so are whites, and many other races. At the end of the day, slavery should not be tied in with racism.
Kodak Grinds
Kodak Grinds - 9 hours ago
0:38 so she’s being sexist
Leafz - 9 hours ago
African American Men have something bigger than other men LMFAO
Karl Boland
Karl Boland - 10 hours ago
All the peeps who say "Black people can't be racist" and "All white people are racist" spend far, far too much time on Tumblr and Twitter.
gabi colonna
gabi colonna - 10 hours ago
i honestly feel like everyone is racist
Maximo - 11 hours ago
Society became so freakin sensible. There are so many different groups standing for something nowadays, trying to convince everyone that what they stand for is the biggest problem. Who has the time and the energy for all of that? You'll turn crazy if you really try to understand every victim of society.
REDEX PIZZA - 11 hours ago
being anti racist means you letting other get away with things which is in fact worse than what racist will do
REDEX PIZZA - 11 hours ago
everyone making all this excuses are all the liberals and communists
REDEX PIZZA - 11 hours ago
blacks are more racist than rest cause if you depend on the power structure type of definition of racism that means you hate white people entirely cause of their race which that by itself make you a racist by it true definition
REDEX PIZZA - 11 hours ago
everyone is racist
V8 Blast
V8 Blast - 11 hours ago
Come to britain everyone is racist
Muslims dont like whites
whites dont like muslims
Blacks dont like whites
English dont like irish
Everyone hats the english
Emala Gliss
Emala Gliss - 12 hours ago
I might get hate for this but I’m white. And I’m ASHAMED of my skin color because I’m white. The one woman said that “white people are born with privilege” I’m ashamed that I’m white. I hate my skin color because of what my ancestors did in the past. I hate something I cannot change about myself, isn’t that what people of color felt too back when my ancestors were absolute shit? I hate being white. I hate it. People of color that were looked down upon and shunned are looking at their history and they’re embracing the hardships they went through because of my ancestors.. I hate it.. I hate that white people did that.. I feel sorry for being white...
Felicia - 12 hours ago
This video made me laugh from embarrassment, some people in this video 💀💀
Ajedaboss - 12 hours ago
“I want to eat sushi from your pussy” LMFAO I AM CRYINGGG 😭😭
acene bent
acene bent - 12 hours ago
Sometimes americans are weird , thank god i live in africa 🇩🇿🇩🇿❤
Ivona Flakus
Ivona Flakus - 13 hours ago
Not ALL white people are racist and black people CAN BE racist! Thank you.
CH3SSY - 13 hours ago
Everyone has a bit of racism in them. Dont lie.
Kailey Gill
Kailey Gill - 13 hours ago
Poor people. Those in poverty are the ones that aren’t privileged. Not all whites are privileged and just slide through life without an issue. But I guess not everybody thinks of that.
Cinematic Penguin
Cinematic Penguin - 12 hours ago
Privilege isn't about money at all times, people who are colored don't get the privilege white people do. Such things as police brutality and a variant of other challenges are something people who are white needn't worry about to the extent of colored people.
Auditory Cheesecake
Auditory Cheesecake - 13 hours ago
How the phuck are all white people racist?
Hatteberg Er
Hatteberg Er - 13 hours ago
I hate people that said “I can be racist cause of my skin” that’s racist
xAFBx Moto
xAFBx Moto - 14 hours ago
Everything bad in the world is because racism. Smdh....
Olivia Williamson
Olivia Williamson - 14 hours ago
haha the last lady. "everybody can get it. i have discriminate equally!"
Simply Niacar
Simply Niacar - 14 hours ago
the last lady is a whole mood
ELToucan_The_4th - 15 hours ago
Soggi_Pancakes - 15 hours ago
1:32 this Woman Looks like she got Pepper Sprayed in the Eyes
Cinematic Penguin
Cinematic Penguin - 12 hours ago
lol it's eye shadow
A7Xistheshitz - 16 hours ago
The word "racism" has been manipulated over the years, and lost its real meaning.
Kolton Laytimi
Kolton Laytimi - 16 hours ago
The people that said “black people can’t be racist” are literal idiots.
Poq erez
Poq erez - 16 hours ago
BRUH. No,just because you’re black doesn’t mean you can’t be racist
Night_Sea - 16 hours ago
Lady: Asian people cant drive

My whole family: *laughs is Pakistani*
Jessica Uyvette Thompson
Jessica Uyvette Thompson - 16 hours ago
Why do some people think Blacks can’t be racist? Any race of people can be racist!
Caleigh Cross
Caleigh Cross - 16 hours ago
“Black people can’t be racist” “I’m racist because I’m white” seems like an excuse to help you to get away with things but ok...
lunar cat
lunar cat - 16 hours ago
If u talk with “Asia” people or “black” people they never will be racist
butch ering
butch ering - 17 hours ago
So they found every retarded pesron for this interview
mzalendo - 17 hours ago
Kenyans just troll light skins for the fun of it
Aamna Here
Aamna Here - 17 hours ago
No, not everyone is racist to some extent. That's a very sad and immature defence of the indefensible.
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