Create This Book 2 | Episode #3

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Erik Lupercio
Erik Lupercio - Hour ago
Make more videos I love your videos 💖💗💕💖💗
justin crosman
justin crosman - 5 hours ago
you said crayons a lot.
Gurpal Singh
Gurpal Singh - 10 hours ago
I HATE CRAYONS! But I have used them once 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Daman Dhaliwal
Daman Dhaliwal - 19 hours ago
You draw good
aino noroaho
aino noroaho - 23 hours ago
Haa she putted 2/6 omg
Emily Mullin
Emily Mullin - Day ago
You sound so sad
lani - Day ago
I actually very good at being an artist I can make you and cheridro
Gamimg with Pandas
Gamimg with Pandas - Day ago
*who else came down to the bottom of her vids and found this?*
Hawa Hafejee
Hawa Hafejee - Day ago
Plz more episodes
Saint Henderson
Saint Henderson - 2 days ago
Where did you get your markers from and what brand are they. I can never find good markers and I have been looking for some good ones but I just can’t find any and I don’t trust any brands enough. Love u moriah. You are such an inspiration and will always be remembered and recognized.❤️❤️
Alfonso Cifuentes
Alfonso Cifuentes - 2 days ago
I love your videos they make me laugh
jessica dods
jessica dods - 2 days ago
Fairy Gamer
Fairy Gamer - 2 days ago
This happens with every project involving stars
"That's enough"
"Ok now I'm done"
"Just a few more"
Olivia G
Olivia G - 2 days ago
What’s on my finger 6:32
Phoebe Sendall
Phoebe Sendall - 2 days ago
Does the create this book 2 have a rule like create this book 1
Leshann Frankie
Leshann Frankie - 2 days ago
Leshann Frankie
Leshann Frankie - 2 days ago
Say pls stop baby music if u do pls stop baby mesuic ME
Магдалена Чакърова
7:59 bless you
Shilpa Baral
Shilpa Baral - 2 days ago
Hi hi hi hi hi
StitchAndThe Firebolt
StitchAndThe Firebolt - 2 days ago
Moriah My initials are your backwards :3 yours are me mine are em for Ellen mulligan :3
Mutaz El Mufatish
Mutaz El Mufatish - 2 days ago
You and you are an artist especially the crayon melting look at that shading
Jesse wru
Jesse wru - 2 days ago
I was sad until I found this channel like 2 hours ago. Still not sad, sweet!
Bindy Life
Bindy Life - 3 days ago
Please make more of these vids
Gege XXO
Gege XXO - 3 days ago
Plz finish the series you stopped after episode 4

Like so she can see Xx 👍
Sandy Turner
Sandy Turner - 3 days ago
Happy Easter!!!!!!
Ana Reyes
Ana Reyes - 3 days ago
I love rainbow 🌈 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😍😍
H C - 3 days ago
Moriah: Episode 3 of create this book 2. To many numbers.
Me: You mean 2 many numbers.
Toysandsweets - 3 days ago
I bought this book but I'm inpacent
Ink Carp
Ink Carp - 3 days ago
That crayon drip drawing is gorgeous
Mariella Mendoza
Mariella Mendoza - 3 days ago
Why did you leave white spaces between the crayons and the drips
Lacy Courtney
Lacy Courtney - 3 days ago
Were do u get the book
Elodie Burleson
Elodie Burleson - 3 days ago
What do you like more?:
Nancy Spano
Nancy Spano - 3 days ago
But why Crowns🤔😐🤨
Savannah Obern
Savannah Obern - 3 days ago
I love u
Boyd Ledwell
Boyd Ledwell - 3 days ago
I think the cover is very cute like if y agree ❤️
Kookie Lover
Kookie Lover - 3 days ago
I honestly hope she does not write a create this book 3 coz she already has a lot to do....
XxWolfieBluexX - 3 days ago
me: watches vid for the 2nd time
*realizes Moriah is left-handed*
*ask friend if she knows that*
Guess what happens?

we both die
String bean Lima beanie ?!
The song “a tisket and tasket a green and yellow basket”how ever you say it and the end I say I’ll put you in a casket I’m dark a little dark for the channel but she satisfies me (what) and makes me happy she is an amazing Youtuber
Mangle fluffYT
Mangle fluffYT - 4 days ago
the purple and blue crayons make a galaxy
Qahdir Clark
Qahdir Clark - 4 days ago
When you did this video it was my birthday that's so funny, if comment if you think it was funny
Black Cat
Black Cat - 4 days ago
I never watched create this book 1 but I’m watching 2 I’m confuseing MY SELF ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Halp! :( =(
Misty Miller
Misty Miller - 4 days ago
I have always wanted to do that melted crayon thing it is so cool
J&O Harmon
J&O Harmon - 4 days ago
Ikr I hate crayons.. Its the texture they leave behind on the paper.
Valerie Gamboa
Valerie Gamboa - 4 days ago
you should of colored the cover watermelon theme
Matthew Streck
Matthew Streck - 4 days ago
Draw a humongous stuff animal on a poster
meme_ girl_kinni
meme_ girl_kinni - 4 days ago
Did anyone else think the blue and purple section of the melted crayon drawing looked like the Galaxy
Paulina Sarama
Paulina Sarama - 4 days ago
2019 anyone?
Paulina Sarama
Paulina Sarama - 4 days ago
You and Jojo Siwa should be best friends you both like rainbow glitter
Bailey Brautigan
Bailey Brautigan - 4 days ago
I am singing that tisket and tasket saint in chorus
Khadij a
Khadij a - 4 days ago
You have such cool initials : me
Mine are : K.F.C.
Ink Carp
Ink Carp - 3 days ago
Khadij a you have the best initials!
Megan R
Megan R - 4 days ago
How do you get this book?
Xy_ UnicornPoo _yX
Xy_ UnicornPoo _yX - 4 days ago
I wish I could draw as good as you I’m terrible at drawing
Holly Crompton
Holly Crompton - 4 days ago
How do you send a photo??
Holly Crompton
Holly Crompton - 4 days ago
I just got one of these I am so excited to start
I am the only one who likes there own comments because no one else does😂😂
Nicholas Roffey
Nicholas Roffey - 4 days ago
Me *watches on the other friday*
It’s Sarah
It’s Sarah - 4 days ago
I’m Getting Create This Book 1! I’m so happy!
Hanaan Noorani
Hanaan Noorani - 5 days ago
U draw sooooooo good
April Perreira-Fox
April Perreira-Fox - 5 days ago
I love your drawings
Redraven Unicorn
Redraven Unicorn - 5 days ago
I never laugh out loud when I watch YouTube and this channel is the only channel that makes my laugh out loud 😊🙂
Mr Meow Playz
Mr Meow Playz - 5 days ago
This is random but is it weird I order all my art supplies in rainbow order?
Heather Prescott
Heather Prescott - 5 days ago
Do you put a melted crayon logo on a school wishy
Heather Prescott
Heather Prescott - 5 days ago
It looks beautiful like you
Heather Prescott
Heather Prescott - 5 days ago
God bless you
Heyitz_Lilly Gachaverse
I would get create this book if I wasn’t such a terrible artist and draws stick figures
Person 03
Person 03 - 5 days ago
*M*oriah *E*lizabeth
*M* *E*
Katie Cat!
Katie Cat! - 6 days ago
My mom said

One video before bed
Erina Dawson
Erina Dawson - 6 days ago
You have roygbiv disorder like me. Everything needs to be in rainbow colour order
Dang It'sIzzy
Dang It'sIzzy - 6 days ago
Your so good at art! I love your work! :3
Clean lyrics
Clean lyrics - 6 days ago
Clean lyrics
Clean lyrics - 6 days ago
Elmo 2143 it’s really good
Elmo 2143
Elmo 2143 - 6 days ago
I'm getting one too
Why don’t we Limelight
I want to have that

She’s really good at drawing
Lili M.
Lili M. - 6 days ago
2:10 never judge a book by its cover 😂😂
Gracie Tozer
Gracie Tozer - 6 days ago
I looooove rainbow
Archana Nalavade
Archana Nalavade - 6 days ago
She is soo funny😂😂
Holmfridur Olafsdottir
Holmfridur Olafsdottir - 6 days ago
Dedid Aaaaaa
Shay Washington
Shay Washington - 6 days ago
lmaoo "im a real cover!... im sorry"
Charlotte Holm
Charlotte Holm - 6 days ago
That ain't Green.
Gacha Grape
Gacha Grape - 7 days ago
How does moriah draw SO GOOD 😱
Rej Nequado
Rej Nequado - 7 days ago
Press read more(pls)

Rej Nequado
Rej Nequado - 7 days ago
IDK why i say UNISEX
X iiShanahii X
X iiShanahii X - 7 days ago
1:56 *my mom when a came out the womb*
Michael Derrick
Michael Derrick - 7 days ago
i wish was allowed to buy the merch
Dana Odoviychuk
Dana Odoviychuk - 7 days ago
Don"t judge a book by it's cover!
John Marma
John Marma - 8 days ago
We’re is Friday’s post
marni gray
marni gray - 8 days ago
I love when you did rainbow colours it was so beautiful
LaurieAnn cutie
LaurieAnn cutie - 8 days ago
o-o ok then 8:49
Elyce0 - 8 days ago
Llama land !
Llama land ! - 8 days ago
Moriah:I’m using colored pencils to color crayons...
Me:w-why don’t u just use crayons..
Moriah:BeCaUsE I HaTe CrAyOnS
jjdragonite Official
jjdragonite Official - 8 days ago
Moriah: spine
Me:FiNgErS dOwN mY sPiNe

I’m just trying to be funny, pls no hate!!!!!!!
zmow5 - 8 days ago
I just realized u made thus book...
Yuri Fan
Yuri Fan - 8 days ago
Wait the front said Moriah Elizabeth and Moriah Elizabeth
Eri Isabella
Eri Isabella - 8 days ago
Pricess fun
Pricess fun - 8 days ago
"'yes i was one of the people😳 who said crowns its still a habit that i am trying to break😔''
Amanda Hamm
Amanda Hamm - 9 days ago
Amanda Hamm
Amanda Hamm - 9 days ago
sign it and DATE IT she says
Princess Sloane
Princess Sloane - 9 days ago
It's okay Moriah if you show lot's of rainbow in this video, I have a app that makes my youtube rainbow anyways. WE LOVE RAINBOWS!
Jubey Girl
Jubey Girl - 9 days ago
I wish she linked the paint pens :( I really thought they were cool
katy smith
katy smith - 9 days ago
Ania Wegrzynowska
Ania Wegrzynowska - 9 days ago
Who feels satisfied after watching this video?
Christie Daae the opera
RED GAXHA - 9 days ago
Its like the rainbow that never ends, where will it go next?.. - Moriah Elizabeth
Pastellicorn - 9 days ago
10:50 "I'll give it a rest"
One episode later...
cLoUd LaNd wItH rAiNbOw SkIeS
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