Gordon Sondland's full opening remarks to House Intelligence Committee | Public impeachment hearings

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American Patriot Party - National Headquarters
As the phony House imposed impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump in the Senate begins, Adam Schiff starts out with nauseous cherry picked phrases and texts of the President; then Adam Schiff has the audacity to cherry pick Founder's quotes to use against Trump when he and every member of the House AND Senate are guilty of violating the Constitution on a day to day basis. Case in point, if you were to follow the limitations set down by the Ratifying Convention of 6-16-1788 http://www.americanpatriotparty.cc/American_Patriot_Party.pdf you will find that the federal legislatures, supreme court, or executive branch "cannot" Constitutionally "make any regulation that may affect the citizens of the Union at large" and "cannot arrogate any new powers" or "take even one step outside the delegated powers", "by any means" (VA Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788); Defining the meaning of the 'general phrases' of the Constitution (Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, 1798), the federal legislatures really have little to legislate beyond war and foreign policy. As if they, any of them, make "ANY REGULATION" that "may affect the citizens of the Union at large", THEY VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION.... Think about that. He that has not violated the Constitution, cast the first stone. In blind viciousness Adam Schiff has cast a bucket load of stones with a request to have more bucket loads of stones given to him to cast because the first bucket wasn't enough to convince anyone of anything but Donald J. Trump's innocence.
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Debra Horshinski
Debra Horshinski - Month ago
I love president 2020 trump and pence
Jack J
Jack J - Month ago
How is it that the people testifing, have to be " Sworn in to tell the truth"
And the Politicians are given a pass?
The Yeti
The Yeti - Month ago
The CNN and it's NPC broadcasters, Democrats: NPC politicians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEpUUU0e-Q0&fbclid=IwAR156pBaJ7UgDBrLe3NH54MGufLwgrF_-Oh7PQv3GxCA4aqFPukYhjXtOo8
Conner Hendrick
Conner Hendrick - Month ago
this is deeply damning for Trump. Whoever Sondland may have been before this day, it does not matter. He is a national hero
27 Pinstripes
27 Pinstripes - Month ago
All fed up with biased news #WALKAWAY
eliot - Month ago
Intelligence? Highly Questionable.
Justicescales123 - Month ago
GOP-so you presumed a link between the money and the investigation?
GOP- Did anyone tell you that?
Dems-good enough to impeach the president.
William Daye  Jr
William Daye Jr - Month ago
j. blev
j. blev - Month ago
His opening was written by 4 attorneys and all four were registered Democrats that made contributions to Hillary Clinton's campaign so do you think they want to see President Trump impeached
Michelle doe
Michelle doe - Month ago
I listened to this and idk how people say this doesnt prove guilt.. It does, beyond a shadow of a doubt... IMPEACH TRUMP ALREADY
Michelle doe
Michelle doe - Month ago
They hid things from this man because they knew he would tell. Trump is guilty
A seagypsy's Adventures
He can't answer a simple question!!!
Democrats, your evil witch Pelosi is melting!!!! This impeachment sham has signed your death certificate in the house!!!! Goodbye democratics!!
D.Lorenzo - Month ago
You know i was once against orange man Trump..... but I had to take a long hard think about this....hmmmm even when we had Obama in office, he really didn't do shit for me or my fellow brothers and sisters. The only president that has was Abraham and they got him out of office by killing him for his actions twords us blacks.......so that leaves me to say this......hell if i was in office every white person in this country would try to impeach me.....im just as worse as Trump.....it would be strictly about mine and im not talking about the wealth....weed would be legal medical bills and hospital visit wouldn't coast so much and yada yada yada ..... But there won't be so much as to why police can kill brothers and sister without paying for it..... the gun laws would stay the same, cause hell why is it a problem now ?!? Cause it's now hitting the door for white kids at school huh, well news flash ppl that shit has been happening in Black communities since the beginning of freedom there was never no mention about gun laws and AK-47 being the illegal you can't even go to a black man's funeral without it being worries about someone coming in shooting it up.... But now that is happening inside of Walmart and to white community.....so my fellow Americans with all that being said vote for me this coming election and thank you.....i approve this message
D.Lorenzo - Month ago
now let's see how many white people I can get to like this or even try to vote for me don't worry I have Kanye West as my vice president and y'all know he endorses everything Donald Trump says.... remember he feels powerful with that hat on, we're both from Chicago i got a hat for him
27 Pinstripes
27 Pinstripes - Month ago
27 Pinstripes
27 Pinstripes - Month ago
at least during Slick Willy Clinton's FULL IMPEACHMENT- we knew who his 😝 " Whistleblower " was
27 Pinstripes
27 Pinstripes - Month ago
we see its ALL opinions & heresay - no legit case or evidence ( Shifty Eyed Shiff is Embarrassing the Dem Party)
27 Pinstripes
27 Pinstripes - Month ago
@Edwin Munguia yes , my friend. No evidence. ZERO, of an Impeachable Offense
Edwin Munguia
Edwin Munguia - Month ago
27 Pinstripes no evidence lol did you see the impeachment hearings my friend?
Blanca Bonazzi Bonaca
Blanca Bonazzi Bonaca - Month ago
Sondland is the only smart one of the corrupt bunch. He read his statement because most likely was prepared by a very good attorney. I'm glad he came more or less clean (he "forgot" things that would incriminate him), but I'm glad he did it because it made great difference.
Sharon Street
Sharon Street - 2 months ago
This whole thing is sad.
Dave the french canadian
Dave the french canadian - 2 months ago
nunes deserve a jumpsuit too imo
T B - 2 months ago
Well done CNN for setting the standards for honest journalism and leading the way! At no point have you compromised your integrity and remained unbiased in reporting on US politics. ..... I'm talking shit obviously. You clowns are a laughing stock over here in Europe. So unbelievably corrupt that it is like watching a fictional dystopian future movie or conversely a comedy. Millions see right through your agenda. It would take you a minimum of 2 decades to undo the damage you have done to your reputation.
Larry - 2 months ago
Im sure every presidental admiistration has done some sort of "Quid Pro Quo." Not just Trump....
Michelle doe
Michelle doe - Month ago
Maybe but trump is guilty of too many things...
Lars Ferdsen
Lars Ferdsen - 2 months ago
Democrats are pathetic. Trump 2020!!!! MAGA
The King of Pasadena, Ca
The King of Pasadena, Ca - 2 months ago
GOP is an evil party!!!
JACK ROMO - 2 months ago
Well well well. Now it's all falling together, and we can see one of the big reasons for the "impeachment." Ole Shifty is involved with both BlackRock and Franklin Templeton Investments. These 2 companies laundered money to Burisma, and Hunter Biden received “off the books” payments from Burisma in the millions. So we have the Biden's, Pelosi's, Kerry's and now Shifty illegally profiting from the Ukraine. And the son of Templeton Investments (John Templeton Jr.) was one of President Obama's major campaign donors, and was previously Obama’s national security adviser, according to the Interfax report. https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/press-conference/625831.html We can see why the report says Franklin Templeton Investments' was related to the "U.S. Democratic Party."
Obama's admin "helped free" the Ukraine from Russia, and then went in and took part in laundering billions from the Ukrainian people which is now being investigated by the Ukraine, and they are demanding Trump help with the investigation. 🤔 
This blows up the whole "impeachment." I'm sure this investigation in the Ukraine was going on before the July 25th phone call the "impeachment" is based on
Charlotte Roberts
Charlotte Roberts - 2 months ago
Talking starts at 20:24
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson - 2 months ago
Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about why the Biden’s were involved with the most courpt company in Ukraine? How about we have Ukraine account for where every dollar we sent them where’s is it at what did they spend it on ? If we can’t track it no more aid !!! My guess is everyone knows where alot of it went DRMONRAT PARTY or Obummers pocket maybe that’s how Michael can afford a 15 million dollar mansion !!
 - 2 months ago
🇹 🇷 🇺 🇲 🇵 2020
Richmond-Richmond Lakeisha-Lakeisha
Walter Brown
Walter Brown - 2 months ago
What you mean WE pale face tell me what you mean ! I'm not going down with Rudy M Michael P vice president Michael P and President Donald T I am Saving my NECK !
Icy Snow
Icy Snow - 2 months ago
What are you doing? You know to never scroll down the comments on a political video. Scroll back up.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 2 months ago
Hello, Humans.
“On any given Sunday you’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose. The point is – can you win or lose like a man?” -Al Pacino (Any Given Sunday 1999)
Diane Lane
Diane Lane - 2 months ago
Lol ,,the biggest Circus in town..
lion got loose 8 the trainer show is over folks....
le93nds Gaming
le93nds Gaming - 2 months ago
This why trump is going to win again. Look at these wanna-B. W fake power. Wont let the people speak.
Trump2020 for truth!
pale horse
pale horse - 2 months ago
Mr. Schiff looks like some kind of child molester bug-eyed bastard😳😳 really need to check in his criminal background A crooked Democrat 🖕🏼
After School Academy
After School Academy - 2 months ago
Putiin is the one running the show ! Can someone explain to me why Trump has a name for everyone ( us leaders, congress, political opponents ) However he cannot say one bad thing about Putin. Why? Why ?
After School Academy
After School Academy - 2 months ago
This Guy thinks it is ok to just call the president from a restaurant using a mobile cell phone risking all the possibilities of the Russians listening putting the President at risk. Additionally , using the kind of languages " love your ass". I wonder what would Republicans say if this was Obama using his blackberry ! So much for Hillary careless handling of the email ( server ) Whaooo Hypocrisy
ron perry
ron perry - 2 months ago
I wanted to be a libtard but I just scored too high in the IQ test
MrAlucard7 - 2 months ago
Try to impeach president Trump because they know he will win come 2020.
I'm betting this will circus will fail.
And when it does, what trust will there be left for the Left.
David Jones
David Jones - 2 months ago
President was elected by the people of the USA. Do Not attempt to overturn his election on this gossip & hate. Signed: Karma
AC/DC.4.LIFE ! - 2 months ago
Sam Fang
Sam Fang - 2 months ago
Quickest way to make 12k additional cash in 2020.
Vote the right guy you get 12k additional a year. Vote the wrong person or not vote, you are throwing away your money to water.
gizmotchy - 2 months ago
No quiddy quo, get over it!
Bob Sumner
Bob Sumner - 2 months ago
This whole thing is insane!!!!! I work with Europeans all the time, and even they know this is complete political BS. The world is seeing what happens when someone from outside the “political class” rises to the top and enacts real change, and is successful in a way they could never be, and the American people (as well as others from outside the US see that). There is NO WAY any of the Dem candidates can beat Trump in 2020. That’s the only reason we are going through any of this, and EVERYONE knows it!
Daniel Bojkovski
Daniel Bojkovski - 2 months ago
The internet polarizes us, dont be a sheep and respect each other
j. blev
j. blev - Month ago
Great point , just because we hear something that contradicts something we believe to be true isn't a good enough excuse for us to turn on each other like rabid dogs . This only causes greater decision and hate for the other side and that's not patriotism.
William Arnn
William Arnn - 2 months ago
Look at us world. We have a president that is so clean his enemies can't find any dirt on him. Don't you wish you had him?
Ryan Hooker
Ryan Hooker - 2 months ago
Why would you put this up on YouTube like this? It's like the first 20 minutes of a studio album being just the clatter if the band setting up.
gary smith
gary smith - 2 months ago
He's another wimp beta just like CNN and the Democrats.
Bruh X
Bruh X - 2 months ago
He looks like Jeff Ross and/or Saul Goodman
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford - 2 months ago
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford - 2 months ago
Trump News
Trump News - 2 months ago
Global warming is causing brain damage to all the Democrats
Austin May
Austin May - 2 months ago
Shitty shifter hasn't proved anything besides the fact that he is making his own rules up as he goes.  Also It is ironic how he and others are so quick to say there was a quid pro quo by President Trump despite being told exactly the opposite.  He admits he was never told that yet he testifies there was earlier in the day.  But he was not willing to say that vice president Biden's son serving on the board of a company Burisma was even a potential conflict of interest.  At least until he was fronted on it.  Former VP Biden is on video threatening to withhold a  billion or so of US aid if Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor looking into a burisma. Also vindmon is another person that hates Trump and his administration, wants to be of importance, disgruntled that the president and his people did not listen to him. He seems to really have a grudge for Juliana, Pompeii ,and many others. He is a huge narcissist.
The left has and it's so called "witnesses" has lied throughout these hearings and should be held accountable.  None of shitty shifters witnesses were on these call's and had direct access to these call's. Their feelings were hurt and they cant accept the 2016 election results, so they try to bring doen the president. So... Josh Vruggink, i think you need to stop picturing me a a ice cream sunday and get your facts straight and stop saying "mmmm" before thinking you have anything to argue against me with. A little tip. Go to youtube and look at any news coverage about these impeachment hearings and look at the likes vs. Dislikes and start reading the comments. You will see that you are one of the very few people that are supporting this insane circus. Literally go to MSNBC or CNN's youtube pages and look at the likes vs. Dislikes. The American people are fed up with the left's bullshit. Thats why any news source besides fox news. Are failing miserably.
Austin May
Austin May - 2 months ago
It is ironic how he and others are so quick to say there was a quid pro quo by President Trump despite being told exactly the opposite.  He admits he was never told that yet he testifies there was earlier in the day.  But he was not willing to say that vice president Biden's son serving on the board of a company Burisma was even a potential conflict of interest.  At least until he was fronted on it.  Former VP Biden is on video threatening to withhold a  billion or so of US aid if Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor looking into a burisma.  Pathetic.
jagger click
jagger click - 2 months ago
Longer this goes on the more Trump voters are made, all I'm gonna say.
Katia L F
Katia L F - 2 months ago
jagger click Did you not listen?? Lol
K O - 2 months ago
The grand old party is now the new GOP...”The Gang of Putins”..
Ra L
Ra L - 2 months ago
No it isn't
J Holcomb
J Holcomb - 2 months ago
Wow this is a sham... and a waste of time.
M W - 2 months ago
This impeachment is a complete clown show
the full monte
the full monte - 2 months ago
J - 2 months ago
This is taking way too long. Trump already had a million KKK rallies and now we have to wait even longer for him to get out
Ra L
Ra L - 2 months ago
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