We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel

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Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams - 3 months ago
hello!! here is a video that we filmed almost a year ago - and we finally got it out! i hope that you guys enjoy it!!
Robby - Day ago
Tyler is so hot
Rosalyn Martin
Rosalyn Martin - 3 days ago
Omg, it took a year to upload and see the footage for this video.
Juliet Rose
Juliet Rose - 7 days ago
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui - 43 minutes ago
I've been too one of these! They're awesome and really fun~! I loved it.
Joy DeMeta
Joy DeMeta - 4 hours ago
What is the cost? Do they have ones for breaks during the business day? Is the shower included in the price of stay?
nomnom - 5 hours ago
The amount of mispronunciations is driving me nuts. "we tried giyoza in genza" *shudder*. Japanese doesn't have an i like how they are pronouncing, it's more like "ee." The "gi" in Ginza sounds like "key," but with a G. And gyoza is two syllables.
Mythical Beast
Mythical Beast - 6 hours ago
ConsciousThought - 6 hours ago
This girl has some pretty feet!
Your Mum
Your Mum - 6 hours ago
*why are these pods better then my room* 🤭
Dominique Felder
Dominique Felder - 6 hours ago
I woulda had a cup of hot tea in that foot bath!
Julia Lynn
Julia Lynn - 7 hours ago
you both look so good:)
produrre fiori
produrre fiori - 7 hours ago
I love couples doing youtube together sooo soo soo much
curtis simpson
curtis simpson - 9 hours ago
Why does everything you talk about have to be "like" something? It makes you sound really dumb. At least 180 "likes" in just 20 minutes. I like got a like ride to the like airport and like caught my like flight to the like city I was like staying at, and then like found a like nice hotel and like had a really like nice stay. That's like really like how you really like speak.
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee - 13 hours ago
I thought Japan was unsafe because of radiation...?
myob hoe
myob hoe - 16 hours ago
I dont like the thought of soaking your feet in the same water as others... im sorry, but that sounds NASTY
Jun Shin
Jun Shin - 16 hours ago
Ummmmm, Tyler just hit 1 million, we are still waiting for Tyler to meet us at McDonald’s, if you don’t know what I mean in safs video where she dyed her hair they said when Tyler hits 1 million he will get a perm, Like so he can see
cupcakez -n- razorbladez
cupcakez -n- razorbladez - 17 hours ago
15:05 i like when people try profucts. i dont think she lost it at all =_____= i care about it
cupcakez -n- razorbladez
cupcakez -n- razorbladez - 17 hours ago
are there any Youtubers that live in a capsule hotel like a regular residence ? and make videos in there pod ? eeesh 0____0 only 4 ft tall i would hate to hav a nightmare shoot up n bash my head on he cieling =_____= i hated that when i was in bordinn schools lol
michaelaR2001 - 17 hours ago
She has a really deep voice lol and this is the first I'm seeing this video
Sherima Cervantes
Sherima Cervantes - 18 hours ago
The fact he slept with a shirt on and woke up shirtless 😝😂
Eli Cooper
Eli Cooper - 19 hours ago
Lol so I didn’t recognize Tyler’s name but I saw Saf’s pic in the thumbnail and was like “WHO TRYNA STEAL ME QUEENS CONTENT?!”
Shrimpy - 19 hours ago
I’d honestly love to live in these, I’m claustrophobic but the opposite.. scared of open spaces :/
Grace K
Grace K - 19 hours ago
Omg that chick needs to drop LIKE from her vocab.
Emma Pronovost
Emma Pronovost - 20 hours ago
you hit 1 million where's the perm???
Marci Atienzapolitico12
Marci Atienzapolitico12 - 21 hour ago
Tyler is absolutely adorable, especially with those Giant Gyozas!
Sarah Hathaway
Sarah Hathaway - 21 hour ago
She said yes so many times in the beginning 😂 😂 😂
Eva Assi
Eva Assi - 22 hours ago
This video stresses me as claustrophobic 😖
neil pezzula
neil pezzula - 23 hours ago
in 2020 im going to lego land :)
davisx2002 - 23 hours ago
I wish she would say LIKE a few more times...for the love of fuck! maybe he could say like a trillion times. this video will get NO LIKES. you cant use programming on me.
Tina - Day ago
Two nights, max. Preferably one.
But it would be perfect at an airport.
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack - Day ago
You hurt my ears
Hannah&Gracie Thomas
I'm so glad that they're getting married :))
andre markstrom
andre markstrom - Day ago
Jimin got no jams
Jimin got no jams - Day ago
I have claustrophobia and anxiety. Probably not the best place for me to be/sleep😂
Roslynn Pike
Roslynn Pike - Day ago
So hear me out.... Post the wedding stuff here. One we need more tyler and saf, two ad revenue
StyxNyx1 - Day ago
Loved the video! Just subbed you too! 😀👍👍
StyxNyx1 - Day ago
Wow, what a wonderful idea, pods for a night! I have no idea why we don't have those in the US, they would definitely be a big hit!
Elisabeth idek
Elisabeth idek - Day ago
Brooo they should have these in the airport! That would be so smart
Monica Goodman
Monica Goodman - Day ago
Where tylers perm?
Matsuzy - Day ago
I dont like Safiya.. 🤷‍♀️
Jaslyn Chua
Jaslyn Chua - Day ago
Shinsuo Hitoshi
Shinsuo Hitoshi - Day ago
This gives me the sixth element vibes
Barbara Kopp
Barbara Kopp - 2 days ago
Holy bejesus! Learn how to speak without saying LIKE every other word.
Luca Ortolani
Luca Ortolani - 2 days ago
Honestly, I'm all in for Tyler's chest hair
pinkham4corgis - 2 days ago
I would watch the full review of the peach water
Elyssae - 2 days ago
that capsule hotel is nicer than a lot of actual hotels
Makayla Martin
Makayla Martin - 2 days ago
am i the only person who thinks her eyebrows are a bit much
Jessica - Day ago
Yes, it is just you
Julie Miller
Julie Miller - 2 days ago
The Peach Water was my favorite non coffee beverage from a can! So funny, but I now miss Vending machines.
Insert name
Insert name - 2 days ago
I think Safiya was in the gryffindor common room and Tyler was in the Ravenclaw one.
Blue Tea
Blue Tea - 2 days ago
Am i the only one, if i stay in a hotel and im about to check out, i feel like im leaving something behind, something precious to me, kinda like, if you leave someone or something important to you, sorta like a burden. Am i the only one? Oki
rachel t.
rachel t. - 2 days ago
It’s g ewl za not g ee oza sry that’s unclear luv u saf!!!!
Rayonna Lovitt
Rayonna Lovitt - 2 days ago
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