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The Scottish Blogger
I want that shirt,
Juan Pi YT Mz
Juan Pi YT Mz - 3 hours ago
Ethan Lopez
Ethan Lopez - 4 hours ago
Hola wae
Lizard - 9 hours ago
Find: white space
Replace: earth
Cant he just do that?
J Casi.
J Casi. - 13 hours ago
Old but gold
Subscribe to me if you like cats :D
I dont even see anthony in the new videos anymore
saebian myint
saebian myint - 19 hours ago
like your shut up planet
cartoon videos
Ryan Pelletier
Ryan Pelletier - Day ago
I miss the old smoosh
Snowbreaker 1010
Snowbreaker 1010 - Day ago
1:18 a windows error moment
Jr Pat
Jr Pat - Day ago
Everyone rembers you hopefully the zonbies don't come back
Gold Pad Gamer
Gold Pad Gamer - Day ago
When Anthony had his emo hair and was in smosh
Bradley Savage-rudd
Anthony: 2:14
Her: well it is a ferrari
Frosted marshmallows
What ever happened to Anthony??
Denny D
Denny D - 2 days ago
Anyone here because they forgot about smosh nowadays
mr. lapzii
mr. lapzii - 2 days ago
Kαgєуαмα Tσвισ
Miss the old smosh :"(
Bách Lâm
Bách Lâm - 2 days ago
aw the old Smosh...
ItgelPlayz .
ItgelPlayz . - 2 days ago
0:43 don't cry i know some time Anthony is kinda jerk.
Undertale music
Undertale music - 2 days ago
Imagine how weird this would be bts
Hunter Helmsley 3:16
Hunter Helmsley 3:16 - 3 days ago
2:58 That's my reaction when I forget to save on a typewriter on Resident Evil 4 and have to go through a really hard part again. 😂
Glen Biliran
Glen Biliran - 3 days ago
I miss Anthony
Yoboy Jake
Yoboy Jake - 3 days ago
I love the old smosh and miss them memories man
Also who watching in quarantine 2020
Inko Midoriya
Inko Midoriya - 3 days ago
If i had that keyboard and undo in 2017 and go to anthony and say dont leave ur creation
Agree or not?
Krutz Ansem Sablaon
Krutz Ansem Sablaon - 3 days ago
Tim Dorgan
Tim Dorgan - 3 days ago
I'm So Sad Anthony Left Smosh :( So Much Memories (Like Seriously)
Amellia Arias
Amellia Arias - 3 days ago
i miss the old smosh
Cindy Rosales
Cindy Rosales - 3 days ago
Flower Plays Games
Flower Plays Games - 3 days ago
this reminds me of jesse & mike
mr yeet beans
mr yeet beans - 3 days ago
I need old smosh
Fahad Siddiqui
Fahad Siddiqui - 4 days ago
Anyone watching during Quarintine
Yin-Yang - 4 days ago
I watched smosh in 2009 I found it funny when I was 4 years old.
KodiRidge - 4 days ago
Half of the comments are people saying they miss old Smosh and the other people are being bitches to the people that are saying it’s getting annoying by the way it’s true it’s annoying
Cidik Plays
Cidik Plays - 4 days ago
Old smosh was the best smosh
Ryu - 4 days ago
2020 and this is still entertaining
DanTheCreep - 4 days ago
gay_boysam - 5 days ago
Ahh the good ol' days such great memories
Mr Fire
Mr Fire - 6 days ago
If smosh was still like this we might even won't know pewdiepie and t-series is
AfroGum - 6 days ago
Smosh would definitely have beaten T-Series if they didnt sell their company
daniel 2134
daniel 2134 - 6 days ago
These days where better
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack - 6 days ago
Back when everything was way better 💔
King Vigil
King Vigil - 6 days ago
I wish it was just them still😔
Zander Schubert
Zander Schubert - 6 days ago
mE aAa wEiRdO
mE aAa wEiRdO - 7 days ago
Hi 2020
Youtube Cashh
Youtube Cashh - 7 days ago
sayuri natsurika
sayuri natsurika - 7 days ago
1:08 ian eats a carrot
Faisal Balush
Faisal Balush - 7 days ago
l miss the old smosh this brings back my so much memories :( TO
Max Rowe
Max Rowe - 7 days ago
Minecraft God
Minecraft God - 8 days ago
*_**-/Shut up-*_/
LEGO Tie Fighter Pilot
LEGO Tie Fighter Pilot - 8 days ago
Old Smosh Was My Childhood
cory argyle
cory argyle - 8 days ago
i miss watching these dudes in 2013 right after coming home from school
gaming boy gepo
gaming boy gepo - 8 days ago
no one says shut up to me but when smosh says it it feel good all the meoryes
Kyla Malmberg
Kyla Malmberg - 10 days ago
Mustache on the fridge Italian guy😐
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale - 10 days ago
0:38 That must have taken ages to do... wow...
Christine Molson
Christine Molson - 10 days ago
Who else watching in 2020?
Jon Yanek
Jon Yanek - 10 days ago
Tran Clan
Tran Clan - 10 days ago
I think I gave you a million views bec I watch t.his alot
Josh Gagnea
Josh Gagnea - 10 days ago
I like turkey
Joey Morse
Joey Morse - 10 days ago
who's watching in 2032?
Ellie winson
Ellie winson - 11 days ago
On the shut up and miss me already get out of the car
rofl88 gaming & reacts
rofl88 gaming & reacts - 11 days ago
I have found your movie on Netflix
Slikdabber _YT
Slikdabber _YT - 11 days ago
Still remember when they had a shut up app😞
Abbigail Owens
Abbigail Owens - 12 days ago
I miss old smosh :(
George sans 99 Studios UTTP TCHT EDIF
75 word per minute Hoy many minutes?..
Your Personal Hate Comment
Back when smosh was good...
1ZAAK - 12 days ago
Fucking simp
Vern Alfonso Liongson
Vern Alfonso Liongson - 13 days ago
I miss this so much
Super Kaioken
Super Kaioken - 13 days ago
Was that a real Ferrari
Fourthy Sta. Maria
Fourthy Sta. Maria - 13 days ago
ZilverBoi - 13 days ago
Find: my brain
Replace: Einsteins brain
Wolfy Games
Wolfy Games - 13 days ago
0:48 basically inflation
Tahira Hasan
Tahira Hasan - 13 days ago
xxHadi GamingPlayzxx
xxHadi GamingPlayzxx - 13 days ago
When you are watching scary clowns breaking into houses in yt and ur mom comes in the room:
KyLe. . .
KyLe. . . - 13 days ago
..8 years ago.. bruh I was 8
Horrorfan4789 - 14 days ago
I wish I had a Kidz Bop keyboard like that
The king Of reptiles Luis Vasquez
Why didn’t he just get out of the car .
Fatme Sleiman
Fatme Sleiman - 14 days ago
Wen ur loving husband leaves u in the house and home alone and she finds it 1:02
Fatme Sleiman
Fatme Sleiman - 14 days ago
I meant 1:00
bro boy gamer gatcha gamer
Why you guys swear?
Zizo Javino
Zizo Javino - 14 days ago
I just realised this is like the click movie with the remote with Adam Sandler😂
Zizo Javino
Zizo Javino - 14 days ago
The famous shutttt uppppp😭😭😭
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith - 14 days ago
1:06 lmfao
Tom Aruba
Tom Aruba - 14 days ago
anyone bingewatching smosh vids in 2020?
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