Mississippi State QB Does 360 Mid-Air After Taking Wild Hit

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Tony 2times
Tony 2times - 9 days ago
That’s why you don’t leave your feet in football dudes lucky he landed safely
Tariq Burrus
Tariq Burrus - 17 days ago
Like helicopter that’s lost control 😂😂😭
TheHvk - 18 days ago
That's fuckin DUMB. You have to stop incentivizing kids to do dumb shit like this.
Malak Judah
Malak Judah - 18 days ago
he pulled off ryu's hurricane kick haha
316ht - Month ago
I love how he knew which way to stretch the ball after he reentered orbit.
Kal-EL Wayne
Kal-EL Wayne - Month ago
Whatever it takes.
GuyFox - Month ago
Fidget spinners are so last year
Robert Sanchez
Robert Sanchez - Month ago
Imagine him landing that lmao
աėšłęÿ - Month ago
He said: 🚁
Ced_Rez - Month ago
I give him props he ate that massive hit to almost get the first down
Fraser Buchanan
Fraser Buchanan - Month ago
I love how he has the wherewithal to stick the ball out to try and get an extra yard. I also love how the opposition's shove to him after the play is really tame.
Deep hug
Deep hug - Month ago
When I grow up I want to be a helicopter, living the dream....
Charming nowhere to hide
Talk aboit taking one for tbe team sheshh
Lewy Crabtree
Lewy Crabtree - Month ago
Imagine while he’s spinning mid air a DB runs up and hits him and spins him counter clockwise. Then he gets hit again clockwise. And it keeps repeating itself thereby keeping him in perpetual midair rotation. Eventually his own teammates join in and you have a line on both sides keeping him spinning like a helicopter blade.
Deep hug
Deep hug - Month ago
This should be a shooting star meme!
Marco Charette Official Music
Remember the name? Put it in title for more views.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Month ago
How tf did he get up from that in like 2 seconds
Charming nowhere to hide
QB wins award especially created just for him, 1 hit 2 concussions award.
AcaciaTreeTV - Month ago
Y’all are acting like he got hit hard. He just got spun😂
03 AI
03 AI - Month ago
Jon Annie
Jon Annie - Month ago
Looks like fun! AGAIN!!
afutla qian
afutla qian - Month ago
OMG 😂😂 it was so awesome it looked fake
Digital Tiger
Digital Tiger - Month ago
Look mom I am a helicopter.
Jesse Tyrell
Jesse Tyrell - Month ago
That was the helicopter
afutla qian
afutla qian - Month ago
Sad he wasn’t paid for that hit.
Deadkandy - Month ago
TheHellogoo - Month ago
🎵I believe I can fly.🎵
ZIGged - Month ago
0:08 getting drunk in a nutshell.
Zachary Napoleon
Zachary Napoleon - Month ago
Nobody even ran over to their teammate to check on him.. wtf????
Okurka - Month ago
Joshua - Month ago
Best impression of a helicopter I've ever seen!
afutla qian
afutla qian - Month ago
Everyone is goofing on this guy. That takes fucking balls and heart to try for that first down. 2 backs lining this guy up. 95% of qbs would of ran out of bounds or slid.
Vidal Flores
Vidal Flores - Month ago
Man did a tre flip
CC's Bigfoot
CC's Bigfoot - Month ago
I'm surprised he still held on to the ball. Lol
Diabolik Dooby420
Diabolik Dooby420 - Month ago
This should be a shooting star meme!
MotaDhesi - Month ago
QB wins award especially created just for him, 1 hit 2 concussions award.
Nj Rh
Nj Rh - Month ago
Did you say a special concussion ward, just for him? Its good to plan ahead.
TorturedXGenius - Month ago
Block or charge?
drz - Month ago
Sad he wasn’t paid for that hit.
Superman Robin
Superman Robin - Month ago
OMG 😂😂 it was so awesome it looked fake
A Kid With No Arms
A Kid With No Arms - Month ago
And they say ballet is harder on the body
Fat Shlong
Fat Shlong - Month ago
Obvious flop
Rin Jackson
Rin Jackson - Month ago
Think that guy's been taking lessons from The Rock on how to sell hits/moves? :)
Kevin ________
Kevin ________ - Month ago
Nothing special, only happened because he jumped
Adlin Ling
Adlin Ling - Month ago
Old habits die hard.
jvck blvck
jvck blvck - Month ago
When you running the ball on madden and you press hurdle instead of spin on accident
dowddash - Month ago
ryan48888 - Month ago
Everyone is goofing on this guy. That takes fucking balls and heart to try for that first down. 2 backs lining this guy up. 95% of qbs would of ran out of bounds or slid.
cricedaking1 - Month ago
Keep reading about the hit.
And barely anything about the Just Hustle. . Wanted something and went for it. . admirable stuff right there. Can't train that heart.
Mr.Grains Brice
Mr.Grains Brice - Month ago
Thing is he actually did a 420 degree turn

Absolute Legend
Nathan Mederes
Nathan Mederes - Month ago
This is why we need 11 in the game. But no we have a stupid coach. Tommy Stevens is a bust.
James Hossa
James Hossa - Month ago
The ad I watched was longer than the video... so I watched twoce
Jay Luck
Jay Luck - Month ago
Could only be funnier if someone CGI’d the Kansas State Mascot’s head (that’s all the “costume” for Willie the Wildcat is) onto the tackler!
A YouTube Guy
A YouTube Guy - Month ago
i demand a slo mo of the hit. lol big hit
ain1i tewau
ain1i tewau - Month ago
Pay them
Andrew Sellitti
Andrew Sellitti - Month ago
Those idiot sideline coaches pointing 1st down. Dude wasn't even close.
Isaac Fleming
Isaac Fleming - Month ago
this is what happens when you throw the ball backwards in wii sports bowling
No U
No U - Month ago
If he landed that tho.
Damn that would be crazy
Lisinfilm - Month ago
Nice 16 second clip on trending very cool😎
Bruce Lick
Bruce Lick - Month ago
*Cte has entered the chat
Tyrannosaurus Thunder
Tyrannosaurus Thunder - Month ago
They should have awarded him the first down just for surviving that.
Speedmeyer23 - Month ago
I thought it only happened in madden
Bill Cutting 7772
Bill Cutting 7772 - Month ago
Is he still alive?
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks - Month ago
0:08 when you shoot your shot and she says she got a boyfriend.
happy feet
happy feet - Month ago
penis es
To N17
To N17 - Month ago
Man said🚁🚁
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