Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | Return of a Laughing Stock - Scott The Woz

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Scott The Woz
Scott The Woz - Year ago
Hey! Hi! This was reuploaded because I forgot to cram a bleep in the original video at 6:20 ! Sorry if you don't like the bleeps, honestly I couldn't care less about you guys hearing such VULGAR things spewed from my mouth. As lame as it sounds I'm a stickler for consistency. If one naughty bit is bleeped in the video, all of em have to be. Might as well fix it within two hours of the original being uploaded rather than get comments for months on end about it! Thanks for watching and being really REALLY cool! I'll see ya next week!
Mr Muffin
Mr Muffin - 24 days ago
@Blastroys frfx YES
ZephyrSpeedruns - Month ago
@Nin-Tanner I read that in Scott's voice
StardustMan - Month ago
what you a fuckin priest or what
Saifuu Suri
Saifuu Suri - Month ago
You forgot?...I blame Tails.
retrosashia - 3 months ago
you said bad word not epic 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
johnmanreal - 12 hours ago
"ON TO SONIC 2" gets me everytime
Drew Fiermonte
Drew Fiermonte - 2 days ago
I did a glitch in wing fortress and then skip part of the level
SirMeatwad - 11 days ago
Casino Night had one of my favorite soundtracks as a kid
Leon - 13 days ago
OPINION: I prefer Sonic 2 over Sonic 1 in every single way except for one thing:
Music consistency.
Both games have extremely great music but in my opinion, Sonic 1 has 100% masterpiece music while 2 does have some annoying or bland music. It's rare tho and both games are way above average in terms of music.
Angelic Zalithan
Angelic Zalithan - 15 days ago
Day 402. We are still waiting for Scott's top 7 days of the week list.
Kamepin UA
Kamepin UA - 15 days ago
A05Playz - 15 days ago
My dad still has his genesis 2, but he only has collage football games... I’m a platformer kind of guy, so I was hoping for a sonic game. Guess I’ll stick to my Wii U and DSi in the corner.
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker - 18 days ago
I love that Scott pinned a comment saying he bleeped his curse word after originally uploading this video and said he did so people wouldn't bother him for months on end about the incident...
People in the comment section still nonetheless bothered him about the accident, lmao!
Derpy Dude
Derpy Dude - 19 days ago
when you make a lot of money making a laughing stock
*laughing stonks*
HaleyHalcyon - Gaming Channel
don't worry I couldn't get past Chemical Plant Zone either
Typical Gacha Stuff
Typical Gacha Stuff - 24 days ago
The only thing 1 did better then 2 is Green Hill
Retro Gamers
Retro Gamers - 27 days ago
So far I can get 3 emerlads in Emerald hill act 1
Retro Gamers
Retro Gamers - 27 days ago
I could never get pass death egg zone because I can get all the emralds in chemical plant zone but I can do it faster without tails
Tekagi - 27 days ago
Pacman 2 includes a fully playable version of Ms Pacman; you chose poorly.
Monotonegent - 28 days ago
PacMan2 is a good game. I will die on this hill.
Gezi5 - Month ago
I got a SEGA genesis classic on this
judaschrist12 - Month ago
"Sonic gives a hardy f**k this screen" beautiful choice of words, man.
RowanArcticFox - Month ago
The humor in these videos never fail to make me laugh
Spiral Creation
Spiral Creation - Month ago
Maybe your just terrible at Sonic 1 lol
Vhinrous - 14 days ago
Spiral Creation is he just as bad a 1 as you are in grammar?
Dr. Prower
Dr. Prower - Month ago
Sonic 3 and Knuckles when?
Jason Harrington
Jason Harrington - Month ago
I was a Sega fanboy back then. I played the shit out of Sonic and Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. How come I barely remember large portions of these games? I remember basically everything about all the early Marios, but not Sonics. It's because Sega just fucking sucks. Over the years I came to accept this fact, and now I regret being a Sega fanboy
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes - Month ago
8:43 Metropolis Zone, also known as AAAAAAHHHHH
Burst Your Bubble
Burst Your Bubble - Month ago
Pac Man 2 the New Adventures was the first game I ever owned. It has a bad reputation, but its really not a bad game
Kris C
Kris C - Month ago
Lol finally started doing proper white balance?
Thatbeef Man
Thatbeef Man - Month ago
I like sonic 3 better
Shiggy Iggy
Shiggy Iggy - Month ago
Oke Scot, you get hab my subscribe
RAP64 - Month ago
Now I realise it, Sonic 2 was probably the best out of the main trilogy.
Sonic 1, irritating.
Sonic 2, irritating but managable.
Sonic 3, zone 2 is a water level...
DylanDude - Month ago
Sonic 3 has 13 Zones, and you're going to write them all off because Zone 2 is a water level? Sonic 2's third Zone is a water level, with the second Zone having a mandatory water section.
Fran Bartoluci
Fran Bartoluci - Month ago
But Sonic 3 has very good water stages
Red Borb Studios
Red Borb Studios - Month ago
Sonic 2 is my favorite sonic game
Death Egg Robot
Death Egg Robot - Month ago
Mystic Cave and Oil Ocean, the worst levels in the game...
S T E A M Y - Month ago
The worst first entire in the sonic series
What about the reboot, sonic the hedgehog
Xity-X Films
Xity-X Films - Month ago
Yuji Naka: How fast should I program Sonic?
Sega: *YES*
vineplanet - Month ago
Fundays With Fox
Fundays With Fox - Month ago
I agree Sonic 1 was not so good. Sonic 2 is my favorite Sonic game because I played it after quitting Sonic 1
Supersonicsped - Month ago
It’s ok I couldn’t get past it when I was 5 and had to have my help me
SkittleBoi16 - 2 months ago
Am i the only one who didnt have a problem with metropolis zone
Mikel Prosper-Pepi
Mikel Prosper-Pepi - 2 months ago
You might be
The Elite One
The Elite One - 2 months ago
Ahh yes those Chaos emeralds that bring you Super Saiy- I mean Super Sonic yes Super Sonic so no lawsuit
unkn0wn4041 - 2 months ago
You know something is gonna fail eventually when the company behind it is STI
Marshall Horton
Marshall Horton - 2 months ago
I fear no man but that thing it scares me
Joaquin Castañeda
Joaquin Castañeda - 2 months ago
lol funny how now Nintendo releases their games on Friday
Mikel Prosper-Pepi
Mikel Prosper-Pepi - 2 months ago
The one thing sonic 1 does better than sonic 2 is the final zone theme. Scrap brains theme is so much better in my opinion
Pixelated Perfection
Pixelated Perfection - 2 months ago
"genocide city zone? No wonder sega said nintendo's for pussies!" -Scott The Woz 2018
Uncle Scalari
Uncle Scalari - 2 months ago
It seems like everygame that i liked people hate, i dont understand it im really starting to think somethings wrong with me
Elijah Thompson
Elijah Thompson - 2 months ago
New title "Nintendo fanboy overanalyzes classic Sega game"
Jackamomo - 2 months ago
Sonic 1 = 44 million sales, Sonic 2 = 13.8 million sales, Sonic 3 = 8 million sales.
Are people stupid? Or... is Sonic 1 actually the best Sonic game by Miles..?
This observer says. Yes. I don't bother with any other personally.
I’m using tilt controls!
On to Sonic 2!
Lovelorn88 Nick
Lovelorn88 Nick - 2 months ago
i just recently found this guys channel and i gotta say im happy i found it feels like old school youtube
JoeBro659 - 2 months ago
Sonic 1: Scott starts by saying its great, continues to point out its flaws, then apologizes for pointing those out. Then goes on to basically say "yeah it could've been better"
Sonic 2: Scott starts by saying its great, continues to point out its flaws, then apologizes for pointing those out. Then goes on to basically say "yeah it could've been better". But then ends by praising it some more.
God it really is a sequel
Ionic Apple
Ionic Apple - 2 months ago
Kiwiboy234 /Luke
Kiwiboy234 /Luke - 2 months ago
So are you working on sonic 3 anytime soon
Mikel Prosper-Pepi
Mikel Prosper-Pepi - 2 months ago
It’s coming around 2077 everybody
General Ceasers
General Ceasers - 2 months ago
Make a review on sonic 3 and knuckles and more knuckles and I will get to work on remaking madden 08
Diurno MX
Diurno MX - 2 months ago
Death Egg robot is easy bro, you just seem whiney. I finished this game in 1993 as a 10 year old
rohan Kumargamer #templerun
What the heck 5:21
witherXD - 2 months ago
Did you just say the entire soundtrack is good? Have you forgotten about death egg zone?
Flying Flanker
Flying Flanker - 2 months ago
You can blame the fans for Sonics bad rap. As a sonic fan I agree with your opinions of the first vid. I haven’t seen this one yet but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic
PyroFierceDeity - 2 months ago
so why is this video called return of a laughing stock if all he did was praise it?
bowl of soup
bowl of soup - 2 months ago
PyroFierceDeity it is a return of what was but is not necessarily a laughing stock anymore
Gabby Furball709
Gabby Furball709 - 2 months ago
Next Sonic episode, Sonic 3, aw shit, here we go again & knuckles
DoubleDenial - 2 months ago
I thought you could just hold down the button to spindash
Creative Username
Creative Username - 2 months ago
Sonic 2: has trail and error
People: it sucks
Sonic forces: has almost no trial and error
People: it sucks
David Jarrett
David Jarrett - 2 months ago
Where is Sonic 3 and Knuckles?
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