Basically Everything You Need To Know Before Infinity War

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SomeThingElseYT - 6 months ago
Want to thank ThePivotsXXD for being apart of this video while also helping animate. He's a really dope dude so go show him some love and subscirbe!!
giggity goochers
giggity goochers - 16 days ago
wings of fire night wing
good job
kp9 - Month ago
Gracie Ward
Gracie Ward - Month ago
Infinity war was horrible
itsthis guy
itsthis guy - Month ago
Dinosaurtologist *
Dinosaurtologist * - 31 minute ago
If your friend didn't see a single Marvel movie your spoiling everything.Adam I think your friend is gonna be half exited half dissaponted..
Dinosaurtologist *
Dinosaurtologist * - 36 minutes ago
It's not Tchalla it's T'challa.
Thisisa Bean'sWorld
Thisisa Bean'sWorld - 3 hours ago
RIP Stan lee You will be remembered
Kolby Pacubad
Kolby Pacubad - 4 hours ago
0:01 and 1:21 they changed character styles
DehCloroxAddictive JB
DehCloroxAddictive JB - 8 hours ago
i can agree with almost everything you say in this vid
DehCloroxAddictive JB
DehCloroxAddictive JB - 8 hours ago
who remembers when the hulkbuster kept punching hulks face onto the ground in that one scene?
lol that was seriously funny
Mcasten - 9 hours ago
Rest in peace Stan lee. 1922-2018
Nerissa Allan
Nerissa Allan - 10 hours ago
Nerissa Allan
Nerissa Allan - 10 hours ago
I write dat
Spicy gremlin child
Spicy gremlin child - 13 hours ago
Kaydee Scott
Kaydee Scott - 14 hours ago
Lol the end
I like the way Adam like to say frick instead of Fuc----
Axel VegaMorales
Axel VegaMorales - 14 hours ago
Stan Lee is dead
nuggets - 15 hours ago
rip stan
Gavin Michels
Gavin Michels - 17 hours ago
Rip Stan lee 1922-2018. thanks for the years of entertainment
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Haydden Animations
Haydden Animations - 19 hours ago
At the end when it’s says I like how Adam says frick instead of f**k and ad just happens itit’s like YouTube didn’t want me to hear it
MODE25 - 21 hour ago
that movie which is really fast moving and can't see well is Age of Ultron Avengers
MODE25 - 21 hour ago
don't read i goofed and didn't wait later in the video sooooo yeah
Diego Roa
Diego Roa - 23 hours ago
Rip Stan Lee
ninjabo 01
ninjabo 01 - Day ago
You miss 50 plots and details
TheofficalAck C
TheofficalAck C - Day ago
Rip 2018 Stan lee
The Last Feelbender
RIP Stan Lee 😢
Hayden Ramazan
Hayden Ramazan - Day ago
Abdulla Al-Attiya
Abdulla Al-Attiya - Day ago
Bucky was introduced in captain America the first avenger not in the winter soldier
Avocado Girl
Avocado Girl - Day ago
I wonder what Adams reaction was at the end of Infinity War
Mckenzie Relyea
Mckenzie Relyea - Day ago
0:16 me to all my friends. They didn’t know who Stan Lee was.
JD G - Day ago
R.I.P Stan Lee
Vladimir Mora
Vladimir Mora - Day ago
Mr Stark I don’t feel so good
Idkwhat Idowithmylife
Black panther is just pink panther in 2057
Idkwhat Idowithmylife
Prbly watched all the movies
Buzzy Beez
Buzzy Beez - Day ago
“It also has like, the Hulk”
**sigh** I have news for you buddy
First Tingy3441
First Tingy3441 - Day ago
Captain Marvel
Uraraka sucks
Uraraka sucks - Day ago
I think you left winter soldier
Madpanda 02
Madpanda 02 - 2 days ago
Rip spidey
Shay Savge
Shay Savge - 2 days ago
This is the best thing thats ever happened to dad had no idea how to explain the while thing 'till i found dis awesome video. PS i think im turning into a "marvel nerd" now
TheCrazyTrainer Animations
Stan-Lee died 11-12-18

*Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good*
maximiiliano loves fast cars
5:30 says progarm
Um SomethingElseYT idk if you know this Stan lee died yesterday
Night fighter Ventura
Night fighter Ventura - 2 days ago
Does anyone realize that Scarlet Witch draws her power from the Reality Stone?
Savage Potato
Savage Potato - 2 days ago
Ethan Ethan
Ethan Ethan - 2 days ago
R.I.P. Stan Lee
Lewie Sanchez
Lewie Sanchez - 2 days ago
We lost a TRUE Avenger 😔
The Awesome Kids
The Awesome Kids - 2 days ago
I'm calling it now: Adam is team Thor
Scruff Dracokitty
Scruff Dracokitty - 2 days ago
Stan Lee Died 😭
EireNero - 2 days ago
This was as accurate most book based movies are to the books
Save The Pandas
Save The Pandas - 2 days ago
RIP Stan Lee, out of all the characters you created, you were the biggest super hero of them all.
Thomas S
Thomas S - 2 days ago
Hock eye makes an appearance in the first Thor
Dirt X
Dirt X - 2 days ago
You see, all these likes, are from Marvel fans (including me)
HHHowling Wolves
HHHowling Wolves - 2 days ago
I love your vids love you
lulu pomzee
lulu pomzee - 2 days ago
Stan Lee
Chillpilltree - 2 days ago
everyone dies
Jackson Storm 2.0 IGNTR
Let me weave you a tail.
*I don’t think I need a fur suit.*
Cynthia Simpson
Cynthia Simpson - 3 days ago
What was Adams reaction to infinity war?
Yoko Gacha Edits
Yoko Gacha Edits - 3 days ago
Stan Lee
1922 - 2018
Like if you miss him to 😣
final vakyrie 99
final vakyrie 99 - Day ago
Wow that's disgusting that you would use the death of Stan Lee to get likes you sad cunt
FunnyE - 3 days ago
THANOS the Rainbowed alien
Meghan Mosume
Meghan Mosume - 3 days ago
If you're my classmate, you should know this word
*Wakanda's chicken nibbles*
Creative eee Games/ FORTNITE
#disneyinfinity 3.0
Creative eee Games/ FORTNITE
Rip #stantheman
Sub Zero
Sub Zero - 3 days ago
Did you know stan lee died r.i.p stan lee
Brave Dink
Brave Dink - 3 days ago
RIP Stan Lee 1922-2018
Mayo animates
Mayo animates - 3 days ago
R.i.p Stan Lee 😭😫😩😢
Charles Guzman
Charles Guzman - 3 days ago
bro did you hear the news?
David Hare
David Hare - 3 days ago
And Nintendo Made a super smash Bros game call super smash bro‘s ultimate
Juliana Taylor
Juliana Taylor - 3 days ago
My parents made me binge watch all the marvel movies a month before infinity war, and I’m really glad I did.

P.S If you watched infinity war without watching the rest of the movies...
...You’re dead to me.
•Mega •Awesome• Memes• Memes
Infinity war. It was super bad and I was so excited about it
Logan Gingerich
Logan Gingerich - 3 days ago
Rip stanlee
Michael Clark
Michael Clark - 3 days ago
Rip Stan Lee. The best super hero movie creator in history
Joseph McGreevy
Joseph McGreevy - 3 days ago
Ant-Man is one of my favorite Marvel movies dude! And Spiderman Homecoming...
Kim Sanborn
Kim Sanborn - 3 days ago
kellen Bishop though
kellen Bishop though - 3 days ago
3:47 wait what??????? (somelseyt i thought you were family friendly)
kellen Bishop though
kellen Bishop though - 3 days ago
I know i spelled adams name wrong dont judge me
10,000 Subs No videos?
10,000 Subs No videos? - 3 days ago
RIP Stan Lee 2018
Night Panda
Night Panda - 3 days ago
Doctor Strange is my favorite
Alvaro Gonzales Vasquez sad
Fjord Lord
Fjord Lord - 3 days ago
R.I.P Stan Lee.
Katmandue99X - 3 days ago
R.I.P stan lee
Adriana Valadez
Adriana Valadez - 3 days ago
Stan Lee's work is legendary. He will be remembered. Rest in Piece.
Heather Ross
Heather Ross - 4 days ago
Rip Stan lee
big_golden_ fishy
big_golden_ fishy - 4 days ago
RIP Stan Lee
bobby Lymberopoulos
bobby Lymberopoulos - 4 days ago
Rip legend
Gaby CakesAJ
Gaby CakesAJ - 4 days ago
Am I the only one who's gonna talk about "Super Soldier Porgam*????
Joseph Tramontozzi
Joseph Tramontozzi - 4 days ago
Rip Stanley 😭😭😭
John Smith
John Smith - 4 days ago
R.I.P. Stan Lee (1922-2018) 😭
Nico Walker
Nico Walker - Day ago
Steel Saber 54
Steel Saber 54 - 4 days ago
You should have asked Michael Peña to narrate this
KawaiiGirl 933
KawaiiGirl 933 - 4 days ago
Sorry to burst y’all bubbles but Stan lee (the created of marvel) has , sadly, died
Adriana Valadez
Adriana Valadez - 3 days ago
We all know! The news get spread around quickly. We are all sad, yet proud of his work
Judy Patangan
Judy Patangan - 4 days ago
Whoever saw a purple tesseract in fortnite like this comment
Adriana Valadez
Adriana Valadez - 3 days ago
Cochrane Family
Cochrane Family - 4 days ago
R.I.P Stan Lee.
We will remember you.
i love potatochips
i love potatochips - 4 days ago
Stan Lee passed

Rip :(
Mr Bossman26
Mr Bossman26 - 4 days ago
Anyone who sees this comment after the 13th of November 2018

13th of November was the date the legendary man himself Stan Lee died at 95 years old.
The world shall weep
vanplayscall69 - 4 days ago
You know stan lee died
Qwarsnips - 4 days ago
I FREAKING LOVE MARVEL I have seen all the movies
Ralphie Gutierrez
Ralphie Gutierrez - 4 days ago
Yo hear the news Stan lee died to day
Cringe TUBE
Cringe TUBE - 4 days ago
This sucks I'm watching this today stanlee died today
Mystical Introvert
Mystical Introvert - 4 days ago
RIP Stan Lee. Your stories shaped my childhood, and they still mean so much to me now. Thank you for all you have done.
Tater Tot
Tater Tot - 4 days ago
RIP Stan Lee
nosirrah 42069
nosirrah 42069 - 4 days ago
Gavin Sandberg
Gavin Sandberg - 4 days ago
Rip Stan Lee.

Please don't spam me with rips
final vakyrie 99
final vakyrie 99 - Day ago
ack attack
ack attack - Day ago
joshuafabian06 Gaming
joshuafabian06 Gaming - 4 days ago
Rip Stan lee we will always remember you in our heart
Vickie Avery
Vickie Avery - 4 days ago
RIP stan Lee.
Vickie Avery
Vickie Avery - 4 days ago
He die.
Isa10 rouix
Isa10 rouix - 4 days ago
I saw one of my friends whaching infity war and i asked have you seen any of the marvel movies and she went like uhhh no after that i thought she was a myth or an asshole

Havent talked to her ever since
Isa10 rouix
Isa10 rouix - 4 days ago
Oh shit adam that is amazing animation
Molk Gone Missing
Molk Gone Missing - 4 days ago
Rip Stan lee
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