I Was Wrong About the Tesla Cybertruck

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 8 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
When This Happens, Don’t Buy a Used Car: https://youtu.be/XtxG7CODbH8

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CNC O - 4 days ago
You gave me a headache dude
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 4 days ago
Electric cars are simple why are you making it sound so complicated when its not. If you ever own a hobby grade Radio control car then basically you have all you need to know unless your spreed control is not working then all you have to do is replace it i doubt very highly mechanics like you and me will not be replacing chips or processors in fact the whole speed control will get replaced. Some Old school mechanics fear the EV cars but i understand them perfectly and they are far less complicated the an internal combustion engine.
david white
david white - 4 days ago
in this video were you also directing traffic
Chris D.
Chris D. - 5 days ago
@Mark Plott mine goes 260 miles per charge. Winter climate kills range.
Chris D.
Chris D. - 5 days ago
@Cecilia Age of Aquarius you spelled conquered wrong
Van Niyo
Van Niyo - 4 hours ago
Everyone thinks he's moving his hands for no apparent reason, but really he's fighting off evil invisible shadow ninjas.
Lawrence Talley
Lawrence Talley - 5 hours ago
Why do all the vehicles medal is so bad? Lean on and it dents! We pay to much for this to happened! And why do they always give us dubby tires when we should get a real spear?
Nexus Eight
Nexus Eight - 8 hours ago
He speaketh with thyne hands....
koscashcars - 10 hours ago
keep driving toyotas krazy kilmer
Parker aka Name Family
Parker aka Name Family - 12 hours ago
He's doing Tai Chi
T R - 13 hours ago
What is the mpg on the bmw electric when it’s running on the electric from the motor cycle engine?
Fight CPS
Fight CPS - 14 hours ago
Run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, you're just as stuck as running out of power in an electric car.
Unless you walk to a gas station and pick up a supplimental battery or gas....same same
lbecque - 14 hours ago
I never heard Scotty contradict himself so many times. DC motors are better, AC motors are better.... Actually the Tesla M3 uses a Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) synchronous motor which also has the characteristics of a Switched reluctance motor which addresses the 30% less efficiency Scotty mentioned for AC motors. The Tesla motors are the most efficient in the industry and years ahead of everyone else building electric cars.
First_and_4Most - 14 hours ago
Doesn't the Tesla have a solar panel over the truck bed that, I assume, will charge the battery?
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper - 15 hours ago
I wont have a new car or truck. Too much bullsh!t on it. I'll just stick with my 67 Chevy Chevelle. Gets better gas mileage than most new cars. Plus its payed for.
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Matthew Talbot-Paine - 19 hours ago
I always thought the electric cars should have removable batteries and then maybe you could have a spare battery set charging at home while you are using the main one, I'd find this pretty useful because I don't have a drive way and the street parking for myself is too far from my house.
Toledo Navarrese
Toledo Navarrese - 22 hours ago
Very few people know this but Scott is a conductor for the Texas Philharmonic
Marc fa20dit
Marc fa20dit - 23 hours ago
You should see what happens to the Teslas driving range when they used it for towing😂😂😂 I believe it was good for 80 miles vs the 300+ its supposed to have...Same with any off roading
Faustin Gashakamba
Faustin Gashakamba - Day ago
Yes, tell us about motorcycles' engines. I would like to hear Scotty talking about Motorcycles. I like bikes better than cages (cars). I am only here because Scotty is such a terrific entertainer!
Drunk Squirrel
Drunk Squirrel - Day ago
Sorry Scott, but you are wrong about A LOT of things
Anders Andersson
Anders Andersson - Day ago
Scotty in you case yes go hybrid. Old people tend to forget to plug it in. :)
But for us younger people that is a no issue.
You are old school and love maintenance.
BEVs need much less maintenance and pollute less and cost less to drive.
You are getting closer to understand BEVs but your learning curve is step.
Phillip Collins
Phillip Collins - Day ago
Why hasn't anyone done a gas generator engine. The engines sole purpose is to charge or run the electric motor. It's how modern locomotives are run.
J T - Day ago
Honestly who dislikes Scotty's videos. How could you possibly dislike this man? He's like the coolest uncle ever.
Dan Gabor
Dan Gabor - Day ago
Failed used car salesman.
Brian Mabe
Brian Mabe - Day ago
I love this man's hand gestures.
overdozenguquen - Day ago
In my humble 2 cents, I have few things to say, hear me out and if you can give it some thoughts.
1. A little bit of math from an electrical engineer: 1 gallon of diesel is equivalent to 40kwh, so the model X has maximum 100kwh which equals to 2.5 gallons of diesel as far as energy storage is concerned. I estimate the cybertruck will have 200kwh and can travel 500 miles. Can you travel 500 miles with 5 gallons of diesel? This shows how efficient electric automobile are. That is why electric car owner can save a lot of money travelling.
2. The future is here just like when the qwerty keyboard phone is switched to touch screen phone. Just like when we switch from horse to car, from wood to oil and now from oil to electric and solar. Look at china and how pollution is making everyone sick in big city, and soon everywhere on this earth.
3. If you found someone put garbage in front of your house what would you feel? Well, everyday people spraying exhaust garbage right into your nose, much worse than the sight of garbage in front of your house. It will be illegal in California from 2025 and eventually everywhere. Wake up and really see the truth instead of sticking to what used to work but won't in the future. In the beginning of automobile people actually going through the same rejection of new things, such as between horse and car where horse only need grass and water and you coouldn't get gas in the middle of the road (there used to be no gas station anywhere). You already know what the result was.
4. If you buy a gas automobile now, be prepare to not be able to sell it to others and have to purchase electric once the law is changed because we will have to outlaw gas automobile.
Embrace what is better instead of holding on and hanging on to what no longer work and regret much more later on.
My little 2 cents advice to readers.
John Wang
John Wang - Day ago
Actually, the problem with DC motors over AC motors is or more correctly was commutation. Modern power electronics has addressed this problem and given us brush less DC motors. The main problem with AC motors is that the rate of rotation is tied to the frequency of the AC power and the number of poles in the motor, in other words, it used to be that AC motors ran at one speed and one speed only. However modern power electronics have allowed us to customize the frequency of the AC power provided to the AC motor. Now, AC of course allows the use of high voltages and low currents thereby reducing the thickness of the cables required and the energy loss commensurate with high currents. Overall, the respective disadvantages have been addressed with power electronics. One of my undergrad papers decades ago was that the new power semiconductors will make the use of AC motors for vehicles possible and perhaps advantageous. I was writing of vehicles such as LRT trains but basically what I predicted did come true both with LRT's and EV's.
Note, due to the ingenious mechanical transmission of the Prius, it has two electric motors, one for counter torque so with the Prius, there's actually three prime movers and of course the weight of having so many systems. The Tesla's claim to fame is the use of Halbach arrays to effectively double magnetic field strength, of course Halbach arrays also create an alternating pattern of magnetic fields hence AC motors are a must.
bernard jeanny
bernard jeanny - Day ago
DC to AC using transformers?
Dan Chase
Dan Chase - Day ago
AC motors are 30% less efficient? I guess Scotty hasn't researched anything in 40 years. Tesla's AC motors are 97% efficient. AC efficiency made huge improvements the last twenty years. My solar inverter is 99% efficient. Please research before "educating" people.
Javlonbek Ergashev
Javlonbek Ergashev - Day ago
Who is here to see his shaking hands?
Kevin S
Kevin S - Day ago
Yes, the serial hybrid, like the BMW, gives you the range without the complexity of the dual drive train in the parallel hybrid.
IOn Vash
IOn Vash - Day ago
The Tesla motors are brushless DC motors its basically a 3 polled motor controlled by pulse width modulation of high voltage DC. The higher the frequency the faster it turns, way different than an AC motor
Maria Veiga
Maria Veiga - Day ago
The diesel locomotive was invented and put to use along time ago.... imagine the fuel milage we would be getting if passenger vehicles would have been built the same way.... not a 350 v8 hybrid but a 1000cc diesel powered ac to DC propulsion.... if it wasn't feasible trains wouldn't work
joe toronto
joe toronto - Day ago
Short story is Toronto to Quebec is some 10 hours drive with a gas engine in the winter With an electric car I would have to sleep somewhere because the to frequent time to recharge and the tie consuming of the operation It would end up more expensive on the long run
Shaun - Day ago
I'm curious if Scotty has actually ever owned a Tesla.
Denshi-Oji - Day ago
The only Prius "transmission" I am aware of is an Electric transmission. IT IS NOT a CVT! It uses Electric motors, plus the conventional Engine, and depending on the speed and charge, it runs the Engine and/or the Electric Motors at various speeds, and even directions (on the Electric Motors) to produce motion of the vehicle. It does have the advantages a CVT has in being fully adjustable to optimize for torque and power, but the comparison ends there.
anyons5 - Day ago
The comparison between jump starting an electric car and an ICE car is a false equivalency. Jump starting a car provides energy to engage the mechanical process for combustion. Charging the car provides "fuel" for the vehicle's propulsion. A better comparison would be comparing an electric car out of battery charge and a ICE car out of gasoline. You can tap into almost any source of electricity to charge the car (including the sun), but you can't get gasoline from sunshine; You have to get it for a gas station.
anyons5 - Day ago
Scotty, i usually like you're insights into long-term failure and mechanical processes that a repair mechanics sees on an ICE car, but in this case you are not well informed. Modern electric cars operate nothing like a toy RC car. You failed to mention the key component, the the Power electronics module or power inverter. Transformers are not key primary components of the AC or DC drivetrain. Transformers don't generate multi-phase AC wave. They step one voltage down to another voltage or vice versa at a fixed ratio. That is done with an array cascading power transistors. You're logic of DC motor's torque decay does hold water with modern power electronics. Torque this only limited by the available power from the battery . As the shaft speed increases, the rotational torque will drop off proportionally. Range doesn't reduce in cold weather because a loss of efficiency; range is lost because the chemical reaction slows down when the temperature drops. This is an entirely new way of propulsion, it's worth understanding it first before forming an opinion on its shortcomings.
Ron Evans
Ron Evans - Day ago
Hey Scotty, good video. I wonder how all electric holds up in really hot climates too since batteries don't like extreme heat
Vadim Romanovich
Vadim Romanovich - Day ago
Used electric Smart Fortwo is a bargain and with short commute, its perfect.
saulns - Day ago
Um, Tesla’s curb weight is higher than most hyrids. Don’t take my word check Wikipedia
mark oldendorf
mark oldendorf - Day ago
Giving away one of those in this video too?
Jim Gagne
Jim Gagne - Day ago
If you wanted a turd mobile ...And he shows a fiat..HAhahahaha !
MrGrummpy - Day ago
I was really hoping to get more information about the Cybertruck. I am disappointed.
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