Why YETI Coolers Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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Dorian Mcnab
Dorian Mcnab - Day ago
Yeti and hyperbeast cross over 15,000
Dorian Mcnab
Dorian Mcnab - Day ago
I could buy a fridge whit that momey
Ensigncolyer - 11 days ago
Its hard for me as a YETI dealer to find a better place to put this but Yeti is one of the worst companies we've dealt with in over 60 years of business. They have absolutely zero care or regard for any dealer not named Dicks,Cabelas(insert big name box store here). They tell us we cant display products until a certain date then allow the big stores to display it or as has happened to us even more frequently than that we often don't receive newly released products until 2 weeks after the big box stores have the stuff on the shelves. We have been a dealer for 3 years about and for 3 years they consistently cut our legs out from under us. It gets even worse when we do special orders for customers. we have a number of large companies in our area that every year as christmas gifts for employees they order 50-100 YETI items from us and it never fails its usually comes shipped wrong or missing items. all in all i just hope that i can save some small businesses form trying to become YETI dealers because they simply don't care about you.
Jordan Roper
Jordan Roper - 16 days ago
I would never pay for a yeti. I love my Ibex shorturl.at/bxMX2
Curo - 20 days ago
Cecilia Hewitt
Cecilia Hewitt - 22 days ago
I've never heard such an American sounding voice
Shaina - 26 days ago
He has a voice for a pickup truck commercial
27johnrick - Month ago
I was lookin around as to "why" Yeti sell a $50 bottle opener.
Finds out they also sell a $250 small cooler 💀💀 smh
Braden Lotti
Braden Lotti - Month ago
I have a yeti
Isidore Aerys
Isidore Aerys - Month ago
Status symbol coolers... I’m embarrassed to be an American.
Drive Gear
Drive Gear - Month ago
I can help you guys, buy a $35 cooler, and use crayons to write YETI..
Shablé - Month ago
Suckers i got a bigfoot for a quarter
Jay K
Jay K - Month ago
Overpriced piece of plastic, it's amazing how marketing can charge what they want.
Timi - Month ago
I think we dont have those in europe
A J - Month ago
Igloo makes one of these and I swear its better than my actual Yeti (same medium size). Took them both camping and the knock off Igloo version kept the ice solid for longer. The Yeti was still cold but the ice did actually melt. Igloo was $99
Jay Mercha
Jay Mercha - Month ago
You can buy a generator and fridge for that price.
Jay Mercha
Jay Mercha - Month ago
So your paying for marketing mostly.....wow.
MaximilanMus - Month ago
Is it just me or has anyone else never hear of this garbage can?
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] - Month ago
Please blink.. your guys look in pain
KingAg89 Lax
KingAg89 Lax - Month ago
Would never buy this
Brian Calvert
Brian Calvert - Month ago
Who would ice their fish in a 250 dollar cooler . For beer only.... or maybe if you had to transport organs to Alaska for an emergency transplant
Dry Ramen Noodles
Dry Ramen Noodles - Month ago
Their coolers are insanely expensive, but their water bottles/cups are pretty reasonable, or at least on par with brands like hydro flask and swell. I would never pay $200 for a cooler that holds 6 beers, but I have a few of their smaller products and I have to say that they're actually a decent investment.
G S - Month ago
Rugged outdoorsmen... but the only people buying the crap is hipsters with dad's money
Dave Kiss
Dave Kiss - Month ago
Not me !
Michael Croce
Michael Croce - 2 months ago
So, "kill" is an okay word but "beer" is censored. Good job.
Hellcore - 2 months ago
Imagine being the dumbo hat buys into this shit.
f f
f f - 2 months ago
For 1300 I can buy four junky cars!
noisyturtle - 2 months ago
It's a brand for dumb people.
Aaron Mulé
Aaron Mulé - 2 months ago
You could buy a generator and a chest freezer for $1300.
Michael - 2 months ago
I think I have a Coleman. $14
Nicholas Shelton
Nicholas Shelton - 3 months ago
Plastic filled with foam= technology..... they are nice and they work well. They are nice for long hunting trips in the mountains or a long weekend at the ball feilds,but 90% of people will never need to keep ice for 3-7 days. It comes down to marketing.
Patrick Schrandt
Patrick Schrandt - 3 months ago
Um.............if a bear wants in your RV, he's coming in. Maybe through the wall; definitely through the glass. I've seen bears tear a hatch-back off a car to get leftover pizza. I've seen bears tear the lids off huge dumpsters and turn over the dumpster after pushing it around the parking lot. "Bearproof cooler".........bwahahahaha! Ok.
Ramas Samar
Ramas Samar - 3 months ago
Yeti coolers, a fool and his money are soon parted.
Xquisitaz - 3 months ago
They went public? I give it ten years and they be twice the price and half the quality. They should have stayed private like in and out burger that rocks still as it did 30 years ago because they are privately owned.
Upgradewithme Now
Upgradewithme Now - 3 months ago
A cooler and dry ice $30 lol
Nick Slouka
Nick Slouka - 3 months ago
The guys that invented this probably go Glamping
macabelico90 - 3 months ago
Knew a guy who was in vacation in the Philippines and bought a yeti for $50
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith - 3 months ago
Not technology........ALL MARKETING!!!
Jonathan Lanoy
Jonathan Lanoy - 3 months ago
They’re no better than the cheaper coolers. They’re nice looking though
Kilroy was Here
Kilroy was Here - 3 months ago
Did this dude pronounce Rtic are R T I C, what the hell
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