Basically Everything You Need To Know Before Infinity War

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SomeThingElseYT - 9 months ago
Want to thank ThePivotsXXD for being apart of this video while also helping animate. He's a really dope dude so go show him some love and subscirbe!!
Kara G
Kara G - 27 days ago
SomeThingElseYT did Jaiden help?
NI soaper
NI soaper - Month ago
SomeThingElseYT 500th comment!
giggity goochers
giggity goochers - 2 months ago
wings of fire night wing
wings of fire night wing - 3 months ago
good job
kp9 - 3 months ago
Reagan Verhalen
Reagan Verhalen - 11 minutes ago
Boi the art do

It’s so different from 2 years ago
Vincent R
Vincent R - 2 hours ago
I Love marvel and your cannel.
Asyiq Danial
Asyiq Danial - 4 hours ago
His team is iron mans team
ItsMarvel Time
ItsMarvel Time - 13 hours ago
Dosen’t Thor come after Iron man
A shit in space!
A shit in space! - 15 hours ago
rip old man he will be m- WAIT DID HULK KILL STAN LEE?
Suga Kookie
Suga Kookie - Day ago
I bet he’s on Caps team
Rowan Grey
Rowan Grey - Day ago
Anyone here in 2019???
Anjimations - Day ago
peter morales
Hex - Day ago
actually thanks
CrazyComedyKid - Day ago
It's okay ThePivotXXD, I've never seen a Marvel, DC, or Star Wars movie.
basic 2
basic 2 - Day ago
Well I think i watched justice league is that marvel
Fluffy Dude
Fluffy Dude - 2 days ago
i never watched marvel but then i watched infinity war and knew exactly what was going on. i am also now a big fan
Ethan Squid
Ethan Squid - 2 days ago
this is good
Namrata Jha
Namrata Jha - 2 days ago
Is that the mask
Namrata Jha
Namrata Jha - 2 days ago
Theres no time
Brooke Hughson
Brooke Hughson - 2 days ago
i hAve HaD iT wiTh thEsE mOnkEy FighTing rOboTs in this mOndAy thRu friDAy ToWn
Hettie Challinor
Hettie Challinor - 2 days ago
This is me and my friend talking about Avenger End Game
Elise Courtney
Elise Courtney - 2 days ago
...its pretty bad

prrtty much everyone dies, in the first 10 minutes loki dies, later, thor dies, at the end spiderman dies, TONY DIES, EVERYONE FREKIN DIES
TDK Gaming
TDK Gaming - 3 days ago
3:47 just why WHYYY
Jeff Swaggdollar
Jeff Swaggdollar - 3 days ago
I’m team Iron Man
Alexis Muñoz
Alexis Muñoz - 3 days ago
👓 There’s. No. Time!
a shit meme
a shit meme - 3 days ago
I honest to god think they should've called Vulture Green Goblin in Spider man home coming. I mean... the green eyes? Green coat? Marvel what the shit?
Opal Wolf
Opal Wolf - 3 days ago
I have this friend, we all constantly want to murder her if she mentions it. SHES NEVER SEEN A DISNEY MOVIE EITHER!!
Drizzled Cake
Drizzled Cake - 3 days ago
all you need to do to prepare for endgame is watch this video then watch infinity war
Farehan Eljechi
Farehan Eljechi - 3 days ago
Moment of silence for Stan lee
Corgz for Life
Corgz for Life - 3 days ago
Hey Adam are you gonna watch that new marvel movie Avengers Endgame
Yi Ioan
Yi Ioan - 3 days ago
R.I.P Stan lee 😥😥😓😥😭😭😥😓😥😭😥😓😓😥🥵
Nicolas Flores
Nicolas Flores - 3 days ago
Omfg I’m 1:15 mins in and I already love this video
DJ CAT EARS watermelonGiRl
And Wolverine is the Batman of Marvel
Artemis G
Artemis G - 4 days ago
XD that's definitely me (in the start) (you)
dEFAulT momo
dEFAulT momo - 4 days ago
The old man (stan lee) actually died....😭😭😭😭
Just a Deku Scrub
Just a Deku Scrub - 4 days ago
Black widow was in iron man 2 and Clint in thor
Mad Sharkz
Mad Sharkz - 4 days ago
Vision didn’t mean to hit war machine RIP
Avery Finney
Avery Finney - 4 days ago
Saw it, cried, talked about with my friends, cried again, and then forgot about it after about 5 months, then the endgame trailer came out, and I cried again.
Omega24 - 4 days ago
0:16 that's me every time my friend says something like, "I've never seen a marvel movie" or "Why wasn't Batman or Deadpool in infinity War?"
Leo Ferguson
Leo Ferguson - 4 days ago
1:12 don't think i need a fursuit
Star Munch
Star Munch - 4 days ago
Black Panther Was Trash
Star Munch
Star Munch - 4 days ago
I've seen every single marvel movie
YeahItsAlpha - 4 days ago
Fun fact, thanos would’ve been defeated if it wasn’t for Star Lord. (This happened in Infinity War though)
LOL DMLM Mcfadin
LOL DMLM Mcfadin - 5 days ago
I like Guardians of the Galaxy :=
Josh Shieh
Josh Shieh - 5 days ago
All of the characters die, except some people
Hold Up
Hold Up - 5 days ago
Dont kill Loki , Cell. We dont need the lord of Loki on ur hands like Gohan.
Momlovebabycharline - 5 days ago
Too late...

IGC / CaptainIGC
IGC / CaptainIGC - 5 days ago
The Ultimate Spoil Video.
Nayte The Great Master
Nayte The Great Master - 5 days ago
🐜 👨🏻+🐘=🐘👨🏻
Monkeybella 710
Monkeybella 710 - 5 days ago
If someone doesn’t know who Robert Downey Jr is I will not be able to look them in the eyes ever AGAIN

Ragnarock was the best movie and ( SPOILER ALERT) everybody dies or at least half of the universe does ANNNNND LOKI DIES like for real this time😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hailey Hartman
Hailey Hartman - 5 days ago
One like to send to Stan lee up in heaven 😔😔😔😔😔
Julian Ruelas
Julian Ruelas - 5 days ago
Oops never mind
Julian Ruelas
Julian Ruelas - 5 days ago
He forgot the mind stone
Cicada Aesi
Cicada Aesi - 5 days ago
*wAKaNDa fOReVeR*
Tim plays Msp
Tim plays Msp - 5 days ago
And now it's the meme of the century
Sawyer James
Sawyer James - 5 days ago
Ok isn't spider man from marvel? Why would sony have to make a deal with Disney.
ethan weatherly
ethan weatherly - 6 days ago
I’m guessing he supports iron man ‘iron man got dust in his eyes’ times 2
TrawHockey - 6 days ago
ya boi samual Jackson
Kitty Gamer of cut
Kitty Gamer of cut - 6 days ago
Why are you always pantles
Unknown Person
Unknown Person - 6 days ago
Would Peter Parker be able to lift Thor's hammer?
Marcus Bending
Marcus Bending - 6 days ago
Trang Cao
Trang Cao - 6 days ago
Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good...
Cat Girl AK
Cat Girl AK - 6 days ago
Adam, can you play Bendy and the Ink Machine, please.
Heavyduty 603
Heavyduty 603 - 6 days ago
Tony starks side for life boy!!!!!!!😝😝😝😝
Lillybeth Christopher
Lillybeth Christopher - 6 days ago
The hulk is like deku from my hero academy
GamerGirl 101
GamerGirl 101 - 6 days ago
I eat bagels everytime I watch this. Also I rewatch this
ana paula
ana paula - 6 days ago
And the punisher, x men, wolverine and deadpool
ana paula
ana paula - 6 days ago
Wut about the other spider man movies
Snowy Hybrid
Snowy Hybrid - 6 days ago
Does anyone else actually like Ant-Man? No? Just me?
trambam YouTube
trambam YouTube - 6 days ago
im still very confused
Ainsley Brown
Ainsley Brown - 6 days ago
Infinity War's ending sucks butt
SniperKiller Destroyer
SniperKiller Destroyer - 6 days ago
The frist Avenger? What does that mean?
harry keenan
harry keenan - 6 days ago
SuperYoshiMan 1
SuperYoshiMan 1 - 7 days ago
What about those phases
Natalie - 7 days ago
I didn't knew I needed this until I saw this :v
Angela Sanchez
Angela Sanchez - 7 days ago
I watched Infinity War and I hate that cliffhanger at the end!!!!
Rindō - 7 days ago
I’m want to watch avenger movies
Gabriel Angeles
Gabriel Angeles - 7 days ago
I've seen all the movies and rip Stan lee
Cuppy Animations
Cuppy Animations - 7 days ago
zia ali
zia ali - 7 days ago
19:11 hahahaha
dah fanique
dah fanique - 7 days ago
That's so me. I hate people who have not seen any Marv el movie
Kaitlin Kelsch
Kaitlin Kelsch - 7 days ago
Great job recaping the MCU! Very funny and entertaining! However, for anyone reading this, Captain America: The Winter Solider DOES need to be seen and IS important to the MCU as it chronicles the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D and sets up some of the central conflict of Captain America: Civil War. Not only that, it's an awesome movie in its own right - one of the best movies of the MCU, in my opinion - so anyone new to the MCU and what it has to offer definitely needs to add it to their list! That's all, for now, but if I think anything else, I'll add it as a comment.
Reed Capelli
Reed Capelli - 7 days ago
Camie Yeahhh
Camie Yeahhh - 7 days ago
“They have hehehehehehe crushes on eachother hehehehe”😂😂
NinjaGaming17 - 7 days ago
7:11 Me when I realize i have a test next week...
DinoDude 123
DinoDude 123 - 6 days ago
Pax and Cactus
Pax and Cactus - 7 days ago
stan lee is disapointed
Another Movie Studio
Another Movie Studio - 7 days ago
1. Tony went to see Thunderbolt Ross, not Bruce in the End Credit scene of Incredible Hulk
2. Erik Selvig is not Jane Foster’s father
3. Black widow and Hawkeye were introduced in Iron Man 2 and Thor
4. Hydra got the Scepter from SHIELD when they took over in Winter Soldier
There were some other inaccuracies, but those are smaller details that only does hard fanboys would get pissed about. I really enjoyed this video and showed it to my friend to get her all caught up. Keep up the good work Adam!!!
MattTheGameGuy - 7 days ago
plush memes
plush memes - 8 days ago
Whos sad that stan lee pass away
Mason Johnson
Mason Johnson - 8 days ago
I never seen marvel but I have seen DC
Rocky Rodriguez
Rocky Rodriguez - 8 days ago
Adime is acting like my bff ya I love her dut she has a problem
Sheila Hartman
Sheila Hartman - 8 days ago
No.'s a sad movie. Just because Spidey dies. (Also my other fav, gamora, dies)
Nichole Norman
Nichole Norman - 8 days ago
Redwolf 319
Redwolf 319 - 8 days ago
Love how Infinity War ended up being the worst Marvel movie ever XD
elecTRICKbox - 8 days ago
What about vision?
StarryBrook 85
StarryBrook 85 - 8 days ago
The man at the beginning is a DISGRACE!!!
Po po Land
Po po Land - 8 days ago
Who else got a marvel ad
Huskey Pack
Huskey Pack - 8 days ago
I’ve seen all the marvel movies
Holaseniorespablochongplaystf2 van
Captain America
the Frist avenger
Renji RENJI - 8 days ago
I saw infinity war
Athrun Cedeno
Athrun Cedeno - 9 days ago
u forgot spiderman i think
Mbs saudi
Mbs saudi - 9 days ago
Anime cat
Anime cat - 9 days ago
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