Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

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「 rubi thii 」
「 rubi thii 」 - 2 hours ago
0:37 oH mY gOd
Good to know I’m not alone in this.
{*Ari Playz*}
{*Ari Playz*} - 2 hours ago
“I like the taste of blood”
Puja Sabina
Puja Sabina - 4 hours ago
Billie eilish you are so so so pretty ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
angle wolf
angle wolf - 4 hours ago
Love you Billie
angle wolf
angle wolf - 4 hours ago
I love broccoli 🥦😔😢
Mia Rossi
Mia Rossi - 7 hours ago
@6:18 I love broccoli 🥦 😂😂
Alhoor Darwish
Alhoor Darwish - 11 hours ago
I love kids there so cute and I’m lucky cuse all of my sisters and bros are married and have at least 2kids
Alhoor Darwish
Alhoor Darwish - 11 hours ago
I lick the meatel necklace and praslets they taste dealsose and yummy 😋
MekSmashed! - 11 hours ago
Bruh i like tasting all of those things
macarion - 12 hours ago
Why does she talk like a wigger, ugh
Aaron Diaz
Aaron Diaz - 14 hours ago
“i love pooping”😂🥺
Barbara Myers
Barbara Myers - 14 hours ago
Billie eilish if you see this I want you to know that I love you and I hope you say something idk
Kori Elle
Kori Elle - 14 hours ago
Pooping right now
Cookie Gacha
Cookie Gacha - 16 hours ago
Makenna Little
Makenna Little - 16 hours ago
i love you so much billie #lovesBillieEilish
Fionna Equestrian
Fionna Equestrian - 16 hours ago
I love blood and dirty jewelry I don’t know why!🤨
ASMR SUGAR - 16 hours ago
when they drew the teenage boy, I thought they were gonna have her talk about Jacob Sartourious.
sorry, I don't know how to spell his last name!
nicole hosey
nicole hosey - 19 hours ago
literally one day older than billie eilish like when i fond out i was like YOOOOO WTF hahahah im older than herrrrrr
videostartutorials - 20 hours ago
im getting Invisalign in 3 months (the actual trays) and at least I’ll have another thing in common with her lol
•Swixth Gacha•
•Swixth Gacha• - 21 hour ago
billie: 17 yrs old, looks like 21, acts 5 hahaha
Erin Redmond
Erin Redmond - 21 hour ago
Her: I lick polls
Janiya Q.
Janiya Q. - 22 hours ago
Billie is saying her opinions in this vid no need to mock her. She is funny lol love her
Audrey Wheeler
Audrey Wheeler - 23 hours ago
I pooped 5 times today and it is 12:17 in the moring help me :/
Alyssa - Day ago
I always liked goths they seemed so cool;-; and i builded tree houses with my friend
Alyssa - Day ago
Blood/ pools / iron that stuff does tast guud
Chelsea C
Chelsea C - Day ago
She's a whole vibe, I swear lol
Tica Young
Tica Young - Day ago
Girl you weird but I love it
Joshua Alt
Joshua Alt - Day ago
I was not a Goth but I hung out with them in High School because I was an outcast too, I loved them because they were real friends. I just didn’t find the need to be a poser. I was who I was and was teased for it.
Isabella Sciachitano
i kinda disagree w billie when she said that parents are lazy to send them to school, no sis it's the law no tryna have my parents go to jail. i mean yeah that's cool she learned stuff by life skills but not all of us can be homeschooled like her.... no hate fr no hate just my opinion
Tyronah Sioni
Tyronah Sioni - Day ago
Hate on me whatever but I actually grew up liking broccoli. I really think it just depends on how you cook it the first time and feed it to the child. First impressions last and I think that also applies to food. Idk
Srushti Fulkar
Srushti Fulkar - Day ago
Wait.... I also love the taste of blood
Warren Mc Cormack Jnr
billie there are some girls you go out with and then there are girls that make you hurt when you kiss them and those are the girls you dont mess with but make friends for life.
Olivia Verbovanec
Olivia Verbovanec - Day ago
Billies daily meal is ⛓⚙️🗝🔑🛎🛒📯🖇📎🔗🔒🔓🔐 🍷=blood
Olivia Nakashima
Olivia Nakashima - Day ago
Billies lunch is : 💉🔧🔨⚒🛠⛓⛏🔗
Olivia Verbovanec
Olivia Verbovanec - Day ago
I like Broccoli 🥦
Warren Mc Cormack Jnr
you know babies are so underated right now its not even funny.
Nina - Day ago
This comment section is so half and half.
Some of these people: “Billie is so entitled lol”
Billie: “I love pooping and the taste of blood”
SomeDude Nowhere
SomeDude Nowhere - Day ago
I enjoy the taste of blood, metal, and....

Aaliyah Maillett
Aaliyah Maillett - Day ago
I love Broccoli 🥦 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodnight - Day ago
I like Billie and all but she was really rude in this interview
yee t
yee t - 13 hours ago
Galaxy Zodiac
Galaxy Zodiac - Day ago
Oh you know I had a friend and she sleptwalked to her kitchen, poured a cup of orange juice and went to pour it on her dad's head
yiyi - Day ago
why did she go on a tangent about pooping lmao
Daniel Bobmanuel
Daniel Bobmanuel - Day ago
Hey *i like eating dirty jewelry* Like just to get that out there
Brathmar - Day ago
I like the taste of blood
I forgot my name
I forgot my name - Day ago
That's not the reason parents send their children to school idiot
Maria lwom
Maria lwom - Day ago
10k people get offended when someone talks about pooping
iBear_xox - Day ago
2:11 - 2:23 girl thats the struggle i felt that
Also pooping is amazing dont judge me
Rojhat Dumanogullari
If this was a guy talking about girls that are ugly and being gold digger the world would go ducking crazy, but because it’s about guys it’s fine? Where’s the gender equality with that?
Laura Ellingham
Laura Ellingham - Day ago
Billie: i never sleepwalk
Her mum : you rapped a WHOLE VERSE
Hans Perfect
Hans Perfect - Day ago
question:what do you think about babies?
answer:i lick poles
Laura Ellingham
Laura Ellingham - Day ago
*one day I pooped eight times .....

It was the best day of my life
Zimmering - 2 days ago
**** how boring
Maritza Harmse
Maritza Harmse - 2 days ago
Exactly while I was watching this video an add to advisement came up for invisilign
max - 2 days ago
no one:
billie eilish: one day i pooped eight times
14 year old fake depressed girls: Omg so deep 😢😢😢😢😢
Raphael Castello
Raphael Castello - Day ago
max truth.
c-lexis !
c-lexis ! - 2 days ago
she tries too hard. she’s fake af
Kiyoshi Studios
Kiyoshi Studios - 2 days ago
Billie is the gayest straight person ever
ellie rigby
ellie rigby - 2 days ago
I watched this video while I was pooping
El_ Ezoo
El_ Ezoo - 2 days ago
danzimm1ify - 2 days ago
How many halves are in this? Lol
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