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Kieran Timms
Kieran Timms - Day ago
And this is revenge for... what exactly?
Giant Booger
Giant Booger - 2 days ago
Ryan is a pos I would never buy his alcohol.
Swathi Pathadka
Swathi Pathadka - 2 days ago
Awww.. That sad puppy face though
Daphney Donegan
Daphney Donegan - 2 days ago
Too funny
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald - 3 days ago
So weird seeing Hugh as a human being a more normal looking person.
Bree Grainger
Bree Grainger - 3 days ago
Haha I love this
gabriel dominguez
gabriel dominguez - 3 days ago
gabriel dominguez
gabriel dominguez - 3 days ago
Timothy Apollo
Timothy Apollo - 4 days ago
No lie I would have done the same thing, knowing he may be dressed as Deadpool 🤣
Rocky Ugsod
Rocky Ugsod - 5 days ago
Sorry Mr. Ryan, you got robbed by Hugh.... Big time.
AR#Reaper Diz
AR#Reaper Diz - 5 days ago
Jacob Peretz
Jacob Peretz - 5 days ago
Really Touching
Patrick den Engelse
Patrick den Engelse - 5 days ago
Looks like a married couple...😂
Gergely Csikós
Gergely Csikós - 5 days ago
...some color correcting.. :D :D :D :D :D
Azim Rafee
Azim Rafee - 5 days ago
Deadpool and wolverine😂
Peter - 6 days ago
Hugh was right the truce wasn’t real I-
JonathanCruz. - 6 days ago
Deadpool y wolverine.
NoCultist - 6 days ago
Ausie advertising american gin owned by canadian. Good enough for me.
Rob Peters
Rob Peters - 7 days ago
If he can't get along with Betty White or Hugh Jackman, two of the nicest, sweetest, most humble people, then the issue is not them. 😁
Zach - 7 days ago
I swear I can see Ryans face in his head going "omfg don't laugh!!"
Max anders
Max anders - 7 days ago
im never buying hughs coffee now..
Brianna H
Brianna H - 8 days ago
I like how he put on Hugh Jackman and friends
ToxicSkull0 - 9 days ago
Canadians vs Australians be like
3 as1
3 as1 - 10 days ago
What a badass hugh
Kimberly Jeffery
Kimberly Jeffery - 11 days ago
BAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!  I love both these guys!!!  This is awesome!
Creatip - 12 days ago
Reynolds is Deadpool and Lantern, you can see that immediately, but Hugh.... I bet if someone doesn't know Hugh Jackman outside of the X-men/Wolverine movies would deny wholeheartedly that this guy is Logan.... I mean, the transformation is unbelievable....
Sarah Meyer
Sarah Meyer - 12 days ago
Well since he didn't know he was stealing from me, he can keep it .
Kels - 13 days ago
*wolverine enters chat*
*deadpool enters chat*
*chat leaves*
Dante The Devil
Dante The Devil - 13 days ago
Low-key bromance in the making 😎
Angelic Fan
Angelic Fan - 13 days ago
constantine 0621
constantine 0621 - 14 days ago
I hope you did actually get a truce and the vid was a joke, good luck
Sandi Hoppough
Sandi Hoppough - 14 days ago
Here we go some characters from Dreamworks and Marvel holding to ads for each other
Tiva - 15 days ago
When you realize Santa isn’t real
James - 17 days ago
I love this kind of play fighting lol. JLo/Leah Remini, Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon, Kevin Hart/The Rock, Jimmy Kimmel/John Krasinski, these two and so on lol. It's just funny.
Carrie Haines
Carrie Haines - 17 days ago
Tom Wu
Tom Wu - 18 days ago
Smile. You two are looking good.
Daniel Gibeault
Daniel Gibeault - 18 days ago
After hugh's ad
*somewhere in the Pokemon world pikachu cries in the corner*
kirstenmariusTV •
kirstenmariusTV • - 19 days ago
Poor Ryan’s face 😂
Danuta Pańczyszyn
Danuta Pańczyszyn - 19 days ago
Hellow Deadpool
Fgh Jh
Fgh Jh - 20 days ago
Hahahaha i laugh soooo bad
I wish this wasn’t serious 😃😬
Глеб Ожегов
Глеб Ожегов - 21 day ago
Stay alive , stay alive for me
You will die but now your life is free
Oh it is not that video
Joseppi Cornholio
Joseppi Cornholio - 22 days ago
How much did he do to do the voiceover for laughing man coffee commercial? Lmao
teahoney bee
teahoney bee - 22 days ago
BEETLEJUUS - 23 days ago
*Youtube Recommendations: 1/2000*
Janks H
Janks H - 23 days ago
Busted out laughing ...
Chris Martin
Chris Martin - 24 days ago
that was fucking hilarious.
justarandom girlhere
justarandom girlhere - 25 days ago
And hugh could be behind such a hughroic company? Hmh, hugh guessed it.
320speed - 26 days ago
This is just brilliant.
ZAFER YAĞAÇBUT - 26 days ago
Ryan yerine ben üzüldüm lan
Anders Hall
Anders Hall - 26 days ago
Hugh+product=sells Product. No matter the way
smritika 7
smritika 7 - 26 days ago
I know this is just script, but I AM HEARTBROKEN FOR RYAN
sjnetkings - 26 days ago
Guess who just got a cameo shot on Deadpool Tres?
annim hahs
annim hahs - 26 days ago
Why was hugh the bad one here
Hondasan 65
Hondasan 65 - 26 days ago
ARSALAN BALOCH - 27 days ago
Hit like if you'll always pick Ryan Reynolds over Douche Jackman!
Dwight Stifler
Dwight Stifler - 27 days ago
Best Video Of The 2019

I Watched It 27 Times Today And Still Laughing
Andrew M
Andrew M - 27 days ago
The most Important thing you should take way from this is that Ryan's head is much bigger than hugh"s.
Philip Venter
Philip Venter - 27 days ago
WTF is this?
Martyn of practicality nothing
Deadpool and Wolverine
triniii trini
triniii trini - 28 days ago
Ryan I love you
Mega Man M
Mega Man M - 28 days ago
Ryan looks so heartbroken...
Chuck m
Chuck m - 29 days ago
I dont drink coffee I dont drink gin. Going to go buy both
TimeWolfPlayz - 29 days ago
SnowPulse - 29 days ago
That love ❤️
Masaomi Eric
Masaomi Eric - Month ago
Bloody good one! Ironies in life!
Mr.Awesome - Month ago
I dunno how many times I've seen this vid😆😆😆😆
Craig D Jones
Craig D Jones - Month ago
Nobody how nice Ryan Reynolds talks about a person or product. He sounds like he's being sarcastic af. Lol!!!!
Bugnot 4life
Bugnot 4life - Month ago
hugh don''t think its real right the truce
J.Y. Demir
J.Y. Demir - Month ago
The moment he said im not quite ready to show mine yet i started laughing i knew what was coming
Gaming Luitjes
Gaming Luitjes - Month ago
'And Hugh Could be behind such a Hughoric action? Hah, Hugh guessed it' That part just killed me.
j nupp
j nupp - Month ago
I’m dead
j nupp
j nupp - Month ago
Farah Khan
Farah Khan - Month ago
Hahhaa love these two ❤
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - Month ago
just class
kaduzy - Month ago
How can his coffee be any good if it comes in those disposable pod things? Those are horrible for the environment.
Christopher Henshaw
Christopher Henshaw - Month ago
Those two need to do more movies together! Or commercials! Love the skit!
VoiD - Month ago
I felt Hugh soul left after he saw the add.
Goku. - Month ago
1:49 the face My mom makes when she sees my report card
Owais Javed
Owais Javed - Month ago
So finally wolverine jst fuck the ass of deadpoll
Henry Provis
Henry Provis - Month ago
Lol your not very believable when your laugh that much
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