Customizing 40 Apple Watches, Then Giving Them To People!!⌚📱 (Giveaway)

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ZHC - 26 days ago
Thanks for watching! Don't forget to enter in the huge apple watch giveaway!
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First comment: Marcusheart131
Viktor Snapp
Viktor Snapp - 24 days ago
This is crazy. I remember when you ddI so many smaller things. I’m the last year your content has virally exploded and it’s so cool to be there to see it.
Amanda Jimenez
Amanda Jimenez - 26 days ago
kyū kid
kyū kid - 26 days ago
zhc:me give appol appol go to all notification squad.ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ turkey fanboy:i was first, giv me wach nowww!!! it my birthday soon.(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ (╥﹏╥) me: ┐(´д`)┌ ....meh i get it,cool : I don't,cool. btw I'd like one bro.
Bobby Burrill
Bobby Burrill - 26 days ago
I need to say to my sister I got one, please can I win she rubs it in :{………… I ENTER
TBM LSGEthan - 26 days ago
i think i was first
The shark gaming
The shark gaming - 11 hours ago
K Kahn
K Kahn - 11 hours ago
Great looking watches!
Samujjwal Kumar
Samujjwal Kumar - 11 hours ago
BtkHshG Z
BtkHshG Z - 11 hours ago
Hi I
545H4 5
545H4 5 - 11 hours ago
This insane level of art 😱❤️
B0NNiEBUYS - 11 hours ago
That galaxy one though 😍😍😍
BtkHshG Z
BtkHshG Z - 11 hours ago
Kayla Marshall
Kayla Marshall - 11 hours ago
I’m done but I really hope I get one because I never win a giveaway
pubg Malayalam techies
pubg Malayalam techies - 11 hours ago
Waiting from r the next video😍
Josephine Lemmens
Josephine Lemmens - 11 hours ago
Of course im not going to win buuuuuttttt I can trie. I really want the Apple Watch because there so beautiful and I love your art💞
Mellyxlove1 - 11 hours ago
I’m a big fan of u I wish I had the EarPods
魏堪健 - 11 hours ago
You are the best
Mr acronose
Mr acronose - 11 hours ago
Can you please give me a phone am morrocan I won't iphone
Faith Kendrick
Faith Kendrick - 11 hours ago
Please me I'm a big fan
Dacia Mitchell
Dacia Mitchell - 12 hours ago
I would like to win the Apple Watch because I wanted it for a long time
hi hi
hi hi - 12 hours ago
First comment
Deepthi S
Deepthi S - 12 hours ago
Jamaria Jones
Jamaria Jones - 12 hours ago
I wanna Win something..
Zekeboy 0921
Zekeboy 0921 - 12 hours ago
Hey, can I please get an Apple Watch I can’t afford one and it would mean the world to me!
Julie Sofia Urban Holm
Julie Sofia Urban Holm - 12 hours ago
hey i supscripers to you
i hav endt instagram sorry
i like you videos😊😌😛🤤😄😘♥️
Big-Nugs Garrett
Big-Nugs Garrett - 12 hours ago
ZHC I’m 12 and have been watching your vids as of a few months ago I believe I know i might sound like I’m lying or making up a fib or nothin but I swear to god I’m not my mom just got her gull bladder removed and she is sort of in pain and sore my family isn’t the wealthiest but we’re around the average family we’re hating taxes and all that stuff but I have an iPhone 7 and am hoping one day to get one of the new iPhone but most importantly I want an Apple Watch more then anything so I followed Avery one instagrams and couldn’t find there channels I have post notifications on and subscribed and liked this vid so plz would you plz pick me as the winner for a watch plz
Sherlin Morataya
Sherlin Morataya - 12 hours ago
Can I have one Apple watch please please please
*_Ama miaw_*
*_Ama miaw_* - 12 hours ago
You should do a Chanel of asmr
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz - 12 hours ago
Sindus Hassun
Sindus Hassun - 12 hours ago
Beautiful Loved Leah
Beautiful Loved Leah - 12 hours ago
I Really want an Apple Watch do I have enough money. Would make my day/whole life if I got an Apple Watch.Marcusheart131
Kierstynn Doll head styles Malone swain
Hey I want one on the giveaway because my brothers birthday is coming up and a bully broke is watch not a Apple Watch but a Rolex one so I want to give hit m one
Sjjs Hdhdxx
Sjjs Hdhdxx - 13 hours ago
I realllly wanted an Apple Watch you all ways give people things who are near you I’m in England so there’s no chance in that but if I don’t win keep doing what your doing and stay loyal and true to your heart ❤️
Oscar Garrido
Oscar Garrido - 13 hours ago
I want one please
ChrisRachael Lee
ChrisRachael Lee - 13 hours ago
I’m subscribed
Audriana Gomez
Audriana Gomez - 13 hours ago
I subscribed
Marian Ticu
Marian Ticu - 13 hours ago
Hello I challenge You to give me an iphone you don't have courage
Ps: I really need a New Phone my old one is broken 😭😭 thank You a lot huge fan
Lily Thompson
Lily Thompson - 13 hours ago
How are you so good at drawing
Phil Cross
Phil Cross - 13 hours ago
I really want the turkey Apple Watch plssss
Arjun X
Arjun X - 13 hours ago
Hope to win..
Tanja Mihajlov
Tanja Mihajlov - 13 hours ago
I don't have twitter 😢🤧😭😭😭
Phil Cross
Phil Cross - 13 hours ago
Plssssssss I would love one I know it’s not gonna happen but it would make my day and I would give it to my mom for her birthday
ShadowKilller - 13 hours ago
I wish I won something from zhc😔
Mannor Banu
Mannor Banu - 13 hours ago
For some reason I think zhc is gonna get broke with doing these vids
Michelle Schueller
Michelle Schueller - 14 hours ago
Please me :)
Mafe Mencedez
Mafe Mencedez - 14 hours ago
Social media watch was cool
Jennifer Hauser
Jennifer Hauser - 14 hours ago
Watch I have never watched your shows maybe I can watch right now Jacqueline ok
Shawcross - 14 hours ago
I’d love to win my insta is lucas.shawcross
Vlogs with Denis
Vlogs with Denis - 14 hours ago
Can I have one watch please it’s a present 🎁 for May mom I never One give away
Fortnite Boy
Fortnite Boy - 14 hours ago
$20,000 on apple watches for us good job 👍
xi ding
xi ding - 14 hours ago
I come here to be a denominator.⌚️
FischlzzTv - 15 hours ago
I want to win a Apple Watch because the design was so nicely and i love apple!
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali - 15 hours ago
Plz give me a Apple Watch ⌚️ ⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️
Soha NL
Soha NL - 15 hours ago
Your drawings are insane I am in love with these !!
Shaza Abdelmoula
Shaza Abdelmoula - 15 hours ago
Can I win a giveaway because my mom died a few months ago and my sister has been doing all the work so I want to reward her. So plez can I win one
Dylan Thornell
Dylan Thornell - 15 hours ago
Emanuel Diaz
Emanuel Diaz - 15 hours ago
Who never wins a giveaway
Ice Slushy
Ice Slushy - 15 hours ago
U could of drew on the straps not on the watch
Ice Slushy
Ice Slushy - 15 hours ago
Like tape the straps on is what I meant it would be easier to draw on
Vaggelis Giannakoulis
Vaggelis Giannakoulis - 15 hours ago
i'll be your whole sky
i'll be your whole sky - 15 hours ago
Aaniyah Life
Aaniyah Life - 15 hours ago
Notification bell is on 👍
Bronson Honeycutt
Bronson Honeycutt - 15 hours ago
I want to be in the giveaway but my parents don’t let me have Instagram what do I do?
Camila Bustamante
Camila Bustamante - 15 hours ago
Best youtuber ever has new subcriber
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia - 15 hours ago
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