Why Do People Have Periods When Most Mammals Don't?

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mary the sun
mary the sun - 3 days ago
Because we're a weird and fragile species that has evolved pretty badly in terms of our body just proves theres no intelligent designer because lol our bodies are a mess sometimes theres no reason why things happen
Tima IK
Tima IK - 12 days ago
This just made me more freaked out by pregnancy.... although am very pro-life
Reincarnated Jeffrey Dahmer
I'm with Aunt Flo now, she's starting to subside
shenzai. - 18 days ago
not vampires wont leave me alone but the cramps feel like hell. lol i wish periods never exist
Jennifer B
Jennifer B - 18 days ago
My husband and I when the period comes we say oh the terror cave is out for vacation! lol!
Then when I stop my period we say oh the cave of wonders came back lol.
Ha ha ha .
And periods pain we call it the uterus planet got off its axis lol and period flow we call it the red tide lol.
it just something we do to make my periods go faster and more smoothly if we both have sense of humor about it.
He gets mood swings we joke about his mood swings we both go oh no the lizard is having a bad day lol
no but seriously periods suck !
period cramps are the worst!
Soon to be 35 I wish didn’t have period . So painful.
e schwarz
e schwarz - 20 days ago
however animals that have menopause; Cetaceans like dolphins (esp Orcas), and humans
Alexzandra .Hegazy
Alexzandra .Hegazy - 21 day ago
The red rivers of rage...
Marcus Taber
Marcus Taber - 22 days ago
People have periods? Show me a scientific paper of a natural born male (XY) having a period.
Magnetic Fishing Madness
Magnetic Fishing Madness - 23 days ago
a fetus is a parasite? wow that's pretty fkd up.... I guess the evolutionary science model still cant explain why some people are so thought driven that they are destructive to their own species. You cant say that people are worth anything if at any stage they are "a parasite". fk evolution, you cant even prove that sh!t anyway. And by the way the idea of evolution came from the white supremacist racist mind that was hell bent on saying black people came from apes. Its wrong and we all know that it is wrong in our hearts.
lol haha
lol haha - 23 days ago
women dont have periods, that is a right wing myth perpetuated by the left wing radicalists!
Zoe Boyd
Zoe Boyd - 27 days ago
Why, oh WHY is she wearing red?
Liam O'Malley
Liam O'Malley - Month ago
If they'd studied menstruation in Ernestina instead of Ernest they'd likely have done a less lousy job of it. Male medical biases for the w(om)in..../s
MoonstonePearl21 - Month ago
Watching this after coincidently finding it while menstruating.
Sami Ballew
Sami Ballew - Month ago
People got mad at me for referring to my babies while pregnant as the best parasites anyone could have lol
Amy - Month ago
SciShow you mention that "half of all people between puberty and middle age have blood and other fluids flow from their vaginas for a few days each month" - that's interesting. Why do that half of people menstruate while the other half doesn't? Have scientists been able to discover any single factor that links all the people who menstruate? Do the people who menstruate have any single thing in common that the other half of the population don't have? It would be great to hear more about what scientists believe causes this fifty-fifty split in humanity? What could it be?
Underbitelover - Month ago
why do you have people in the title and not female or women? do a video on how many males menstruate please.
Monica Kirrk
Monica Kirrk - 29 days ago
I think it is because some women identify as male of non-binary.
Sarah - Month ago
We need part 2
Aibrean Corvid Shular
Aibrean Corvid Shular - 2 months ago
I did just found you and I love free educational videos! This was brilliant. I think my sons and daughters need to watch this!
Faith Ranger
Faith Ranger - 2 months ago
Love it
Authy Bonita
Authy Bonita - 2 months ago
She reminds me of Safiya Nygaard.
Fire Breathing Dragon
Fire Breathing Dragon - 2 months ago
It's nice to know there's a proper reason for my body throwing a tantrum each month
Tarskybull Beme
Tarskybull Beme - 2 months ago
Women be like: my uterus is ready
Karen Higgins
Karen Higgins - 2 months ago
I might be the only one here that disagrees with evolution. If evolution was true then why were apes the only mammal to evolve? And why are there still apes? Why did some evolve and some didn’t? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I believe a creator made everything just the way it is supposed to be.
Karen Higgins
Karen Higgins - Month ago
AJPlayZ 01 I doubt that.
AJPlayZ 01
AJPlayZ 01 - Month ago
Try learning more about evolution and you will understand it better
Rebecca Lia
Rebecca Lia - 2 months ago
Who is here because blood and other fluids are coming out of their vagina!
Elantra 2020
Elantra 2020 - 3 months ago
So each of us was once a parasite, but some humans never outgrow being one.
adasalad - 3 months ago
Woman: holds flowers that were mostly likely plucked from the ground and no longer have roots
Flower: starts to decay
Man: "she has toxic sweat!"
CeeC33 - 3 months ago
who are these people that dislike this video??
Ozzy shea
Ozzy shea - 3 months ago
this video made me uncomfortable in the best way possible
sage - 3 months ago
thank you so so so much for not being like "WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN" but just saying "*people* menstruate"
fieryn - 3 months ago
Beautiful non-ciscentric language throughout this video. Great job, folks!
Jillian Van Rhyn
Jillian Van Rhyn - 4 months ago
I was so parasitic they had to cut me from my hosts body! Something she will never let me forget lol
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad - 4 months ago
Toledo Tourbillion
Toledo Tourbillion - 4 months ago
Why are people squeamish about periods? Thats just weird. She's in pain and needs help sometimes, no big deal.
JazzyMayflower - 4 months ago
I call it my P Diddy. Or monthly curse lol
LastBlow - 4 months ago
Periods are fact of life. Nature is a step-mother to women, no need for society to make it even harder. Enough of ingrained misogynistic biases, agree.
bluealize1 - 4 months ago
Why do humans have finger nails and toe nails?
AJPlayZ 01
AJPlayZ 01 - Month ago
Nails help with our movement and grabbing on to things
y0urlillyness - 4 months ago
The refusal to say women in this video is quite annoying. You want to be inclusive but you're erasing language that most women strongly identify with to refer to themselves and as such are excluding most women to be "inclusive" to a very small percentage of the position. Pretty messed up.
y0urlillyness - 3 months ago
@Tim yes, we are people. But the overwhelming majority of "people who menstruate" are women, and ALL people who menstruate are biologically female. It feels purposeful in its erasing of women to include trans men. Pretty stupid and not cool.
Tim - 3 months ago
Women are people are they not? Even if they said women that still wouldn't include all women, some are infertile etc..
Isabelle Orosz
Isabelle Orosz - 4 months ago
really appreciating the inclusive and gender neutral language surrounding menstruation!!
Ro - 4 months ago
Why must it be so painful?!?!??
Melina Rinaldis
Melina Rinaldis - 4 months ago
Is not painful to everyone, depends of each body. But if It hurts, Is good to consult with a medic
Jennifer Radomski
Jennifer Radomski - 4 months ago
100% cosmically unfair!!
Mikaela Fortunata Addams
Mikaela Fortunata Addams - 4 months ago
I love how trans inclusive and trans friendly this is. Good job!
Garbage Gremlins
Garbage Gremlins - 4 months ago
Broke: call your period auntie flow
Woke: Call it the red scare
Edward Elric
Edward Elric - 4 months ago
I enjoy how she says "Half of the (human) population" instead of just women, because not everyone who has periods is a woman. Thank you.
game exe
game exe - 4 months ago
wait so why do we have periods? this explained the process in great detail on how it works but not why
AJPlayZ 01
AJPlayZ 01 - Month ago
This is an answer i found on google Every month or so, the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the woman becomes pregnant. If the egg doesn't get fertilized, that lining is released from the body as blood through the vagina. This monthly process is called menstruation or a period.
heck No
heck No - 4 months ago
Instead of people you meant "women", but looking at the septum and the glasses I think it was on purpose.
L Coop
L Coop - 4 months ago
Who’s watching this on their period 🤪🩸
Haloom Rafehi
Haloom Rafehi - 4 months ago
Nice video destigmatising periods while simultaneously erasing women from the conversation. Why is SciShow so offended by the word woman?
sueanndisanto - 4 months ago
Cannot hear end of sentences. Voice grumbles at end.
n cnsnnts
n cnsnnts - 4 months ago
Me, sobbing about my anxieties, scrolling through youtube
Scishow: Why do women menstruate?
Me: I do want to know that ;_;
LostLittleDream - 4 months ago
this makes me curious on how consistently taking the pill instead of breaking actually does stop menstruation to an extent.
Lizard Breath
Lizard Breath - 4 months ago
Now explain to me why my uterus decided to pump itself full of tumors for 10yrs
J Do
J Do - 4 months ago
Take the "Sci" out of SciShow if you're going to give a big middle finger to science.
This is Awesome
This is Awesome - 4 months ago
Periods are the absolute worst when you know you don't ever want a parasite. It's just useless painful gross underwear no sex week(S).
Touka Kirishima
Touka Kirishima - 4 months ago
ALL THE CREDIT for using gender-neutral terms. "Half the population" is so much more inclusive than "the females"
B A Andersson
B A Andersson - 4 months ago
Isn't it also worth mentioning that humans would have experienced periods much more rarely in natural conditions? Between being pregnant very often and being malnourished enough to not get periods, the average number of periods would be far fewer than once a month during reproductive age. So the negative effects of periods such as cramping, weakness etc wouldn't have been as severe in comparison to the benefits, since more of the periods would be in response to a failed pregnancy rather than not being fertilized.
CandyCandy - 4 months ago
You mean women...why do women menstruate...not ppl, men don't get period.
Hailey Finch
Hailey Finch - 4 months ago
I love the gender neutral take on this video! Thank you!
y0urlillyness - 4 months ago
Why? The overwhelming majority of people with periods are women. Why erase the language to make a very small number of people feel good or whatever? Kinda messed up if you ask me.
Eli Bundy
Eli Bundy - 4 months ago
Thank you so much for keeping this gender neutral! As a trans person, it is kind of frustrating that periods are so often associated with women when that is not always the case. Thanks for educating us and DFTBA!
Heather Calun
Heather Calun - 4 months ago
"Squeemish" is one way to put it. I'd call it horrifically, systemically misogynistic, but that's just one interpretation I suppose.
Frank Lee Borja
Frank Lee Borja - 4 months ago
Well, according to the bible... lol
Chloe :3
Chloe :3 - 4 months ago
I’m trying to imagine a bat having a period
Erin Hand
Erin Hand - 4 months ago
Hold up...
You're telling me that some women only have a period for 3 days?!
Mother nature, I hate you and I want my money back... A-hole!
alisha barron
alisha barron - 4 months ago
Is it weird that an episode about periods did not once use the word girl, woman or female? I mean they talk about misogyny but never name the group of people who experience it, women.
Susan Harkema
Susan Harkema - 4 months ago
AMAZING video! Should be shown in every school.
Ryukiaru - 4 months ago
Question is, why do mine last up to 3 weeks and cause me to lose a ton of blood so I'm forced to take the pill😭
OddOneOut - 4 months ago
this was very concise and informative but i just kept thinking about how she went ➡️⬅️➡️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️
Laura Severi
Laura Severi - 4 months ago
My little parasites are my whole world 🤣💗💗
Jamie-Sue Ferrell
Jamie-Sue Ferrell - 4 months ago
“Ransacked by the Fetus” I’m feeling a metal band name kicking in here
peruse aclip1234
peruse aclip1234 - 4 months ago
"Parasitic evacuation."Metal band name possibility?
Jenni K.
Jenni K. - 4 months ago
I am in my upper 20s, have had a child, have been menstruating since the age of 14, have been sexually active since 16, & yet I myself still get squeamish discussing most things regarding the female reproductive system. I have no doubt that it is due to social programming. Thanks for videos like these, which help me ...& the rest of the world... work past it!
Iron Revenant
Iron Revenant - 4 months ago
I don’t know if it would would legal but wouldn’t genetically modifying human beings to not have periods be a beneficial thing? The only real reason it could be beneficial is to possibly prevent aneuploidy in progeny. Other than that, I don’t really think it is worth the suffering for such a thing.
Tim Travasos
Tim Travasos - 4 months ago
Good question. Hopefully gene splicing can fix that!
Lapis Lazarus
Lapis Lazarus - 4 months ago
I remember watching something about transplanting horse embryos into "brood mares." Now I know how that's possible.
scottdbush1 - 4 months ago
Women. They're called women.
Tim - 3 months ago
They wanted to keep it gender neutral I think. Just PC.
Kerosecstacy - 4 months ago
I get horrible cramps, nausea, and I tend to vomit. My periods are terrible and I've gone to the doctor multiple times and been told over and over that it's normal for women over 30 to get worsening periods as they age.
Melina Rinaldis
Melina Rinaldis - 4 months ago
Those "doctors" should get their linceses taken from them. Is normal at certain point to have some crams, but vomiting? I recomend you to seek for a true gynecologist.
jjwebster1 - 4 months ago
This does sound like a Feminist explanation as throughout women are portrayed as victims.
I'm not sure that's true.
Marley Anderson
Marley Anderson - 4 months ago
Be gone incels.
The_Observer - 4 months ago
Yeah, I hate propaganda. Why can't it just be neutral. Fking feminist
Marcio Dasb
Marcio Dasb - 4 months ago
"Of course it was a he". Please, stop with this antagonistic, war of the sexes bullcrap. I expected better from this channel.
Laurel Cunningham
Laurel Cunningham - 4 months ago
Thank you so much for speaking about menstruation in a gender-neutral way!!
Nevertoleave - 4 months ago
So we got unlucky cause some lady forever ago could get pregnant whenever and did, thanks greatest grandma...
gnarth d'arkanen
gnarth d'arkanen - 4 months ago
AND probably the worst reference I've ever heard was this:

"I don't trust anything that can bleed for a week and not die."

...It's so bad, I'm not even going to share the identity of the asshat that said it... It's mildly funny, and I can hope that's all you ever take away from it... "It's mildly funny" to say something like that... Share... of course... BUT don't take it seriously.

We (humans) are seriously TOO squeamish for our own good... not just with this issue. ;o)
Grace Schuermann
Grace Schuermann - 4 months ago
Can I just say I’m so impressed by the gender-neutrality in this video?! Such an informative and inclusive watch.
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason - 4 months ago
It feels pretty weird that they went out of their way to use the terms host and parasite rather than mother and child here. I mean there wasn't really a reason to do that...
TheAureliac - 28 days ago
Yes, there is. State legislatures in this country are passing laws that consider miscarriages to be felonies. Many anti-abortion advocates care less for the health of a living woman than a zygote. Many zealots believe that abortion should not be legal even for the health of the woman when the embryo she carries is not viable. In considering every pregnant woman a mother and every zygote a child, you are perpetuating that imbalance. By using the terms "host" and "parasite", SciShow is recognizing that a pregnant woman is an independent being with agency over who has access to her body.
MsLaughingRabbit - 4 months ago
@Ben Thomason Sure, it's not a normal term to use, but it makes a lot of sense all the same. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Besides, claiming a person is automatically a mother and considers what they carry to be a child is sort of presumptuous - not every pregnancy is planned or even welcome, and not everyone proceeds with their pregnancy to the state where the foetus even has all of its limbs in order. If we're going to argue semantics I'd say you're stretching the meaning of mother by that definition.
y0urlillyness - 4 months ago
They also went out of there way to not use the word women.... because a tiny percentage of biological females identify as male.... so let's just erase the majority to protect the sensibilities of the minority
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason - 4 months ago
@Liz Thorp if you're pregnant then you by definition _already are_ a mother.
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason - 4 months ago
@MsLaughingRabbit there wouldn't be any "going out of their way" in that scenario t all. Those are the _normal_ terms to use here. I've never see anyone else ever use the terms "parasite" and "host" to describe a pregnant mother and her child.
Azazel X
Azazel X - 4 months ago
Thank Friggin Dog for Depo Provera!!! Been a Happy customer for 18 and a half yrs of this beautiful invention!!!!! Sucks for ppl who's bodies can't handle it!!
Phoebe - 4 months ago
Always wanted to know this. Thanks
admin sucks
admin sucks - 4 months ago
It felt like someone has been squeezing your stomach and kicking your back.
WILLIAM KWAN - 4 months ago
Please look up what "begs the question" means. It's a philosophical term. Please just use "raises the question."
y0urlillyness - 4 months ago
Who cares? We all know what is meant. That is the purpose of language.
TokyoTraveller - 4 months ago
shark week?
that's a new one.
Oma Cool
Oma Cool - 4 months ago
UniversalDrift - 4 months ago
Someone from Singapore told me that they believe menstrual blood can be used to make men fall in love with the bleeder. Just take a bit of the ol' red stuff from whatever receptacle you're using to catch and contain it, pour a few drops of it into your intended target's favorite drink, and force the poor guy to be your unwilling love slave forever. I think I've read a couple of news stories out of that region that reported on some women being arrested for it.
Jazmin - 4 months ago
Engery efficient? I already get so tired during my period... It'd be worse without it?
Narcissus Fang
Narcissus Fang - 4 months ago
So we've gone from menotoxin to parasite... How very 21st century!
It seems that science merely reflects its age and it's conclusions are contaminated by the dominating zeitgeist. And boy, isn't it used to maximum effect. Just believe people, it's 'science' now don't have anymore parasites...
Parasite and Host, I really should have known before watching this.
GregInHouston2 - 4 months ago
Actually, only about half of humans menstruate.
THCA - 4 months ago
Is this generation familiar with the word "mother?"
steel teal
steel teal - 4 months ago
Ok boomer
Molly grace
Molly grace - 4 months ago
Yet another reason why humans are weird
Andrea - 4 months ago
The long history, even continuing today, of cultural and religious taboos surrounding menstruating females makes me sad because of how they make them out to be untouchable and dirty, and alienate and even endanger them. I hope that changing attitudes end these taboos soon.
Lile P.W.
Lile P.W. - Month ago
In the West people are starting to remove women from periods :/ just look at the title of this video, even it is guilty.
Septimussheep 777
Septimussheep 777 - 4 months ago
Normalize periods plz. Might start tweeting period updates...
preciousinfinity - 4 months ago
The thing that annoys me most about menstruation is how we're all supposed to hate it, how we're supposed to long for the days before we bled once a month and long for the days to come when it'll stop. I do not hate my monthly cycle at all, I embrace it, and am always relieved when it comes on time as I'm now approaching menopause age. We're raised with this idea that menstruation is just something women have to put up with, but why can't it be something we enjoy?
ArtedeJerie - 4 months ago
...we don't enjoy it because it's messy and painful
Anders Rehnberg
Anders Rehnberg - 4 months ago
Good 12 minutes, learned more than in my previous 65 years - I decided to watch because a few days ago someone asked "What topic is NEVER covered in Hard Core Science Fiction stories?" - my response (as I have read about 1000 of them) was 'Menstruation'. And as a guy I probably know as much as most guys about that subject, i.e. zero. So decided to watch this video - thanks!
Gwin Willis
Gwin Willis - 4 months ago
I hope some day at some vague time in the future more research is done on gynecological diseases like my decades long enemy endometriosis
Melina Rinaldis
Melina Rinaldis - 4 months ago
They have a video about endometriosis
Alex Snow
Alex Snow - 4 months ago
Cause Jesus
six26sawada - 4 months ago
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