Calboy - Chariot (Audio) ft. Meek Mill, Lil Durk, Young Thug

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GavinOk - 2 days ago
a1ex 13e11
a1ex 13e11 - 3 days ago
this song is too fire too much heat
Abdi Hassan
Abdi Hassan - 3 days ago
Songs sucks balls
G- When
G- When - 4 days ago
Bro this song never gets old
JUSTICE POTA - 5 days ago
This song go crazy
GimmeYourJuice - 8 days ago
1:36 wtf was that?
KING KAREEM - 10 days ago
who can rap this all by them self.
Joseph Gallegos
Joseph Gallegos - 13 days ago
"..and I prayed to the Lord for better days.."
God Fresh33
God Fresh33 - 16 days ago
syed aman
syed aman - 18 days ago
This song is really too fast but we can't understand but the song is too attractive to me
Jeremiah Gordon
Jeremiah Gordon - 19 days ago
3 exa
3 exa - 22 days ago
They probably gon aks for copyright these punks. Stillz here
Bobby shmurda’s Hat
Bobby shmurda’s Hat - Month ago
“i be wit killers who kill all the killers i’m hanging with von”
NBN Donnie
NBN Donnie - Month ago
* * * * *
Andrei Nemtan Inst : __an4r3w__
You can hear Thug's influence on this song, they all legit sound almost the same!!
Zakaria Osman
Zakaria Osman - Month ago
This really came in my recommended 1 year later -_- can't believe i missed this fire song
shashaneka - Month ago
KingTweh - Month ago
Bruh istg this song is so underrated💯 🔥
PapiiWick - Month ago
sound like shordie shordie song
Ak BornReady35
Ak BornReady35 - Month ago
Why young thug not in the video ?
Aju Tak
Aju Tak - Month ago
Bruuh idk if this song underrated but this flow is hella addictive i make sure i listen to it atleast 5 times ina day😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kinney Kkinjj
Kinney Kkinjj - Month ago
Now this was pure fire 🔥🔥🔥
TJ King1
TJ King1 - Month ago
This song is been getting slept on smh this shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥
TWAN ROY - 2 months ago
💘 Love It#RR
Clark Dark
Clark Dark - 2 months ago
This straight up sounds like they sampled the avatar music
Learn Lyfe
Learn Lyfe - 2 months ago
Durk Had The Best Verse 😱
glossflimflam - 2 months ago
this is trash
De’vorris Robinson
De’vorris Robinson - 2 months ago
You look like trash
quincy williams
quincy williams - 2 months ago
this shit go hard
Roy Slyngstad
Roy Slyngstad - 2 months ago
Deadrea Reed
Deadrea Reed - 2 months ago
Thug verse so fire I had to comment again
Tatu Papi
Tatu Papi - 2 months ago
I’ll remix this shit say I won’t 😂
Jarvis Castro
Jarvis Castro - 2 months ago
I be with killas" who kill all the killas" im hanging with VON. - durk😈
Deadrea Reed
Deadrea Reed - 2 months ago
Yo this song crazy crazy Thug really destroyed this 🔥🔥🔥🔥
nick keryakus
nick keryakus - 2 months ago
Nunu Sole
Nunu Sole - 2 months ago
Durkio killed this beat
Damu Cracked
Damu Cracked - 2 months ago
This fye🔥🔥🔥🔥
South Production
South Production - 2 months ago
oh oh i think i just gave that song 2m views its so littt
Faze zaki
Faze zaki - 2 months ago
Plz come back
Budda Budda
Budda Budda - 2 months ago
Curlyhead Yo
Curlyhead Yo - 3 months ago
P-P-Papamitrou, boy
Fresh out the trap and they know how I carry it
I fell in love with the game and I married it
Two hundred thou' for the walk on a Saturday
I threw the wrap on the Phantom, it's matte today
Pushin' that bitch through the 'jects like a chariot
Diamonds on diamonds, they comin' in various
I gave that bitch $20, 000 for charity
Counted me out and I'm back, and I'm havin' it, ayy
I'm from the trenches where I had to get it
I'm so used to trappin', I get it and flip it
I know that you be actin', I know you ain't with it
Bro, throw me the package, I wrap it and flip it
They say I got money so I'm actin' different
Get it by my lonely, so I never listen
Stay callin' my phone, this lil' bitch, she trippin'
Just leave me alone, I'm handlin' business
Work hard, I gotta get it (I gotta get it)
Trap hard, we in the kitchen
Diamonds so cold, light even bend
And my niggas don't fold, they never bendin'
Took a loss, but shit happens, I get it
With the bosses, I'm payin' attention
Told that bitch I ain't wastin' no time
So, no, I can't wait, not a minute
And I pray to the Lord for better days
I'm flexin' hard like a heavyweight
Spent some racks and I bust down the bezel face
Got this .30 on me, make 'em run away, yeah
Bitch, I'm gettin' paid
I was in the trap whippin' shit like a slave
Can't put trust in these bitches, these bitches changed
On the block with them niggas, was goin' insane, yeah
I ain't come to play
Can't fuck with lil' shawty, she in the way (You in the way)
No time to waste
Gotta get to this money, I'm runnin' late, yeah (I'm runnin' late)
Better keep a K
Boy, these bullets get drawn like anime
I'ma hop in that foreign and do the race
Yeah, I got the Bentley, Meek got the Wraith, yeah
Fresh out the trap and they know how I carry it
I fell in love with the game and I married it
Two hundred thou' for the walk on a Saturday
I threw the wrap on the Phantom, it's matte today
Pushin' that bitch through the 'jects like a chariot
Diamonds on diamonds, they comin' in various
I gave that bitch $20, 000 for charity
Counted me out and I'm back, and I'm havin' it, ayy
Woo, ayy
Fuck on a private jet
Then he hop in his 'Gatti with a jet motor (Rrt)
Ayy, I just had bought out the plug
I got enough drugs to never be sober, yeah
I can't hop in with a scrub
I don't carry dubs in none of my clothin', yeah
I told this bitch to cool off
She was overexcited 'bout my golds, yeah, uh (Woo)
Choke on the beans, I'm fuckin' her friend
They doin' my chores, yeah
He fresh out the can and I gave him a wifey
Nigga, that's yours, yeah (No cap)
I sleep with a K and a couple grenades
I'm ready for war, yeah
Nipsey blue Range Rover SVR
Racks in the safe, I stack it like Lays
My diamonds all colors like a gay parade (Woo)
Go on your bitch, I could've just laid
But I alley-oop'd to my homie, he ate (He just scored)
I cooked that fishscale, he slimed out the plate
Got 52 watches and I still come in late
You a sassy bitch, but I don't go on dates
Diamonds canary, stone lemon cakes
Show me attention when I'm in your city
I'm so used to fuckin' on all of your bitches
They wanna fuck us and they know that we pimpin'
Giuseppe Zanotti, I cop by the fifty, yeah
I work the backstreets in all of the cities
Yes, I paid for her thighs, lips, ass, and her titties, yeah
Skydweller get wet as Pacific
I ain't sold a drug, but my wrist on the chicken, yeah (Woo, woo)
Fresh out the trap and they know how I carry it
I fell in love with the game and I married it
Two hundred thou' for the walk on a Saturday
I threw the wrap on the Phantom, it's matte today
Pushin' that bitch through the 'jects like a chariot
Diamonds on diamonds, they comin' in various
I gave that bitch $20, 000 for charity (Yeah, yeah)
Counted me out and I'm back, and I'm havin' it, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
Look at my clarity, my diamonds is serious
I got out of jail and I fucked on her period
I know they racist, Gucci interior
Came from a corner to ownin' my cereal
Meek, we don't need a stylist
Percs, weed, even my balance
Alexander McQueen Margielas (Yeah)
I kill in the streets, you tellin' (Skrrt)
Don't run, don't run
Make it home to my son (To my son)
I be with killers who kill other killers
I'm hangin' with Von
You'd rather buy the bitches back
I'd rather give a new house to my mom
Some niggas rather pray to the Bible
When I converted, I pray with my palms
See, keepin' my Glock when I'm in the field (Gang)
Hop in the Track and I burn out the wheels (Skrrt)
I fuck with the gangsters, don't fuck with my peers
Fresh out of Jeffrey's, I hop on the Lear
Grippin' that .40, not talkin' a beer
Flawless the diamonds, I boog out the ear
Bentley do wheelies, I pop it in gear
Eight in my cup when I'm walkin' through, clear
Mm-mm-mm-mm, this lifestyle
Man, that X is fuckin' my pupil
Just turn these lights down
I'm just a wild, wild boy
Chopper ridin' 'round for him
I need my mils like Meek
I'm a thug like Thug and and Cal, Calboy
Fresh out the trap and they know how I carry it (Trappin')
I fell in love with the game and I married it (Trappin')
Two hundred thou' for the walk on a Saturday (Uh)
I threw the wrap on the Phantom, it's matte today (Oh)
Pushin' that bitch through the 'jects like a chariot (Yeah)
Diamonds on diamonds, they comin' in various (Clear)
I gave that bitch $20, 000 for charity (Gave the bitch)
Counted me out and I'm back, and I'm havin' it, ayy (Uh oh)
Mm-mm, uh oh
Mm-mm, uh oh
Mm-mm, uh oh
Sameer Sahota
Sameer Sahota - 3 months ago
@drk benjise word
Evil - 3 months ago
propiedaD de kizzy
Djavi boa
Djavi boa - 3 months ago
Youg thung kinda killed da song still a banger doeee
Calvin Spencer
Calvin Spencer - 3 months ago
So thugs verse isn’t in this song now anymore
Ayo Quan
Ayo Quan - 3 months ago
Who here after thugger wasn’t on the music video?
MKC maxi
MKC maxi - 3 months ago
Hollywood Jones
Hollywood Jones - 3 months ago
This song needs an official video like wtf👏🏽‼️
Carlos Trotty
Carlos Trotty - 3 months ago
I had to come back 2020 I saw it in the YouTube playlist clicked on it I had to come back no cap it tooooo hard like if you came back in 2020 plz
Carlos Trotty
Carlos Trotty - 3 months ago
The first one to rap
Jonah Kruszyna
Jonah Kruszyna - 3 months ago
Same just happened to me can you help me find where meek is in this tho
Portola SC
Portola SC - 3 months ago
best hook i heard in a long time
skinkchiggus - 3 months ago
racks in a safe, i stack in like lays, my diamonds all colours like a gay parade
Sheldon Tosh
Sheldon Tosh - 3 months ago
If it was about being a banger or about talent this would be number 1 as long as the box
Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos - 3 months ago
2020 ¿¿¿¿con coronavirus
Therl Bred
Therl Bred - 3 months ago
Here in 2020, goes to show how much thugs flow influence the culture 🚫🧢
ogxmill - 3 months ago
Jeremiah Logwood
Jeremiah Logwood - 3 months ago
A kill kill I like this song Jeremiah 🤑🤑😎😎😁😁 vl niggas.
Charlie Styles
Charlie Styles - 3 months ago
Gunna would have ran this beat
Alex Zamora
Alex Zamora - 3 months ago
Rip nipsey
Konnie Suggs
Konnie Suggs - 3 months ago
I Fucks With It 🔥🔥✊🏾
Charm Doll
Charm Doll - 3 months ago
Jessica Gray
Jessica Gray - 3 months ago
" Grippin Tht 40 Aint Talking A Beer " 😩😩
Killer Crip
Killer Crip - 3 months ago
y did young thug go off tho
rafael tejada jurado
rafael tejada jurado - 4 months ago
Star Dyson
Star Dyson - 4 months ago
Lil durk and calboy went the hardest
Juan - 4 months ago
Ez spanish for me.
xXFupa KingXx
xXFupa KingXx - 4 months ago
"My diamonds all colors like a gay parade" 💀
Aniyah Brown
Aniyah Brown - 4 months ago
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat they STARTED SNAPPING
Joey Ritter
Joey Ritter - 4 months ago
Durk walked all over this💪💪
FPSU - 4 months ago
2020 and this is still hard, they all killed it.
FPSU - 4 months ago
Till this very moment im still waiting for a music video, they all went off on this song
Everton Lobo
Everton Lobo - 4 months ago
I come here every day. 🔥🔥🔥❤️
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith - 4 months ago
Bruv Imma ride
Bruv Imma ride - 4 months ago
2020 anyone
Jonas Araújo
Jonas Araújo - 4 months ago
Mohammad Jawad
Mohammad Jawad - 4 months ago
Too late to get a music video?
alex simmons
alex simmons - 4 months ago
No lives matter
Lucky Yyy
Lucky Yyy - 4 months ago
“I hang with Killers who killed other killers im hanging with Von” NOW THATS A DOPE LINE
Lucky Yyy
Lucky Yyy - 3 months ago
@Keith Adams Jr King Von o check out his music he is a dope artist
Keith Adams Jr
Keith Adams Jr - 3 months ago
Who’s von?
Willie James
Willie James - 4 months ago
lil durk tha goat of chi-raq. dats a dope track. i love it
Sour D
Sour D - 4 months ago
If this song was a restaurant , it would be a 5 star! 💯👍
Camilo -kun
Camilo -kun - 4 months ago
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Felisa Cortez
Felisa Cortez - 4 months ago
Quarantine Milwaukee Wisconsin 5/2020
UZINOTAMAC - 4 months ago
1 year old today
Mohammad Jawad
Mohammad Jawad - 4 months ago
Weedsmini S
Weedsmini S - 4 months ago
Idk what he says but it sound dope
danzell knapper
danzell knapper - 4 months ago
This song is really good for getting ready for the Summer
xKingSavagz - 5 months ago
He took the video down wtf 😂😂
Eric Jones
Eric Jones - 5 months ago
But the box hit number one🙄
CrazyHouseAudioTv - 5 months ago
best track meek mills ever been on oms
Robb Finley
Robb Finley - 5 months ago
When does meek mill spit his verse??
FPSU - 4 months ago
Aju Tak
Aju Tak - 5 months ago
Everyone spazzedd🙏🙏🙏🙏🤯🤯🤯
Arctickilla - 5 months ago
Coulda left meek out the song that nigga sucks 👎 luckily everybody else went ham 👍
FPSU - 4 months ago
Thts fucking cap, the song went hard cause they all went off especially meek. the hook is fire. Thug snapped though
Danny Guiteau93rdf
Danny Guiteau93rdf - 5 months ago
who’s still bumping this?
Ibi Djaba
Ibi Djaba - 5 months ago
I know you be acting I know you ain't whit it.
This sentence has a kinda meaning🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
CEO C.I.A. RECORDS - 5 months ago
We Definitely supporting the Wildboy movement!
roknrolla - 5 months ago
This shit a Banger.
LLJ - 5 months ago
I’m imagining gunna on this shit and him putting effort in and how crazy that would go
jager bopp
jager bopp - 5 months ago
I couldnt tell what part was lil durk n what part was calboy
Trenton Chan
Trenton Chan - 5 months ago
Its fire
Valerie Knauber
Valerie Knauber - 5 months ago
This song go hard. 🔥
AYDEN WILSON - 5 months ago
Welp guess why I’m here. Quarantine
Carson Ramain
Carson Ramain - 5 months ago
This is thugs fastest verse
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