[960] Amazon’s $112 Fingerprint Gun Safe Opened FAST!

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sandspar - 6 hours ago
So set it, super glue a piece of chopstick to the side of the button, close lid, place shim near, loop this video, invite over anybody, then excuse yourself for a few minutes. Return  suddenly as they struggle in disbelief.   : )
mignonthon - 17 hours ago
Ahmed Khalil
Ahmed Khalil - Day ago
just superglue a cap on the button!!!
dizued - 2 days ago
It can be patched simply by making the button active only when safe is open, like every lock (you can't change a password when something is locked)
Dennis Darang
Dennis Darang - 3 days ago
That's why it's called basic 😉
Ashakari Singh
Ashakari Singh - 4 days ago
LPL: And as always, have a nice day.
Lock companies: I don't think I will.
Jeff Wellman
Jeff Wellman - 5 days ago
Simple screw above the button.
Conrad Etherington
Conrad Etherington - 6 days ago
I wonder what would happen if you called Amazon and have them lookup this video and see how far the price comes down. Nobody would pay 112 if they knew about this video. Someone should put a link in the reviews lol.
Wu - 6 days ago
Want to see him opening a bra. Thats the real challenge
What A Jerk
What A Jerk - 6 days ago
Thanks LPL, now I can take my dad's gun to school! 🏫
Anything uploads
Anything uploads - 8 days ago
Take it to the range
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - 8 days ago
Well you COULD say that, but if you look at it you'll be able to see how you can bypass that little quirk.
Unknown Nutella
Unknown Nutella - 8 days ago
Normally its screwed to a table do you cant get in there
gio arca
gio arca - 8 days ago
Someone just lost his job 🤷🏼‍♂️
Einstein0808 - 9 days ago
Loooolll. Nice one haha.
chocapic 360
chocapic 360 - 10 days ago
1:21 what happened
Cranks - 10 days ago
robo-cop holster
Rudi Setiawan
Rudi Setiawan - 10 days ago
To soon ..
Pinky Shandilya
Pinky Shandilya - 10 days ago
Tyson Schilling
Tyson Schilling - 11 days ago
So i just recently found this page and have been obsessed with these videos and boy do they scare the shit out of me that there is no way to secure your things. I get the vast majority of people dont know and wont use these ways to access items but WOW is it crazy how easy it is to bypass these "security" devices. Have you done a video on the best locks you cannot access? :) maybe put my mind at ease that there is something out there we can use.
ٰ ٰ
ٰ ٰ - 11 days ago
By popsicle stick
ٰ ٰ
ٰ ٰ - 11 days ago
& deleted your fingerprint
Nicolas Pinto
Nicolas Pinto - 11 days ago
An adamant child much less a thief that would go through the trouble of using a bypass could just as easily pop that door with a pry and some gumption. Everyone talking about "fixing" the button bypass is seeing trees and not the forest here. Button bypass, a trivial electronic bypass, and a simple brute force bypass on top of a cheap tubular. Pop that entry pad or reader off and put the servo line across a standard AAA. This is as much a lock as the cap on a bottle of rum is.
PowerSports - 15 days ago
You should upload this video to an Amazon review of the device.
Rainbow Slime
Rainbow Slime - 15 days ago
What kind of “curious adolescent” has a long piece of metal and a knowledge of how amazon basic gun safes are designed and their flaws?
aj2090 - 15 days ago
Glad I didn’t buy this
Nunya bizness
Nunya bizness - 15 days ago
Would it be just as easy to pick it if there was an actual gun in there?
Jon D
Jon D - 15 days ago
Criminals must love this channel
Peter Seegrist
Peter Seegrist - 16 days ago
A little moldable epoxy to create a wall around the button should work for the people who already have one
Austin Soendker
Austin Soendker - 16 days ago
I still plan on buying this, but not as a security device but instead as somewhere to put my handgun that's not on top of my desk or in my holster when I'm at my desk at home. I still keep a proper gun save for then the gun is to be locked up.
RedesCat - 16 days ago
When I choose a lock, I just scroll through and find the longest video time length
Ken Richner
Ken Richner - 16 days ago
Typical Amazon! They care about nothing but profits Jeff Bezzo is richer than Bill Gates has probably has his own Security Service?! These Billionaires have been Circumventing the US anti monopoly laws for way to long! It's time people stop supporting these companies and make America Great again (No Pun intended I'm talking before Trump)
Mike Lashewitz
Mike Lashewitz - 17 days ago
Oh great, nothing like teaching shitheads how to do this. So how will it hold up in court when a shithead admits he learned how to do this from your video? How would your legal team hold up when you are the defendant? Yes I have this and only to prevent my great grand child from gaining access. All of her siblings were trained beginning at the age of 4. None have ever got into trouble. 45 years of training them young.
Now I will have to add a cover over that button
Jesse Ferrer
Jesse Ferrer - 17 days ago
The guy who designed this thing probably designed the death star.
Richard Reed
Richard Reed - 17 days ago
So is this video age restricted? If not....why not?
David Mcguire
David Mcguire - 17 days ago
Reading these comments I can't believe how many of you people are not smart enough to realize that these kinds of safes are not meant to be secure they're meant to be child-proof and easy to open quickly under duress.if you want to lock a firearm down securely there's an entirely different class of safe for that.
Mikkel Egerrup
Mikkel Egerrup - 17 days ago
... That could've been solved by just... Not putting the button out past the metal. That way you can't hit it with a thin bar, but can still press it if you smush your finger against it
David Mcguire
David Mcguire - 17 days ago
Then it works perfectly. The only thing this needs to be is child-proof it's not an anti-theft safe. you want to be able to open this quickly under many conditions as long as a child can't do it easily it's perfect.
Barack_NO_DRAMA - 17 days ago
Lol I got a amazon ad on the video
Gene - 17 days ago
i got a paper sack at the grocery store that is almost as secure, and it was free
LoneSpartan35 - 17 days ago
I agree this isn’t very secure, but unless a child specifically knows about the button, I don’t see them figuring out they can do this. I know I personally wouldnt tell anyone about the button, or to be honest I would probably snip the button off after setting my finger and pin code. No use having it there as a security flaw if everything is set up for me
skarmory102 - 18 days ago
Didn’t even make the 2 minute mark...
ocelot11snake - 18 days ago
This is of course assuming a would be thief would know where that button is and happens to have a piece of metal of the right length and thickness on him
robd2456 - 18 days ago
A wise old man once told me, “Locks are only to keep an honest man honest.”
Wilfredo Diaz
Wilfredo Diaz - 18 days ago
Wowwwww super unreliable
Normal _
Normal _ - 18 days ago
I got one before delisted if anyone wants to buy one 😂
Harikrishnan K
Harikrishnan K - 18 days ago
ItsMeRNG - 18 days ago
Easy fix. Disable the button with some cotton and tape.
Alex May
Alex May - 18 days ago
For those who have this, just glue a thick washer around the reset button 👍
Nicolas Ducom
Nicolas Ducom - 18 days ago
Product isn't even referenced on Amazon anymore LOL
Sick Freak The People Jr
Sick Freak The People Jr - 19 days ago
QC Pass-ed away
Chain Impact
Chain Impact - 19 days ago
I mean, as long as they don’t know the trick. I need something for my .45. Would this work?
Vishal Gaurav
Vishal Gaurav - 19 days ago
Who designed this 🙄
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka - 19 days ago
Yep cause when I was a kid I had the brains to stick a slim metal piece in to a gun lock then register my finger and open it up.
GetBusyLivin - 19 days ago
Could this bypass still be done with a handgun inside or would it block the entry?
James Ridenour
James Ridenour - 19 days ago
I have a 5 year old and a baby on the way. I want to get a quick access safe for my project room and was wondering there there are any you would recommend
Kirk Ryan
Kirk Ryan - 19 days ago
One way to fix that is to epoxy a large and thick nut over the button. Won't be able to slide that shim down there anymore, but still will have access to the button through the nut. Now let's get back to you opening the cylinder lock in less than 15 seconds. 😁
Crusherbad64 - 19 days ago
All they had to do is to put a cover over that button or flush the button lol.
RFI-Crypto Lab
RFI-Crypto Lab - 19 days ago
Well, one could easily come up with a modification to thwart this bypass. I'd probably use a thin piece of metal bent at 90 degrees to block the button. You could even use plastic.
When he low key says a child can open it. Fucking beautiful lol
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