Kieran vs. ChrisMD vs. W2S | EPIC Game of T.R.I.C.K

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Nad Esso
Nad Esso - Day ago
I like how hairy did the corner kick
Jinny Kim
Jinny Kim - Day ago
Who is watching in 2020 cause they want harry to post.
rb7 Skills
rb7 Skills - Day ago
im definely going to try this
Diane Bisset
Diane Bisset - 3 days ago
Hilarious 🤣 😆 😂 haha 🤣 😆 😂
FAROOK NAJEEB - 4 days ago
Mitali singh
Mitali singh - 5 days ago
i love it
Shajna Begum
Shajna Begum - 5 days ago
Did harry hit the crossbar bc he didnt look like it did
BB - 6 days ago
Fucking harry stupid af
The Football Nuffy
The Football Nuffy - 9 days ago
Check out the football nuffy
Aeshan K.
Aeshan K. - 9 days ago
Chris: “I’m going with a knuckleball”
uses Jabulani
Beano Trains
Beano Trains - 10 days ago
Some of these took more than 1 time.
raghit - 11 days ago
First time i watched your videos i thoight you are Meunier the PSG RB
Petro Rakacolli
Petro Rakacolli - 13 days ago
Goodjob Chris
Ido Rudnik
Ido Rudnik - 13 days ago
I love how Harry is wearing the orange team shir
Ido Rudnik
Ido Rudnik - 13 days ago
Mustafa Mustafapromasterx99
But dem are good to shooting deferent goals anyway
Mustafa Mustafapromasterx99
Chris & Harry actually are not freestylers dem are not ready to take freestylers level jett
Daniel Moloney
Daniel Moloney - 14 days ago
Love how Chris and Harry put on deeper voices cuz kieran has a deep voice
XDVN334 - 14 days ago
I love how kieran and Chris are the same level and then harry just hoofs it into the hedges
vicki haselgrove
vicki haselgrove - 15 days ago
Nob head
DN gamer
DN gamer - 17 days ago
I couldn't stop watching Chris's flick goal it's 2 good
Matraku Jr
Matraku Jr - 17 days ago
I think they missed when they wanted
Btw they don't know how to save a ball🤣
Theo Wood
Theo Wood - 21 day ago
Do another one but do that Dybala free kick against Oblak

Edit: is that how u spell it
Hasaan Ahmed
Hasaan Ahmed - Month ago
Kieran challenge F2
Duncan Swindells
Duncan Swindells - Month ago
Anyone realise how with Chris’s flick and shoot they use the same football as the vid
Daniel O menino esportista
Great video Thanks to you i started a channel on YouTube
Andy Rae
Andy Rae - Month ago
Wwe and ol
Andy Rae
Andy Rae - Month ago
Thank goodness
Footbalr Finn
Footbalr Finn - Month ago
why is harry’s voice so deep 1:46
eddie - Month ago
He lost in hes own chanel lol
Said Abdi
Said Abdi - Month ago
So it’s basically just the football version of horse
Mighty Nooga
Mighty Nooga - Month ago
Harry’s Crossbar Volleys be undefeated
Sam Holden
Sam Holden - Month ago
Harry seems high
LittleDot - Month ago
Like if harry is shit
Stumpy Bubbles
Stumpy Bubbles - 2 months ago
They didn’t let Harry do his turn the last time
Waqas Ahmad
Waqas Ahmad - 2 months ago
He lost on his own channel this many times
Eljohn Thianhlun
Eljohn Thianhlun - 2 months ago
That was a really bad kick from Harry
Like if u agree
SSYabuddy - 2 months ago
So Harry finally hit puberty
CHINNWE OBI - 2 months ago
CHINNWE OBI - 2 months ago
Joan Millar
Joan Millar - 2 months ago
Kieran said red ass
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog - 2 months ago
Chris looks 12
ll ZunFex ll
ll ZunFex ll - 2 months ago
Why is w2s making his voice deeper 😂😂💀 nice try lil squeaker
Abdullah Shahbaz
Abdullah Shahbaz - 2 months ago
1:22 music name pls pls pls
Fyberzz - 2 months ago
Who’s checking the nets as Harry missed the corssbar
Alex Ieremie
Alex Ieremie - 2 months ago
Who els is a fan of ksi
nabil wydad
nabil wydad - 2 months ago
Can i be in the goal for your next video im pro
Anthony Price
Anthony Price - 2 months ago
*how much excitement there is*
0:58 💙🎬
Fraser Reid
Fraser Reid - 2 months ago
4:08 is a huge disrespect
Tina the turtle
Tina the turtle - 2 months ago
Go down in the trees and find things, mabey a football
BuzzGamingFire - 2 months ago
How is Harry a footballer he is so bad
Anshad Anshu
Anshad Anshu - 2 months ago
Who is the winner of T.R.I.C.K
Anshad Anshu
Anshad Anshu - 2 months ago
How many of you know about JOSH LEWIS
Dario Mecaj
Dario Mecaj - 2 months ago
lol i just noticed that ollie's filming (pause at 1:24)
Normaale banaan
Normaale banaan - 2 months ago
he lost on his own channel
baldski balski
baldski balski - 3 months ago
Harry's voice is so deep. Damn.
e c t r i c
e c t r i c - 3 months ago
Why does Harry’s voice sound deeper
Debangkon Roy
Debangkon Roy - 3 months ago
Kieran Brown:Like
Other two: Comment
Biggest fan of Kieran Brown😃😃😃
Black Camo
Black Camo - 3 months ago
Meh TM
Meh TM - 3 months ago
They always like to tri
Electric Acid
Electric Acid - 3 months ago
Shokran Haidari
Shokran Haidari - 3 months ago
3:37 reminds me of a video back in the day
Ankit Mishra
Ankit Mishra - 3 months ago
I think Kieran has not done even one mistake so how come tric..
sadie chichakly
sadie chichakly - 3 months ago
I can barely do a corner kick
RnzyM8 - 3 months ago
It’s fake because anyone seen the video why you should always pick a green football it shoes the same ball that he doesn’t own
Erickouhai - 3 months ago
The bgm.. Here we go
Gomee Cars
Gomee Cars - 3 months ago
Pizz sub to pixel matess i need little to get to 100
Blusterygaming - 3 months ago
They dabed I’m soo happy😭😭😭😭😭😭😋😋😋🥰🥰🥰🥰
Steph Walker
Steph Walker - 3 months ago
You are fake
Rahmat Hidayatullah
Rahmat Hidayatullah - 3 months ago
Is that you w2 I like your channel
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming - 3 months ago
We Use The Same Gk Gloves!
Folake Adegbola
Folake Adegbola - 3 months ago
you picked the last one kieran how could u miss it
Ddog ASMR - 3 months ago
Firmino oo
Ddog ASMR - 3 months ago
Firmino is the best
Mehreen Taimur
Mehreen Taimur - 3 months ago
What’s the name of the song at 1:21
TGG ROBLOX - 3 months ago
Harry Whittington
Harry Whittington - 3 months ago
harry's trickshot didnt hit the crossbar at the end
Efomo Iserhienrhien
Efomo Iserhienrhien - 3 months ago
does kieran ever smile
Nandakumar Menon
Nandakumar Menon - 3 months ago
Alfie P.D
Alfie P.D - 4 months ago
Kieran is a juice guy however doesn't realy have a funny personality.
monkey bums
monkey bums - 4 months ago
So who won the game of H.E.I.G.H.T?
1) Kieran
3) Chris
Neutral Commu-no no word
Neutral Commu-no no word - 4 months ago
Music at 1:25 ?
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