Do we have Dyslexia w/SomeThingElseYT

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Bluefood- whynot
Bluefood- whynot - 48 minutes ago
Dont Look At my name
Dont Look At my name - 2 hours ago
(This is no hate btw, i love your channel xD) when you say: English is hard, im 11, i live in the netherlands, and i can speak english, AND MY LENGUAGE IS SO HARD PRONOUNCE THIS: hallo ik ben een mens, THATS means hello i am a human xD
Jacob Higgins
Jacob Higgins - 4 hours ago
I thought it was spelled sooubway
SUNNY D The orange juice c;
*Today I have Adam with me in my bedroom.*
Agent Emerald
Agent Emerald - 7 hours ago
My Aunt Kayla (my moms sister)has dislexia
Livi Zest
Livi Zest - 8 hours ago
Your trumpet needs valve oil and James was was right those are tuning slides
Anne Matthew
Anne Matthew - 8 hours ago
when I first got my (nerdy) glasses I hallucinated a lot.
SlinkCaribou 207
SlinkCaribou 207 - 8 hours ago
The bottom part of the trumpet that you guys couldnt take out makes you play a d note which is just 1 and 3 (you can take that part out just unscrew one of the screws) BUT SOMEONE BROKE IT
SlinkCaribou 207
SlinkCaribou 207 - 8 hours ago
you hold 1 and 3 then pull that bottom part out btw
Lily TheFangirl
Lily TheFangirl - 8 hours ago
I’m dying of laughter omg 😂
Lily TheFangirl
Lily TheFangirl - 8 hours ago
Np. Fly to Pittsburgh. Get my band teacher to fix it. You’ll be fine.
Aidan Vaupen
Aidan Vaupen - 9 hours ago
He said a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y n z

Sketchi Productions
Sketchi Productions - 9 hours ago
1:43 the look on his face
[SB] Kevin_XD_ YT
[SB] Kevin_XD_ YT - 9 hours ago
The heart is in the middle
Rachael Jordan
Rachael Jordan - 9 hours ago
4:34 that’s the right...
asmr izzy
asmr izzy - 10 hours ago
Those pieces are places to put your fingers and to fix it screw off the valve and use valve oil to oil it and then it will sound exactly how it should
some one
some one - 10 hours ago
"Usually self-diagnosable
Symptoms include late talking, learning new words slowly, and a delay in learning to read.
People may experience:
Cognitive: difficulty memorizing, difficulty spelling, or difficulty thinking and understanding
Developmental: learning disability or speech delay in a child
Also common: delayed reading ability, headache, or speech impairment"
Cheyenne Barnhart
Cheyenne Barnhart - 10 hours ago
You did the alphabet differently than I do in sing language (I live in Australia 🇦🇺)
Kayleigh Cox
Kayleigh Cox - 10 hours ago
The way you played the trumpet TrIgGerS mE.btw those slides change the pitch and the note.
FUNNY DAWG - 10 hours ago
Adam =dislectic how do you think he broke the trumpet
Cinnamon Roller
Cinnamon Roller - 11 hours ago
You just got epically epiced by epic games
Roshni Trivedi
Roshni Trivedi - 12 hours ago
Instead of only Percy jackson you could’ve said every half-blood
KOFASH 123 - 13 hours ago
Sometimes I have to write 4s and instead I write 7s....
Is that a problem?
Nova Sapphire
Nova Sapphire - 13 hours ago
I might have Dyslexia
Ben LaGreca
Ben LaGreca - 14 hours ago
Someone else prolly did this already but whatever; So reason the trumpet still worked at 11:20 was because he wasn't pressing the first key so no air was going through that tube, and you use those slides for maintenance (which you need) and when you play any note using valve 1 and 3 you need to pull the slide out because the note is just barely sharp. so D C# G and F# below the staff you need to push the slide out
Soph Jenkins
Soph Jenkins - 14 hours ago
Almost all PJO and HOO characters! James, there is plenty dyslexic represntation in media. What you should be worried about is ASD (Autism Spetrium Disorder, otherwise know as autism) and depression.
Neepa Palle
Neepa Palle - 14 hours ago
Me: wait I can't tell mah left and rights i stutter under stress I LEAVE SENTENCES UNCOMPLETE! shit do i have dyslexia .-.
Kaylee Byrnes
Kaylee Byrnes - 14 hours ago
Talented in music : no . The question you had about the trumpet is it is slides that change the sound to make it better
Snozz z
Snozz z - 14 hours ago
Starr's City
Starr's City - 15 hours ago
He said g stands for James instead of j
Ryan Bouchard
Ryan Bouchard - 15 hours ago
Why is Adam so *dINg DAnG* cute?!
Bernie Mcmahon
Bernie Mcmahon - 15 hours ago
I have a friend called James with dexlexea
Bernie Mcmahon
Bernie Mcmahon - 15 hours ago
So do I
Harris Family
Harris Family - 15 hours ago
Same thing happened to me with the trompet
Tay Nicole
Tay Nicole - 16 hours ago
When the trumpets were blowing through the trumpet they were emptying the spit valve. The circle thing is where we put our pinky or ring finger when we hold the trumpet. And the valve is stuck because you need to oil it.
Edit: I didn’t realize that this was 5 months ago
Yso_bell ysobell nas
Yso_bell ysobell nas - 17 hours ago
Ooh cool I'm left handed tooooo😋
Kaski - 17 hours ago
7:02 was so golden!
Anime Nerd
Anime Nerd - 18 hours ago
james sounds like the trumpets in my band
Mimi Lewbart
Mimi Lewbart - 19 hours ago
•《Salty Kiwi》 •
•《Salty Kiwi》 • - 19 hours ago
Plercy jackson has dislexia. Im triggered
Yasmin Rania
Yasmin Rania - 21 hour ago
His laugh tho..
CanKan 43
CanKan 43 - 22 hours ago
3:01 Percy Jackson
Estrela García
Estrela García - 22 hours ago
Turns out I'm actually mildly dyslexic
Kassandra Saldivar
Kassandra Saldivar - 22 hours ago
I used to play the trumpet when I was in middle school, that valve James pulled out is the spit valve. xD
Emma Young
Emma Young - 23 hours ago
9:46 I'm sure you didn't mispronounce eAGLE
Liam Giesbrecht
Liam Giesbrecht - 23 hours ago
There is a book named "fish in a tree" and the main character has dislexia
Maria Bastos
Maria Bastos - Day ago
I think if you're dyslexic and spanish, it's way easier than if you're from a english speaking country. The phonetic tecnique will work most of the times
Logandraws! - Day ago
Someone count how many times Adam said what does that mean
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver - Day ago
45 according to that website was borerline may be dsylexic. They just had to click submit score
Silver Moon
Silver Moon - Day ago
Wait am I dyslexic?!? MEGA HECK
Flasks - Day ago
Kailani Garcia
Kailani Garcia - Day ago
You know youre best friends when you share a snowcone lol
Omg Emma
Omg Emma - Day ago
i play the trumpet in my band
GG goat Gamer
GG goat Gamer - Day ago
Does anyone notice the knife is actually in the right side of his body
Andy9939 gaming
Andy9939 gaming - Day ago
Does this mean I'm partly desletic I imagine stuff that don't exist when I read
Darksoul Ramirez
Darksoul Ramirez - Day ago
Adam looks like markiplayer
Alejandro Acosta Longoria
2:52 :v
Dankgudgang 73
Dankgudgang 73 - Day ago
I loved when James made a bunch of gang signs
kris ohma
kris ohma - Day ago
wait... wetting the bed beyond a normal age is bad? im 12 and still wetting the bed
Mason Crate
Mason Crate - Day ago
I'm an idiot... I thought this was Theodds1sout but it's not.. haha..
Grace King
Grace King - Day ago


yolkyscrab627 - Day ago
Sooooo I have dyslexia I just found that out
Radioactive FNC
Radioactive FNC - Day ago
James: you good at music? You be the judge of that (toot toot toet)
Me:Heck yea!
Bon Bon
Bon Bon - Day ago
Melanie Roark
Melanie Roark - Day ago
Sometimes it hurts to read
Nathan Rotsaert
Nathan Rotsaert - Day ago
I have dyslexia and i laughed sooooooooooo haaaaaaard at this
Ethan Tsuk
Ethan Tsuk - Day ago
James- Lets just speedrun it
Adam- Is that the ice cream truck?
Modus Pwnens
Modus Pwnens - Day ago
"I wouldnt say its a tumblr person, just a person looking to be offended by something" - adam
Omg adam, you are wise beyond your years!! Thank you for being the only intelligent person who gets it bcs that whole "tumblr is so offended is bullshit". You are a god amongst men :D
"Everyone has red lips" - james
No james, you white bitch! Not everyone has red lips 🤭🤭🤭
Pira8ted - Day ago
Based on the second quiz, I might be dyslectic lol
Sugar - Day ago
i still dont know which way is left and which way is right
i just pretend like im eating and the hand i eat with is my right hand
Priscilla Garcia
Priscilla Garcia - Day ago
And umm those are tuning slides
95Ryno Digger
95Ryno Digger - Day ago
The front slider is to make certain notes sound better the back slider is used to tune the trumpet and the big slider is also used to get rid of spit stuck in the trumpet the way that you get rid of spit in the trumpet is to blow into the trumpet like you blow normally and hold the little lever on the front of the big slider, also maybe the problem with the valve (the thing that was broken) is that you haven’t put oil onto the valve In a while that’s why it may be sticking here’s a tutorial on how to do it you can find good valve oil in a music shop the video also says the best oil to use.
DustyTheDog :3
DustyTheDog :3 - 2 days ago
I like the fact Adam doesn’t know how to sit on a chair 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Mayling Bibby
Mayling Bibby - 2 days ago
I to have have dyslexia and I get my B’s & D’s mixed up I also speak words how they sound I put bottom instead of button I always re read a mine to understand it and it takes me a long arse time to finish a book I always put words in A sentence that don’t belong there and lastly some of you maybe reading this thinking you don’t have dyslexia this sentences perfectly fine but I was talking to my smart phone 😂🤣 good old phones can now spell and write all my posts, when I try and read something it’s like the letter are dancing around on the page of the black written gets smaller and blurrier the write background becomes brighter and covers the written I try not to do math as I’m f*€#ing horrible at it (was going to write something else but can’t what it was) ooo that was it I always get a headache if I read for more then 10 minutes.
Hamilton Breadstick
Hamilton Breadstick - 2 days ago
I’m selling replay buttons for some Ritz
Hamilton Breadstick
Hamilton Breadstick - 2 days ago
4:50 Actually! The actor for Harry Potter; Daniel Radcliffe, does have dyslexia.
Erin Cash
Erin Cash - 2 days ago
I think I'm mildly dyslexic, I have insane difficulty spelling and often confuse letters that make the same sound or look the same like b&q&p&d. I went undiagnosed for ages bc my reading and comprehension as well as speech was fine. It didn't really effect me much and I'm studying engineering at uni atm
LostCause - 2 days ago
When I was in grade 4 up till 8 I played trumpet and I’m pretty sure it was the spit valves you were blowing in you would take those off to get rid of the spit if I recall
Linda Thigpen
Linda Thigpen - 2 days ago
i thinck i have it i donno
Vidula Brahmamdam
Vidula Brahmamdam - 2 days ago
keitheyleen - 2 days ago
Gandalf The Grey
Gandalf The Grey - 2 days ago
Adam Secretly Loves James: A conspiracy theoRY ???? 😫
Ella Barken
Ella Barken - 2 days ago
In dog you probably Was a class clown and everything else quite kid
nani pyyo
nani pyyo - 2 days ago
I think that you are absoulutly AMAYZING at musik
ruby pingel
ruby pingel - 2 days ago
I’ve been diagnosed with dyslexia and all the questions would be correct questions to be asking if you want to know if you’re dyslexic but I am pretty positive that you were not dyslexic there’s a few questions that you answered to where you could be dyslexic but I don’t think you are.
The two things that slide are for your fingers. The reason that the middle key is down is because it need oil or you need to unwind it a little. I took band in 4-5 grades not my brother uses it for his classes
eschi - 2 days ago
*bLuE PLeAsE!*
*bLuE anD rEd*
*_P l e A s E_*
Mike kachowski
Mike kachowski - 2 days ago
What song is that at the beginning
Kenle Taylor
Kenle Taylor - 2 days ago
As funny as this video is, I just realized I might be dyslexic
Lilly Drees
Lilly Drees - 2 days ago
The dictionary thing is the most real thing I have ever heard ever
Timbber 6626
Timbber 6626 - 2 days ago
Today we have Adam with me in my room #gay
Timbber 6626
Timbber 6626 - Hour ago
+Thegoldencreeper Or something it was a joke...... #GAY
Thegoldencreeper Or something
People think everything is gay
Weaboo Fab
Weaboo Fab - 2 days ago
The Blue is Blue Berry
Weaboo Fab
Weaboo Fab - 2 days ago
It is 3.20
Slav Life
Slav Life - 2 days ago
11:11 those are like “handles” for you to grab on to with the hand that is not pressing the pistons (the one closer to the mouthpiece you are supposed to grab it with your pinky and the furthest one with the ring finger). The pistons are those things on the top which one of them got jammed on their trumpet. (They are not for tuning)
Blooming Beautiful
Blooming Beautiful - 2 days ago
Anna Grace
Anna Grace - 2 days ago
9:55 that happen to me a lot. I'm happy its not just me.
Generic YouTube Channel Name
Wait if you go back to the haunted house videos he says something like band kids are nerds and fast forward to now
James explain 😂
Harmke Veen, van
Harmke Veen, van - 2 days ago
4:51 was that Athony Padilla?
Maria Mahou
Maria Mahou - 2 days ago
Harry Potter doesn't have dyslexia, but the actor who plays 'Harry Potter' does..
Tabitha Pyle
Tabitha Pyle - 2 days ago
Watching this video makes me think I might be Dyslexic....
Marshall Smart
Marshall Smart - 2 days ago
Because of the internet i think I’m like 1 in 100 presence of people who laughs at there proplems
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