Create This Book 2 | Episode #3

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jonas jonaitis
jonas jonaitis - 42 minutes ago
you done the rainbow wrong and you make me smile and twinckle my way of
Jessie D
Jessie D - Hour ago
Hi I will check your channel out and I counted the crayons and there was 27
Pixilatedcandy Tree
Pixilatedcandy Tree - Hour ago
Pro tip: never hate this vid
Rex The Roblox Gal
Rex The Roblox Gal - Hour ago
8:00 Bless you!
Dragonrider49 - 2 hours ago
6:03 omg dying
Brittley Powell
Brittley Powell - 3 hours ago
I love u and I say crowns to
Emily GachaMe
Emily GachaMe - 4 hours ago
Geesh everyone calm the BEEP down, she’s trying her hardest, no need to rush,get some patience!!
Angelina Vitale
Angelina Vitale - 5 hours ago
You’re so creative!
Livia Sanders
Livia Sanders - 5 hours ago
Please please please make more create this book 2 videos
daphne nance
daphne nance - 5 hours ago
I liked my own comment because no one will lol 😂
XxsavagdiamondxX roblox
XxsavagdiamondxX roblox - 6 hours ago
I also found u on trending and reccomended
XxsavagdiamondxX roblox
XxsavagdiamondxX roblox - 6 hours ago
hey I have a question can we buy your book cause I love drawing and those stuff!
Raina Wu
Raina Wu - 6 hours ago
Second comment: I just got Sakura pigma microns and I was wondering which size you usually use.
u w u Queen: Random videos
*P o s C A !*
Cara Williams
Cara Williams - 7 hours ago
sal bess
sal bess - 8 hours ago
I like fine bows
sal bess
sal bess - 8 hours ago
Txpical lover And a smol potato
Live your channel and it what counts on the inside
Kaleigh Marable
Kaleigh Marable - 10 hours ago
Crayons are a disgrace to society 😂
Laura Meza González
Laura Meza González - 11 hours ago
You are an artist 😜😍❤️
Charlies Gacha
Charlies Gacha - 11 hours ago
Dirty joke at 3:27
Avo Gato
Avo Gato - 12 hours ago
10 duel commandments
walmar t
walmar t - 12 hours ago
i just got mine!!!!
RavageNightmare - 12 hours ago
Just ordered 2 sets of both books, so I can force my boyfriend to do it with me 😁❤️ hehe
Lily Hall
Lily Hall - 13 hours ago
I ask my mom if I can get it and she yeah I’m so excited can you please notice my comment
Mimi Corns
Mimi Corns - 14 hours ago
Matilda.J - 14 hours ago
Hey I just got both of ur books for my birthday! Whens ur next video on create this book?
XxGachaCatxX - 14 hours ago
I just bought a create this book 2
Cookie Team
Cookie Team - 14 hours ago
I am left handed
Cookie Team
Cookie Team - 14 hours ago
Yes another lefty in the house right hand has left the chat 💭
Felly Also Fel
Felly Also Fel - 14 hours ago
“ Sence acrylic paint is on the *Y A Y L I S T* “
Megan Rogers
Megan Rogers - 15 hours ago
Why are u so funny😂😂😂😂 like if u agree
Bananas And slime
Bananas And slime - 15 hours ago
I like to colour
Ysa Sternfeld
Ysa Sternfeld - 16 hours ago
2:32 lol
Ysa Sternfeld
Ysa Sternfeld - 16 hours ago
2:32 lol
Ysa Sternfeld
Ysa Sternfeld - 16 hours ago
2:32 lol
Ibrahim Naeem
Ibrahim Naeem - 16 hours ago
I love rainbow i make evrything rainbow
I’m a wild potato I will do crafts on this channel
this was made the day before my birthday
Erin Bradley
Erin Bradley - 17 hours ago
When you gonna do The a next vid of this plz tell me. Plz and I getting one todaaaay in amazon but I don't have anything to colour. :( plz like this for pray me for this book, bye,
XxGachaCatxX - 19 hours ago
After i started getting into art I stumbled upon your channel but can’t stop watching
XxGachaCatxX - 19 hours ago
The intro looks like some kids thing but then when you hear her voice and what she says it’s better
RainbowCrafter - 19 hours ago
Please do
RainbowCrafter - 19 hours ago
RainbowCrafter - 19 hours ago
RainbowCrafter - 19 hours ago
RainbowCrafter - 19 hours ago
RainbowCrafter - 19 hours ago
Aaron Ledesma
Aaron Ledesma - 19 hours ago
War dow you sell it
George washing machine Tv
George washing machine Tv - 20 hours ago
At 8:35 “A tis kit a tas kit a Green and yellow basket”
Strange Forever
Strange Forever - 21 hour ago
Galaxy Chan005
Galaxy Chan005 - 21 hour ago
did anyone notice the date it says 02/06/2019 but in the real world its 17/02/2019 lol
Mrs. Malfoy
Mrs. Malfoy - 21 hour ago
God there’s so many impatient comments saying I’m so mad Moriah why didn’t you post? And like she put it up on YouTube saying she was having trouble editing. Give her a break guys she always has the videos out and it was only one day late anyways and the video was perfect as usual 💕
Marshiewoo27: Where everything happens
Not to h8 but at 10:38...
*DATE* it????? Do you have a date Moriah?!
Dale Sykes
Dale Sykes - 21 hour ago
Moriah I'm getting my creat this book 2 today or tomorrow cos it's my birthday so can I have atleast one like
Live u moriah
Me and my cousin are like your BIGGEST FANS EVER!!!!!!!!!!
Kaloyan Gyupchanov
Kaloyan Gyupchanov - 21 hour ago
I did do lot of the krafts:)
Kaloyan Gyupchanov
Kaloyan Gyupchanov - 21 hour ago
You do the best krafts.I like to do krafts.Love your videos.
Michael Ralston Bonita
Michael Ralston Bonita - 21 hour ago
Michael Ralston Bonita
Michael Ralston Bonita - 21 hour ago
Josbin James
Josbin James - 22 hours ago
You’re so good at drawing❤️
Jeshmin Alam
Jeshmin Alam - 23 hours ago
You wrote the date wrong. You wrote 6 as the month then 2019 and it’s not even June! You are time travelling. I wanna learn! TEACH ME! Like if you saw what I’m talking about. It’s at 10:40!
watermelon gurl redgreen
Its so Booootiful
Emma The Artist
Emma The Artist - Day ago
Ya know that rainbow has traveled under water in this video where will it go next?
LilMissFunneh Cake
LilMissFunneh Cake - Day ago
Were did you get your markers
Aileen SAndoval
Aileen SAndoval - Day ago
I just ordered the book so excited for it to come
Ava Haslam
Ava Haslam - Day ago
Hey Moriah you can use clear contact on your books.... probably maybe I’m wrong rip
Youtube Stories
Youtube Stories - Day ago
Wow your very picky you know nothing is perfect
Amanda Swearingin
Amanda Swearingin - Day ago
It’s Friday where’s the new vid
Amanda Swearingin
Amanda Swearingin - Day ago
Moriah Elizabeth the sprinkle monster that’s what my sister just said
Abigail Martin
Abigail Martin - Day ago
PlasmaTea - Day ago
I never use crayons, unless I'm forced to. Like if my teacher told me I had to.
Ali-Kat Bell
Ali-Kat Bell - Day ago
“I’m gonna start on the *spine* and carry the whole *design* onto the *spine* so it’s like one continuous *RHYME* “
* bows *
Lainycat - Day ago
You should try contact paper instead of the packing tape.. it comes in a roll like tin foil or wax paper so it can go on in one sheet instead of strips. Also works great to laminate things by hand!
Bella's Silly Toy Fair
485 p.m. I'm a real cover
Zaheen Zaynab
Zaheen Zaynab - Day ago
I like all your videos,I'm the worst in drawing and colouring
Erin Tierney
Erin Tierney - Day ago
Your a great editor!!
Mary star
Mary star - Day ago
an you make a vid of homemade squishys
Olivia Cooling
Olivia Cooling - Day ago
I love your idea
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - Day ago
Lol I’m a real cover
Carey Chellew
Carey Chellew - Day ago
Why aren't you famous???
muskan mobeen
muskan mobeen - Day ago
0of im jelly of the effect of the drawings xd oh well
Tabasum Bukhari
Tabasum Bukhari - Day ago
You are great at drawing I wish i was so good as you two drawing.
Eleazar Sanchez
Eleazar Sanchez - Day ago
I love your art work
This was posted on my b-day, February Six. I turned 14.
Brianna Daly
Brianna Daly - Day ago
How long does the crayon thing takes
Brianna Kaye
Brianna Kaye - Day ago
I love this so mucchhh
Teresa Weathington
Teresa Weathington - Day ago
my bday on the 8th
Pinkn - Day ago
Im getting create this book 2 for my birthday and Im excited to start it ^_^
Avery Masaru
Avery Masaru - Day ago
My brother used to say crowns and I thought he would always mean actual crowns not crayons👑✏
Avery Masaru
Avery Masaru - Day ago
Roses🌹are red violets are blue and I liked my own comment because nobody else will😢😭😢
Brooklyn Paul
Brooklyn Paul - Day ago
I also like colored pencils more than crayons
Avery Masaru
Avery Masaru - Day ago
I really want a create this book📙📗📘📔📚📒📓📕📖 📘 now!!!
Kelly M
Kelly M - Day ago
This is moriah
Each like=1
Potato Tomato
Potato Tomato - Day ago
I have a board that has melted crayons on it.
Asia Nicole
Asia Nicole - Day ago
My mama she made me a crayon canvas and she put a picture of me but it was like black and then she spelled my name
Caitlyn Hargus
Caitlyn Hargus - Day ago
on the drip page it looks like a galaxy near the purple side
Skye V
Skye V - Day ago
I just got your creat this book #2 for my birthday so exited to get it and start it!
G Pettus
G Pettus - Day ago
Yay crayons without a brand!
Mytho 12479
Mytho 12479 - Day ago
Who still remembers the old opening sound. I miss it even though I still like the new one.
lauren king
lauren king - Day ago
Your right about NO order
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