What REALLY Happened In 2019...

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SlimerDOTcom - 4 minutes ago
This comment section is on crack.....
Melissa Rodriguez
Melissa Rodriguez - 24 minutes ago
The into
Isabella V
Isabella V - 3 hours ago
Me: reads title
Also me: clicks on video just read the comments
Sophie S
Sophie S - 3 hours ago
Excuse me, why does he have more than 10% dislikes, like, even more than Jaystation gtfo
Edith ze cookie
Edith ze cookie - 3 hours ago
HeY sIteRs-James Charles forever!
Taylor Marlene
Taylor Marlene - 4 hours ago
I think we need a James Charles highlighter palette.
Samuel Stone
Samuel Stone - 4 hours ago
Farmore 1337
Farmore 1337 - 5 hours ago
Хотел найти Джеймса Ласта, а попал на него или её
Lil Dj Foxy
Lil Dj Foxy - 5 hours ago
Love u sister! Always ignore the hate!! We love u!
Nicole Bennett
Nicole Bennett - 5 hours ago
How can you look so beautiful with no makeup on and with makeup on??? Like siiisssss xx
Tara Đurić
Tara Đurić - 6 hours ago
Kay, I am not a big fan, just watch some videos from time to time, but are there really people who come just to dislike his videos for no reason whatsoever? Guys, like, really?
Laura Melo
Laura Melo - 6 hours ago
Karsten Ziemer Stopmotin
Karsten Ziemer Stopmotin - 6 hours ago
Tha f**k is that
Penguen Adam
Penguen Adam - 7 hours ago
The Ghost Killer08
The Ghost Killer08 - 7 hours ago
cant belive this guy was a "wii hacker"
Eddy malou
Eddy malou - 8 hours ago
Its a boy or a girl?
Nikki - 8 hours ago
seeing you recover from everything that happened to you in 2019, and seeing how happy and positive you are right now, that makes me so happy and proud. That is real GROWTH
Maria Marcial
Maria Marcial - 9 hours ago
When I first sow one of your videos, you struck me as a bitchy kind of person, however, I kept watching you because of your amazing talent. Now that I’ve seen so much more of you, I feel like I’ve gotten to know you better, and I know that I was wrong. Of course I still think you are super talented and creative, but I also know that you are sweet, kind and sensitive. I feel like you’ve grown so much since you first started on this, and it makes me incredibly happy to see all you’ve accomplished. But above all, I’m happy to see you happy and proud.
It’s a little weird for me to write this to you when you’ve never even seen my face, but I felt like this needed to be said, even if you don’t read it. Thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us. ❤️
Ian Kamil
Ian Kamil - 9 hours ago
get a life
Toxy Gaming
Toxy Gaming - 10 hours ago
This guy is reterded.
Reema Alsubie
Reema Alsubie - 10 hours ago
Do not speak quickly
Karma Potato
Karma Potato - 10 hours ago
Sister Stunning 🤟
Real Malaysian
Real Malaysian - 12 hours ago
Hi sister . Happy new year
Kikelomo Wayne
Kikelomo Wayne - 12 hours ago
Does he take breaths between sentences?
Àŕìà Òffíčìàĺ
Àŕìà Òffíčìàĺ - 12 hours ago
Qm i the only one who thinks that james is talking too fast ;-;
I mean ....come on im trying in hard conditions to hear and follow james when james talks
Tell me im not only......💎💎💎
cupcake nigga
cupcake nigga - 15 hours ago
Did I ask
Kaleah Crump
Kaleah Crump - 18 hours ago
i feel like something really bad is gonna happen...
prodbykdbeatz - 18 hours ago
30k Dislikes🙏
Edit: microwave your eyebrows? Sounds fun😳
Therapist Gus
Therapist Gus - 19 hours ago
Fast talking used car salesman
35th SanteFe
35th SanteFe - 19 hours ago
You deserve to paul walker your car into the divider
cowboy chungus
cowboy chungus - 20 hours ago
Lets just discuss something so one of the best make up artist's in the world is a dude makes sense ngl
Angel Phu
Angel Phu - 20 hours ago
Oh my sisters James you do better in make up than my mom
Nerea Moreno
Nerea Moreno - 20 hours ago
I'm the only person who thinks that James speaks to fast? I have to put the velocity of the video in 0,75 to understand it. (I'm a first english student) Ly JC❤
Heidi Jedi
Heidi Jedi - 21 hour ago
Oh gosh no
Heather Schimmel
Heather Schimmel - 21 hour ago
Love the new intro james
evie safran
evie safran - 22 hours ago
James, you are the best we love you and hope you have a great 2020
zolano family
zolano family - 23 hours ago
R Chansler
R Chansler - 23 hours ago
when he put that pride flag in with the anthem, i lost it😭😭😂😂
Jaylene Muniz
Jaylene Muniz - Day ago
Do you like Jojo and Joseph?😳🤠
Lilly Lucas
Lilly Lucas - Day ago
I want SISTER Squad BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHAT WE NEED IN 2020!!

And I also miss them :(
Tayen Fish
Tayen Fish - Day ago
I forgot how annoying he is
alexandra kenny
alexandra kenny - Day ago
Can someone please tell me what he said on this vid bc I cab to watch it haha
Wetsou TaeTae
Wetsou TaeTae - Day ago
Just how fast does James speak? :D
Munira Alqahtani
Munira Alqahtani - Day ago
Love ya
FrenZ True
FrenZ True - Day ago
He cries harder than Laura Lee
Peytonplayz - Day ago
My little brother thinks your a girl ....
beautiful me
beautiful me - Day ago
James Charles is literally the best person ever❤️
DrRush - Day ago
Jesus Christ, James ... Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour
Sarah W
Sarah W - Day ago
James Charles view of the world is totally warped
Tahnee McMurchie
Tahnee McMurchie - Day ago
I think I missed every word he talks to fast
Honey Mohi
Honey Mohi - Day ago
i love you girl
鰟 Z3Đ. ʏκ
鰟 Z3Đ. ʏκ - Day ago
Facial Care vid please How do keep Pimples Gone??! I have 1 Pimple and i hate ittt
Javeon Burt
Javeon Burt - Day ago
Lord nuxanor Said your a trap
Kylie Long
Kylie Long - Day ago
You are cool
ru ru
ru ru - Day ago
Clickbait. All he does it talk about his boring self
xXARIANNAxX liza p
xXARIANNAxX liza p - Day ago
my 2020 is a bad start..it might be like that forever :c 😢
Marialuz Cortes
Marialuz Cortes - Day ago
hola buenas noches, hay algo que no entiendo cuando llegue a tú canal me quedé ,no se inglés pero me encanta como te maquillas hermoso tengo 51 años nunca me he podido comprar todo lo necesario para poder Lucir como tú de bella pero seguiré viendo y soñando algún día poder Lucir hací de hermosa te mando bendiciones eres grande tú amiga Mary Anguiano Puebla México lo mejor para el 2020
Midnight Starlight
Midnight Starlight - Day ago
My 2019 was horrible. Some of my family passed away. But watching your videos make me smile! Your funny videos cheered me up! Love you!
DERP-O- Saurus Reks
Your looking sooooooo manly uh
ExoticButters * *
ExoticButters * * - Day ago
There are a lot of negative step sisters in the comments. I get the world is kind of falling apart right now. All we can do now is at least try to be positive.💗
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