BEST of the BEST Drugstore MAKEUP of 2018

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SoftPinkSky - 7 hours ago
The wet and wild ones smell like paint to me
Macey Perry
Macey Perry - 8 hours ago
Very very not a lot of dollars 😂❤️
Cat Mar
Cat Mar - 10 hours ago
HOLY GRAIL HXXX YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you !my Queen of reviews!
Heather Husnu
Heather Husnu - 11 hours ago
U look sooooo pretty 💜💜💜
Stephanie Dunfee
Stephanie Dunfee - 12 hours ago
Hi Tati, what is it that you’re drinking in this video? Is it a juice?? 😊
Justine Leslie
Justine Leslie - 18 hours ago
Anyone know where to get Catrice in Canada? I keep seeing the brand getting great reviews and want to give it a go! But can never find it...
Do you have a favorite drugstore setting spray for initial setting?
Sandy Shoe
Sandy Shoe - Day ago
3:57 hold up are we just gonna ignore the fact that tati casually just tossed a foundation bottle into the air, not scared she wouldn’t catch it and that it would break. big balls
Anna Goldsberry
Anna Goldsberry - Day ago
It would be cool if you could do a must have brushes video. There are so many different ones and it is hard to find the best ones it would be great to see your opinion on them!
Shielah Hornbeck
Shielah Hornbeck - Day ago
I would love to hear about your HG drugstore products 😊💕
Annie Lyall
Annie Lyall - Day ago
Speaking of Gosh cosmetics, they make my favourite foundation of all time. I used to be able to buy is at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada before they stopped carrying it. Gosh products are so good!
DoItFancy - Day ago
Love you in the Mauve color! Can you please do a makeup tutorial on your eyeshadow please! Love your videos gorgeous. 💜
Eric Graham
Eric Graham - Day ago
You're mannequin best, Tati. LMAO. You're funny.
Amy Daniels
Amy Daniels - Day ago
*thinking about my milky mist as she’s raving about it* 😂😂😂
Jesca Conner
Jesca Conner - Day ago
I love your drugstore reviews. I live on a budget and these have helped me so much.
Sarah McDaniel
Sarah McDaniel - 2 days ago
Do a best of the best Lux foundation!! Plz I need to know you favs. We have the same skin type I need to know.
Dee Jahant
Dee Jahant - 2 days ago
Thank you so much for this video! Everytime I'm in Ulta, I think what did Tati say? LOL. Sometimes I play the video in the store. LOL. I trust your reviews and you give lots of options.
Maria Robles
Maria Robles - 2 days ago
I love you MOM
Anna Frei
Anna Frei - 2 days ago
Gosh also makes great eyeshadow palettes 👍🏻 greetings from Denmark 🇩🇰
Sandwich Egg
Sandwich Egg - 2 days ago
Love straight hair on you.
Whitney Sanders
Whitney Sanders - 2 days ago
Yall help I'm so sad. I tried the catrice HD liquid foundation. I loved it so much on my skin. After trying it out for a few day I think it caused me to break out. I'm sad I loved it. What else should I try. My skin is on the drier side.
Aspieandproud AJ
Aspieandproud AJ - 2 days ago
Monistat is a life-saver, and a good dupe for the smashbox photo-finish primer!
Windy Hicks
Windy Hicks - 2 days ago
YouTube please take a stupid videos off my channel
nadia12398 - 2 days ago
Your hair color is GORGEOUS!!!! Im in love ❤️
mrsBear - 2 days ago
I Love you nails! can I know what polish you wear? 🙏🏻 bye from Italy!!
Sarah Watts
Sarah Watts - 2 days ago
So Tati... you are stranded on an island & you had your smallest makeup bag wash ashore with only 5 makeup items in it, what do you hope is in the bag? and go...
Amanda Hough
Amanda Hough - 2 days ago
I’ve made my list.....hoping I can find these products in Australia 🇦🇺 xx
Taylor - 2 days ago
Hey Tati! Do you have any recommendations for natural looking makeup for middle school aged girls?
Lindsay Aguilar
Lindsay Aguilar - 2 days ago
Any suggestions for dry skin? I am currently struggling with dry skin since winter is here and my normal routine isn't helping any more😭
Sana Sk
Sana Sk - 3 days ago
Her “makeup worn” description list is like 500 products 😵😵😵
Marissa Vega
Marissa Vega - 3 days ago
Thank you this helps so much !
Bay Webb
Bay Webb - 3 days ago
I got the flower foundation, and it’s amazing! First time I ever bought a product based on a recommendation. I set it with elf finishing powder and it sits and looks perfect! THANKS!
Ariana slays679
Ariana slays679 - 3 days ago
Tati have you ever tried one heck of a blot primer ???
Emma Esterhuyzen
Emma Esterhuyzen - 3 days ago
Love u tati!
Triin Liiv
Triin Liiv - 3 days ago
How come anyone likes Pixi Rose Glow Mist? It's horrible! Every time it ruins my makeup, it has an awful spray and it's just bad!I don't get it...
Missy Michaels
Missy Michaels - 3 days ago
"It's very...very...not a lot of dollars!" Yes! Just what we're here for!
Maliha Samad
Maliha Samad - 3 days ago
How slow can u go 🙄
Debbie Drummond
Debbie Drummond - 3 days ago
what was the first thing for chaffing
Zachary Lefebvre
Zachary Lefebvre - 3 days ago
Loved this video because it’s more affordable products for sure!💗💜💛❤️💚🧡💙💕
gabby rodriguez
gabby rodriguez - 4 days ago
Can you review Pacifica? They have both hair and beauty products. I've been hearing really good things about it but I'd love to hear your honest opinion!
Luciana Bombonato
Luciana Bombonato - 4 days ago
Where can I buy BH cosmetics and J Cat products? I visit Orlando twice a year and I have never seen these 2 brands in any store... Kisses from Brazil
Gecko Gamer
Gecko Gamer - 4 days ago
Can you please do a “best drugstore products of all time” plz because I would love to see what you absolutely love from not just 2018! Love you tati
Jackie Sleep
Jackie Sleep - 4 days ago
Girl thank you so much for sharing about how your avoiding coconut, fragrance and silicone. Ive been getting the same little bumps on my chin and I'm really thinking its from all the coconut products ive been using.
life is gucci
life is gucci - 4 days ago
Mostly all of these products are not even in canada :(
Selina Begum
Selina Begum - 4 days ago
Love your channel
Me, Simone & I
Me, Simone & I - 4 days ago
You look great in this video and I loved the tips you gave! Definitely just placed a makeup order!
Lora LaLanne
Lora LaLanne - 4 days ago
Thank you for the information 🥴
Anna Benavides
Anna Benavides - 4 days ago
Tati, I just ordered caprice concealer online, couldn't find it at the pharmacy here in Miami! thanks for the recommendation!
Marie Walch
Marie Walch - 4 days ago
Have you done a drugstore ULTIMATE holy grail items?! That would be awesome!
Sonya Jordan
Sonya Jordan - 4 days ago
You look so good in that colour😍
Krystal Kurtz
Krystal Kurtz - 4 days ago
Where can you buy catrice products?
Tanzin Afrin
Tanzin Afrin - 5 days ago
Tati please please pick for the new PR boxing winner please please please .I never ever won anything entirely my life so far please .Happy anniversary .
aria afghan
aria afghan - 5 days ago
I absolutely love your hair. Please do some hair care routine..
Peggy Donnie
Peggy Donnie - 5 days ago
Tati - This is so helpful, and I watch p much EVERY one of your videos... but PLEEEEEEEASE... could we have a list?
Rachel Sunshine
Rachel Sunshine - 5 days ago
Love your videos! Can you do a review of the Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation??
Katharina Lemmer
Katharina Lemmer - 5 days ago
The catrice primer got discontinued in Germany 😢
Lara Syers
Lara Syers - 5 days ago
Please do a challenge of a full face using la girl pro concealer!!
Shiloh Burns
Shiloh Burns - 5 days ago
Literally walking through Target with this video playing and I found Cover Girl vitalist powder down from 10 dollars to $4.98. In the basket it goes.
Amy Elgin
Amy Elgin - 5 days ago
This look on her is BEAUTIFUL! They all are obviously! But, this one in particular is one of my favorites!
Naveera Aftab
Naveera Aftab - 5 days ago
Please make a video on Dermacol foundation
immortal valerie
immortal valerie - 5 days ago
Hi everyone, I've started a you tube channel not so long ago, check it if you wish🦑💞
elizabethpink - 5 days ago
Speaking of dupes, do you know of any good ones for the Lancome Absolue Radiant Smoothing powder? (I need something close to the colour Peche as I'm quite pale skinned.)
AlyssaJensen014 - 5 days ago
I have LITTLE BUMPS ALL Over my face and I don’t know what is causing them!! My skin has always been this way.
Bella Sparango
Bella Sparango - 5 days ago
Love the drugstore favorites videos. Thanks homie!
Sharon Cullen Art
Sharon Cullen Art - 5 days ago
I am 57 freckled heavily... I. Like sheer makeup and don’t want this stuff settling and accentuating lines. I have pretty much stopped wearing foundation. If I cover my freckles which literally cover my body, I would look funny with none on my face with the rest of my body freckled! And even my photo here is facetuned and a guy I went to high school with said, wait where are all your freckles. I told them it is just the photo and he said oh good. I love your freckles. I used to hate them but once I passed 30 I was like, bring it! I want to look young! But I end up using BB creme for my foundation. Any ideas??? Because gosh, almost every foundation you spoke about was matte matte matte. I am 57 and Matte looks awful.
Caitlin Lamy
Caitlin Lamy - 5 days ago
Sis what drugstores do you go to I ain’t finding catrice at Walgreens
Izaura Dan
Izaura Dan - 6 days ago
You need a merch that says “more is more” It’s a need
Mikaeila - 6 days ago
The catrice foundation is coming out with more colors, I’ve read they’re adding 2 darker shades and one super pale one. Ofcourse it is still nog enough and they should extend beyond then just adding 3 shades. But hey theyre listening I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace - 6 days ago
It’s sucks cause a lot of the good drugstore makeup isn’t available in Canada. Like the airspun power costs a Canadian over $20 to get. Might as well just go to Sephora.
cherrycolapop7 - 2 days ago
I was thinking the same thing. I don't recognize most of the brands she showed. We need some variety up here for sure.
Acacia Prasch
Acacia Prasch - 6 days ago
Have you tested Fourth Ray Beauty? I'd love to see you test the products!
Sara Brant
Sara Brant - 6 days ago
Catrice needs to improve the concealer shade range it's horrible 4 shades??? That's horrible!! #2019 include everyone!
Maddysen Van Dewalker
Maddysen Van Dewalker - 6 days ago
what coffee does she drink
Kelly Kaczar
Kelly Kaczar - 6 days ago
Tati (and/or any make-up/skin care junkies out there): I have very dry (and I live in AZ), sensitive skin. Age 49. Any tips for matte foundations that work for the dry, sensitive skin type? Are the ingredients in matte products always contraindicated on an aesthetic level for dry, sensitive skin? Does anyone know? Thanks and Cheers!
MsCrystalclear23 - 6 days ago
Uh you removed silicone from your routine but you use straight silicone in chaffing Gel ?????
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith - 6 days ago
I’m kinda annoyed that they’re just affordable or Ulta brands I wish I could literally get them at the drugstore
SoundlessSweets - 6 days ago
My pixi makeup fixing mist always sprays in a stream...I’ve tried it twice (and finished the bottles regardless had to transfer them to an empty Mario bedescu bottle) but I’ve never had it spray in a mist through it’s whole lifespan. Help.
Daianne Moreno
Daianne Moreno - 6 days ago
Maybe next time you can do best of 2018 and wear them so we can see how it wears as you go along.
Moon Bell4
Moon Bell4 - 6 days ago
You get prettier and prettier but best of all you remain so humble......thank you...
JanineBean - 6 days ago
I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the H&M blushes! :P
Carmina Villamizar
Carmina Villamizar - 6 days ago
Guys I just got the Wet’n Wild loose highlighter is amazing . So silky and gives your skin a wet look
Carmina Villamizar
Carmina Villamizar - 6 days ago
Just FYI the Catrice foundation does not have good shade range, so if your medium to deep complexion there is no shade for you.
Sarah Woods
Sarah Woods - 6 days ago
Saved to favorites, heading to the drugstore, thanks Tati! 💜
Ainsley Marsh
Ainsley Marsh - 6 days ago
i wanna play with my makeup now
Vartouhi Asadourian
Vartouhi Asadourian - 6 days ago
The stuff u mentioned are not linked
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole - 6 days ago
Could you do a video about the best products from catrice?
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole - 6 days ago
Can you list all the products mentioned as favorites in the description?
Elysia Jackson
Elysia Jackson - 6 days ago
You’re the best ❤️🥰
FedaricaMUA - 6 days ago
Thanks girl! I have also did a video on drug store brands. People should know they have some good quality makeup. 💄💄
Awesome Amber
Awesome Amber - 6 days ago
Why dont gurus review powder foundations? Ugh
Linda Barron
Linda Barron - 7 days ago
Always great makeup videos
Beautyful ASMR
Beautyful ASMR - 7 days ago
Does anybody else have that issue with their pixi gossamer duo getting really bad hard pan? Mine had it from the very first time I used it. I do love how blinding and how intense it highlights my face so I still use it all the time. But I can’t stand when products get hard pan.
Tiffany Sears
Tiffany Sears - 7 days ago
Forget the products. I NEED to know the shade name of that Puma hoodie. Closest I have found is ‘peppercorn’ at Macy’s???
Kelsey Wallace
Kelsey Wallace - 7 days ago
Catrice is your drugstore brand on the year
Elizabeth Reyes
Elizabeth Reyes - 7 days ago
I love the hair. I don't know if you have a video with your hair care???
Sejal maharzan
Sejal maharzan - 7 days ago
Katrice is my new best brand as of now
Merri huggins
Merri huggins - 7 days ago
you look so adorable casual!!! Good color for you. and i really like the neutral eyes
Monica - 7 days ago
Please enable captions for your videos!! Even if it’s auto enabled or people can upload captions.
Ivanalese Sappho
Ivanalese Sappho - 7 days ago
Loved ir!
jpeanut100 - 7 days ago
Does anybody know what brand is the milky mist she was talking about? Is it pixi?
Deema Natsha
Deema Natsha - 7 days ago
Lynell Antonelli
Lynell Antonelli - 7 days ago
Tati! Thank you for Monistat!
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