5 Shocking Moments From The Singapore Grand Prix

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Richie Rich
Richie Rich - 9 days ago
Opening music please?
The Real Jeff Dude HD
The Real Jeff Dude HD - Month ago
where is piquet's crash which gave alonso the win?
HECKproductions - Month ago
look at schumacher and vergne after the crash
you cannot be mad at schumi
jackaroo bigbadjack4700
jackaroo bigbadjack4700 - 2 months ago
There's probably going to be like a person in the comment section is going to say. THAT START CRASH IN 2017 WAS ALL LEWIS HAMILTON'S FAULT! WELL IT'S NOT!
Daniel Verma
Daniel Verma - 2 months ago
What’s the first song called ?
Elliot Nicholls
Elliot Nicholls - 2 months ago
What’s the music at the beginning?
Criterium Gaming
Criterium Gaming - 3 months ago
What Massa did there was amazing.
Juanjo Chivite
Juanjo Chivite - 3 months ago
Why is not here the Piquet accident in 2008?? That was a pretty big hit... For everyone...
Jarno Euser karting
Jarno Euser karting - 4 months ago
Where is crashgate?
Dono Bono
Dono Bono - 4 months ago
00:00 what is the song name?
TeamTDM Official
TeamTDM Official - 4 months ago
Cabeças de Gasolina
Cabeças de Gasolina - 6 months ago
Felipe massa Pit stop and singapuragate in 2008
Pádár Gergely
Pádár Gergely - 6 months ago
ItzSanti - 8 months ago
I wonder why Kimi getting caught out by the Sling Chicane wasn't here
Edmilson de Jesus Lima
Edmilson de Jesus Lima - 8 months ago
Kovalainen em 2010: tá pegando fogo, bicho! Chama o bombeiro, lá! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tommy1703 - 8 months ago
I love the background music
Togynar - 8 months ago
Name of the song at beginning? :D
Carby 1105
Carby 1105 - 8 months ago
What’s the song
Charlie Barnett
Charlie Barnett - 8 months ago
Song? 00:01
Wong Wai leong
Wong Wai leong - 8 months ago
Top 1 at Singapore F1 2017,Ferraris crashed!? Oh my god! Top 2 at Singapore F1 2012,What the hell Mercedes Michael Schumacher scary crashed into Toro Rosso Jean-Eric Vergne!? Oh my goodness! Top 3 also Ferrari Felipe Massa get touched Williams Bruno Senna. Top 5 also Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz finished P4
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer - 8 months ago
Does anybody know what that music is called? It's very good.
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer - 8 months ago
Number 2: 'What happened there? What happened there?'
Ryan Lugibihl
Ryan Lugibihl - 8 months ago
Does anyone know the name of the song that was chosen for the background music? I love it and can’t get enough of it!
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay - 8 months ago
Part 3 was the way Ferrari was all season. How Fernando dragged that Ferrari to within 3 points of the WDC is beyond me.
Uygar Yalçın
Uygar Yalçın - 8 months ago
Where is Massa 2008?
KEN GODSON - 8 months ago
A certain scientific index
Anon Suomy
Anon Suomy - 8 months ago
What’s the soundtrack at the start of the video?
Roman Popyk
Roman Popyk - 8 months ago
Burning Desire 3 www.audionetwork.com/track/searchkeyword?keyword=Burning%20Desire%203
aku qobus
aku qobus - 8 months ago
Mercedes fans be like
Jeroen van der Linden
Jeroen van der Linden - 8 months ago
That background rif, is that from a song? Does anybody know the song? It's not in the description
The Coalition
The Coalition - 8 months ago
remembering saiinz so happy with p4 was an occasion
Tourism Sicily
Tourism Sicily - 8 months ago
Verstappen sei sempre in mezzo alla minchia
Bryce Thomas
Bryce Thomas - 8 months ago
where is Crashgate
Rice n Beans
Rice n Beans - 8 months ago
Please never use this music again
JayDee - 8 months ago
2017 crash was mad lol
Martin Knezovic
Martin Knezovic - 8 months ago
Anybody know the name of the first song
Martin Knezovic
Martin Knezovic - 8 months ago
@Utkarsh Chaurasia found it www.audionetwork.com/track/searchkeyword?keyword=Burning%20Desire%203
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Wanna know that too
Jacky Beck
Jacky Beck - 8 months ago
What about N.Piqeut JR Crash helps Alonso to Victory?
Jake Reynolds F1 LR
Jake Reynolds F1 LR - 8 months ago
Student Simracer
Student Simracer - 8 months ago
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Darren Boston
Darren Boston - 8 months ago
It’s not shocking, it’s racing!.... deal with it!
Eccentric Gamer
Eccentric Gamer - 8 months ago
O2Xygen - 8 months ago
anybody know the song name at the started?
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Spaguette Lasagne
Spaguette Lasagne - 8 months ago
Smooooooooth operator
Eric - 8 months ago
4 shocking moments.
Also Carlos Sainz has his best finish ever.
Samez67 - 8 months ago
The best music
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Do you know the name of the song?
Eliakim Seleguim
Eliakim Seleguim - 8 months ago
Singapura proporciona belas corridas, show de ultrapassagens e manobras ousadas!!!!! Show
Tan Bryan
Tan Bryan - 8 months ago
Godzilla before evolving
Norman Valdor
Norman Valdor - 8 months ago
maFIA 2008 Renault. Massa's fault.
Świr Troll Szarman
Świr Troll Szarman - 8 months ago
I think Kubica passes can be join to the list
samuel braghin
samuel braghin - 8 months ago
Lovro Andraka
Lovro Andraka - 8 months ago
What happened to this Sainz guy? He was really good but I haven't seen him in F1 since ages, I only see him in those McLaren funny vids...
Rick Visser
Rick Visser - 8 months ago
1. Pastor Maldonado did nothing bad in Singapore? That's a shock
2. Crashgate
3. Lewis vs Massa after 2011 in the pressroom.
4. Best crash corner "Singapore Sling" removed in 2013
5. 2008 Last fuel pitstop that goes terribly wrong
Neico - 8 months ago
whats the name of the song?
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Would like to know as well
sushibaert - 8 months ago
does anyone the name of the music playing in the background?
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Wanna know as well
burakt16 - 8 months ago
Felipe is the boss. Dumbass Glock cost him a championship which he deserved.
Mochachos 112
Mochachos 112 - 8 months ago
Vettel’s fault
Samet Akın
Samet Akın - 8 months ago
Ma sainz tho
Kuda - 8 months ago
Omar Filoni
Omar Filoni - 8 months ago
0:03 Unlucky 17 September 2017 for Ferrari 😭
Fernando Santos
Fernando Santos - 8 months ago
Sainz celebrating the p4 was really funny ha ha ha ha ha
jeevesosiris - 8 months ago
Utkarsh Chaurasia
Utkarsh Chaurasia - 8 months ago
Would like to know too
WF - 8 months ago
What about Massa driving from the pit with fuel hose still attached to his car? 2008
Mo G
Mo G - 8 months ago
If you think 2017 was Vettel's fault you're a dickhead. First of all Verstappen was never going tk get that position before turn 1. Secondly how the fuck was he supposed to se Kimi. It was a race incident but its easier to say it was Seb or Max's fault.
Massimiliano Russillo
Massimiliano Russillo - 8 months ago
massa in the pit???
Up North Yooper
Up North Yooper - 8 months ago
Vettel should have been kicked out of the race, it is not a demolition derby.
Ayubxon - 8 months ago
Seabury - 8 months ago
For anyone who’s annoyed that Crashgate isn’t on here or wants to find out more about it/doesn’t know what Crashgate is in the first place, check out the first part of a 2 part documentary here! Shows the race, the crash, and what happened a year later when the controversy all came out https://youtu.be/f-Ywrh_ru44
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli - 8 months ago
Carlos finishing P5 was SHOCKING?????
Srini Krish
Srini Krish - 8 months ago
RBR shudnt have lost sainz. Best man for Red bull
Iacopo Fustini
Iacopo Fustini - 8 months ago
Se sei italiano e vuoi leggere un mio commento da Imolese su Ayrton Senna, vai nei commenti del video di F1 dove Senna salva Comas
Hawk - 8 months ago
'' Excellent, Alex!" Such a good track
Andreas Wiesheu
Andreas Wiesheu - 8 months ago
Vettel still hasnt recovered from that start....
Jun Kitami
Jun Kitami - 8 months ago
?? No talks about Massa ripping off the fuel line in 2008? Oh.. That was the year Crashgate happened ain't it? No wonder that fiasco wasn't explained...
Traveller787 - 8 months ago
And then 2019 start chaos will happen
Haekal Abdalla
Haekal Abdalla - 8 months ago
JEV before he become champions of formula e...
Mel - 8 months ago
Tatiana - 8 months ago
LenaLive - 8 months ago
Youtube is a memelord. The automatic subtitle says: "Carlos Science"😆
Mike Pirogov
Mike Pirogov - 8 months ago
How about Perez move with no-reason against Sirotkin 2018?
Mike Pirogov
Mike Pirogov - 8 months ago
Vettel is such a Bastard at srart the video
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