Do we have Dyslexia w/SomeThingElseYT

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Rileigh Culhane
Rileigh Culhane - 32 minutes ago
Ok as someone who plays trumpet this video pissed me off- DONT BLAME ADAM BECAUSE YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF YOUR TRUMPET YOU NEED TO OIL IT ONCE A WEEK NO MATTER HOW OFTEN YOU USE IT OR THAT WILL MOST DEFINITELY HAPPEN sorry rant over but maybe your D key would be fine if you took better care
Patrick Molloy
Patrick Molloy - 3 hours ago
Oh god I have dyslexia
The Katto Clan
The Katto Clan - 4 hours ago
The gosh darn fricking thumbnail! XD
Gets me every time.
Shadow VelascoNS
Shadow VelascoNS - 4 hours ago
You need valve grease to get the trumpet to work.
PsychoRuvikデッド - 5 hours ago
ZelTrix Btw
ZelTrix Btw - 5 hours ago
That extra valve thing is so u can get the spit out so it doesn’t clog the trumpet
Jawa Industries
Jawa Industries - 6 hours ago
Percy Jackson has Dyslexia.
Cate Kent
Cate Kent - 6 hours ago
More like do we have adhd
SunShineFace15 - 7 hours ago
omg I love it when he says mmmm talk to me😂I watched that part like 30 times over and over again
MutantFireBeast - 7 hours ago
The back tuning slip is for when you play a high a and the front tuning slide is for when you play with the third key. Also try to buzz your lips with some steady air, will make you sound better🤣
DeAnne Cole
DeAnne Cole - 8 hours ago
I USED to have ear infections like every year
DeAnne Cole
DeAnne Cole - 8 hours ago
I love Avengers.... :)
Emii Ghoul
Emii Ghoul - 12 hours ago
I did both tests.
My mom told me at the start that I have dislexia.
I don't know how to spell dislexia.
Is that how you spell it?
I'm so dumb.
Miles_2407 - 12 hours ago
"that doesn't sound healthy" as eating a huge thing of ice cream
Gacha Moon
Gacha Moon - 13 hours ago
I’m a horrible speller and I don’t have dyslexia
Tia Price
Tia Price - 13 hours ago
I have it to dixlexia lol
Gillian Davis
Gillian Davis - 13 hours ago
Oh 4:52 ok! U gonna do Anthony like that huh???
Lol Percy is Anthony Padilla
MarioxZelda Gamer
MarioxZelda Gamer - 14 hours ago
8:55 he's trying so hard to save it
Caroline Cloyd
Caroline Cloyd - 14 hours ago
Brian Hudson
Brian Hudson - 15 hours ago
Percy Jackson is dyslexic
ALEXANDRA COX - 15 hours ago
What about the Percy Jackson books? It literally embraces dyslexia... so that demigods can read Greek...
alice_ a
alice_ a - 15 hours ago
11:11 you put your thumb in the circle and your middle finger in the “U” shaped thing (left hand).And you hook your pinky finger on the hook at the top.
Keya Wolf
Keya Wolf - 16 hours ago
7:02 that made me laugh so hard 😂
shrey sinha
shrey sinha - 19 hours ago
Ur dyslexic but nice at maths.Well that's contradictory
Rob Bayer
Rob Bayer - 21 hour ago
Percy Jackson is dyslexic
Grace - 21 hour ago
Talented at music?

Hell to the yeah!!!!
DeathOn3rdStreet - 22 hours ago
Was that Safehouse Ambush from Kick Ass in the beginning, or the vocal part from Rise from The Dark Knight Rises?
addi dunham
addi dunham - 23 hours ago
I got a higher score than you on the first test
Jmad647 Madison
Jmad647 Madison - Day ago
Trevor Pyka
Trevor Pyka - Day ago
I play trumpet and this makes me sad. It's funny tho
mylifeasshavonna - Day ago
I play the trumpet want pointers jk I mean if you want
_psychopunk_ - Day ago
Do we have ADHD w/ SomeThingElseYT XD
Moonlight gamer2009

*read more*
Makalah Washington
Makalah Washington - Day ago
Need some valve oil
Dusk Fortnite
Dusk Fortnite - Day ago
When he said hey Siri my Siri turned on
GamerStudio - Day ago
Sorry but I'm gonna ship you and adam

Van Fam
Van Fam - Day ago
Dyslexia is when the left and right side of the brain cant send thoughts as fast and im dyslexic and i have a hard time reading and spelling telling my left from my right i mixe up words i don't know which way some letters face like B and D and i will work around the spelling thing or i just ask some one and i don't know my time's tables
And those are spit drains
Jason Agu
Jason Agu - Day ago
This took me 15 minuetes to write
Mick TGM
Mick TGM - Day ago
Hey did you konw taht poelpe can raed tihs bceasye lgoic
Van Fam
Van Fam - Day ago
I can read that because i can't spell and i understand that struggle
Stan the Squirrel
Stan the Squirrel - Day ago
lemondeer - Day ago
You need to loosen the bottom cap on the middle valve or add valve oil, I had to take mine in because it 🅱️roke when I tightened it too much
Adrian Heredia
Adrian Heredia - Day ago
I'm not even 12 yet
Oshefd Aswdgcdgcf
Oshefd Aswdgcdgcf - Day ago
Yagle eagle
Operation Einstein
Operation Einstein - Day ago
“With The knife still in the left side of his chest” It’s in the right side! Dyslexic 😐
Nicholas Fox
Nicholas Fox - Day ago
Honestly half expected James to play that wave song thing
Nicholas Fox
Nicholas Fox - Day ago
Did anyone else cringe when he said buttons? They’re valves! Also love your vids James
Caroline Gordon
Caroline Gordon - Day ago
I think that I'm dislexic b/c when I do take the L have find out which finger makes the outward "L"
Darkburd - Day ago
I write Capital A’s back words
The Musicalman24601
The 1st valve (the valve closest to you) has that thing there to pull out with the third valve when you play a “D” below the staff so the instrument doesn’t go out of tune.
Mason Peden
Mason Peden - Day ago
Just oil the valve on the trumpet
Hope Simon
Hope Simon - Day ago
Dyslexia means your a half blood. Duh.
nathan sledjeski
nathan sledjeski - Day ago
I have a problem with my left and rights but I can read and write perfectly fine do I have dyslexia?!🤔
Maggie Smith7990
Maggie Smith7990 - Day ago
Hey I play trumpet too

Nah like actually
Oxy_Nzt- Vlogs and Gaming
Satchel Moore
Satchel Moore - Day ago
Aoki Mika
Aoki Mika - Day ago
I have the neon orange chair in neon green!
And yes they are uncomfortable.
That stop it sounded like my uncle.
I can almost do the alphabet in signlanguage.. or I can but slow.
And I know morsecode..
And süttlerin wich was the old german style (or so) of writing.
I can write with both hands and it dosnt look what's the word.. crippled.(?)
Really? The American anthem? Again...
It's kind of stuck in my head since yesterday.. and I know more of this than of my own.
A L U C A R D - Day ago
Hey James I have dyslexia too...
Chinx Chonx
Chinx Chonx - Day ago
12:20 u looked 🤜
Michelle Phelan
Michelle Phelan - Day ago
Tell Adam that he is cut
Alex Mendez12
Alex Mendez12 - Day ago
She means *horibal*
Zelo Official
Zelo Official - Day ago
For me I just know what's left and right because I am right handed so....yeah
phe lynn
phe lynn - 2 days ago
its funny because i play trumpet and you holding it v wrong
Diamond Sword922 and FireStormYT
To quiet
Lana Davis
Lana Davis - 2 days ago
Pause at 0:03... You're welcome
Lola Carroll
Lola Carroll - 2 days ago
*James throws Rits*
Me:MeH RiTs!
Manessa Whiting
Manessa Whiting - 2 days ago
You really need to oil those valves
PS I play the trumpet and it is so fun!!!😁😁😁
Skylar FireHeart
Skylar FireHeart - 2 days ago
My persona has dyslexia because I have it ;3;
Emily Fischer
Emily Fischer - 2 days ago
Asel Aga
Asel Aga - 2 days ago
he says left side instead of right at4:33
Mike Wasowski
Mike Wasowski - 2 days ago
I play trumpet!!!! I shall give you lessons
Jarry Gergich
Jarry Gergich - 2 days ago
You should do a video about mtg
Josh Kramer
Josh Kramer - 2 days ago
Adam: Can you see my amazing belt... Me: no but I can see your freaking nipples
Victoria Princess
Victoria Princess - 2 days ago
When James said:
James: the knife is in the left side
Me:actually it’s on the right nice try
No hate on james
Crazy Kid
Crazy Kid - 2 days ago
I play percussion
Mini Panda
Mini Panda - 2 days ago
I have dyslexia
Lucas Shaker
Lucas Shaker - 2 days ago
By trumpet oil and put it into the bottom hole of the trumpet
Pink_00 - 2 days ago
I'm dyslexic
XxallyplayzxX Dippel
XxallyplayzxX Dippel - 2 days ago
Trust me I can’t spell kat soooooooo your not the only one. *wait do I have dyslexia!!!*
That Fabulous Mexican
That Fabulous Mexican - 2 days ago
me: *has dyslexic tendencies*
adam: *explains dyslexia*
Magma Madness
Magma Madness - 2 days ago
Those things on the trumpet are for your fingers
Nia Moshari
Nia Moshari - 2 days ago
Bella Thorne has dyslexia
Ashton Stanberry
Ashton Stanberry - 2 days ago
I play the trumpet.
Bahamian Gamer
Bahamian Gamer - 2 days ago
I'm dislexic....HOLY SH....
Bahamian Gamer
Bahamian Gamer - 2 days ago
bayleyandbeckylynchfan huggerstraightfire
0:02 How fast can he solve the 2x2? I can solve it in 24 seconds (not meaning to brag)
Liette Blueeyedgaming
Liette Blueeyedgaming - 2 days ago
I dont have dyslexia
Faith Goodwin1129
Faith Goodwin1129 - 2 days ago
Hi I’m Bella, Bella Thorne and I’m gonna tell you about the time I found out I had dyslexia. 🤠
Liette Blueeyedgaming
Liette Blueeyedgaming - 2 days ago
Cloudy Skiess
Cloudy Skiess - 2 days ago
Adam:only nerds wear glasses


Adam:oh wait
sultan sedrah
sultan sedrah - 2 days ago
jadem #shipped
kennedy salinas
kennedy salinas - 2 days ago
SomeThingElseYT: only nerd were glasses

me: your wearing glasses
Lil Artist person
Lil Artist person - 2 days ago
I took the second test and I got severe in each section so uhhhhhhh
BizBoy - 2 days ago
Phonetics is when you sound it out. See any problems here
lilli berry
lilli berry - 2 days ago
madz is cute.
Lu Bebee
Lu Bebee - 2 days ago
I can solve a 2x2 cube 3x3 cube and a pyraminx.
Densken - 2 days ago
The slides are to tune different notes while playing notes that you press the valves down for and the big one is to tune the notes that you don't press the valves down for
Flower A
Flower A - 2 days ago
I think you were the class clown.
Kanoni - 2 days ago
You didn’t break the trumpet just pull the middle valve up unscrew it take it out the valve use valve oil on the valve put the valve back in push it up and down till it stops sticking and the front loop so you pull it out wen you press the front valve the one furthest from your mouth and RESTING YOU CHIN ON THE TRUMPET LIKE THAT WILL BREAK IT ps I hope you can read my terrible punctuation and capitalization mess
Albert Testa
Albert Testa - 2 days ago
Albert Testa
Albert Testa - 2 days ago
Damn it Adam your awesomeness broke the trumpet 🎺
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