The Bielefeld Conspiracy

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Ben Featherston
Ben Featherston - 12 hours ago
We have this kind of thing in the US. Intelligent Americans know that the state of Wyoming does not exist.
irvan ray
irvan ray - Day ago
So, like Australia?
misomalu - Day ago
>implying Germany exists
pelao824 - Day ago
We have a simmilar one in Chile: Rancagua doesn't exist. It's funnier (for us) bcos it's supoosed to be one of our 10 biggest cities.
SektundSchnee - Day ago
Looks like a Sunday.
Linus Pre
Linus Pre - 2 days ago
I live in Bielefeld
And im not real.
People’s republic Of kapathian
Is this why the Australia isn’t real guy is a thing
Craftfredo - 3 days ago
DeLiXx - 3 days ago
You call it a conspiracy, when it's more like a nation-wide insider joke.
Mystical Glow TV
Mystical Glow TV - 4 days ago
What is truth?
Q - 4 days ago
The Mexican version of this joke is Tlaxcala
philip sheppard
philip sheppard - 4 days ago
So like Wyoming or Nova Scotia?
Stargarden - 6 days ago
I mean, in the United states, i dont believe the state of Idaho exists
Neonwritingninja - 6 days ago
There's actually a similar joke in America (or at least among my friends) about Wyoming, none of us even having heard of Bielefeld,
it's funny that this is an international phenomenon.
Mickh 279
Mickh 279 - 6 days ago
I was based there with the British Army great place bananas bar is the best 👍
Tony - 6 days ago
Reminds me of flat earthers who think Australia doesnt exist 🤣
Bobby Joe
Bobby Joe - 6 days ago
So, Wyoming?
Devan Snider
Devan Snider - 7 days ago
Thought it said battlefield
Rena Kunisaki
Rena Kunisaki - 7 days ago
Everyone knows New Zealand is the one that doesn't exist. It's not even on most maps.
Aus - 8 days ago
Tom standing in front of a green screen..
Malitis - 8 days ago
my aunt lives in bielefeld
NeuesTestament - 8 days ago
Nice try! Bielefeld doesn’t exist
Dread Pirate Roberts
Dread Pirate Roberts - 9 days ago
When is this guy gonna be on Joe Rogan?
Dread Pirate Roberts
Dread Pirate Roberts - 9 days ago
When is this guy gonna be on Joe Rogan?
FATAHMORGANAH - 9 days ago
Peak Herman Humour
livid sphincter
livid sphincter - 9 days ago
Pftt. Germany ain't real
Le Duc
Le Duc - 9 days ago
Did it go that viral that a brit is talking about it?!
Also don’t worry, you pronounced it properly.
LordStraightBanana - 9 days ago
Before you know it you’ll have cults telling us that the earth is flat....oh wait.
Sy Hi
Sy Hi - 10 days ago
Uhm any city is made up...
Almblanator - 10 days ago
Its Wyoming
kachnickau - 10 days ago
This is funny just up until you realized, that it perfectly described yours fathers brain work and it does not go to hysterical cry just because you get partially used to it..
unnamed channel
unnamed channel - 11 days ago
It is reasonable to vividly confirm that Bielefeld exists. But it is dumb to actually believe it.

It is all about manufacturing consent.
Just Jack
Just Jack - 11 days ago
We have a similar running joke here in Ireland about the entire county of Leitrim not existing. Still to this day have never met anyone from Leitrim or anyone who knows someone from Leitrim
Tiago Lima
Tiago Lima - 11 days ago
Basicamente o Acre da Europa
chub eye
chub eye - 11 days ago
Brexit in a nutshell
Kevin Sierra
Kevin Sierra - 12 days ago
A common joke in Spanish American internet implies that the entire country of Paraguay doesn't exists, because no one has been there and no one knows of anyone who is Paraguayan.
Cruye - 12 days ago
Brasil has something like that for the state of Acre
lordeisschrank - 13 days ago
so... where did you film that footage? and be honest this time.
Danylo Stepanov
Danylo Stepanov - 13 days ago
His voice is so heckin relaxing in this one
Steven Tebou
Steven Tebou - 13 days ago
Actually, I think our brains might be predisposed to conspiracy theories, or at least to not trusting what we perceive. Pre-civilization, when humans were migrating or living on the savannas in Africa, our eyes might have told us that there were no dangers around. But if we trusted them too much and let our guard down, that well-camouflaged lion or other predator would have killed us. The ones who didn't trust their eyes and refused to believe what they were seeing probably were more likely to survive and pass on this tendency their offspring. Of course in this modern world we don't usually need to worry about this, but I think maybe in some people this trait is strongly activated in their brains for some reason, but instead of helping them avoid predators it causes them to mistrust things around them, i.e. the news, governments, authority figures, etc. This in turn leads them to believe in various conspiracy theories...
I reckon I can build that
That's weird, those streets look just like Lüdenshied.
richard343s - 13 days ago
I thought youtube had started to remove videos about conspiracy theories.
But here is a video pretending that Bielefeld is real.
Jayako Grocock
Jayako Grocock - 13 days ago
In Spain Murcia doesn't exist
NeedToKnow - 14 days ago
Bielefeld was built to pretend it exists.
punkfruit - 14 days ago
Bielfeld is definitely real
Wyoming on the other hand,..
nikolaiblm - 15 days ago
Denmark is nonexistant, if you have been there, you just went to Norway or Sweden on some substance. Have you ever wondered why they talk like they have a potato down their throat? It's just a side effect of the substances
Alex McD
Alex McD - 17 days ago
I can just see someone watching this, missing the point entirely, and winding up a flat earther after a YouTube binge
speedocowboy - 17 days ago
If this isn't appropriate for today's rampant COVID-19 conspiracies, I don't know what is.
sickerboi - 17 days ago
Germans don't do jokes, Bielefeld doesn't exist
Miss Meme
Miss Meme - 17 days ago
Some people say Finland doesn't exist
Ranibow Sprimkle
Ranibow Sprimkle - 20 days ago
Bielefeld - eld + a bit of rearranging
= Belief
xanasago - 20 days ago
Seems like it's filmed during the pandemic xD
And Tom was there shortly after I moved away from my hometown to study. And why did I find this video this late. That seems unlikely
Michael Chater
Michael Chater - 20 days ago
North Dakota?
Johannibal Lecter
Johannibal Lecter - 20 days ago
I heard the mayor of Bielefeld made a contest to end the joke: The person who could prove that Bielefeld doesn't exist gets 1000000€, but nobody proved it until now...
Multibe 150
Multibe 150 - 21 day ago
Reading the comments I see every country has an imaginary place, like Tlaxcala in Mexico
David G Austin
David G Austin - 21 day ago
As a member of the LGBTQ community, I will say definitively that I cannot empathize or understand those who wish to discriminate against me for simply being who I am. People who are actively trying to pass laws that take away my civil and human rights are not part of my "circle" of like-minded people, but I will never be able to empathize with them, either. Why should any oppressed minority ever attempt to empathize with their oppressors? If your opinion is that others do not deserve the same fundamental rights you have, then your opinion is wrong.
Külpi - 22 days ago
Ich war da😂
Big Hendrix
Big Hendrix - 11 days ago
ne, du denkst das du da warst, warst aber woanders
λ–Φ Rypht Φ–λ
λ–Φ Rypht Φ–λ - 22 days ago
So this is the original version of the “Wyoming doesn’t exist” joke in America! Interesting
Mr.Animation - 23 days ago
So it's like Wyoming?
75hilmar - 23 days ago
They even have a fraud football team.
Mailo Kirmes
Mailo Kirmes - 23 days ago
There once was a contest where you could win a cash prize if you proved that Bielefeld is real😂
Roxy G
Roxy G - 23 days ago
Every country or state has a version of this conspiracy I think, it's really funny. Here in Georgia (US) I've heard many people joke about the city of Macon not existing
-]Na[-NoMaD - 24 days ago
You are part of the conspiracy, just not about this
BÖNE-SPOOF - 24 days ago
I’m not sure if Bielefeld exists or not but one thing that I’m sure of is that Wyoming does not exist
Portal Walker
Portal Walker - 24 days ago
I go there everytime we need something from Ikea
Moritz Lindner
Moritz Lindner - 25 days ago
Its not a Conspiracy!
Ben - 25 days ago
So this is their version of Wyoming isn’t real
Ben Pross
Ben Pross - 25 days ago
Bielefeld doesnt exist?

*my grandfather didn’t die*
Phil Drake
Phil Drake - 25 days ago
I know it exists
I've been there
Saw some great groups in the the 80's in a club called PC69
Nordic Mind
Nordic Mind - 25 days ago
*People in charge of "Finland" looking at each other*
Blyaticon - 26 days ago
Every German knows that Bielefeld doesn't exist
Slutty Sam
Slutty Sam - 26 days ago
Wyoming for the US. But Wyoming is actually not real it is an experiment by the government.
Lord Morgon
Lord Morgon - 27 days ago
Off course you can't go to Bielefeld, because Bielefeld is everything. Your entire meekly reality, is only a fraction of Bielefeld, woe upon those who realise that, it's all Bielefeld and always was. You can't go there, because you already are...
Matt10670 - 27 days ago
Why did Tom upload a two minute video of digital static and noise?
And why did I watch it?
Spencer Lukay
Spencer Lukay - 27 days ago
If you look at the frame of the video and cut it in half you get 2 triangles. Illuminati confirmed!
Joshua Stein
Joshua Stein - 27 days ago
Im tired of this joke. there is no city called Bielefeld, the footage shown is from duesseldorf and dortmund.
JD JD - 28 days ago
Tom you are The Conspiracy...
Juanma - 28 days ago
I've seen this pattern repeat in various countries, here in Argentina we say La Pampa, kind of a state, doesn't exist, and i know that US has a similar joke
Ascended Ninja
Ascended Ninja - 28 days ago
So it's just like Australia?
8Bit spy
8Bit spy - 28 days ago
The funny part is that he's in on it
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