Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | Return of a Laughing Stock - Scott The Woz

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Scott The Woz
Scott The Woz - Year ago
Hey! Hi! This was reuploaded because I forgot to cram a bleep in the original video at 6:20 ! Sorry if you don't like the bleeps, honestly I couldn't care less about you guys hearing such VULGAR things spewed from my mouth. As lame as it sounds I'm a stickler for consistency. If one naughty bit is bleeped in the video, all of em have to be. Might as well fix it within two hours of the original being uploaded rather than get comments for months on end about it! Thanks for watching and being really REALLY cool! I'll see ya next week!
Alexander Tijerina (student)
FUCKin’ Tails.
LightSpeedGamer 925
LightSpeedGamer 925 - 7 days ago
Scott The Woz Crouch down, *EXCLAIM DEATH TO THUMS*
elijah Rainer
elijah Rainer - 10 days ago
fuck they'll get a little moreish for the first half a week
回日勹 - 16 days ago
As somebody who hates censorship, I love your bleeps. It just feels right! You always do them perfectly, it doesn't feel like it's meant to be kid-friendly, it feels like just a part of your channel.
Connor Weller
Connor Weller - Month ago
Is it y’all or all?
Exmpr - 2 days ago
Fuckin tails
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson - 2 days ago
God forbid he say fuck
Adenthepotato _
Adenthepotato _ - 4 days ago
I still have yet to get past chemical plant zone
mannyfresh1105 - 4 days ago
Advilll - 5 days ago
Wow... so having 50 rings is what made the circle of stars above the check point appear... I always thought it was having to hit it hard and just right. To think we had no internet back then and had to wonder...
Cardboard Sliver
Cardboard Sliver - 5 days ago
Why does everyone say Yuji Naka was the creator? He was a programmer.
TheClodGamer - 5 days ago
Imagine quiting the company you work for just to go and work at the same company.
SyntaxTsundere - 5 days ago
2:58 “Dust Hill Zone”
My educated ears that know that the actual name of the scrapped desert level was Sand Shower Zone are annoyed, but to be fair, we didn’t know for certain if it was at this point in time.
Dust Hill Zone turned out to be a prototype name for Mystic Cave Zone.
Cooking With Tears
Cooking With Tears - 7 days ago
sonic 3, sonic 3, sonic 3
thaspaz - 9 days ago
sonic 2 was one of the first games i really played a lot, when i was 5. roughly 2 1/2 years after it's release. it's my favorite game of all time to play, probably. it's almost muscle memory.
Emcee Schwartz
Emcee Schwartz - 10 days ago
1 has the better Soundtrack but 2 is my favorite. I think it's better than super Mario world
Luigi's Menace
Luigi's Menace - 12 days ago
The fact that he forgot to censor one of the swear words makes me appreciate the censorship as a funny design element.
MsTastyfreeze - 21 day ago
metotropolis AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH zone act 666
The CommentWarrior
The CommentWarrior - 21 day ago
But is it wItH a l i n e?
Jason Jay
Jason Jay - 23 days ago
Scott The Woz cries that sonic 2 is too hard no more avgn for you hes a bad influence!
Andrew Jazdzyk
Andrew Jazdzyk - 23 days ago
Oh gawd this video gave me so much nostalgia
Clyde Spight
Clyde Spight - 26 days ago
Are you doing sonic 3& knuckles?
Gamechamp3000Fan - 27 days ago
0:13 I love how he ran out of room of the blue background in the bottom left corner so he just put some blue paper their
Noki's World
Noki's World - 27 days ago
This stage is filled to the brim with garbage:
Such as this, that, and f*ck. XD
Oskar Freeth
Oskar Freeth - Month ago
Suddenly Sonic 3
Samz Chaz
Samz Chaz - Month ago
9:34 actually it’s sonic’s plane
Ma Jo
Ma Jo - Month ago
You add that the new York city council has been an advocate
Bruh - Month ago
0:00 don’t mind me, this is just a replay button
Broken Vlogger
Broken Vlogger - Month ago
Flying Flanker
Flying Flanker - Month ago
I actually like metropolis zone...
Ryan Skelton
Ryan Skelton - Month ago
Idk why people complain about chemical plant it’s not as hard as flying battery
Super Mario Semones
Super Mario Semones - Month ago
Do one of these on sonic mania
Thomas L'Heureux
Thomas L'Heureux - Month ago
My first game was space invaders on intelivision
Yan's Videos
Yan's Videos - Month ago
that was exactly what i would do if i could (no, not really, i was joking)
Michael H
Michael H - Month ago
The series wasn’t good until it said “and Knuckles”
Sans Pichu
Sans Pichu - Month ago
This is now the rarest game of all time because it has a line
FamilyLove 215
FamilyLove 215 - Month ago
Hill top, mystic cave = best music
Jammy25 - Month ago
Ah, a fellow person who sucked to much at chemical plant zone as well.
Retro Speculative
Retro Speculative - Month ago
I bought this for Switch and finally completed it, plus got all the chaos emeralds. 10-year old me is very proud.
Xeno54 35
Xeno54 35 - Month ago
Dont ever talk smack about sonic ever
ZapItNOW - Month ago
He's allowed to have an opinion
Jace Bean
Jace Bean - Month ago
as a sonic fan, i agree with a lot of your opinions. im not being sarcastic. seriously, i agree.
Gamediac - Month ago
Scott, could you possibly review Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine or Sonic Spinball?
Twinkle Tale
Twinkle Tale - Month ago
What is funny about the Speed of Sonic compared to the screen. SEGA originally had it in Sonic 1 but the Developers said they got motion sickness from it. I am guessing that STI didn't care or it was what the American/European Audiences wanted and just said "No, this NEEDS to stay in!"

Fact about Super Sonic, it was inspired by Dragon Ball Z's Super Saiyans!
Drumpad123 - Month ago
I know what u mean about oil ocean
RC568 - Month ago
My brain thought that the bottle was a giant fragile ball at first...
just a viewer
just a viewer - Month ago
Hey y'all scott here and do you remember the last time I went outside
JOKING HAZARD! - Month ago
Mysterious Sounds
Mysterious Sounds - Month ago
2:15 the acronym for that is... STI
dark bonnie 87 fan / duper kirby studios
Dont be racsit in casino night zone
plague-inator - Month ago
Ah yes, the rarest game of all time...

Bear - Month ago
Get good
MoezMedia 98
MoezMedia 98 - Month ago
Nintendo fuk boi here 😂
filecabinet coffee
filecabinet coffee - Month ago
I also have a lot of memories of the special stages. But none of them are very good ones.
Wreck-It Rolfe
Wreck-It Rolfe - Month ago
You can play as Knuckles on most versions of Sonic 2 surely?
John-s- Mith
John-s- Mith - 2 months ago
When people think of sonic they say Nintendo sucks lol
Blammo! GAMES
Blammo! GAMES - 2 months ago
"Hey all! Scott here! Today I'm going to be baiting sonic haters to my channel by talking about design flaws for the first half of the video! (sarcastic sonic bad joke here)"
this is every BEGINNING Scott the Woz sonic video by the way.
Sonic vic gaming
Sonic vic gaming - 2 months ago
I think sonic 3 and knuckles is better than sonic 2
Mozilla FireFox
Mozilla FireFox - 2 months ago
Where’s the Sonic 3 video?
Sam - 2 months ago
2:16 SEGA Technical Institute = STI
Quartzer - 2 months ago
6:53 It does Scrap Brain Zone better
Ryan Games
Ryan Games - 2 months ago
That bottle shatter tho.
Drake Graen
Drake Graen - 2 months ago
how strange the first game scott owned was sonic 1 on the OG genesis
the first game i owned was sonic UGC* for xbox 360
*ultimate genesis collection
Blaster 64
Blaster 64 - 2 months ago
hey scatt when are you gonna review sonic 3 and knuckles
Mohamad Ismail
Mohamad Ismail - 2 months ago
Someone has probably Stated this already but in Metropolis zone the third act is because of genocide city/cyber city which got recycled and into Metropolis zone.
Jochem Bakker
Jochem Bakker - 2 months ago
This video might have my favourite opening of any episode
Declan Reese
Declan Reese - 2 months ago
my two favorite words hey all!
Andres Acosta
Andres Acosta - 2 months ago
Scott: I can’t think of anything that Sonic 1 did better than 2
Me: Being the first one
Astra - 2 months ago
Oh it’s perfectly fine that you had problems with Chemical Plant
It’s bad
D3ts3rr - 2 months ago
How can he do that without flinching? 0:10
Ice cold blue Sonic
Ice cold blue Sonic - 2 months ago
Ice cold blue Sonic
Ice cold blue Sonic - 2 months ago
That means: Welcome To The Next Level
brandon medrano
brandon medrano - 2 months ago
Nintendo was in sonic mega collection?
Sonic The night plush
Sonic The night plush - 2 months ago
No on iPads to
Sonic The night plush
Sonic The night plush - 2 months ago
So not true sonic one is great
Chris Robot
Chris Robot - 2 months ago
The mobile phone version is also on appleTV, and you can use a ps4 controller to play it.
Chris Robot
Chris Robot - 2 months ago
Get gud 🤣
Quest 64
Quest 64 - 2 months ago
Hey Scott your not alone i couldn't get past that zone i kept falling
lilcr4zypsycho - 2 months ago
Does this with Mario 1-3
LeviPlayzGames - 2 months ago
metroppoles represet sth1
kiptokip - 2 months ago
Sonic 2 was also my first game ever
Edit: I too could never pass the second stage
Second edit: I too could not pass that stair part with the purple water as a kid
SonicKid- 925
SonicKid- 925 - 2 months ago
RectalDiscourse - 2 months ago
The Cerny Ploystirtion
RectalDiscourse - 2 months ago
Gerardo Zamora
Gerardo Zamora - 2 months ago
Make Sonic 3 review
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