Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

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D B - 24 minutes ago
Idk what was more cringey her just being extremely immature or her trying so hard to be different and weird
Sabrina - 37 minutes ago
this interview makes her come off as ignorant.
Shoggy 17
Shoggy 17 - 40 minutes ago
I thought Billie was over the pooping and fart jokes I 😭😭😭 such a big fan but ...... she’s definitely sounding home schooled
This guy in my pic Is my savior
9:41 go for it
Katie ALDC!!!
Katie ALDC!!! - 49 minutes ago
**Billie Eilish talks about poop for 1 minutes straight**
Hoshi Hoo
Hoshi Hoo - Hour ago
I want to know her opinion on kpop
Desi Dzialo
Desi Dzialo - Hour ago
I’m sorry I love billie and her music but there are so many flaws here. To say that a pretty girl who dates an “ugly” guy means that he is going to take advantage of her and treat her like shit because he got a hot girl? No. Most guys that aren’t all about their looks are the most sincere and genuine sweet guys that you could ever have because they aren’t egotistical.
Also about homeschooling VS going to school. Most parents don’t home school BECAUSE they have full time jobs and can’t. Like come on now Billie
Madison Oxford
Madison Oxford - Hour ago
Olivia Castelao
Olivia Castelao - Hour ago
i love her sm, but i have so many problems with this-
luizito1212 - 2 hours ago
Dont all girls lick poles? Lol
Se7en - 2 hours ago
No one in here even mentions that she's beautiful. Look at her dude. Minus the hiphop clothes and everything, she's actually a beautiful young lady.
Navila Rangel
Navila Rangel - 2 hours ago
People be here really taking this seriously, its whatever, just an opinion, and actually its just what came out cuz they cut parts off
irishmanatthepub - 2 hours ago
she is naive and her music is trash
Daniel Lavigne
Daniel Lavigne - 2 hours ago
Avril and her text. Why am I happy for them :DDDD
chris.zinelis - 2 hours ago
This chick needs to stop talking like her name is Sharkeisha or something
aesthetically sassy
aesthetically sassy - 3 hours ago
2:48 i promised we both screamed it
aesthetically sassy
aesthetically sassy - 3 hours ago
i love pooping too, like to see that i'm not alone
aesthetically sassy
aesthetically sassy - 3 hours ago
1:16 - 1:23 billie and i are the same
Lorth 4000
Lorth 4000 - 3 hours ago
It’s funny how people see her as “really authentic” at being her self but all that she do is just “really n’importe quoi” it’s just cringy and stupid..
Do you know Da wae
Do you know Da wae - 3 hours ago
I used to chew on charger cords I thought it was the bomb tho
Ashley Mohr
Ashley Mohr - 4 hours ago
REALLY my mom hates me
Kamane Shizu
Kamane Shizu - 4 hours ago
"imnotgonnateachyou bitch"
Asha Haresh
Asha Haresh - 4 hours ago
i love u.and the bad guy song...........
kitty meow meow
kitty meow meow - 4 hours ago
Was... Nah she’s a whole queen
kitty meow meow
kitty meow meow - 4 hours ago
NAH get made fun of for being emo or punk and now everyone dresses like that bruh teenagers are literally stoopid and willing to do anything (I’m a teen )
Noah Calderon
Noah Calderon - 5 hours ago
I swear this girl makes me appreciate everything I never thought about🤣🤣🤣🤣
nessi wild
nessi wild - 5 hours ago
I'm 17 and people saying that she's being immature because of her age isn't an excuse because at our age she should know better tbh 💁
Antti Rautio
Antti Rautio - 5 hours ago
It's ironic that she hates teenagers when she is the one who influences them the most atm.
Fer G
Fer G - 6 hours ago
Nife Gaming
Nife Gaming - 6 hours ago

billie: Underrated
Friend XR
Friend XR - 7 hours ago
Her personality makes me want to die
Jenny H
Jenny H - 7 hours ago
What am I watching
ace P
ace P - 7 hours ago
I'm 27, and in the last 10 years I've said and done far more embarrassing things than I can count. Give the girl a break. She's so young! It's okay for a 17 year old to be a little bit immature!
Donny2k - 7 hours ago
shut the fuck up parents aint lazy they be working all day for our asses they aint got time
Layla Atwell
Layla Atwell - 8 hours ago
100% she’s on something in this interview, it’s so clear
Cons •
Cons • - 8 hours ago
I don't sleepwalk I sleepdance
Akira Gacha
Akira Gacha - 8 hours ago
I also love the taste of blood.

I’m a emo vampire
F i g h t m e
Akira Gacha
Akira Gacha - 8 hours ago
Headphones was a bad choice....
caalmodeoc - 8 hours ago
yep, I was never forced to eat brocoli and I friggin' loved it
Zoe Sink
Zoe Sink - 9 hours ago
she seems really high she doesn’t act like this normally and those forced laughs
OGNAM 333 - 9 hours ago
Damn I thought cardi was the dumbest female artist
Vendela Darkhand
Vendela Darkhand - 9 hours ago
10:51 I was wearing black a LOT when I was 10-11 and yeah like she said... :) And I just have to comment that pooping is life, I can actuallt sit at the toilet for 1 hour. After has looking a lot of interviews for a while I really think she is the fucking model like I LOVE her for her personality. THATS IT!❤️❤️
Katie Brown
Katie Brown - 9 hours ago
Why does she sound like she’s in a gang?
Yes i like the flavour of metal and blood
Sarah Irene
Sarah Irene - 9 hours ago
Okay for every saying that ur poor and lazy if u go to school first off stop twisting was she said she did not say ur poor if u go to school
JustAnAverageDude - 10 hours ago
Those pants look like shit Billie
O_Ore0 - 10 hours ago
Sean O'spicy
Sean O'spicy - 10 hours ago
What she said about school and being homeschooled, was the most relatable thing I've ever heard in my life.
_iibhff - 2 hours ago
Sean O'spicy How ? So you agree that parents who dont homeschool their children are “lazy” ? Dumbass smh
Kelly Michelsen
Kelly Michelsen - 11 hours ago
My beautiful son, seriously, went to prom with his fab, stunning, smart, talented girlfriend ❤️. It happens 😂
Rehane Rajabi
Rehane Rajabi - 11 hours ago
She's really lovely ❤️😍
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