[960] Amazon’s $112 Fingerprint Gun Safe Opened FAST!

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Pedro Moura
Pedro Moura - 4 days ago
by this point when i see a electronic lock of any kind in his channel i already know i'm going to burst laughing
jnerdsblog - 12 days ago
almost as if owning firearms does not make one safer.
A totally random youtube channel
Oh no amazon basics
LoyalLockLark - Month ago
Great review as always, thanks for exposing this design flaw
jburda1986 - Month ago
This safe is terrible.....lockpickinglawyer showed one way...however it's way easier then that unfortunately
Henrry Ramos
Henrry Ramos - Month ago
Thanks for the info, I almost bought this.
Cleverfoxman - Month ago
Glue a plastic wedge over it.
TheBlankFromHeck - Month ago
So what safe can we get?
SpartansLXIX - Month ago
At least it’s not right next to the opening like most cases lol 😂
Johannes Nyström
Johannes Nyström - 2 months ago
Yeah but now they have your fingerprint, stupid!
C Turner
C Turner - 2 months ago
One could take small measures to modify the case in such a way that would make it resistant to this type of attack.
Skeetrix - 2 months ago
if you didn't know if it was there, then maybe it wouldn't be so insecure?
catchic0000000000000 - 3 months ago
If someone hasn't seen the inside of it though, how would they know to do this? Well, except for this video now. SMH
Pasi Ahdevainio
Pasi Ahdevainio - 3 months ago
At least it's made of metal
Rafael Jimenez
Rafael Jimenez - 3 months ago
Wow! You sir, put that lock to shame.
Cory Davis
Cory Davis - 4 months ago
Hey LPL, just wanted to let you know that I bought this product from Amazon, and I just received an email offering a refund for this product because it "may be unlocked with certain household tools". Thank you for highlighting security flaws such as the one in this product.
John Monte
John Monte - 4 months ago
The only possible way a kid would figure that out is if you told them, like you just did
dm7097 - 4 months ago
At this point, I'm pretty well resigned to the fact that absolutely no storage item is safe! 😫
pro pro
pro pro - 4 months ago
stop making guns videos because kids will know how to unlock those locks
LoFaux - 4 months ago
You ain't stand a chance SON
4rotorguy - 4 months ago
hey there, just wanted to tell you that ive recently purchased this product and the manufacturer has updated the product by stamping a recess around the button. this makes this method of attack more difficult because you now need a 90 degree pick. i taped a coin over mine to defend against this. can send pictures if you would like to release an update video. im sure it would get views.
Bang Bang Bo
Bang Bang Bo - 4 months ago
Well you can buy this and just make a button cover.. Still better than just leaving it in a nightstand for some people’s circumstances.
Michael Spence
Michael Spence - 4 months ago
Buy it, put your code/ fingerprints in, rip off or grind down the button
shadowscreamer1 - 4 months ago
good to know. but the average adolesent aint gonna know this and even so, glue a washer around it or something. very simple fix for the price you're paying. the door opens and the bio scanner responds faster than the more expensive ones. if all your getting it for is to prevent kids from accessing it, then this is an easy fix or no worry
segundoministro - 4 months ago
AH! Why is there poop in your mouth
Love this channel. Saving people a lot of money on trash!
funkyzero - 5 months ago
cmon people, these aren't "safes". they are designed to keep little kids from getting into them. we commonly use plastic gadgets to do that on kitchen cabinets and electrical sockets. If you want older kids who are smart enough to overcome the lock, teach them about guns and gun safety instead if you want to protect them from the dangers. if you run around telling them that guns are evil, what do you think a 12 year old boy is going to want to do? geez... am I the only one who was every a kid? If it's not prohibited and mysterious, they won't be much interested in it.
HardlineFeminists - 5 months ago
*More and more AmazonBasic products are China-made GARBAGE.*
wade 13x
wade 13x - 6 months ago
a washer glued around the button would fix this
VicariousReality7 - 6 months ago
How would anyone guess that that button even exists?
tztxz80 - 6 months ago
This entire channel is just instructions for criminals.
Have-a- Cigar
Have-a- Cigar - 6 months ago
Why don’t they design a lock and hand it to LPL , once he’s done look at the issues and sort them 🤷‍♂️
Ervin Zefi
Ervin Zefi - 6 months ago
If it has a gun inside it’s kinda impossible to reach that. You should’ve tried that with a gun inside.
galluspark - 6 months ago
Morlock Motors Michael, Wer hats erfunden?
Dobermann Jeff
Dobermann Jeff - 6 months ago
Amazons choice 😂😂😂
Pat - 6 months ago
register fingerprint and then remove button. solved.
Faraz Jafri
Faraz Jafri - 6 months ago
Super glue any old flat key in front of the black reset button ... problem solved.
desiboyh - 6 months ago
These cheap safes arent meant to deter burglars, these safes are meant to deter children from getting access to the parents firearms. A quick open safe allows for homeowners to have their firearms safely staged in the house ready for use without the kids having access.
Zulfburht - 7 months ago
That could have been prevented with a simple lip.
Thomas Olson
Thomas Olson - 7 months ago
That's why a gun magnet works way better! Just placed in a strategic place, and never worrying about someone tapping the code. The most obvious place is the least obvious.
J & C Milleker
J & C Milleker - 7 months ago
Problems like this are inexcusable, but if someone were to cover that button to prevent the vulnerability, how is the rest of the safe? I'd love your thoughts on negating such exploits on products.
darkspd31 - 7 months ago
A team of overpaid engineers is about to get fired 🤣
OregonHerbalist - 7 months ago
The Hassler
The Hassler - 7 months ago
But if there is a pistol inside this button can not be reached.
VeritasOne - 7 months ago
Oh man. All the $$ on R&D and then someone just points out the fatal flaw. Brutal
PilotMan71 - 7 months ago
The safe in the video is also listed as: "RPNB Mounted Firearm Safety Device with Biometric Fingerprint or Keypad Lock" for $69.99 USD
Zachary Morrow
Zachary Morrow - 7 months ago
Raja Sekhar Chintalapalli
Raja Sekhar Chintalapalli - 7 months ago
Great job broo
Jason Vance
Jason Vance - 7 months ago
Lawsuit waiting to happen
Tour and travels
Tour and travels - 7 months ago
Boring box
sandspar - 7 months ago
So set it, super glue a piece of chopstick to the side of the button, close lid, place shim near, loop this video, invite over anybody, then excuse yourself for a few minutes. Return  suddenly as they struggle in disbelief.   : )
mignonthon - 7 months ago
Ahmed Khalil
Ahmed Khalil - 7 months ago
just superglue a cap on the button!!!
dizued - 7 months ago
It can be patched simply by making the button active only when safe is open, like every lock (you can't change a password when something is locked)
Dennis Darang
Dennis Darang - 7 months ago
That's why it's called basic 😉
Ashakari Singh
Ashakari Singh - 7 months ago
LPL: And as always, have a nice day.
Lock companies: I don't think I will.
Jeff Wellman
Jeff Wellman - 7 months ago
Simple screw above the button.
Conrad Etherington
Conrad Etherington - 7 months ago
I wonder what would happen if you called Amazon and have them lookup this video and see how far the price comes down. Nobody would pay 112 if they knew about this video. Someone should put a link in the reviews lol.
Wu - 7 months ago
Want to see him opening a bra. Thats the real challenge
What A Jerk
What A Jerk - 7 months ago
Thanks LPL, now I can take my dad's gun to school! 🏫
Anything uploads
Anything uploads - 7 months ago
Take it to the range
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - 7 months ago
Well you COULD say that, but if you look at it you'll be able to see how you can bypass that little quirk.
Unknown Nutella
Unknown Nutella - 7 months ago
Normally its screwed to a table do you cant get in there
gio arca
gio arca - 7 months ago
Someone just lost his job 🤷🏼‍♂️
Einstein0808 - 7 months ago
Loooolll. Nice one haha.
chocapic 360
chocapic 360 - 7 months ago
1:21 what happened
Cranks - 7 months ago
robo-cop holster
Rudi Setiawan
Rudi Setiawan - 7 months ago
To soon ..
Tyson Schilling
Tyson Schilling - 7 months ago
So i just recently found this page and have been obsessed with these videos and boy do they scare the shit out of me that there is no way to secure your things. I get the vast majority of people dont know and wont use these ways to access items but WOW is it crazy how easy it is to bypass these "security" devices. Have you done a video on the best locks you cannot access? :) maybe put my mind at ease that there is something out there we can use.
ٰ ٰ
ٰ ٰ - 7 months ago
By popsicle stick
ٰ ٰ
ٰ ٰ - 7 months ago
& deleted your fingerprint
Nicolas Pinto
Nicolas Pinto - 7 months ago
An adamant child much less a thief that would go through the trouble of using a bypass could just as easily pop that door with a pry and some gumption. Everyone talking about "fixing" the button bypass is seeing trees and not the forest here. Button bypass, a trivial electronic bypass, and a simple brute force bypass on top of a cheap tubular. Pop that entry pad or reader off and put the servo line across a standard AAA. This is as much a lock as the cap on a bottle of rum is.
PowerSports - 8 months ago
You should upload this video to an Amazon review of the device.
Rainbow Slime
Rainbow Slime - 8 months ago
What kind of “curious adolescent” has a long piece of metal and a knowledge of how amazon basic gun safes are designed and their flaws?
aj2090 - 8 months ago
Glad I didn’t buy this
Nunya bizness
Nunya bizness - 8 months ago
Would it be just as easy to pick it if there was an actual gun in there?
Jon - 8 months ago
Criminals must love this channel
Peter Seegrist
Peter Seegrist - 8 months ago
A little moldable epoxy to create a wall around the button should work for the people who already have one
Austin Soendker
Austin Soendker - 8 months ago
I still plan on buying this, but not as a security device but instead as somewhere to put my handgun that's not on top of my desk or in my holster when I'm at my desk at home. I still keep a proper gun save for then the gun is to be locked up.
RedesCat - 8 months ago
When I choose a lock, I just scroll through and find the longest video time length
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