The Ultimate Commentary Video (w/ Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez)

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Chloe Exum
Chloe Exum - 4 hours ago
is nobody gonna talk about 9:39 ?? IM SCREAMING
browneyes - 6 hours ago
Maybe it's because I'm high but I never noticed how much they mimic each other
Yeet bread
Yeet bread - 7 hours ago
The Neil Breen one made me laugh so hard I was dying 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂
DuckieDude - 7 hours ago
1:00 Danny was trying to set up a joke and no one took it xd
Grace - 8 hours ago
7:16 is that Sinjin
Manu - 16 hours ago
5:38 was a bit too accurate to the actual movie lol
11:29 made me extremely uncomfortable 0-0
Cc Yees
Cc Yees - Day ago
4:06 lmao kurtis goes in for the hug but they’re already hugging and he just has to back away like nothing happened mmao
SGInfinity - Day ago
bro mama boy has singin from victorious and paisley from a.n.t. farm what a cast
Buzzy Bea
Buzzy Bea - Day ago
Sinjin is that you.l
Noku M
Noku M - Day ago
Yo Kurt, were you feeling uncomfortable for a bit there? I feel you man 🥺
1-UP Girl
1-UP Girl - Day ago
I now I’m late but the one about the guy taking the pregnancy for his gf, the girl who played the gf was from a Disney Channel show 😐
Julianna H5782
Julianna H5782 - Day ago
The absolute giggles when they see the devil... Just tickles me.
And they're not puzzle pieces, they're Christian doves.
Brit Ann
Brit Ann - Day ago
Neil Breen is obsessed with destroying laptops... even in this new movie theres a scene of blowing up laptops.
So weird
naudia - 2 days ago
neil breen: how many special effects u want
neil breen: yes

neil breen: you’re so sexy lets go out... ;)
neil breen: hehehe okay :3
Magic Bayonet
Magic Bayonet - 2 days ago
It's amazing to me how similar their comedic styles are
Mike Golub
Mike Golub - 2 days ago
no one:
literally no one:
not one soul:
me when i saw the gooby trailer: is that matthew knight
from my babysitters a vampire
***then proceeded to look it up to see if i was right and i was
claire - 2 days ago
Phantomartist !!!
Phantomartist !!! - 2 days ago
Rose - 2 days ago
omg they all sound the same
MaseUltra - 2 days ago
14:48 The five puzzle pieces they're talking about are actually doves
Annie Howell
Annie Howell - 2 days ago
I’m watching this video wearing the same shirt that drew is wearing lol
Oh No You Can’t Make A Name This Long
I kinda feel bad for Danny, it really seems like he doesn’t want to be there
phoebe lewis
phoebe lewis - 2 days ago
love how in sync drew and danny are
gastly gracie
gastly gracie - 2 days ago
Aaliyah H.
Aaliyah H. - 2 days ago
I want "The Ultimate Commentary Video.... Part 2"

I wanna sequel
Alexia Renee Hall
Alexia Renee Hall - 3 days ago
As a 6’2 girl, I can confirm this movie is GARBAGE
Lysander Holguin
Lysander Holguin - 3 days ago
This is what happens inside my head when my 3 brain cells finally meet
K Tom
K Tom - 3 days ago
9 : 57 danny you good?
//Mërrÿpłåÿż TV\\
Is nobody gonna talk about how bad that CGI bee is?
Rachel Papirmeister
Rachel Papirmeister - 3 days ago
I almost pissed myself during the “bee movie” trailer
Miranda H.
Miranda H. - 3 days ago
Is that the main character from my babysitters a vampire? Is this where he started? Also kinda a lot of big names in this movie. So many questions. Who thought this was ok? That gooby movie is literally a knock off of that McDonald’s movie that was a knock off of ET but this time it’s a teddy bear.
1M subs with no videos challenge
All the combined sarcasm...
Senselless - 4 days ago
You like it though, right? I know you're the BI guy🌚
RazzPod - 4 days ago
Anaïs Coralie
Anaïs Coralie - 4 days ago
i think i actually watched this goobie thing when i was little...
Sophie Bailey
Sophie Bailey - 4 days ago
I got an ad with Kurtis in it before this video how ironic lol
Theweirdkid -
Theweirdkid - - 4 days ago
She’s only 6’2. Lol
bunnyblood - 4 days ago
6:20 sinjin?
Magma man533
Magma man533 - 4 days ago
They should watch mommas bou
the cup RM throws in the Run MV
i’m 100% sure that the scientist bee movie is a porno with a dragged out plot
the cup RM throws in the Run MV
Drew, Danny, & Kurtis are my last 3 brain cells
VAMPVHS - 4 days ago
I feel like C Me Dance should be a dance battle with the girl and the devil, devil went down to Georgia style
Evelyne Ndayikengu
Evelyne Ndayikengu - 4 days ago
Did no one notice Sinjin (Victorious)
Truly A.B
Truly A.B - 5 days ago
9:08 lmao what face is Danny making?
Alexa Porter
Alexa Porter - 5 days ago
These threesome videos are my favorite and I crave more
kudy - 5 days ago
I'm allergic to apples.
just me
just me - 5 days ago
Taylor Small
Taylor Small - 5 days ago
the bees one is filmed in the same house as the talking cat movie...
Gage Baldy
Gage Baldy - 6 days ago
Dude Tall Girl is so stupid I’m twelve and 5”8
I’m not trying to secretly flex or anything I’m just saying that it’s a stupid concept
Gage Baldy
Gage Baldy - 4 days ago
-Mwaring - yah that guys an idiot Oh look at me I’m young AND tall Wouldn’t want to be hi-CRAP
-Mwaring -
-Mwaring - - 4 days ago
Gage Baldy dare I say we’ve been secretly flexed on boys
Brianna Chyzyk
Brianna Chyzyk - 6 days ago
Tell me why at first glance I thought there were three Drew’s. And they all sounded the same in the intro. I see what everybody means now
Mikaela Recio
Mikaela Recio - 6 days ago
That’s sinjin from victorious right
Sami - 6 days ago
was that sinjin from victorious???
Bluena WOLF
Bluena WOLF - 6 days ago
I would never think to have to ask the question, gay porn, or bee movie
len_orie - 6 days ago
is everyone really gonna ignore sinjin in the 3rd trailer
keaudra Majors
keaudra Majors - 6 days ago
ok but gooby was a great movie
revestan - 6 days ago
I just yelled sinjin out loud in history when I saw the third trailer
Georgette Crepe
Georgette Crepe - 6 days ago
join the cult
Serena’s Channel
Serena’s Channel - 7 days ago
Holly crap the face on the bear in gooby scared me
Serena’s Channel
Serena’s Channel - 7 days ago
At first I thought the Neil breen movie was fake like a fake trailer but it’s actually that bad
LManProductions - 7 days ago
Hey, I’m a freshman in highschool and I am 6’0. It’s not that tall at all. Lol
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