The Ultimate Commentary Video (w/ Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez)

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Kaytlin Osborne
Kaytlin Osborne - 6 hours ago
OMG that's literally the kid from my babysitters a vampire
phoenix c
phoenix c - 7 hours ago
wait i looked up c me dance and she doesn't even have cancer she has a blood disease according to wikipedia. so *whats the c for*
IEatPooPooForFun - 10 hours ago
I recognize that gay bee movie house... Does anyone remember a movie with a talking cat that helps a teenage girl?
ya boi carby
ya boi carby - 18 hours ago
Twisted Pair is the American remake of Black Mirror
jane haviland
jane haviland - 18 hours ago
11:05 this movie is Bee Movie 2, The Bee-quel
Delighty17 - 18 hours ago
1:38 i love how they all get in with it
Cpaghetti Sonfetti
Cpaghetti Sonfetti - Day ago
as a ‘tall girl’ i can confirm we don’t claim her
Glass Cat
Glass Cat - Day ago
4:33 *Giggles*
Tyler Lowe
Tyler Lowe - Day ago
why is the editing on the bee one and the twin one SO BAD like are those even movies????
Doggo - Day ago
Fuck Goobie, I want them to watch the rest of the bee movie! Do the students make it?!?!?
camille eve
camille eve - Day ago
I’m 6’1 and I’m a girl it’s not that hard to be tall😳
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones - Day ago
She is really that tall
Joshua Valadez
Joshua Valadez - Day ago
Cancer Me Dance
Mayah Johnson
Mayah Johnson - Day ago
So... what does the C stand for? Cancer?
Witty Username
Witty Username - Day ago
I know that puzzle piece review station! The dove foundation is not a review site in the traditional sense-it’s a Christian based forum where they rate movies based on how safe for the family they are. When Brad Jones made his parody of Christian persecution films, “Jesus Bro”, it received a 1 dove review despite the film being essentially copied by Kevin Sorbo but in earnest a year later and getting a far greater score.
Jesus Bro proudly boasts its 1 dove rating from the dove foundation, as the higher the film score the more likely it is to blow.
Lorena V
Lorena V - Day ago
Love these 3
blaahhh blahh
blaahhh blahh - Day ago
MoonKookie - Day ago
Go to hell........o fresh
Why are you here?
Why are you here? - 2 days ago
2:01 I wanna be as thick as Danny's vein
KateStrikes - 2 days ago
The bear thing is nightmare fuel
Val M
Val M - 2 days ago
Bruh that’s sinjin from Victorious 7:16🤭🤭🤭
Faiz Toxic
Faiz Toxic - 2 days ago
Breaking news! A man just had a baby and his dick fucking exploded. The baby is also a monkey! We’ll be back with more details soon!
Makenna Jones
Makenna Jones - 2 days ago
So... what the hell does the “C” stand for?
Makenna Jones
Makenna Jones - Day ago
Witty Username oh yeah of course
Witty Username
Witty Username - Day ago
Makenna Jones cdevil
Grace - 2 days ago
in the movie about bees doesn't that look like the same house from the movie about the talking cat?
dis_cat_ded _
dis_cat_ded _ - 2 days ago
In middle school I knew a girl who was like 6 feet tall, and she had a twin brother who was the same height
Genesis David
Genesis David - 2 days ago
3k? Wtf 😂😂
Snotty Goth
Snotty Goth - 2 days ago
What's the bee movie name
you must not know dick about starkid
1313: Giant Killer Bees
Lee Lee
Lee Lee - 2 days ago
alyssa - 2 days ago
ethan from my babysitters a vamp is in gooby wow a king
Witty Username
Witty Username - Day ago
alyssa he should’ve really *seen* this coming then, huh?
Gogo tryhard
Gogo tryhard - 2 days ago
.....Cancer Me Dance....
Priscilla Moore
Priscilla Moore - 2 days ago
when you are on the toilet watching youtube and you poop and then the toilet water gets on your butt.
Kaitlyn Silkey
Kaitlyn Silkey - 2 days ago
i’ve literally seen goobi before. i remember watching it when i was super young and i was really scared of it.
Roman Pecora
Roman Pecora - 2 days ago
In the tall girl trailer there was a scene with a parade and it looks like unused footage from a certain Pepsi advertisement
Linden Travers
Linden Travers - 2 days ago
The Neil Green movie looks like he screenrecorded a trailer made in WeVideo premium so that he wouldn’t have to pay.
Stephanie Cameron
Stephanie Cameron - 3 days ago
Plz help us out WERE trapped
ava freeman
ava freeman - 3 days ago
just got an add w kurtis in it right before the video😂💀
Vale Diaz
Vale Diaz - 3 days ago
She’s gonna dance WITH the devil🤯🤯
Sophie Schroer
Sophie Schroer - 3 days ago
I wanna know exactly what and where the factory is that produced all these three guys and how they manage to make them
Adel Pierce
Adel Pierce - 3 days ago
I just skipped an ad with kurtis in it so I could see more kurtis but that means I'm actually seeing less kurtis
AriaThe Gamer
AriaThe Gamer - 3 days ago
These people kill me😂😂Danny and Drew😂Lol
Harlowe - 3 days ago
as a gay man i need the gay bee movie name
Amy Ihrig
Amy Ihrig - 3 days ago
Ngl Tall Girl was actually pretty good
Better than I thought it would be anyway
chaotic energy
chaotic energy - 3 days ago
What was the bee films name?? I died watching that and I need to see the whole thing
spiderdude2099 - 3 days ago
PLEASE watch that gay bee movie. Gooby was one thing, but I NEED gay porn bee movie
you must not know dick about starkid
I support them reviewing 1313 Giant Killer Bees
PhoenixPoptart - 3 days ago
Skylar Pelaez
Skylar Pelaez - 3 days ago
Is no one going to acknowledge that in one of the trailers is Singin from Victorious and in another trailer it’s Ethan from My Babysitter’s a Vampire.
gelato - 3 days ago
6:32 Wasn’t that Lexi’s friend from A.n.t. Farm?
7:16 And isn’t that guy from Victorious?
Damn, I forgot this movie existed.
Hailey Reich
Hailey Reich - 3 days ago
13:28 wait I actually remember that movie!!!!!!! Don’t judge but I actually liked it
Steam D 95
Steam D 95 - 3 days ago
Short boi
Markie Ross
Markie Ross - 3 days ago

This is Me
This is Me - 3 days ago
0:16 whenever someone says big apple i just think of stefon lol
Grace mcneeney
Grace mcneeney - 3 days ago
poor kurtis😢 He went for that embrace but fully got rejected.
Ryan Eves
Ryan Eves - 3 days ago
I see your clone machine malfunctioned. The second one looks a little off.
Skyletti - 4 days ago
Skyletti - 4 days ago
3:38 is that tanya from little white lie omg
kn0el - 4 days ago
6:02 youeverdancewiththedevilinthapalemunelight
SirLandy - 4 days ago
I'm 90% sure the set in the Super Bee movie is the same exact house used in "A Talking Cat?!?", complete with the same half car-couch.
McGrady Productions
McGrady Productions - 4 days ago
Out of the $6.5 million for making Gooby, Robbie Coltrane took home $5.5 million as the voice of Gooby.
McGrady Productions
McGrady Productions - 4 days ago
Gotta thank Neil Breem for making a sequel to The Room.
Joao’s World
Joao’s World - 4 days ago
9:08 here’s what I like to think that was he didn’t have the budget to hire an actress so he walked up to a random girl and tried to do the scene
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