What REALLY Happened In 2019...

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Kelly Lock
Kelly Lock - Hour ago
everyone watching this video now: 👁👄👁
shyli - 4 hours ago
2020 is not good BC WITH THE VIRUS!
Xxx Yyy
Xxx Yyy - 5 hours ago
0:35 well that turned out great
Debra Wanjiru
Debra Wanjiru - 5 hours ago
I love you💞💞
Skye Keenan
Skye Keenan - 6 hours ago
Watching this in august......you jinxed us allllll😂
Liv Grace
Liv Grace - 12 hours ago
Tbh i do think 2020 has been james yeah despite the circumstances
RoohanaPlayz - 15 hours ago
James: I’m gonna grab myYyYY (looking for what it is called)..... this brush 🤣
Grace Chamba
Grace Chamba - Day ago
Everybody going to slay 2020
2020: no we're going to slay you
Me girl it looks like 2020 is slaying us
ashlee :D
ashlee :D - Day ago
little did he know that somewhere in the world , someone was about to eat a bat lmaoo
Goat Duo
Goat Duo - Day ago
um james 2020 is not our year so far👁👄👁
Amelie Owen
Amelie Owen - Day ago
2020-this will be my year of...
March: no school
James: foundation matching
firefairy 888
firefairy 888 - Day ago
Who is waching this in August and knows all of the answers he's asking
mochaswirl - Day ago
James: “2020 has been treating me very well, and I hope it’s doing the same for you guys!”

*lol no.*
Kate Thynne
Kate Thynne - 2 days ago
Yep, the best year ever, in nz tight now Auckland is yet again going into alert level 3. ☺
Ella Marie's Vlogs
Ella Marie's Vlogs - 2 days ago
I’m going to have some happy tears and a very very happy 14 year old daughter this xmas wen she unwraps her James Charles pallet ❤️❤️❤️ she’s been wanting one for so long and we finally thinks she’s old enough t appreciate and love it 😍 so thank you so much
Abigael Myers
Abigael Myers - 2 days ago
Well great you jinks us all james
Charli Unicornn
Charli Unicornn - 2 days ago
what if 2020 is the trailer of 2021?
Ally Prewitt
Ally Prewitt - 2 days ago
Whos here in August
Fishy Goldfish
Fishy Goldfish - Day ago
sorry no
Get Silly With Tilly
Get Silly With Tilly - 2 days ago
me here in quarrantine realizing the reason this year is horrible is because james didnt knock on wood when he said this year has been amazing
sarcastic the house
sarcastic the house - 4 days ago
Love how his eyes starts glowing up while talking about finn ♥ My pet died this year just 2 days before my b-day. I was in literal depression and avoided school for 2 weeks to take a break. No wonder what James actually was talking about sharing his pain with finn ♥ Ily James
Cáfé para Diamantes
Cáfé para Diamantes - 4 days ago
love you Charles-
SմԹҽɾ ʍɑӀí357 ժíɾҽkԵ_HD
Horrendous Year
Millie Tuckwood
Millie Tuckwood - 5 days ago
watching this now r u still thinking 2020 is are year so far its been terrible
Ella Walsh
Ella Walsh - 5 days ago
every time he cried my heart nearly shattered
Eki Kash
Eki Kash - 5 days ago
2 late James the damage has been done jinxed done already
ceara kitburee
ceara kitburee - 6 days ago
yea its definetly our year, our year to suffer
ShannenNight - 6 days ago
When all these youtubers say ‘better myself’ & ‘learn from my past’ they need to look at you. I swear the next generation are gonna save the world
Francisco Morales
Francisco Morales - 6 days ago
Letter to james
You met queen charli d'amelio
You went to a party where you got clowned checked for beign kinda dumb for doing that but lol
You have now 20m subscribers
And you have to do my makeup because Im actually dieing to meet you
Can we be friends plz 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Francisco Morales
Francisco Morales - 6 days ago
And thats the tea sis
Leah D
Leah D - 7 days ago
Lawwwddddd the foreshadowing
Nina Pulido
Nina Pulido - 7 days ago
James: can’t wait to see what Coachella has in store this year
Me: O ab that😕😬
Bor Stevens
Bor Stevens - 7 days ago
jaahhhhh about that it is not our year srry to say sisterrrrrrrrrrrr honiiiiiiii no hate im your biggest fan
S_Mai - 7 days ago
nahhh 2020 did all of us and james dirty. this was supposed to be HIS year after the hell he went through- i
Noe - 8 days ago
Hahaha I dont want to jinx anything.... good job James 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Madison Vree Egberts
Madison Vree Egberts - 8 days ago
Me at The beging of 2020 thinking iT would be a good year: 00:31
Danielle Dolipas
Danielle Dolipas - 8 days ago
I love that he's so willing and happy to move past the incident.
Issy Grice
Issy Grice - 8 days ago
0:35 hahahaahaha NOPE!
MLP CuteCats
MLP CuteCats - 8 days ago
Paulymer - 8 days ago
Jesus Christ
Julia Yeager
Julia Yeager - 8 days ago
james i don’t think your vibes were accurate
Chrystal Davis
Chrystal Davis - 9 days ago
Why one needs to ask is this content not cut like so many others?
Leah Grace
Leah Grace - 9 days ago
Poor James thinking 2020 would be better
Isabel Pritchard
Isabel Pritchard - 9 days ago
Sorry sis but 2020 isn't our year xx 😍😍😍♡♡
Maryam Ali
Maryam Ali - 9 days ago
James accomplished so much that year more than I accomplished in my whole life😂
Piper Sokol
Piper Sokol - 9 days ago
James: 2020 has been going so well
Caronavirus: just wait!!!
Lora Parks
Lora Parks - 9 days ago
James: this year is our year!
Me: oh poor James just you wait.
Mira Amato
Mira Amato - 9 days ago
Little did he know what was to come...
UwU - 10 days ago
He didn’t want to jinx anything well that’s sad if only he knew
UwU - 10 days ago
Soon you’re going to wish the new year wasn’t here lol
Bohemian God
Bohemian God - 10 days ago
Why is there a trump ad on this video, I-
roblox bea
roblox bea - 10 days ago
0:28 welp look what u did 👏😌😂
Madeline Melcher
Madeline Melcher - 10 days ago
Emmerson Gray
Emmerson Gray - 10 days ago
When he said this is gunna be our year I was like just you wait jame a just you wait
Isabełle’s Life
Isabełle’s Life - 10 days ago

Kacey Howes
Kacey Howes - 11 days ago
James: I have a feeling this is our year! Me: Well this did not age well...
Dobby and Winky Guinea Pigs
me watching this in quarantine: 👁👄👁
River Blogs
River Blogs - 11 days ago
At 16:29 it broke my heart that James was sad and that Finn helped him. Like my mom “ a dog is a mans best friend “ love you sister
Mia the Taco
Mia the Taco - 11 days ago
uhhh i wish u knew back then
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva - 11 days ago
Love you sis
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva - 11 days ago
Your feeling was a bit off
Hannah Szuchmacher
Hannah Szuchmacher - 12 days ago
James: “I don’t wanna jinx anything”. Oh, but ya did.
Its GlitterBoy
Its GlitterBoy - 34 minutes ago
shut up. James dosen't control diseases, grow up and do something with your own,
moon W
moon W - 12 days ago
This is so funny he's thinking that 20/20 is going to go a good year honestly I did too but 20/20 is so bad
Taesty FFs
Taesty FFs - 13 days ago
lmao where are all my scots at
gallisabel - 11 days ago
Ivy Kapp
Ivy Kapp - 13 days ago
Me in quarantine 👁👄👁
Lily Levesque
Lily Levesque - 15 days ago
James I love you so much and you have helped me get through so much. You have inspired me and motivated me to keep working with makeup and and furthering my passion for it. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for everyone. You impacted so many people and you spread positivity everywhere even when you might not feel the happiest. Thank you sister!💕
Shannon Hosier
Shannon Hosier - 15 days ago
Little did he know this was gunna be the worst year
shadow tutorials YT
shadow tutorials YT - 15 days ago
Omg James is so cute
RosieMiller - 15 days ago
He jinxed himself
Libby Chester
Libby Chester - 15 days ago
[I don't want to say it] but does anyone else sometimes think that the color correcting looks like James ate one too many Cheeto's? The end result is so good though.
Gabrielle Gray
Gabrielle Gray - 16 days ago
The beginning of this video did not age well omg 😭❤️ I love James so much. A+ for constant positivity and optimism
Anupama Haridas
Anupama Haridas - 16 days ago
It would be fun they said..... That's literally the vibes I got in the start😂
Tamara Chischilly
Tamara Chischilly - 16 days ago
Love the make-up without the eye shadow:)
K S - 17 days ago
The entro didn't age well. Shame
Haley deakin
Haley deakin - 17 days ago
Me watching later in the year, “are you sure James?”
Robert Latchford
Robert Latchford - 18 days ago
Yes James this year was definitely out year lol
Sloane Paul
Sloane Paul - 18 days ago
We all should have stayed in 2019
Tianah O
Tianah O - 19 days ago
"This is going to be our year."
That comment didnt age very well, did it, sis? 😂😂
Ana Beatriz Hossaka Pelisser
I thought the video was speeded up lol
Psycho Cat
Psycho Cat - 20 days ago
i actually had to check was the speed of the video on 1.5 lol
Sar Playz
Sar Playz - 20 days ago
james: 2020 has been treating me rlly well.
us: Little do u know...
Rj Plays
Rj Plays - 20 days ago
James: 202@ will be the best year ever I can feel it
2020: haha you thought
GaminFor Cookies
GaminFor Cookies - 20 days ago
James: 2020 is treating me great!
Covid-19: not for long James, not for long...
·c a i l e y· d a s e n b r o c k·
Jessica Huryk
Jessica Huryk - 20 days ago
When James said this was gonna be the best year I was thinking oh my god I already know what the comments are gonna say
Goldie - 21 day ago
Rowan’s Cosplay
Rowan’s Cosplay - 21 day ago
Only if he knew what would happen
Marley Pape
Marley Pape - 21 day ago
This year is going to to be our year...

Coronavirus: sorry- not gonna happen
vintaqemoon - 21 day ago
james: this is gonna be OUR YEAR!
covid: hi sister
Cyndi LouWho
Cyndi LouWho - 21 day ago
OMG You use TARTE!!!! Yeeeeeeessss!!! PS How do I slow down you talking, sweety? You are l
ike a chipmunk on helium and I needed a breather. ! ;0
Ava Grace
Ava Grace - 21 day ago
Love you James❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rachel Comeau
Rachel Comeau - 22 days ago
19:41 that did not age well...
Firestar _101
Firestar _101 - 22 days ago
KitCatChip - 22 days ago
Corona wasn’t caused by bats, by Asians, by China, no, it was James jinxing it xD
jamie cusumano
jamie cusumano - 22 days ago
James talking something falls James oops
jamie cusumano
jamie cusumano - 22 days ago
james in the beigning of the year 2020 is going to be very good lets ask james that now
Diana Johnston
Diana Johnston - 22 days ago
We got u boo boo
Niah Johnson
Niah Johnson - 23 days ago
We thought we were going to SLAY 2020. SIS SHE SLAYING US
Mishikka Gupta
Mishikka Gupta - 23 days ago
James: 2020 is going to be great
Corona virus: umm.. u sure abt that.
Emmie the unicorn
Emmie the unicorn - 23 days ago
I was born in spooky szn. Hehe
Medha Vlogs
Medha Vlogs - 24 days ago
James: "I'm feeling the vibes that this is gonna be our year!"
Coronavirus: Do you take me as a joke??
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