Here's Your First Look at Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Watchmen & Big Little Lies #HBO2019

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Lesya Matroskina
Lesya Matroskina - Hour ago
:***: - 7 hours ago
Whats the name of this music pls
Bilt Properties LLC
Bilt Properties LLC - 4 hours ago
Here We Stand by Hidden Citizens featuring SVRCINA
Fernando Dimacali
Fernando Dimacali - 7 hours ago
Great Video!

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Güler Bağcı
Güler Bağcı - 8 hours ago
"Winterfell is yours, your Grace."
Saydar - Day ago
0:03 song ?
Mohamed Fouad
Mohamed Fouad - Day ago
What is the song playing
薛亚静 - Day ago
Sud Kore
Sud Kore - Day ago
Sansa: "Winterfell is yours, your grace. "
Me: Ohh hell naww, Winterfell belongs to you, my lady Sansa.
narnia Bizzwax
narnia Bizzwax - Day ago
cant wait to meet daenerys jkz
Captain Pipsqueak
Captain Pipsqueak - Day ago
Downvote the fuck out of this shit.
We Play At Night
We Play At Night - 2 days ago
Felt like the titans trailer
Dee B
Dee B - 2 days ago
Alrighty. This Advertising, this got me. I want to sign up now. LOL
Aman Bansal
Aman Bansal - 2 days ago
What's the name of the music playing in background?
Lilia Ontiveros
Lilia Ontiveros - 2 days ago
For anybody looking for the song
Hidden Citizens ft. Svrcina - Here We Stand
Darweesh Balasiny
Darweesh Balasiny - 2 days ago
Who is here only because of GOT
Fortnite Original
Fortnite Original - 2 days ago
I've just uploaded *funny version got season 8 trailer*, check it out! 🔥
Kermit the FaZe Frog
Kermit the FaZe Frog - 2 days ago
Watchmen, and True Detective are like the only two things I'm definitely going to watching
Kermit the FaZe Frog
Kermit the FaZe Frog - 2 days ago
toh786 - 2 days ago
Was never much of a teasing type of guy. Apologies for what you're about to see.
kenningly destroyer
kenningly destroyer - 2 days ago
Unpopular opinion but I like cersai
Haseeb Arif
Haseeb Arif - 3 days ago
Sad news Aria Stark will die this season
Martin B
Martin B - 3 days ago
MY TOP 3 HBO 2019:
Ice Blade Films
Ice Blade Films - 3 days ago
What are you thoughts on Ramin Djawadi making the music for the Prequel Series??
Lil Swanny-b
Lil Swanny-b - 3 days ago
HBO makes me feel some sort of way
jointblack93 - 3 days ago
We waited 2 years & Winter is Here!!! ❄️ 🥶
CLAYBEARS - 3 days ago
You can get a free trial of HBO on amazon prime to catch up on past seasons
Hou Da Too
Hou Da Too - 3 days ago
I'm wondering if there is anyone in here interested in another show than game of thrones 🤔
subash chandra bose the legend
Game of thrones fans hit like
LIN 256
LIN 256 - 3 days ago
I'm done watching this show.
It just got boring.
Red Round
Red Round - 3 days ago
No more first looks ! Release the damn trailer of Game Of Thrones . . . .
Land of Flavors
Land of Flavors - 3 days ago
"..... your grace".
When I invite a friend over for drinks without notifying the wife, the exact amount of hospitality and congeniality that my wife shows to the guest, followed by unspoken disapproval and disappointment for two to three consecutive weeks.
MelissaC - 4 days ago
Name of the song playing please ????
hash hendrex
hash hendrex - 4 days ago
im trying to see arya meet daenerys lol
Got7 AhGaSe
Got7 AhGaSe - 4 days ago
0:38 #GOT *What we all gave here for*
Ilinca Branici
Ilinca Branici - 4 days ago
What’s the name of the song ??
Ilinca Branici
Ilinca Branici - 4 days ago
Euphoria 😍 can’t wait !!!
Harry Curtis
Harry Curtis - 4 days ago
Am I the only one that can’t wait for Arya to do something badass
Georgie Facchinni
Georgie Facchinni - 4 days ago
Dear HBO, when are you and Dish gonna get your shit together. I truly miss my HBO channels. I feel like I'm being put into a political standoff. Not a good feeling. Please settle your disputes with Dish and bring back our HBO channels. Thank you.
THE ONE - 4 days ago
Wich song is this ???
Linda Hudson
Linda Hudson - 4 days ago
I can see a sort of hate in Sansa's eyes
Najee Jackson
Najee Jackson - 4 days ago
Just got chills from that of game of thrones HOLY FUCK 😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💙💙💙💙💙😊🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶👈🏾🥶🥶
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper - 4 days ago
Keep it in the family your grace
The Castamereian Raynes
Please let Sansa kill Danny. She's really pissing me off with her smugness.
Syafiq Zaid
Syafiq Zaid - 4 days ago
With so many TV series in this video, but everyone keeps talking about game of throne. The hype already begun.
דוד עמר
דוד עמר - 4 days ago
'הלילה של המתים....
Ozymandias - 4 days ago
I swear if after all this Daenarys ends up queen i'm legit gonna regret ever watching this show. Even Sansa would make a better Queen.
Omkar Kulkarni
Omkar Kulkarni - 4 days ago
True Detective and Watchmen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sad to see this GOT-filled comments section :|
mayur saindane
mayur saindane - 4 days ago
it means winterfell is SO NOT yours, your grace
مصطفی دهقان
مصطفی دهقان - 4 days ago
JTD472 - 4 days ago
I just GoT a boner.
Also a Watchmen series?? Wow didn’t even hear about that. Sick.
I swear Netflix has more content obviously, but HBO has the content I care most about. I love you HBO.
Basim Iqbal
Basim Iqbal - 4 days ago
umm anyone know about the background song ? :D
Ultimate Revelations
Ultimate Revelations - 4 days ago
Awesome Daenerys Tribute Watch here :
Amar Udawant
Amar Udawant - 4 days ago
I think the sentence Sansa says is incomplete or cut for the suspens, Sansa won't handover the winterfell, the dialogue might slightly be different.
Mr Jordan L
Mr Jordan L - 4 days ago
I don't think it's going to go the way everyone is thinking with sansa's line, remember the trailer which showed all of them charging into battle against what I assume is the white walkers?
Abdullah Sabah
Abdullah Sabah - 4 days ago
Stephen Cunningham
Stephen Cunningham - 4 days ago
What countries so I can play Rob Dierdek
The Grumple
The Grumple - 4 days ago
I was excited about the return of GOT after finishing season 7 but now it's just... Meh...
Mahmoud Said
Mahmoud Said - 4 days ago
So excited
thesleepyowl - 4 days ago
Release the trailer already. A girl cannot wait anymore.
Prabha Karan
Prabha Karan - 4 days ago
I didn't start the season 1 yet for GOT
Foxi! - 4 days ago
Why does the clothing in episodes 1-5 look more medieval than the shit everyone is wearing in episodes 6 7 and now 8...
daenerys is not wearing something medieval in that sneak peek, it's from HM or some other fashion outlet...
same goes for everyone else...
HBO you did a shit job there.
way too clean, too smooth and so forth to be considered something out of 'that' time period....
Angus Scrimm
Angus Scrimm - 4 days ago
In history of television it’s been interesting to see at my age of 47 how much cable tv and HBO has evolved. Cable started as pay television with basically 36 channels with 3 pay channels > SHOWTIME ,The Movie Channel and HBO. all 3 mainly showed major motion films of the era uncut rated R PG and G during all times of day around the clock one after the other. Tho HBO had a different standard and agenda. It had more family programming, had shows and lesser movies with violence and strong sexual situations. And all this for $24.oo a month.
Through the years the prices went up, more regular channels added, and the 3 still very entertaining but HBO seemed to be one step ahead and cutting edge ideas for original shows,carrying sporting events and less movies.
By late 90s early 2000 TMC was gone from cable SHOWTIME would have some brief success with its own original programs and boxing which HBO would carry. Now in last two decade HBO has had some of the best shows in history of all television and has won countless awards. and just keeps going. Company is worth nearly $100 Billion.
But it’s trying to be Netflix,while Netflix is trying to be HBO.
Mac Doodle
Mac Doodle - 4 days ago
el zebre
el zebre - 4 days ago
Winterfell is yours, your grace ...!
NealCassady - 4 days ago
POOR SANSA ! wasn't she totally isolated and only abused her whole life.. at least since she left Winterfell being a child ? she never had support or backup!
misha koranga
misha koranga - 4 days ago
big little lies and GOT.
sara s
sara s - 4 days ago
All comments about GOT only.
Tommy Cipriani
Tommy Cipriani - 4 days ago
I can't wait for Watchmen, fuck the rest.
Liam Ashton
Liam Ashton - 5 days ago
Grone of Thames looks good.
Tauhidur Rahman
Tauhidur Rahman - 5 days ago
is it only me, or does anyone else find that the ending plot of game of thrones is a bit like that of the anime Naruto Shippuden, Seven kingdoms (five nations) who used to fought amongst each other now has united to fought against the army of the dead (white zetsus and reanimated ninjas) led by the night king(madara uchiha) who was once one of their own. I´m not telling it matches completely but still the surface matches
Galinka - 5 days ago
I'm here for Chernobyl)
LIN 256
LIN 256 - 3 days ago
Don't forget to wear your radiation suit and wash your feet.
Jared Schumer
Jared Schumer - 5 days ago
More like I’ll let your dragons die before we turn on you my grace
KANNADA GUITAR - 5 days ago
Don't know about other shows though...
But eagerly waiting for Game Of Thrones😂😂👆
TheReal FakeCaptain
TheReal FakeCaptain - 5 days ago
GoT S8 highlights :
1) Sansa bending the knee
Saber BRaps
Saber BRaps - 5 days ago
winterfell is yours your grace wait she didn't mean what she said isn't !???
Summer Runner
Summer Runner - 5 days ago
I'm calling it now. Daenerys gets killed by a boar.
Mesut can
Mesut can - 5 days ago
Jon snow hero
Nazair King
Nazair King - 5 days ago
Winter is here
Simon - 5 days ago
Exact release date on Sunday before true detective
shubham jangpangi
shubham jangpangi - 5 days ago
i just clicked to take a glimpse of game of thrones. Can't wait for final season.
Brittney Stewart
Brittney Stewart - 5 days ago
Dear HBO, (I had this Crazy Dream.....)
It was about a woman who lost her family in a plane crash , that was in the Bermuda Triangle (plane was never found) Her parents wishes were to be cremated an spread in the ocean. She had her parents old wedding bands an she snorkeled in the ocean to Barry them. While she was snorkeling she noticed a fish that was gold but sparkled like a diamond. She was curious an followed the fish into a reef cave under. It was dark an all she could see was the gold shimmering fish. She looked him over amazed. After viewing the tiny fish. She turned around to head back. But when she turned around. A black figure emerged covering the cave opening . All she could see were bright yellow eyes. Till it came closer. His skin was saggy an overly wrinkled, looked like he was a corpse. He looked to be 200 yrs old. He was Pale white. Dark Green algae was covering his body. He had long tentacles like a squid that helped him cover the cave opening. In fear of it, the girl fainted. The figure approached her an when he came close I could see that he was a half man half sea creature. His face looked curious and jolted looking at the girl. His arms reached out with algae sliding off. He had gold band cuff on this wrist and he had gold rings on his fingers. He held the girl floating her down deeper in the cave. The shimmering gold fish followed him descending. When the creatures tentacles reached the bottom they curled over the girl wrapping her in them. The only thing You could see was Her snorkeling mask which the goldfish was gently floating upon. The creature growled “are you sure ?”

Right then the gold fish floated an Perched himself perfectly on the mask nose an slowly floated up directly facing the creature. The creature the looked down eyes closed. An when he opened them he swiftly removed the girls mask. The girl awoke in shock struggling in the creatures tentacles. The fish swim quickly into the girls open mouth while she was gasping for air. Once the fish was in the creature took his hand and cover the girls mouth, Making sure it was closed. The girl gasping for air through her nose. She was jolting and her body was twitching and then her eyes went yellow staying open. The girl had drowned,
That was when I woke from my dream, obviously The girl in the dream was me. But I found the dream so interesting as a story. To me I thought a lot about the dream for days. I wanted to finish it. In my own head filling in the story I think the creature was A old mermaid of so sort. When I told my husband he told me it sounds to me like you were dreaming of the king Titan and is species dying off in a cave. He said it sounds to me like the fish was a special kind of fish that can evolve a human into a mermaid.
I don’t know I thought the dream was really cool and I just wanted people to know about it. I wish I could be a writer so I could write a book , I can’t but I’m a big fan of HBO and I love the content and the series that they produce. My boyfriend told me to copyright my dream and sell the story. But I don’t even know the first way to start . An idc much for going through those hoops. so I’m going to post this comment on a ton of HBO outlets. And hope maybe somebody will take my dream and turn it into an interesting TV series or movie and I know it sounds stupid. But what’s the harm in trying
قـحـطـان الـيـعـربـي
Unfortunately, here in Middle East you don’t interest , do you!!
Randomly Access Memories
Calm down and think What if arya killed the khaleesi and took her mask 😂
Shyma 303
Shyma 303 - 5 days ago
0:37 to 0:38... Just WOW... What a transition.. What a grand entry Viserion..
Shyma 303
Shyma 303 - 5 days ago
This one revealed more than the teaser of GOT.. WE WANT GOT TRAILER
Shyma 303
Shyma 303 - 5 days ago
Joku Äijä... True
Joku Äijä
Joku Äijä - 5 days ago
Shyma 303 well now that they released this we gonna have to wait even longer for official trailer
Draumr - 5 days ago
Sansa does not like that
Jerry Rosas
Jerry Rosas - 5 days ago
Now that HBO Boxing is gone Game of Thrones is Literally the only thing i watch on there.
Ella Erskine
Ella Erskine - 5 days ago
the best tv series ever
João Vitor
João Vitor - 5 days ago
Zendaya Sing this song
Jesse wru
Jesse wru - 5 days ago
You dick.
Amnesiac20 - 5 days ago
where is sillicon valley :(
Sarah Pete
Sarah Pete - 5 days ago
HBO doing it before Netflix ever started
Moha mmed
Moha mmed - 5 days ago
Game of Thrones😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Le cupcake jaune
Le cupcake jaune - 5 days ago
_Winterfell is yours, your grace_
What an unexpected reaction !!! I'm Buuuurrrniiiin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fahad Rajput
Fahad Rajput - 5 days ago
"Winterfell is yours" Khaleesi met her in_laws. Loool
Jaclyn Ziegler
Jaclyn Ziegler - 5 days ago
Fahad Rajput they aren’t married if they do she is her own in law more then them they would just be her cousin by marriage.
Normal Life?
Normal Life? - 5 days ago
Well Sansa not going to like that being a true stark !
Frogpop Toadcola
Frogpop Toadcola - 5 days ago
They may not suffer from shrinkage, but ima start a coats and gloves drive for the Unsullied anyway.
Jaclyn Ziegler
Jaclyn Ziegler - 5 days ago
Frogpop Toadcola the ones with nipples nipples will fall off by the time the season ends.
Henrik Nilsson
Henrik Nilsson - 5 days ago
Only show remotely watchable in this lineup, is GoT.
LightMusicK - 5 days ago
HBO u know GoT is too damn OP for the rest of ur shows that look shitty compared. GoT get out of your hands!!!!!
Not Today
Not Today - 5 days ago
If Daenerys and Sansa meet, that means we finally get that reunion between Arya and Jon too y a l l
Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark - 3 days ago
Jaclyn Ziegler don't forget Sansa and Tyrion!
Jaclyn Ziegler
Jaclyn Ziegler - 5 days ago
Not Today so many good reunions. Jon and Bran, Arya and the hound, Arya and gendery, Sansa and the hound and the most important one bran and Jaime. Also danaerys reaction to Jaime will be interesting
The Joker
The Joker - 5 days ago
Am i the only person that came here for watchmen.
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