The Bielefeld Conspiracy

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Kabuki Kitsune
Kabuki Kitsune - 9 hours ago
I've been working on a proof that it doesn't exist, using reasoning like you would find in a geometric proof. Sure, I doubt I'd win anything for it, but it's proving a fun thought experiment.
Howard SIX
Howard SIX - 6 days ago
BIELEFELD WAS A GHOST POSING FOR BRITISH FORCES (AND OTHERS) IN EUROPE.......added a po box to make sure you got your mai............
More Adrenalin
More Adrenalin - 6 days ago
There was a video today on the local TV and it says that Bielefeld ist real... Should I believe *them* ?
Kim Nis
Kim Nis - 11 days ago
And this is one of the reasons, that flerfers exist.
Elviondel - 11 days ago
Kinda like North Dakota in the US, it’s only a billboard that’s says “Welcome to ND” on the front and “Thanks for coming” on the Back
ADHD Synth
ADHD Synth - 13 days ago
Blofeld is my favorite town in Germany.
retakeKing - 14 days ago
I'm living in Germany and never heard about this running gag, I guess I'm just not civilised, good video though, i love your content
Allen Jinu
Allen Jinu - 15 days ago
My girlfriends from bielefeld
manic mechanic
manic mechanic - 17 days ago
I'm not really here. I'm just a figment of your imagination.😨
4of92000 - 17 days ago
so it's Germany's Wyoming, except it exists.
basil fawlty
basil fawlty - 17 days ago
It's just not there
Nicis Welt
Nicis Welt - 18 days ago
Which town?
Aidan Ashby
Aidan Ashby - 18 days ago
Tom Scott doesn't exist
Dy Re
Dy Re - 18 days ago
I life in bielefeld...i was born here...😂😂
Creamy Pasta
Creamy Pasta - 18 days ago
Explains why Flat Earth is even a thing in 2019
GodTheChaoticEvil Narcissist
Cool, you didn't even move the camera. You expect us to believe this?
Random Citizen
Random Citizen - 19 days ago
Jack Steel
Jack Steel - 19 days ago
50 years from now we'll look back on Biefeld as the cause of WW3
made - 19 days ago
Guys, let's all storm Bielefeld! They can't stop us all!
musashi939 - 16 days ago
Don't forget to Naruto run to evade the bullets
Agent Coco
Agent Coco - 20 days ago
A friend of mine moved to Bielefeld
I‘ve never seen him again
Colma B
Colma B - 20 days ago
Birds aren’t real, along with Wyoming
Gabriel Kellar
Gabriel Kellar - 20 days ago
Tom why did you film in the middle of nowhere
Seth Lankford
Seth Lankford - 20 days ago
Have you ever been to *Wyoming* ?
Tehreal Bonsoni
Tehreal Bonsoni - 20 days ago
Seems similar to the United States Wyoming
Stepping West
Stepping West - 18 days ago
One flaw is Yellowstone is right there and millions visit the park, so we've been to Wyoming
PrinzTom - 20 days ago
Back in the days, even Google maps zoomed just on a green field, when you have searched for Bielefeld.
NeXSusGAMER - 20 days ago
I know this is a bit late, but recently the city of Bielefeld offered 1 Million Euro to anyone who can proof that Bielefeld doesn‘t exist. Which is obviously one very funny joke if you think about it
Stepping West
Stepping West - 18 days ago
Could have been started in Bielefeld to begin with as a marketing campaign
Bill Zusner
Bill Zusner - 20 days ago
Jokes are supposed to be funny....right?
Catalina Contreras
Catalina Contreras - 20 days ago
mienzillaz - 21 day ago
You owe me 2 minutes 20 seconds of my life.. plus a comment round it to 3.. what was that Tom..?
Hand Solo
Hand Solo - 21 day ago
That's nothing, flat earthers now say that Australia doesn't exit.
Stepping West
Stepping West - 18 days ago
It's a great disinformation tool
dhvsheabdh - 20 days ago
They really don't. The irony is you've fallen for the satire.
Jon Dillon
Jon Dillon - 21 day ago
Why are you videos so short?
All the videos I've seen have been two or three minutes long....
Margarita Palacios
Margarita Palacios - 21 day ago
There are jokes like that in any country. In mine there's a joke like that about a town named Barrancabermeja, Santander, famous for its petroleum industry.
Luddi - 21 day ago
Bielefeld is just the German word for Atlantis.
GamingArts - 21 day ago
Es gibt definitiv kein Bielefeld!
Rei - 21 day ago
tom today I walked into a history museum and there was a piano but it wasn't even called that and it was $8-0 ***** 80 dollars or something soooo f confused
Rei - 21 day ago
ok i deleted facebook
Rei - 21 day ago
crystal torrents televesisisisiosn
Helloweener - 21 day ago
Update: The city of Bielefeld offers 1,000,000 EUR who can proof that is does not exist.
Edit: 100,000 to 1,000,000
Helloweener - 16 days ago
@L0LROFLXD Really? No, I did not forget it, I remembered it wrong.
L0LROFLXD - 16 days ago
* 1,000,000€
Pyrofreak - 21 day ago
I was in Bielefeld really often
Andy Calarco
Andy Calarco - 22 days ago
Well it just out about a week ago if you can prove that Bielefeld does not exisit you get 1 mil euro..
Ben Hope
Ben Hope - 22 days ago
I do not know at which place you made the talking but, the other shown spots are in Bielefeld die real. :) I live there.
Itis HMH
Itis HMH - 23 days ago
At what time of the day did you film this? Usually Bielefeld is super crowded :D
Johan Mood
Johan Mood - 23 days ago
In Sweden horses dont exist, it's just an imaginary fruit
buioso - 23 days ago
In Italy we have the same joke about the entire region of Molise.
Miyuden - 24 days ago
There is a Biergarten, so it is real
1412 TheTriangulari
1412 TheTriangulari - 25 days ago
In Bielefeld, am Arsch der Welt.
Zac Saleski
Zac Saleski - 26 days ago
We have an American football game in Bielefeld on Saturday......or do we
Jeff Eff
Jeff Eff - 27 days ago
Does that mean I don't have to pay taxes if It doesn't exist? Sign me up.
Zac Saleski
Zac Saleski - 26 days ago
Jeff Eff 😂😂😂
D D - 28 days ago
Wie gibts nicht du Hurensohn?
Matthias Balke
Matthias Balke - 29 days ago
Bielefeld used to exist, but it fell off the edge of the flat earth and the globe conspiracy people don't want you to know, because they're paid off by the Rothschild financed Illuminati. And I will get killed for revealing that.
Zac Saleski
Zac Saleski - 26 days ago
Matthias Balke 😂😂😂
CrankLinus - Month ago
A Bit late but a nice sidefact Bielefeld is so annoyed about the joke that it announced it will give 1Mio. Euro to the Person who can prove it doesnt exist
fischX - Month ago
I drove once through the place where Bielefeld supposed to be - nothing there exempt some crashed UFO's and MIB
CombraStudios - Month ago
it's just footage from various other cities claimed to be some "bielefeld" but we're not buying that
Zac Saleski
Zac Saleski - 26 days ago
CombraStudios probably just lippstadt 😂
Brother2407 so heiße ich bei PS 4
Wer wohnt auch in Bielefeld
Nevermind - 22 days ago
Niemand. Ist ja nicht echt
Dаvіd Вrоmаgе
Dаvіd Вrоmаgе - Month ago
Bielefeld has offered €1 million for proof it doesn't exist. Here's your chance!!
John Takolander
John Takolander - Month ago
But there are maps? I have an old "Meyers Handatlas" from 1928 and there is Bielefeld close to the Teutoburg forest. All conspiracy theorists are stupid!
Kraterlandschaft - Month ago
I'm from Bielefeld and I can confirm: it doesn't exist.
monster gurke
monster gurke - 26 days ago
Ja die Aliens haben uns gezwungen nichts zu sagen. 🤣
Ruben - Month ago
*August 2019:* Bielefeld authorities just announced a €1 million prize for whoever proves its non-existence! Ahahah
taflo1981 - 18 days ago
Not worth the effort. Even if someone succeeded in proving that Bielefeld doesn't exist, this would imply that its authorities don't exist, either. Thus, there would be noone to give that person the prize money.😋
Rusty Sheilds
Rusty Sheilds - Month ago
I haven’t been there , definitely doesn’t exist , but it’s a great place to retire, so I’ve been told if you have enough bitcoin to survive the bean stock seasons . Flambeau has always had better sun sets though.
foxyshabazz - Month ago
I know someone from Bielefeld. That bastard must be in on it.
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