Kids Try Pizza Battle! New York Thin Crust vs. Chicago Deep Dish | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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Exploring Jeeps
Exploring Jeeps - 35 minutes ago
That Deep dish was an adult pie. You are going to find few kids that would prefer that. But if you have child like taste, you would definitely like the NY Slice. The burn't crust thing is a Chicago thing, like Pequod's or Burt's Place. It adds a lot of taste to it. Looked very good to me. See the thing is, New York has great thin crust, but in Chicago, you can get great Deep Dish, Pan, and great thin crust. You can even get great NY style pizza, if you have a kids birthday party to feed.
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy - 44 minutes ago
Cavaili is probably my favorite kid on this earth
Oppo F3plus
Oppo F3plus - Hour ago
Oppo F3plus
Oppo F3plus - Hour ago
Oppo F3plus
Oppo F3plus - Hour ago
Oppo F3plus
Oppo F3plus - Hour ago
Oghhhhh i hate ny pizza im limited to that scince i live there
No Thanks
No Thanks - 2 hours ago
Y’all cheated! Chicago deep dish pizza doesn’t look that nasty!!
Chloe Lieurance
Chloe Lieurance - 2 hours ago
As somebody from Chicago I can say that is not true Chicago deep dish. I’m disappointed..
Mya - 3 hours ago
Y'all did Chicago foul
never trust anyone with an anime girl for there pfp
I live in Indiana but I'm close enough to go to Chicago often, you did us dirty with that deep dish.
Nicolas Gabriel
Nicolas Gabriel - 3 hours ago
As soon as they said fortnite over pokemon i insta disliked the video
Mom's Spaghetti
Mom's Spaghetti - 3 hours ago
"Do you guys think you'll still be able to get along?"
"NO, We don't get along that much anyways."
NotSomeRandom TaterTots
NotSomeRandom TaterTots - 3 hours ago
"Do you wanna guess? No thanks." LOL
Teacher Camilo
Teacher Camilo - 4 hours ago
How much food can those Kids eat?
Drippy Adrianna
Drippy Adrianna - 4 hours ago
Are used to live in Chicago and their pizza was amazing when I came back I never wanted to eat thin crust pizza again
Miss Amanda's world
Miss Amanda's world - 4 hours ago
You didn't get proper deep dish and that crust be burnt so whoever did it was clueless on making a deep dish
Tai Hung
Tai Hung - 5 hours ago
0:28 that kid smart
Thatshadyguy Meme
Thatshadyguy Meme - 5 hours ago
The girl who said neither to Pokémon or Fortnite is my favorite
Catnip Hardy
Catnip Hardy - 5 hours ago
You gave a bunch of a kids a deep dish with danged complicated toppings. Who's surprised?
Thomas Powell
Thomas Powell - 5 hours ago
That deep dish pizza looks nasty
Felix Van Audenaerde
Felix Van Audenaerde - 6 hours ago
just discovered this youtube channel i love it whoever made this ILY
Jordan Ehlers
Jordan Ehlers - 7 hours ago
I'm from Chicago and enjoy deep dish pizza. Lou malnati's is great. That deep dish pizza looks bad
Nate Wenger
Nate Wenger - 7 hours ago
I honestly don’t like Chicago pizza
The Schn3ider
The Schn3ider - 8 hours ago
Pokémon was better!
Football Fan
Football Fan - 8 hours ago
Why are kids so fat these days
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith - 8 hours ago
'It's really good.'
'So I kinda regret what I said.'
Sam Basnet
Sam Basnet - 8 hours ago
So Maddox isn't here for pizza. Smmhhhh
Sarah Monique
Sarah Monique - 10 hours ago
This was not a great representation of either city's deep dish pizza or ny style pizza? As nyc native living in Wisconsin, hands down NY style to me is best, but you could've gotten a deep dish pizza from uno's that would've looked a lot prettier than the one you bought. Js 🤷🏽‍♀️
Enchantress - 10 hours ago
Ungreatfull kids
nytrogen six
nytrogen six - 10 hours ago
The girl that said neither for Fortnite or Pokémon is such a cool kid.
Gabby - 11 hours ago
I love deep dish better tbh.. it's like, getting extra everything
Gabby - 11 hours ago
That deep dish pizza did not even resemble pizza.. that's not even pizzas long lost distant cousin.. I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂
Abidus Sadat Ruddro
Abidus Sadat Ruddro - 12 hours ago
Comment section is literally divided into 3 section
Firstly people bragging about how cute , number one and polite and mature Clara is
Secondly they are meming about the fortnite vs Pokemon decision
And finally people from Chicago bitching about how ugly the pizza is that represented them
There you go I have just saved you hours of driving into the abyss known as comments. Peace.
Icey1 - 13 hours ago
Pizza time
wolfiesocrates - 13 hours ago
Deep dish is not typical Chicago pizza, tavern style pizza that is thin, with sausage and is cut in squares is Chicago pizza
Melanie Urquiza
Melanie Urquiza - 14 hours ago
I’m from Chicago and I don’t like deep dish pizza but that’s okay I like Dylan candy bar 😄🍭🍫
Rurdes - 14 hours ago
Guys that pizza is not burnt its called char stupid learn your facts, its what gives the flavor
jin_da_k1ng - 14 hours ago
Pizza shouldnt be deep dish and you should feel bad about this.
Pigs Are awesome
Pigs Are awesome - 14 hours ago
Any one else could not stand clawa smacking love you though clawa
Grace imani Bradley
Grace imani Bradley - 15 hours ago
I would let the workers go and eat the big one of pepperoni after I have two slices
malika. E
malika. E - 19 hours ago
“Do you where pizza was invented”
“Do you wanna guess”
No thanks
J BrightZ
J BrightZ - 21 hour ago
That black kid sounds like Locomoto from Madagascar 2
10,000 Subs with no video
10,000 Subs with no video - 22 hours ago
My G that aint real pizza
Ty the meme Guy
Ty the meme Guy - 23 hours ago
Hannah Barrett
Hannah Barrett - Day ago
You should get New Zealand kids trying American styled foods
JadeMakaihla - Day ago
"im gonna try to eat it all..."
*takes 3 bites*
Ayden Simpson
Ayden Simpson - Day ago
That was more like Detroit style pizza; the burnt sides are from the blue pan that tends to be used, not in Chicago style deep dish, but more in Detroit's own little nook type of pizza
Hanan Adam
Hanan Adam - Day ago
Deep dish is sooo good
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith - Day ago
I’ve never seen such a crappy deep dish pizza and then fill it full of vegetables And you’re asking kids which ones better
professorchaos19 - Day ago
Jecheaun Boston
Jecheaun Boston - Day ago
The boy is in every vid
Dylan - Day ago
chicago deep dish for life
Sumardi Eddy Iskandar
I hate pizza crust
215 •
215 • - Day ago
2:12 Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MewTwo - Day ago
Non of them even folded the pizza properly.😂
Faisal Mulyadi
Faisal Mulyadi - Day ago
Clara so cute
Sunny Charmer
Sunny Charmer - Day ago
Honestly these kids have no taste if they think
Pistachio Gaming
Pistachio Gaming - Day ago
Bͣrͣuͣhͣ Pͣoͣkͣeͣmͣoͣnͣ sͣuͣcͣkͣsͣ
Rafael Malate
Rafael Malate - Day ago
Actually, it is lol. I play pokemom, but gameplay wise, fortnite is better lol.
Toxic Rocks
Toxic Rocks - Day ago
They got trash deep dish Chicago deep dish has cheese and sausage on it
Cyan Pickle
Cyan Pickle - Day ago
Exactly.i live in Chicago ,they are ruining it
banana heads
banana heads - Day ago
I remember when I tried deep dish pizza with my freinds (they vomited on a bus) and it wasn't because of the pizza, don't worry it was because one of my friends was sick and vomited and another saw his vomit so he vomited. Great day......
Morgan Cwoissant
Morgan Cwoissant - Day ago
*Everyone Eats The Crust*
takayla scott
takayla scott - Day ago
mhh sometime
Baye MacLean
Baye MacLean - Day ago
I'm more kinda of a thin crust
Sabretooth - Day ago
Sabretooth - Day ago
Honestly no hate to fortnite but I hate it
Paloma Abril Hernández
Cavalli has a special place in my heart ❤️
Jk's Wifue
Jk's Wifue - Day ago
"Save it.. but dOnT EaT It" she eyeing her mother who is drooling watching her daughter got a best of life than her mother😂
TinyLittleSilver - Day ago
Oh Clara, so polite at 4:40
1 yfoat
1 yfoat - Day ago
the pokémon vs fortnite one really hurt mean
Ryan Forster
Ryan Forster - Day ago
Why put a bunch of toppings ok Chicago style pizza then leave the New York plain everyone knows deep dish is king
Kevin Heenan
Kevin Heenan - 2 hours ago
Ryan Forster your insane
Blake - Day ago
All those "FORTNITE!!1" kids killed my soul
lacedUp_T - Day ago
Lmaooo “deep fish pizza”
B.Y.G YÆ - Day ago
Why they got it burned like that , Chicago pizza do not look like that
redragon88 - Day ago
"Pokemon or Fortnite?"
I have no faith in this generation.
Theo Andrews
Theo Andrews - 5 hours ago
Im from just older then them yet i overall prefer pokemon but will enjoy a good game of fortnite
Thomas Powell
Thomas Powell - 5 hours ago
+DERPUS FURPUS the exact same thing with pokemon
sumner - 6 hours ago
redragon88 lol having no faith in children for enjoying a game... ok
Julien Kauer
Julien Kauer - 14 hours ago
It's a different time
+Daniela avital we hate ut because its overrated and the fandom is cancer.
Meeka Sama
Meeka Sama - Day ago
My heart broke when they preferred fortnite over Pokémon 😭💔
sweety bird
sweety bird - Day ago
Meeka Sama pika is shook
itslillime - Day ago
I love crust
felix - Day ago
If Cavalli isn’t your favorite Tester are you even watching Hiho kids 😂
Beastie Boys USA
Beastie Boys USA - Day ago
My favorite place for deep dish in Chicago is the art of pizza
Jamila Jahan
Jamila Jahan - Day ago
where is maddox ?? he loves pizzas
Smitha Menon
Smitha Menon - Day ago
I CRINGED when they said fortnite.
꧁༺ Yuri ༻꧂
꧁༺ Yuri ༻꧂ - Day ago
Bottomings? What?
TinyLittleSilver - Day ago
Well, if the toppings are on the bottom... Wordplay!
snEk - Day ago
That little black kid is literally me eating anything...
Critical - Maniac
Critical - Maniac - Day ago
Girl You just got Roasted!😂
Rex Pahang
Rex Pahang - Day ago
Omaygllooobbb deeep dish =(((
Haziq Khairudin
Haziq Khairudin - Day ago
3:06 that chin is
Shokugeki- Sama
Shokugeki- Sama - Day ago
Me and my brother are crust lovers so when we had something other than thin crust we were ecstatic.
Number 12
Number 12 - Day ago
tabularasaconfirmed - 2 days ago
Y'all really set up the deep dish style to lose with all the vegetables... Most kids here prefer it over regular pizza because it has so much cheese.
IReDraws - 2 days ago
These kids never played fortnite and they choosing fortnite 😂
Ab Perez
Ab Perez - 2 days ago
I think that the Deep Dish Pizza from there is different from here from Chicago because I live in Chicago and here the Deep Dish Pizza it looks much better
GG Gonzalez
GG Gonzalez - 2 days ago
Im from Chicago and the deep dish is actually really good
le potato Army
le potato Army - 2 days ago
"Do you know where pizza was made?"
"Do you want to guess?"
"No thank you"
Honestly.. Same😂😂😂
senegalese _shawty
senegalese _shawty - 2 days ago
Gigi is such a cutie so freaking cute 😍😍😍😍❤
kmanboyz9 - 2 days ago
Why do kids not like pizza
kmanboyz9 - 2 days ago
I think every one likes crust but you haha but it’s true
Peerameme - 2 days ago
Fortnite? I'm leaving this.
Knati05 - 2 days ago
That’s the worst deep dish I’ve ever seen lmao I don’t know where you got that pie but it wasn’t from Chicago 😂
thtacu hapnd
thtacu hapnd - 2 days ago
The deep dish looks like Chicago style
khizir malik
khizir malik - 2 days ago
Is that how Washington kids eat pizza
WilliamProduction - 2 days ago
Lmao I dropped it when the black said: "I'mma try to eat it all
DEADZERO6969 - 2 days ago
deep dish is better because when you live in chicago you aint gonna find any new york style
Keda Boo
Keda Boo - 2 days ago
I Wish I Was Them
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