Why Do People Have Periods When Most Mammals Don't?

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elena mitchell
elena mitchell - 13 hours ago
thank you for the trans inclusive language!!!
Daniela Morones
Daniela Morones - 13 hours ago
Wtf how does YouTube knows that I JUST got my period lol
Natalie Hall
Natalie Hall - 14 hours ago
Thanks for the info! May I point out that your use of the term "parasitic" in reference to a human fetus is incorrect as parasites are scientifically different species.
Mei Yu
Mei Yu - 17 hours ago
"he, because of course it was a he"

neat. sexism is still sexism, regardless of what gender its being aimed at.
javonte anthony
javonte anthony - 19 hours ago
me: bae lets have sex
her: I'm on my "period"
me: "period" don't stop nothing but a sentence baby girl
Blenselche - 19 hours ago
tfw men love bloody shows and games but a tablespoon of cunny blood makes them lose their marbles
deavve - 20 hours ago
Wow it was so unscientific, I just can't
ChipZilla69 - 21 hour ago
A bat on its period sounds terrifying.
Linda Rosenthal
Linda Rosenthal - 22 hours ago
Fascinating! Thanks.
Joh King
Joh King - Day ago
I've been waiting for my period for the past 2 days. A few hours I finally had my period poop and now I've just started bleeding. Only a few days and I'll be all good for the next few weeks which I'm looking forward to
Eon Nevil
Eon Nevil - Day ago
Women have periods,not men.Fix your title
Sci Ence
Sci Ence - Day ago
What happens when tubes get tied?
Simple absorption?
That sounds dangerous...
Jukajobs - 17 hours ago
you still get periods if your tubes are tied. you're just not fertile anymore because your egg cells are stopped before they get too close to your uterus. but your uterus still produces its lining, which then has to leave via menstruation.
Chiron of Pelion
Chiron of Pelion - Day ago
Millennials: "Babies are parasites."
Amanda Licorne
Amanda Licorne - Day ago
I would love to see you guys do an episode on PCOS!❤️
Sammy-Joe Samuels
Sammy-Joe Samuels - Day ago
I thought this would mention the fact that we have to prepare our bodies for fertilisation because it can happen at any time. While most other mammals have seasons. So their bodies know that this time fertilisation will happen. It doesn't over prepare so its easily absorbed. We have to flush ours out each month and go through the process of will she won't she each month. A lot of energy goes into keeping up this frantic pace so it terminates the whole process rather than keep it going perpetually
Dead Inside
Dead Inside - Day ago
Loving the trans-inclusive title!
michelle stein-evers frankl
so, tell us about endometriosis.... if you can or dare.
michelle stein-evers frankl
Oh bloody period!
Christopher Scobie
Christopher Scobie - 2 days ago
DTA Dylan The Atheist
DTA Dylan The Atheist - 2 days ago
Vaginas (delicious)
Edie Babe
Edie Babe - 2 days ago
“for a few days a month...” ha! I wish.
Roberto Dela Cruz
Roberto Dela Cruz - 3 days ago
Wow so much science mambo jumbo... I'm not sure even the speaker understand fully what she is talking about. You must be doctor or something to understand this.
Lizzy Kim
Lizzy Kim - 3 days ago
In my country, some people still have the belief that a menstruation woman can't be around plants. My mom doesn't let us sit in our balcony or get around her plants around the house when we are on our period lol
Doodliver - 4 days ago
I find menstruation as an unfair punishment just because wamen don't want to get pregnant like, /now/, right when the uterus feels like it, and then after they do have one baby or more it keeps pushing their bodies to get ready to get pregnant, it's very cruel from nature, I've heard that men go through something similar but idk if that's true somehow, there must be a process related to sperm like to renew it for a better stock of them and expulsing the old and not so good ones or something
Alex Snow
Alex Snow - 4 days ago
Cause Jesus
Csongor Szántó
Csongor Szántó - 5 days ago
Wish the video weren't done with a subjective approach, eye-rolls, side comments etc.
Andre Winston Powell
Andre Winston Powell - 5 days ago
People? I thought this was a science show? Only women get periods, science!
Isa C. Diniz
Isa C. Diniz - 3 days ago
mario vega
mario vega - 5 days ago
7 minutes to answer lol woman....
Nishant Soni
Nishant Soni - 5 days ago
Am I the only one annoyed at every time she used the word People and not once Women.
Jere Lull
Jere Lull - 5 days ago
For those who think an infallible god created us, this video should be "must" viewing.
Add this unnecessary monthly cycle to a decidedly inadequate and inappropriate birth canal and ya gotta observe that he either sucked in the omniscient department or was misogynistic from before the beginning, or both.
Maria Therese
Maria Therese - 6 days ago
I can't believe instead of "mother and child" it's now "host and invasive fetus."
So I was a "invasive fetus parasite", hu?
Sorry, you're just wrong.
My host said so. 😂

(But in all seriousness, my parents would be horrified to hear parenthood seriously spoken of in that way. I'm pretty disgusted myself.)
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor - 7 days ago
A fetus is not a parasite for several reasons.
1. A parasite is a different species
2. A parasite is not something that your body and the body of your partner created.
3. A fetus is created by the body so that the species can live on and so that your genes can be passed on.
4. A parasite takes from the host usually without the host doing anything on purpose to help it. A fetus takes nutrients because nutrients are being given to it by the mother.
5. A fetus is literally made using half of the mother's chromosomes.
6. Helping a child even when it's not convenient for the parent is called parenting and even though it may not be helpful for the mother her body is still supporting the child so that her Gene's are supported.
6.You can't go through the process that's makes the baby and then blame the baby like it came out of nowhere.
Calling a fetus a parasite turns my stomach because it's like calling an infant or a child a parasite. An infant cannot live on it's on and neither can children but calling them parasites would be looked down upon by society.
You may not have wanted the baby, but your body did and you chose to have sex so you have to deal with the consequences that you created a human child.
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor - 7 days ago
Not to mention that children often support their parent when they get making it a symbiotic relationship
revise hellenologophobic
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Ella Wakeman
Ella Wakeman - 8 days ago
Would love to see more SciShow videos about these sorts of topics! So interesting, and also important for reducing taboos and starting positive conversation!!
Kai McKenzie
Kai McKenzie - 8 days ago
I love how she's wearing red.
Kai McKenzie
Kai McKenzie - 8 days ago
Human society is sexist. What's new?
It's still very sad though.
Michael Calarco
Michael Calarco - 8 days ago
I am a male and medical professional(not dealing with that aspect directly) and I was always squirmy with this stuff in school and it sucks that people like me have held back needed research in woman’s health. We need to talk about this more so that is less scary. Here here.
I wonder if there is any difference in some of these proposed features in young vs old and regular periods versus being on the pill or some other system with few or no periods ... could it be a preparation/ conditioning of sorts.
I wonder what things we could help with like endometriosis and infertility issues looking down this avenue.
Promise Jimenez
Promise Jimenez - 9 days ago
Dogs get their periods too...
May the Schwarz be with you
Red sweater is apropos for the topic.
Anna S
Anna S - 9 days ago
^gratefulness for iud intensifies^
(despite it being one of the more painful things I experience) oh the joys of being a uterus owner. 🙃
Helen Bowell
Helen Bowell - 10 days ago
I love and appreciate that at no point did you guys say "women" in this vid!
Jaber Yesu
Jaber Yesu - 11 days ago
Now why would I, the host be in crippling pain before (PMS - migraine, bloating, mood swings from hell) which advance to acute cramps that feel like some 😈 "internal parasite" is poking me with gazillion needles, sawing me open and allowing shock therapy with an electric current (acute abdominal cramps, lower back ache, migraine on the left side of my temple, eye, and jaw. Vomiting and diarrhoea) then finally after my morbid menses are done on the third day... I still suffer from acute migraines. Now I am on narcotics to manage the pain... My menses are my phobia😑😞😕😖😲😩😥😫
Sam Gfds
Sam Gfds - 12 days ago
My mom told me that girls got periods to get rid of bad stuff that builds up in our blood and that I shouldn't take the pill and interrupt my menstruation because of that
My cousins, who are my age, agreed
Amazing How people still believe this stuff
KR P - 12 days ago
Seemingly the only 'base imperative' of life; is to propagate life that is most similar to itself, that makes children a 'tool' for their parents and most certainly not "parasites".
Even survival of the 'parent' is largely conditioned on the possibility of either further reproduction or increasing the success of already produced offspring.
So even if the uterine lining is to mediate resource sharing between mother and offspring -it's easy to conclude; that it's to ensure that the mother survives the pregnancy so that she can care for said offspring and/or produce more.

Injecting philosophy of self, individuality and other cultural beliefs into the mechanics of biology and evolution is exceedingly unscientific and irrational.
Kristina Mena
Kristina Mena - 13 days ago
You see, that's why that one "no uterus, no opinon" meme quote is still fuckin valid--
River Piscean
River Piscean - 14 days ago
Just read that long ass 4Chan post about if Elfs have similar periods to humans. You're welcome.
Szczwany Lisek
Szczwany Lisek - 14 days ago
"He, because of course it was a he..."
Criticising sexist science while beeing sexist yourself. Nice.
Bongani Mahlangu
Bongani Mahlangu - 14 days ago
Did you wear a red top on purpose.?
Rastaa Pasta
Rastaa Pasta - 14 days ago
You need to repeat this video cause there much random jumps
Chester Scofield
Chester Scofield - 15 days ago
I learned more about menstruation in this one video than I did in three quarters of health classes between 5th and 12th grade. Probably in part because they would separate the boys from the girls because boys don't need to know about girl stuff. >.> Knowing what is happening better equips us to be more understanding when it happens.
William Fortun
William Fortun - 15 days ago
If this is a scientific channel why don’t use the correct langue. I mean why say people instead female or something?
craig me
craig me - 15 days ago
The question is WHY do women decide , yes, decide to menstruate? Why. Men wouldn't, they'd take a pill. So WHY do women do it? Not to let them know when they are pregnant, na, they pee on a stick for that. So why? No this isn't a sexist statement, I'm asking, why? And no it's not natural to menstruate for 30 years, no one did that traditionally, 20 pregnancies and breastfeeding, poor diets, hard work, na, that didn't happen in paleo times, or even in the middle ages, why do it now?
guitarherochampion92 - 15 days ago
My periods practically crippled me. The pain would be so bad I would get dizzy, nauseous and practically be unable to move. Curled up in fetal with a heating bad and maxed out on ibuprofen waiting for the agonizing pain to pass. I've waited as long as 2-4 HOURS for the pain to go away. Ever since I discovered birth control I can actually live my life like a normal person. I'm currently using the Nexplanon impant and absolutely love it. I do have irregular discharge (it's light enough for pantiliners) that can last 4 weeks ish at a time, then it tapers off for 2-4 weeks and comes back. I've only had it since early September though, so maybe it'll become more predictable as time goes on. I'd recommend trying it, anyone who's considering it! See how it works for you!
Lois Hawkey
Lois Hawkey - 15 days ago
Blood is toxic!
Lois Hawkey
Lois Hawkey - 15 days ago
Smart people lied....smart men and women got it wrong...
kristina3threat - 15 days ago
Why do *WOMEN* menstruate... Not "people". WOMEN.
Amy - 7 days ago
I was just going to make this point - how can they get through a whole video about menstruation without mentioning women or girls once?
Rabo Karabekian
Rabo Karabekian - 15 days ago
I'm reminded of the old line about ED drugs:
"Out of all medical problems that could be researched, companies instead worked on a way for men to always get it up."
MrCaptainkirk1984 - 16 days ago
Kind of a long and misandry filled video for "we don't really know yet."
And the pro-abortion terminology, like calling a fetus something akin to a parasite didn't help either.
River Piscean
River Piscean - 14 days ago
Oh great, I found the pro-birther.
EL WO - 14 days ago
I saw only misogyny in this video. Creators are genuinely afraid to say word "woman" and "female". The most stupid phrase was "pregnant people". They are rejecting our very biology for some PC reasons!
M.E - 16 days ago
For a science show I find it pretty terrible that you are specifically avoiding the word “woman”. Only women have uteruses and menstrual cycles. It’s unscientific to invalidate women and the fact that there are male and female bodies.
Amy - 7 days ago
Chris Heichel
Chris Heichel - 16 days ago
How's that work if they have different blood types?
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