Miracle Workers: Dark Ages | Episode 4 Exclusive Scene | TBS

barbiquearea - Month ago
Why the hell is that guy wearing a beanie in a medieval show?
Sage Forbes
Sage Forbes - Month ago
What font is Dark Ages in
Barry Allen
Barry Allen - Month ago
Am i the only one a lil peaved this show goes by the same name in its 2nd season, and doesn't continue the "working for Buscemi God"?
I get the premise and what the Director/Writers are doing. But it bugs me that it's the same cast, still called Miracle Workers. But has literally nothing to do with the first season.
Melanie Magdalene
Melanie Magdalene - Month ago
It's an anthology series. It's supposed to be like this.
Elliot Perkins
Elliot Perkins - Month ago
Yeah I can see what ur getting at. But it's still great
Elvira Florence
Elvira Florence - Month ago
None ever ask how medieval people have smoke
lexxus Smith
lexxus Smith - Month ago
Daniel Radcliffe is the greatest harry potter
lking1540 - Month ago
Daniel Radcliffe is just great.
Tom Stone
Tom Stone - Month ago
Tf happened to Harry Potter lmao
Ilham qalanjo
Ilham qalanjo - Month ago
Hey beautiful people all over the world have amazing day 🌍❤🌹
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