7 493
StevenCrowder - 9 months ago
Check Twitter for full screen recordings showing that YouTube altered Tulsi Gabbard's search results in the U.S. when she was trending on Friday, and then reverted back after the trend died down!
myfatassdick - 5 months ago
Look up “trump can’t win compilation” You’d think you’d find all the funny videos people made of all the news anchors and Celebs saying trump wont win (because that video does exist and has millions of views) but you wont find it all you’ll see are short news clips because youtube censored the results
isimi taiwo
isimi taiwo - 8 months ago
@Jacob Howell contrapoints is a leftwing and she got her some of her videos banned, so your point?
isimi taiwo
isimi taiwo - 8 months ago
Dude you are a liar, I typed SteveCrowder(as it is written on USa-video channel and I got your channel) you are fraud.
Jesse Allen
Jesse Allen - 9 months ago
Hey Steven, I just came across an INTERESTING and WEIRD thing. Markiplier had done a choice based story on youtube's premium live service some time ago, and he had his audience choose the 'path a" or "path b" by spamming red (path a presumably) or green (path B, presumably) emoji's. During this several hundred of his fans got banned and repeals denied. Since it was red/green (similar to red/blue, or Republican/Democrat) I wonder if this is another case of USa-video censoring and just doing it through automation that's BS and stupid. I've asked on his video where he talks about it if he can get the data on if those banned predominantly spammed the red emoji's.
gavin aston
gavin aston - 9 months ago
What I find amazing Mr. Crowder is the media focus on Trump interfering in the 2016 and 2020 elections via Russia etc. when the real interference in our elections are the media corporations FaceBook, Twitter, Google, and USa-video. When the NYT or The Washington Post act like the Democratic parties advertising agency it is disgraceful but affects relatively few people in comparison to the big four FaceBook, Twitter, Google, and USa-video especially when it comes to people under 40. Impeachment is based on trivial actions compared to Nixon and Clinton where actual crimes were committed. CNN and MSNBC push this fallacious narrative daily but those under 40 barely watch those channels. The DNC along with those channels forced HRC down our throats and cheated Bernie Sanders. Now they are forcing Elizabeth Warren down our throats. Add in the big 4 tech media companies and its no longer we the people it we the giants in silicon valley. The fact that they get to pick 1/2 of our presidential candidates needs to be stopped immediately.
myfatassdick - 5 months ago

Im sure other key words and phrases have the same treatment
Skyler Evans
Skyler Evans - 5 months ago
Has there been any updates since this was released?
myfatassdick - 5 months ago
Skyler Evans yea it was “fixed” but now youtube censors other stuff like this Look up “trump can’t win compilation” You’d think you’d find all the funny videos people made of all the news anchors and Celebs saying trump wont win (because that video does exist and has millions of views) but you wont find it all you’ll see are short news clips
The Clownening
The Clownening - 6 months ago
Very sad to hear about Tulsi gabbards impending "suicide by Clinton". It's like suicide by cop but more gruesome.
Renee Odo
Renee Odo - 6 months ago
Steven Crowder is disingenuously arguing whatever side benefits him the most financially, and he is terrified to face anyone who knows better and would point it out. If Steven ever accidentally spoke the truth or changed his mind on even a single issue he debates he would be financially ruined.

Renee Odo
Renee Odo - 5 months ago
@myfatassdick not sure how that has anything to do with him refusing to debate anyone prepared. steven often drops from panels and cancels appearances because he is afraid to sit across someone prepared for his bullshit.... but hey if he wants to play pretend debate with unprepared college kids and passers bye that's his prerogative. I bet he get's to feel super smart and strong as long as the person sitting across from hasn't done 2 mins of research on him.
myfatassdick - 5 months ago
If you think this video is fake read this comment I made Look up “trump can’t win compilation” You’d think you’d find all the funny videos people made of all the news anchors and Celebs saying trump wont win (because that video does exist and has millions of views) but you wont find it all you’ll see are short news clips because youtube changed the results
Milton Camara
Milton Camara - 6 months ago
Steven Crowder, please come back to Canada and run for prime minister.
Max Jambon
Max Jambon - 6 months ago
How are people not worried about this? I've seen very little traction on social media about this debacle.
Julius Merlino
Julius Merlino - 7 months ago
So nice not seeing ads
Paul Cardin / Wirral In It Together
Google owns YouTube.
Soooooo... type the name of the CIA's fake whistleblower into here or the comments of ANY other video and it vanishes upon refresh. Type it into a LIVE video and it disappears instantly in a puff of Silicon Valley smoke. What was "creeping totalitarianism" is now getting its skates on... Love yaz, stay strong, Paul xx
myfatassdick - 5 months ago
On youtube Look up “trump can’t win compilation” You’d think you’d find all the funny videos people made of all the news anchors and Celebs saying trump wont win (because that video does exist and has millions of views) but you wont find it all you’ll see are short news clips because youtube censored the results
Morgana Torricelli
Morgana Torricelli - 8 months ago
Does the media really think Tulsi doesn't have the balls to stand up against them? The woman literally faced war.
Tekka579 - 8 months ago
Liking Youtube Less and less, they started out as the peoples company. Now they are just Govt puppets looking for alternatives.
THE Monarch
THE Monarch - 8 months ago
I would vote for Tulsi in about 5 to 12 yrs from now, after she leaves the Nucking Futz political party. She doesn't switch she is just as Nutz...
Tire of flip floppers, Enforce laws on the books
The Democrats push collusion by the Russians ...HOW ABOUT COLLUSION IN THR UNITED STATES involving “YOUTUBE” AND “GOOGLE” We DON’T NEED A DIFFERENT PRESIDENT IN 2020 BUT,,,, if the only choices we had were one of the ASSHATS on the debate stage then Tulsi Gabbard is the only choice we have.
She is a threat to the Democrats and the deep states planes for the future of TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL.
THESE DEMOCRATS ARE NOTHING BUT ANIMALS WHO WILL DO EVERYTHING ILLEGAL AND LEGAL TO GET CONTROL BACK.. with the help of censorship by “youtube” and “google”. You must agree with these conglomerates or suffer a violation of our 1st amendment rights.
Talk about collusion , this collusion with the Democrats should be prosecuted and the “GUY” who “youtube” says has total control not only fired but put in jail for taking away our “FREEDOM OF SPEECH “
Earth Man
Earth Man - 8 months ago
Double thumbs up. YouTube and Google are monopolies which operate outside the law and outside the public interest. The answer is simple. Competition with other social platforms. Break up YouTube and Google. Just do it.
FoodLiquorCool - 8 months ago
this needs to be in the history books
Santi Strong
Santi Strong - 8 months ago
Late to the tulsi g analysis... But I'm glad you all are the men and women team that can see this issues. Wanted to learn more about her and it was difficult even to get this video!!
Santi Strong
Santi Strong - 8 months ago
So proud of your team!! Go!!
Sambringit - 8 months ago
Can anyone tell what those first 2 tracks?
Swaraj - 8 months ago
In India all your vedios are appearing.
Snowy - 8 months ago
I have been getting a lot of socialist ads like Bernie Sanders and AOC when trying to watch conservative channels like John Doyle. Invite him on the show btw!
Solz00 - 8 months ago
I mean I still have to explain to my liberal friends like a kindergarten teacher how conservative ideology doesn't mean I religiously support republicans. Yet they think they need to religiously support democrats....except without religion of course because they are all miserable atheists.
Christian Evora
Christian Evora - 9 months ago
Half Asian lawyer Birr Richman
Anders L
Anders L - 9 months ago
Joerg Sprave is currently involved in an action to stand up against youtube involving sending letters to them .
surfacedwelling scum
surfacedwelling scum - 9 months ago
YouTube is screwing over creators
Dark Knight of Thrones
Dark Knight of Thrones - 9 months ago
Starts at 8:00
Traveler - 9 months ago
Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton are working together... All to Influence Your Vote...
Hillary and the DNC realize that they have a lot of Socialists running for the Nomination... and Biden has his own skeletons in his closet... Ukraine... China... Tulsi is the Only other option until Bloomberg stepped into the Mix... 2020 has been lost, Try Again in 2024...
djbethell - 9 months ago
I didn't last through that inane shite music.
The Guitologist
The Guitologist - 9 months ago
You have hit directly upon the target. Google and YouTube are about CONTROL and POWER. The money they make is just ancillary to their real goal, which is manipulation and control of the thoughts and trends of the entire human population. The same stuff was done to Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.
Night Cap
Night Cap - 9 months ago
Half Asian Lawyer Bill Richmond: Ace Attorney

Come on Capcom, let's make this happen!
Dennis Sharpe Jr
Dennis Sharpe Jr - 9 months ago
When my friend sent this or forwarded to me it sent me a 404 error content not found but, when I searched by typing it in on You tube I got here. They are screwing with the You tube address at least it seems this way for a few because we share videos a lot and I was given many 404 errors along with Edge of Wonder, Ritchie From Boston as well as RFB and RFBII(2) and a few others. Crooked
Mikey D
Mikey D - 9 months ago
Why did it take two weeks for me to find this ? And Epstein didn’t kill him self .
High Latitude
High Latitude - 9 months ago
Wow, on youtube under ‘StevenCrowder viewers also watched’ suggestions, not ONE Ben Shapiro.   Hmmm.  And then it all made sense.  Ben actually requires you to think,  which isn’t a characterization of Steven Crowder viewers.  Boom!  BTW - I just received my second MugClub Mug, After signing up two months ago.  So, do I get a mug like every month? That would be cool and all, but after three or four.....  I mean, that surpasses my total number of friends.  So ya...  I guess I can think of alternative uses.  Mabey break one up and make it the ‘shipwreck’ of comedy at the bottom of my fish tank?  Well, either way, keep up the good work Dude!
Uhh Oh
Uhh Oh - 9 months ago
Idk of this has already been said, but YouTube is only letting me access a few of your videos
Arrtcher - 9 months ago
as of 11/7/19.... Still no Change my Mind searches showing.
Last week I started trying to look em up cause I wanted to rewatch them, it pissed me off a ton that NOTHING was showing.
gavin aston
gavin aston - 9 months ago
Don't comment on Crowders site often but in CASE Crowder reads his comments I do have a question... How did you get silent Bob on your show and how did you get him to talk?
Twist OnThat
Twist OnThat - 9 months ago
Call them the Corporate Media. It's not liberal or conservative, it's about their Corporate self interest, so they are the Corporate Media.
Twist OnThat
Twist OnThat - 9 months ago
We need to deregulate YouTube like we did big oil and coal. Get the government out of business, let the Free Market do them justice.
( The Free Market is a joke, everyone needs to be policed. Conservatives only care about justice when it effects them personally. They don't care about fracking destroying people's water supply as an example.)
v S
v S - 9 months ago
Love the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory beats lol!
gimmes0mespace TRUMP2020
gimmes0mespace TRUMP2020 - 9 months ago
RIGHT ON , Crowder! Tulsi Gabbard will not get my vote. But she is absolutely treated unfairly by Google and YouTube. These two monster companies are interfering with the integrity of our presidential election. And they should be held accountable. If they are fined over the Ganbard supression, the fine should be no less than ONE BILLION dollars.
John Guttink
John Guttink - 9 months ago
I would watch this video if it was 10 minutes.
boatmansbridge - 9 months ago
Dear Youtube, there will be a day when your stock has dropped 70% and you'll have to lay off thousands. You can look back to this time for why.
Keith Tee
Keith Tee - 9 months ago
The same thing happened here with the PPC in Canada
Justin Thorne
Justin Thorne - 9 months ago
shouldve used the video of you reading green new deal for your control video
Elmer MCcracken
Elmer MCcracken - 9 months ago
Tulsi is the Dems best shot to beat Trump.
Jeremiah Bowen
Jeremiah Bowen - 9 months ago
#thegreatfirewallofchina #thegreatfirewallofgoogle #thegreatfirewalloftheunitedstates
Evgeny Stolyarov
Evgeny Stolyarov - 9 months ago
None of the proof shown here is actually concrete and definite proof of youtube's censorship. What people don't understand is that the videos that YouTube promotes to each person is completely different meaning for each person. In other words, the algorithms are personalized. Therefore, comparing countries/people search results etc is quite useless as evidence because everyone's YouTube is entirely different
Gamercharizardx - 9 months ago
I just searched up “Steven Crowder Change My Mind” out of the top 22 videos, I only saw one by you. It was last.
Phillip Carlino
Phillip Carlino - 9 months ago
Crowder larping as usual. All the black, asian, muslim jokes but not one jew joke? something smells shilly.
Alex West
Alex West - 9 months ago
cant tell if this is legit or if steven crowder is alex jones 2.0
traderpax - 9 months ago
don't care much for liberals, but I hope everyone that sues Youtube for their abuse regarding traffic flow of speech gets their money in full.
Andrew DuChene
Andrew DuChene - 9 months ago
I looked on for Tulsi Gabbard videos and they have them on the first page
A canada Crowder fan - I searched google canada
October 31, 2019 11:29am
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - 9 months ago
When I search "Steven Crowder, Change my mind" in America it's geographically logical that Youtube would best serve me with Youtubers in my country regardless of their views.
T1544767 - 9 months ago
Ace Arch
Ace Arch - 9 months ago
shout out to the song!
darkomen42 - 9 months ago
Have you checked your YouTube Pscore?
Patrick Brogan
Patrick Brogan - 9 months ago
Debate Sam you tunic #coldfeetcrowder
Samuel Stewart
Samuel Stewart - 9 months ago
StevenCrowder I cant find any conservative channels that have politican 2019 debates and i don't want to support the liberal channels. when i search it is only the young turks and the Kyle guy who i will never support.
Andrey Chernyshov
Andrey Chernyshov - 9 months ago
Here is an idea about solid and fair line between platform and publisher: you have any restrictions of content posted, beyond the requirements of the law - you are a publisher and must bare responsibility for the enforcement of those rules you make and for the inevitable failing to do it.
BigDaddySkins 4an
BigDaddySkins 4an - 9 months ago
Nice public service announcement. 👍👏👏👍🙏Too bad you don’t know where Tulsi is on the political spectrum.😂
She’s standing right next to Bernie with everyone else a mile to the right.
Why are you so yelly?
I feel like your trying to convince me of something that I know not to be true; that Trump is better than what Tulsi offers.
Unlike every other Dem, she has a way to pay for those “cwazy socialist programs”.
Tulsi would completely disassemble Trump because she knows and freely recognizes what he does well and would expose the differences between them without insulting people such as yourself.
You could really do with some weed once a week. At least lay off the stimulants.
Don’t ever change! You’re a legend in your own mind and are quite entertaining...just not very funny🧐
Sylvester Vela
Sylvester Vela - 9 months ago
Giving credit where it's due. We disagree on a lot but I got a ton of respect.
mikeyo1O1 - 9 months ago
I thought I'd be cute and change my handle to Tulsi2020 on poker heat. Now I mostly play with foreigners.
Martin Thompson
Martin Thompson - 9 months ago
Google search for a Bill Clinton connection to Jeffery Epstein and your results will be a Trump connections to Jeffery Epstein.
dude stop
dude stop - 9 months ago
7:55 for when he sits down
rubixcubesolve - 9 months ago
YOO WTF I'm getting the same results when I search Steven crowder change my mind on YouTube. Absolutely FUCK YOU YOUTUBE you fucking sell out leftish liberals. Let people find the information they are looking for and don't use your platform power to silence those who don't agree with your views ( or should I say who aren't paying you the most ). This is so fucked up. Going to share with all my friends and people I know that are on the left. Good job YouTube.
Rien - 9 months ago
hard agree. nothing is worse than shadowbanning/censorship. they do it sneakily so people wont notice
F Xynq
F Xynq - 9 months ago
How much would it frighten Alphabet, Inc (and other tech companies) if people were to suggest that an attack on many of the world's the server farms would be warranted to stop their power grab (and aid the global warming fanatics in reducing the world's power use).
Every DeadMeme
Every DeadMeme - 9 months ago
Hunter Avallone doesn't believe in this. Lololololol.

Seriously, though, what the hell is going on with Hunter?
D3IM0S - 9 months ago
If I search "Steven Crowder Change my Mind", then your Change my mind videos should be the number 1 search result on the first page. If none of them are on the first page, then there is something shady going on behind the scenes.
Trigger Me6
Trigger Me6 - 9 months ago

Hunter Avallone has been a foot in his mouth.
Magi376 - 9 months ago
On my YouTube app your channel USED TO show up on my front more and not for some time now
Plus if I search "Crowder" the videos that show up first for me are two years old...until I click your specific channel no new content shows up
Okiijiida - 9 months ago
the 30:10 tirade sounded just like Tom Hanks
kerisa lord
kerisa lord - 9 months ago
pray for yall for safety and hope yall can keep 'our voices' heard! We are fighting for our votes here in Maine right now signing petitions to keep Republicans choice on our presidential ballot. So stupid that our governor feels she needs to take away our rights as Republicans just because we choose not to vote dem choice..
Susie Annei
Susie Annei - 9 months ago
You are falling for their social engineering First youtube "censors" her, then Killary "wars" with her. She SOUNDS like a patriot, she's a vet, the bad guys SEEM to be against her and she's SO pretty and intelligent what's not to love?
Let's start with her POSING at the base of the Capital making an Illuminati hand gesture, dressed up in a blood-red, "I'm of THE CORRECT bloodline" suit.
Then ask yourself WHY NOW? Why would anyone who's not prepping for WTSHT their own personal F decide to run against THIS president NOW?
Sandra Budman
Sandra Budman - 9 months ago
Great Muzak..and excellent content...thankQ for bringing this to everybody's attention..We'll see how long it takes to come back to me..last one took 2 months! s/.
Armando Rosa
Armando Rosa - 9 months ago
Stop running
Jay McHue
Jay McHue - 9 months ago
Not that I agree with it, but doesn't YouTube have the right to control what does or does not appear on their website?
Miko Mido
Miko Mido - 9 months ago
Amazon is actually bigger than Alphabet :)
gwaviator - 9 months ago
Hi Guys, interesting segment, what VPN do you use primarily?
Timothy Blazer
Timothy Blazer - 9 months ago
Force YouTube to have to run at a profit. That would open the playing field for competition.
Enforce anti compete laws as well, and use RICO against Alphabet and their allies.
We don't need oversight. We need a level playing field.
nico visgarra
nico visgarra - 9 months ago
hey im from argentina nice :D
Tom Yabbo
Tom Yabbo - 9 months ago
Around 50:00. Damn, even the Chinese are Russian these days 😂
Ivana Tinkle
Ivana Tinkle - 9 months ago
Lionel Hutz lawyer tie
Biggs Media
Biggs Media - 9 months ago
Not to be that guy but video starts at 8:00
GOON - 9 months ago
being censorship on youtube is a pretty good sign lol
USMCMama - 9 months ago
I am over this. I can't find anything I've watched, my Twitter is slow to nothing anymore.
Andrey Medvedev
Andrey Medvedev - 9 months ago
You gotta sue the bastards.
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles - 9 months ago
Evidence of brainwashing in American news, PLEASE MAKE IT GO VIRAL SO CROWDER CAN SEE THIS
xpatches13 - 9 months ago
Or she could be blocked out because she wasn't bought by them...yet.
Annie S
Annie S - 9 months ago
what the hell youtube?
Tyler Fetters
Tyler Fetters - 9 months ago
John McDonald
John McDonald - 9 months ago
Please explain this anomaly to me,...I live in QLD Australia and type Donald Trump into my comments quite often and it takes until the m to be typed until I am offered this 'trump'. How anyone can be under the illusion that the alphabet company isn't biased is perplexing. Thanks Steven and team for doing God's work for the God Emperor President Donald J Trump. These companies are insulting our collective intelligence and need to be taken to account for their ideological actions and abuse of power.
David Stairs
David Stairs - 9 months ago
Feldergarb.. Time to keel haul the executives at Twittler, You-tube etc...
Meron Esho
Meron Esho - 9 months ago
58:00 word you're looking for is oligopoly
Herculean History
Herculean History - 9 months ago
Campeão da Direita
Campeão da Direita - 9 months ago
get out of youtube already XD
whatfreedom7 - 9 months ago
The party of tolerance not only wants to disarm you they want to silence you if you disagree at all and apparently shut you down if your a candidate who isn’t the one they want to win which is trying to help rig elections. Oh that’s nothing to be worried about at all. Sounds like China. The big tech and democrat party really need to be investigated.
Madisen Chayse
Madisen Chayse - 9 months ago
Man, this is brave. To face such a massive company, defend the opposing side, to achieve good for all. Good on you, young republicans and Christians like myself really look to Crowder and are grateful for you and all the people at the Blaze standing up for the good. Awesome role models there. You’re doing something huge
Sharon Hatcher
Sharon Hatcher - 9 months ago
Been following Mrctv channel, no uploads for this week when searching for this week’s uploads. Changing to another device that hasn’t viewed their videos revealed at least 4 videos from this week. I can’t find any new videos from them unless I borrow a device which hasn’t accessed their channel.
USMCMama - 9 months ago
Reddit, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... they’re all doing this. Not sure if it matters but ever since I’ve been using iOS nothing I search or am shown aligns with my values. This is within the past 2/3 weeks. My android may not be as secure but it kinda fit me lol
salinagrrrl69 - 9 months ago
Hitlery is confirmed Russian asshat.
iutrteiu sakljdsaj
iutrteiu sakljdsaj - 9 months ago
I hate YouTube... I only watch b/c the cable media is full of complete lies and is no longer news...
Mike - 9 months ago
What is the song that starts at 1:03:27? I would guess it to be a Pogo song but I don't recall one like it and I have been listening to Pogo for a couple of years now
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