Patrick Mahomes: Showtime MVP Mini-Movie

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Doak Masarik
Doak Masarik - Day ago
Ive always been a quarter back man. I was a colts fan when Manning was there. I moved to be a Bronco fan when he went there. I quit watching football for 3 years because of the kneeling stated. Was never coming back again. Then I started hearing about Mahomes. He is the only reason I’m back. Now a Kansas City fan. He is the best I’ve ever seen..
Eldridge Joseph
Eldridge Joseph - 2 days ago
The confidence level of this young man it's something to behold once he extends play with his legs it's almost certain he will have a positive play he is confident humble good athlete good skill sets and down right scary I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for life but I must give this young man is prom
Kathy Pierce
Kathy Pierce - 3 days ago
Love him! Just love him! He makes watching football fun like Roger Federer makes tennis fun!!!! Go K C !!!!!!!!!!
Dio Avila
Dio Avila - 7 days ago
25:31 "There it goes again..."
Dio Avila
Dio Avila - 7 days ago
17:47 "Look at the Magic of the Quarterback!"
My favorite throw... AMAZING!!!
cc sports fan
cc sports fan - 10 days ago
I never get tired of watching this
Ricardo Burton
Ricardo Burton - 11 days ago
After this SB, the League is officially unsafe!! Got my KC SB after 27 seasons a fan!! The scariest thing about him is he doesn't need a phenomenal O line, all he needs is 2 - 3 seconds max to do what he does so well, extend any broken play, you can't beat that!!
SiriBytes - 12 days ago
Good Morning Foot ball Fans , Just Rock
Alexander Blackburn
Alexander Blackburn - 13 days ago
I was skeptical when we drafted him because we had Smith. Good lord, i have never been so happy to be wrong in my life. The dude is like playing Madden on easy.
Dallas Acuff
Dallas Acuff - 14 days ago
I see that there are 349 jealous assholes who did a thumbs down. They must be butt hurt that the Chiefs kicked the shit out of their team. Well, get use to it losers... more of the same in 2021. GO CHIEFS !
Ace Boogie 15
Ace Boogie 15 - 16 days ago
After the Tennessee and Atlanta pre season games I knew he was the one that would lead this franchise. His talent with Andy Reid being his coach it was bound to happen. To think he’d accomplish this much so early I didn’t see coming but I knew being the best QB in the league was his potential, it’s so nice to see a KC QB thrive after so many wasted years by incompetence from that position.
Jimi-J Malfamé
Jimi-J Malfamé - 16 days ago
Imagine if the chiefs has defense this year.... man.. and dont forgive that refeere cheat for the patriots in the afc championship
tj schoenlein
tj schoenlein - 18 days ago
Born to run - born to be great...
uboat6313 - 19 days ago
14:15 The BOMB.
Thair Gordon
Thair Gordon - 26 days ago
Arm strength is crazy
Adam 1
Adam 1 - 27 days ago
Turn up the pressure on Mahomes and he gets BETTER.
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie - 29 days ago
Playing with Mahomes isnlike playing with Magic Johnson. If you are on the court keep your eyes open and your hands ready because there is a good chance the ball will find you when you least expect it
ddowns24 - 29 days ago
I'm a 9ers fan, but I could watch this guy all day...
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie - 29 days ago
I'm a Titans fan and I could too
Life is A.O.K
Life is A.O.K - Month ago
i Beleive in Patrick Mahomes.... he going to be a GOAT
NolaTiger - Month ago
Can’t wait to see Clyde with him in that O
Michael Rys
Michael Rys - Month ago
I Have Been Waiting My Whole Entire Life For My Chiefs To Actually Draft & Develop They Own Quarterback That Was Actually Good & Man Was It Worth The Wait . . . . .
Pedro-Ignacio García-Quiroz
He visto los 54 tazones, soy Steeler, aunque reconozco al los KC Chiefs por esos partidos de playoff, siempre viniendo de atrás para ganar dramáticamente sus juegos contra Houston, Tennessee y San Francisco, equipado con un gran QB de solo 24 años; me pareció que a ‘49s los traicionó el exceso de confianza, después de haber derrotado ampliamente a GB, hubieran guardado puntos para el LIV SB 🏈🏈🏈👍🏻
PJ KICKS - Month ago
I wonder what was on Brett Veachs mind when saw Mahomes I mean how teams overlooked Mahomes is outright insane, and all it took was a QB chang in Kansas City to reach the AFC Championship one year, and go on to win the Superbowl the next, I mean this is one of those stories you will tell your kids about and they will watch highlights as we do. This is amazing man
Jeff Sherwood
Jeff Sherwood - Month ago
Love your work. Look at Mahomes eyes @0:57. His focus is WAY down field while scrambling. This tells me he’s looking for a kill shot while other QBs look for a survival shot. Different animal to say the least.
James Porter
James Porter - Month ago
Goff: fails you dethrone the patriots
Mahomes: *fine, I’ll do it myself*
Fritz T
Fritz T - Month ago
Who is still here in 2020 after the Chiefs won the Superbowl? I love this guy and this team.
Connie B
Connie B - 2 months ago
Love this kid. But I prefer mic’d up ,like in xfl, where I get to hear the players talking. So much more fun and informative!
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson - 2 months ago
Patrick and I don't run from fights or Wars we run towards them
silvia castro ginestet
silvia castro ginestet - 2 months ago
Es un crack sense cap mena de dubte
Edward Vasquez
Edward Vasquez - 2 months ago
jean parker
jean parker - 2 months ago
Pat m. Another James Winston just keep throwing . Nothing without t. Hill . Hill is the greatest fact
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie - 29 days ago
Uh.. Winston threw more INTS this year than Mahomes has thrown in 2
Sidney Johnson
Sidney Johnson - 2 months ago
The league is not ready for this young man at all
Sidney Johnson
Sidney Johnson - 2 months ago
Both Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes are like mad scientist in a labrotory drawing up plays that play called Wasp is unstoppable the Chiefs have put the league on notice and the defense is top notch now teams don't like playing the Chiefs.
Sidney Johnson
Sidney Johnson - 2 months ago
Andy Reid dreamed about a quarterback like Mahomes and out of the clear blue sky it happened. Patrick Mahomes was a diamond in the rough he fell into Andy Reid's hands . Mahomes is a baseball player with shoulder pads on. When he twisted his knee cap against Denver the Broncos were more nervous than the Chiefs why cause this guy is must see. He's the face of the league. Chicago didn't want him because he was a man of color that's the best I can explain it. Mitch before Patrick come on man.
Rudy Hernandez
Rudy Hernandez - 2 months ago
can watch highlights of this guy ALL DAY!
Matthew Wilkinson
Matthew Wilkinson - 2 months ago
# patrick machines make it to super bowl 55
Tim Robbins
Tim Robbins - 2 months ago
Kansas City only needs to get a few more players on defense. They're firing on all eight cylinders on offense.
umkc73 - 2 months ago
Elite QB. Elite receivers. Go Chiefs!!!
Rhatigan Brothers
Rhatigan Brothers - 3 months ago
Please take time to hear this original Chiefs song and watch the music video we made for our Dad and all those who passed away before our Superbowl experience together. #ChiefsKingdom
crog09 - 3 months ago
this seems like 10 years of highlights
Kumala Nine
Kumala Nine - 3 months ago
Jay Davis
Jay Davis - 3 months ago
Shawnee Bulldog ***
Shawnee Bulldog *** - 3 months ago
Kansas City beat the best team in NFL on a day they were on their D game just wait till they get good
hakkujin - 3 months ago
This video looks like a whole career highlight video, but it was made after only one season AND before his Super Bowl MVP season. Can he maintain? Will he get better? I can't wait to see.
Right off the bat, he throws from the 25 to the other 5 (to a triple covered Tyreek Hill). That's crazy. KC is a cheat code.
claudio gomes
claudio gomes - 3 months ago
8:40 Patriots fan splash and flick hill...savage!lol
rayism 24b
rayism 24b - 2 months ago
Typical Bitch! Good Catch!
Cannabizmo _kc
Cannabizmo _kc - 3 months ago
2019 Super Bowl MVP
Elizabeth Thornton
Elizabeth Thornton - 3 months ago
As I said before Mahomes is the greatest QB of all times he's amazing
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones - 3 months ago
beyond words, this kid is amazing and we love him, He has the favor of God on his young life
Anteetoo Kounmpoo
Anteetoo Kounmpoo - 3 months ago
Hes leading the team with 24 years old???pls be the next president for dummy trump👍👍👏
ItsteveinKC - 3 months ago
You cooking up anything new?
craiglaney1989 - 3 months ago
8:39 Patriot's fan double barreled the fingers at hill. She was pissed.
ted smith
ted smith - 3 months ago
im a steeler fan but big ben and steelers are complete rubbish compared to mahomes and kc........steelers suck ass..........
Ray Mac
Ray Mac - 3 months ago
This comment makes me sad.. I'm a die-hard Chiefs fan and always have been. Every year it didn't matter if we had a good, bad or GREAT start I was always cheering. My aunt has always loved her Steelers. As a result, I found myself cheering for them over the years as well. While you guys are not up to par with y'all team of Big Ben, Willie Parker, Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward and TROY (ONE OF MY FAVORITE DEFENSIVE PLAYERS OF ALL TIME) POLAMALU, I don't think you guys are trash. Y'all dropped one of the best WR in the League because he was... detrimental to the team. You will rebuild, and dominate to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!But my Chiefs will be there soooooooo at least you guys will make it that far.🤷🏿‍♂️😂 #chiefssuperbowlchampions2019-20??
Scot Wells
Scot Wells - 3 months ago
He prolly gonna have like 10 rings before it's all said and done.
Max Palmer
Max Palmer - 3 months ago
Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL
Ekquizit Sounds
Ekquizit Sounds - 3 months ago
Max Palmer ever*
chiefsjen - 3 months ago
This was a year ago -- he's now the MVP of Super Bowl LIV !
one love
one love - 3 months ago
I’ve liked him since college but I had no idea he’d be this good. He’s a special talent.
Chris Lickteig
Chris Lickteig - 3 months ago
4:48 was just Amazing 😲
mai doan
mai doan - 3 months ago
P Mahome make brady look like a soft core
David Lee
David Lee - 3 months ago
Every body knows the refs gave kc the game, mahomes is way overrated
Ekquizit Sounds
Ekquizit Sounds - 3 months ago
David Lee hahahahahahahaha keep that vagina salty
MADZILLA 1 - 3 months ago
"...He's in trouble..." -- No, THEY'RE in trouble !! ...
Tyler J
Tyler J - 3 months ago
Imagine if Maholmes played with a dude like Randy Moss back when Moss was in his prime.
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie - 29 days ago
I feel the same, they'd have all of the touchdowns.. literally all of them
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day - 3 months ago
Congrats to da rd 1 10th pick Patrick m . Of chiefs super bowl Qb mvp super bowl champs 2020.
gfby15704 - 3 months ago
Now he has a ring and a Super Bowl MVP crown....what's next Patrick?? He's the freaking man!!!
Jordan Pietroboni
Jordan Pietroboni - 2 months ago
More super bowl games and rings 🤨
Lizett Corona Gorostieta
Lizett Corona Gorostieta - 3 months ago
El mejor sólo eso gracias Patrick por toda esta felicidad desde México papichulo los saluda
Lisa Conaway
Lisa Conaway - 3 months ago
Nice interview.
Vinz A.
Vinz A. - 3 months ago
mahomes’ and hill’s games are just meant for each other
James Brown
James Brown - 3 months ago
Watching this never gets old.
Wants the Truth!
Wants the Truth! - 3 months ago
Youngest SuperBowl MVP!!! The birth of a true GOAT!! And YES....I'm a die hard chiefs kingdom member for 30+years!
D Sanchez
D Sanchez - 3 months ago
As d Announcer zaid its God given
TheNemesis442 - 3 months ago
8:38 angry patriots fans throwing their drinks into Hunt's face after the TD....and I though philly was bad......
rayism 24b
rayism 24b - 2 months ago
Hill not Hunt. As if it mattered
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - 3 months ago
1 year later after Patrick won NFL MVP and heartbreak lost to the New England Cheaters in AFC Title game Now he broke the Madden Curse and broke the 50 year drought to lead 2019 Kansas City Chiefs a Super Bowl 54 victory for the 1st time since 1969.
DrawingMyWay _
DrawingMyWay _ - 3 months ago
Drawing Patrick Mahomes,
Harry Hanjob
Harry Hanjob - 3 months ago
Superbowl mvp
Mac Love
Mac Love - 3 months ago
Man I'm so glad mahomes plays for my hometown team geesh this dude is amazing but damn hill gas got some hands on him
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez - 3 months ago
Texas boy
shanhoff hoffman
shanhoff hoffman - 3 months ago
He seems like a genuinely nice guy, even his post touchdown flex doesn't come across as cocky. It's more of a whimsical imitation of a little kid trying to flex and show his muscle.
Darryl King
Darryl King - 3 months ago
He's a Bad Man !!
Reynaldo Cardoza
Reynaldo Cardoza - 3 months ago
Should have been in 2 super bowls already not being by the D4 penalty against new England AFC championship game in 2018
Doak Masarik
Doak Masarik - 3 months ago
I left the NFL a couple years ago and was never going back. Then i heard about Patrick Mahomes. I didn’t see the Super Bowl but did see the highlights.i was always a man that followed quarter backs Manning was my favorite of all time. But this kid is great and he will be the reason I’ve changed my mind. I have just become a Kansas City Cheifs fan.
rayism 24b
rayism 24b - 2 months ago
1 Superbowl Victory, 2 World Series, 1 MLB World Series Victory, 1 Pro Soccer Championship, in the last 5 years. Not bad for cow town Kansas City, Population < 500,000.
Angiee Hurtado
Angiee Hurtado - 3 months ago
Here to tell y’all we won SBLIV 😌
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