Why YETI Coolers Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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Charlie Soltis
Charlie Soltis - 3 days ago
1:23 oh god that was so cringy!!!
Oxtin Poss
Oxtin Poss - 4 days ago
I have yeti 20 oz. Tumbler. I put ice in it with my drink and the ice dont last 5 minutes
KELVIN SMINGUS - 5 days ago
I don't think of yeti as a status symbol... I think of yeti as a symbol of people who have the brain the size of a mustard seed.. The price is stupid...
Saadia Laureano
Saadia Laureano - 5 days ago
That tundra that cost so much is for people that go fishing. They have a 🚤 and if you have a yeti you know is great quality. I wish it was made in the USA. Love my yeti tumbler
Dylan Johnstone
Dylan Johnstone - 6 days ago
sure can buy a lot of extra bags of ice and beer for $1200.00. ill stick with my igloo
cliff cox
cliff cox - 10 days ago
YETI is ANTI-Gun. They donate against gun rights.
wyh del
wyh del - 17 days ago
I got 2ads for a 3 minute video... Fu youtube... I like the video though
Twig let
Twig let - 17 days ago
So. They're made of plastic, like a canoe. They have a plastic band. They are pumped with dirt cheap expanding foam. People fall for this?? Humans are so unbelievably naive it's embarrassing.
Zach Cooper
Zach Cooper - 18 days ago
You should make a So Expensive about Hearses, and why they are so expensive.
amaru ametl
amaru ametl - 20 days ago
Because their for douches
Billy West
Billy West - 23 days ago
They're comically overpriced, other vacuum sealed cups and rotomoulded coolers perform BETTER and cost a fraction. That's right, they've been tested against cheaper alternatives and often fail. Yeti is run by hipster idiots in austin texas who only know how to drink overpriced beer, so it's natural all of their crap is overpriced.
Jun Lee
Jun Lee - 25 days ago
uhm... hello?
i was waiting for the explanation 'why', but it seems you just made the video in a hurry.
so, marketing is the only factor... right? according to this video?
Dr. Nowzaradan
Dr. Nowzaradan - 26 days ago
What a trash video. They must be paying him.
GunScott HDgaming
GunScott HDgaming - 28 days ago
=Heres word "Philippines"=
Francisco Duran
Francisco Duran - Month ago
People can be so damn gullible as to believe a cooler would have such a high value,,,anyone who buys one is just plain,,,,dumb as can be.,,paying so much more for an extra layer of foam lol!!
Zlatan - Month ago
so in short, they rely on dumbasses.
Oliver Kinkel
Oliver Kinkel - Month ago
wow nice flip pallot cameo
Nefarion - Month ago
Pieces of junk
Kilroy was Here
Kilroy was Here - Month ago
They have amazing customer service. My dad ordered an American made one directly from them, the first one wasn’t an American made one, so he called and they had an American made one out to us within the week.
Carter Mcdaniel
Carter Mcdaniel - Month ago
That’s cheep I’m rich so
Judgment Proof
Judgment Proof - Month ago
Since yetis coolers are well overpriced, I’ll bet they don’t sell near as well as they could. What I need to do is lower their prices and keep the quality the same. They need to get those products into the hands of those who most need them. Perhaps they should try donating to the poor. They can use some of their rusty money to go load those expensive coolers and give them to the homeless who have nothing to eat
Erick - Month ago
Where’s it made again? 😂😂
ElJabali - Month ago
Its simple people you can get a $500 dollar car (Igloo) or a 30,000 there both gonna get you to the same place right?? They both do the same thing right??? Just stfu if you can’t afford it get a damn igloo and spend the rest of your 💰 on some damn Keystone while your at it😂😂😂😂😂
Kaycee Whitham
Kaycee Whitham - Month ago
I mean..the price of ice is outrageous!
JupiterKnight - Month ago
I know yeti cups but I never knew that they had coolers
Nikko Angeles
Nikko Angeles - Month ago
I've been to their factory and these coolers are really labor intensive. They really invest in quality of their products
thejoker19 - Month ago
ano daw pinoy?
Sisir Kattempudi
Sisir Kattempudi - Month ago
Guys with a YETI by You Betcha:
Fellow Homosapien
Fellow Homosapien - 2 months ago
brand name
ji p
ji p - 2 months ago
it's funny I just found out about this brand thanks to your guys.
MurderMike41370 - 2 months ago
Yeti is garbage. Canyon coolers all day with a lifetime warranty. And they don't leak when you turn them upside down like shitty ass yetis do
Adam Luqman
Adam Luqman - 2 months ago
YETI prob sponsored this video. Nice Marketing
tacosR1 Gaming
tacosR1 Gaming - 2 months ago
Dude it’s Pronounced Artic
Nuke Mecca
Nuke Mecca - 2 months ago
All one needs is salt ice, it stay's cooler far far longer than fw ice....
Rj D
Rj D - 2 months ago
ShakespeareCafe - 2 months ago
They sell these at the North Face Store at Union Square SF, also the most expensive outdoors clothing
RealWildCherry Dotes
RealWildCherry Dotes - 3 months ago
This is an Ad
thechubbylove69 - 3 months ago
Was never a believer until I brought a yeti cup that keep the drink cold almost 10 hours in a day Vegas heat. Just brought my first yeti cooler $250
Taste & Travel Curiously
Taste & Travel Curiously - 3 months ago
Just got a 75.... should last for awhile haha didn't pay retail tho, heck no, too $$$$

Thanks for the video! I will try to engage with every video I watch, appreciate the content!
Keith Hepworth
Keith Hepworth - 3 months ago
All you haters just back off. What part of roto-molded didn’t you understand?
Garrett Boyd
Garrett Boyd - 3 months ago
This dude looks like he's life's a mess
Dark Side
Dark Side - 3 months ago
There was a trend in college called YETI hunting where dude bros would steal them out of the back of trucks
music channel
music channel - 3 months ago
Why did he spell “RTIC” and not say it like “Artic”?!! Why!!
PJ Quinn
PJ Quinn - 3 months ago
The official cooler of my white dad.
Dre12008 - 3 months ago
For 1,300 I can get a decades worth of Xbox gold
Stefan Michaelsen Zegarra
Stefan Michaelsen Zegarra - 4 months ago
Because they want to set that price and there are stupid people that want to pay that amount
Leggo My Ego
Leggo My Ego - 4 months ago
It's mostly marketing.
Charlie Tellez
Charlie Tellez - 4 months ago
I bought a Yeti product for my brother. Years ago, on his 🎂. He loved it.
J D - 4 months ago
I've taken the Yeti customer associate training before. The price really comes from a Because It Is mindset. As associates, we were required to talk about the ruggedness, quality and name behind the product. But Yeti told us the price is high just because it is. I recommend Rtic products, Yeti CEO exwife started the company, changed the blueprints 10% and sells her products 90% less than Yeti.
WK Designs ™
WK Designs ™ - 4 months ago
a east coast white guys wet dream
meouishlycat - 4 months ago
1:41 cool rap
The Almighty Zoe
The Almighty Zoe - 4 months ago
What's weird is that I have never seen a Yeti sold in the Philippines. Also, Orocan is the company it's partnering with.
It's Chinese because it's from China
Is nobody going to mention this dude's excessive hand talking and eye ott intensity... My man looks like John gruden's lost brother
Viktor - 4 months ago
Even coolers are considered a status symbol now? lol
rzrz B
rzrz B - 4 months ago
Is it 100% made in usa ?
Vince85 - 4 months ago
Made in China, lol.
Divya Srirajyala
Divya Srirajyala - 4 months ago
Am i the only one who heard about this brand for the first time? I don’t drink beer ...may be that’s why
Drab Majesty97
Drab Majesty97 - 4 months ago
The gucci for boomers. Also the trap was unnecessary.
Blodershade Donald productions
You gotta new ford? Yeah thats preety gay. ive got a 1300 dollar cooler.
Anon Kat
Anon Kat - 4 months ago
I'm filipino, and I never heard of Yeti. It's not marketed here in the Philippines lol
Pokey Lo
Pokey Lo - 4 months ago
fazegamerboy 2.0
fazegamerboy 2.0 - 4 months ago
would u buy it
Imam Malaysia
Imam Malaysia - 4 months ago
*I rather buy a Mini Bar*
Kaushal Maurya
Kaushal Maurya - 4 months ago
This seems more like an Ad for Yeti than why it is so expensive.
Redtailcatboi 930
Redtailcatboi 930 - 5 months ago
Why are yeti coolers expensive.
Simple, they're just expensive.
Paul - 5 months ago
For something that expensive it should be made in the USA. Sad.
David - 5 months ago
my tundra truck is not even $1300
canvasback1970 - 5 months ago
Buy a grizzly coolers they are made in the U.S.. factory in Iowa, just as good as yeti, not as expensive
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider - 5 months ago
Based In Austin, Tx. Home of everything needlessly overpriced and superficial. Located directly adjacent to the Fleshlight Headquarters. $1300 for a cooler filled with Flex Seal. Check. $700 for a flashlight I can stick my wiener into. Check. Yep. That just about accurately sums up Austin Texas these days. Wait, forgot one thing. Products arent actually made in Austin. They are contracted overseas to brutal child labor sweatshops in Asia, saving tons on manufacturing costs. Savings that we pass on to you. Just kidding. Our business is raping your wallet while we are still trending. Aha. Hahahaha. Yes, the lovely people of Austin, Texas. It just keeps getting better and better.
Carlos Banegas
Carlos Banegas - 5 months ago
Oh yeah they are wide known😅
That I never heard about them before🤷🏻‍♂️😅😅
Dorian Mcnab
Dorian Mcnab - 5 months ago
Yeti and hyperbeast cross over 15,000
Dorian Mcnab
Dorian Mcnab - 5 months ago
I could buy a fridge whit that momey
Ensigncolyer - 6 months ago
Its hard for me as a YETI dealer to find a better place to put this but Yeti is one of the worst companies we've dealt with in over 60 years of business. They have absolutely zero care or regard for any dealer not named Dicks,Cabelas(insert big name box store here). They tell us we cant display products until a certain date then allow the big stores to display it or as has happened to us even more frequently than that we often don't receive newly released products until 2 weeks after the big box stores have the stuff on the shelves. We have been a dealer for 3 years about and for 3 years they consistently cut our legs out from under us. It gets even worse when we do special orders for customers. we have a number of large companies in our area that every year as christmas gifts for employees they order 50-100 YETI items from us and it never fails its usually comes shipped wrong or missing items. all in all i just hope that i can save some small businesses form trying to become YETI dealers because they simply don't care about you.
Applesauce - 6 months ago
Cecilia Hewitt
Cecilia Hewitt - 6 months ago
I've never heard such an American sounding voice
Shaina - 6 months ago
He has a voice for a pickup truck commercial
27johnrick - 6 months ago
I was lookin around as to "why" Yeti sell a $50 bottle opener.
Finds out they also sell a $250 small cooler 💀💀 smh
Braden Lotti
Braden Lotti - 6 months ago
I have a yeti
Isidore Aerys
Isidore Aerys - 6 months ago
Status symbol coolers... I’m embarrassed to be an American.
Drive Gear
Drive Gear - 7 months ago
I can help you guys, buy a $35 cooler, and use crayons to write YETI..
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