Do we have Dyslexia w/SomeThingElseYT

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Kiwi Dew
Kiwi Dew - 2 hours ago
I ship it like fedX
J MATION - 9 hours ago
I re-read sentences and paragraphs to understand them
Ayla Qadri
Ayla Qadri - 10 hours ago
Jeb03 - 11 hours ago
I play trumpet in advanced band and i am ashamed on how you people play/handle that thing, it's worth 1000$ dollars! At least look up propper posture! Also, those slides are for tuning.
lman154 - 12 hours ago
boi I play the trumpet and the 2nd/middle valve/due icky isn't moving because it needs to be oiled.
OC mixer
OC mixer - 15 hours ago
When you yeet the ritz and confess after
Jenna Gonzalez
Jenna Gonzalez - 17 hours ago
Adam: wait...
James: is that an ice cream truck?
Adam: I’ll be riiiight back.
Cassandra Peck
Cassandra Peck - 18 hours ago
... Uhhhhhh... I just took both of the tests... They both said that I have severe Dyslexia... *curls into a ball* *cries in a corner*
That's sad... People are gonna make fun of me now... My name is Lexi... And I have dyslexia...
Genevieve Wiemer
Genevieve Wiemer - 21 hour ago
Wait so do u get mixed with specific and pacific mixed up cuz I do and I wonder why
TsmRiflegaming 0260
TsmRiflegaming 0260 - 22 hours ago
Nice job with the infinity war reference
Mr Xbow Gaming
Mr Xbow Gaming - 23 hours ago
I’ve got dislexer
Rosie Merc
Rosie Merc - Day ago
I have hold my hands out as well when I'm driving or just walking or describing directions cause I honestly confuse left and right and I hate English but I love to read and sometimes I do read sentences wrong and have to like 3 check my reading but I don't believe I actually have it cause of how much I read......literally a whole book series in a week
Drawijaya 15
Drawijaya 15 - Day ago
Yash he using the same headphones as me! Yass
Thanapat BunKrong
Thanapat BunKrong - Day ago
Turn on captions at 8:52
adslank - Day ago
James: "When you read books, did you get dizzy?"
Adam: *Eating a slushy* "That doesn't sound healthy"
Mim Grice
Mim Grice - Day ago
"How many characters have dyslexia?" All the demigods in Percy Jackson.
Larry Mullins
Larry Mullins - Day ago
Danielle Chocolate
Danielle Chocolate - Day ago
Adam was so late to that joke tho
galaxy nova
galaxy nova - Day ago
Aubree Swart
Aubree Swart - Day ago
I laughed tons. And you’re cute. It wasn’t boring.
Aubree Swart
Aubree Swart - Day ago
Aubree Swart
Aubree Swart - Day ago
YOU HAVE GLASSES !!? Wear them, Boi !! Glasses are AMAZING. Please !
rru - Day ago
Why do i ship Adam and James..

*wHat the fLufF..*
goldi the three tailed fox 102
Wait james is left handed that means im not lonley yah b***h
Mod707 - Day ago
U just re read that question to understand 🤣 loool sorry no offense 😅
AndreewPFG - Day ago
I got 47 on the first test and that is more than James' and he is dyslexic

X _Gamer
X _Gamer - 2 days ago
I’ll pull down Your underwear
Miss DOGER - 2 days ago
Vanilla Orange Coke
Vanilla Orange Coke - 2 days ago
Adam is looking fresh 🔥
Oliver GRIEVE - 2 days ago
i have dyslexia
angus young
angus young - 2 days ago
angus young
angus young - 2 days ago
iim dissllecic
Kuīn Chippu
Kuīn Chippu - 2 days ago
I think I have dyslexia because I have gotten all the same answers as you
Egg Egg
Egg Egg - 2 days ago
Adam that’s a pretty wrinkly shirt
Carson Kandas
Carson Kandas - 2 days ago
Pokemon dude 25
Pokemon dude 25 - 2 days ago
I took the second test and I think I'm dyslexic
Daniel Huang
Daniel Huang - 2 days ago
*hears sm64 song* this video is gonna be awesome
Confused Steak
Confused Steak - 2 days ago
U could also just see the hand you write with
RRepti 11
RRepti 11 - 2 days ago
Just in case u were wondering, that thing on the trumpet Is to hold your finger in place
Time For Tea
Time For Tea - 2 days ago
James is just hot af
Time For Tea
Time For Tea - 2 days ago
Adam's a cutie pie
the main chain
the main chain - 2 days ago
4:31 he said he had the nife in the left side off the chest and put his hand on the right wow
Moon Gacha
Moon Gacha - 2 days ago
Xman_bunch 23
Xman_bunch 23 - 2 days ago
S0 hy jams hous ict goin my nam is xavier bunch hou ore yu i hve 30- 40 subz plz red tis i iz ur bigezt fan iz lovz yu cun yu zub tu mee
Antonia Manouloulou
Antonia Manouloulou - 2 days ago
I have a dyslexia, I found out that recently
Otter Animates
Otter Animates - 2 days ago
I often get mixed up with left and right and I always miss spell words
TFS_TruthZ - 3 days ago
i hve dyslexia
mooch mooch mooch mooch
I ship Adam and James. JADAM??? AWWWW CUTE😘
Caramel Waffle
Caramel Waffle - 3 days ago
I have a weird feeling that Adam meant it when he said "i'm in love with you" to Jameson
DEDER PAN - 3 days ago
Joshua Hackett1234
Joshua Hackett1234 - 3 days ago
Am I dyslexic??? Cuz I have a hard time with my left and rights... And I can't read a clock... Sooo.... 😐
Lucinda da Space wolf
Lucinda da Space wolf - 3 days ago
They are just valves and I play trumpet
Grace Kittie
Grace Kittie - 3 days ago
Gwen Bryant
Gwen Bryant - 3 days ago
Percy Jackson has Dyslexia oof
This means Nothing
This means Nothing - 4 days ago
As I’m watching this I have an ear infection
xXxBlueMelodyxXx Studios
I remember my left and right by what hand i write with because i dont get the L thing and i get my D's and B's mixed up alot but my friend is also dyslexic so i know im not the only one
Xx 3vnn xX
Xx 3vnn xX - 4 days ago
9:06 lol
zombiepixlez gamer
zombiepixlez gamer - 4 days ago
He actually mentioned Percy Jackson! Yaaaaaay!!!!!
Harrison Hickman
Harrison Hickman - 4 days ago
Dyslexia people have a hard time telling a left and right apart so you get your b and d
Harrison Hickman
Harrison Hickman - 4 days ago
2:10 English is dumb exactly my point I’m dyslexic to
DrizzleyBear - 4 days ago
i love your mom
Sara Baker
Sara Baker - 4 days ago
my friends told me to write “this is your left hand” and “this is your right hand” becuse i dont know the difference 😂
Cookie Cat12345
Cookie Cat12345 - 4 days ago
8:56 Me xD
Gabriel Resende
Gabriel Resende - 4 days ago
name a character in dislexia: LIKE, EVERYONE IN PRECY JACKSON
Zeke Mohrman
Zeke Mohrman - 4 days ago
They are for holding it
Bakbak mini
Bakbak mini - 4 days ago
Why does Adam sound just like somethingelseyt 🤣🤣
Funnee Chan まあ
Funnee Chan まあ - 4 days ago
*bLuE pLeAsE*
Error 707
Error 707 - 5 days ago
James and Adams thanks, you guys helped me with my test today
Michelle Stutes
Michelle Stutes - 5 days ago
There are dyslexic deaf people @jessicakellgrenfozard
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - 5 days ago
James is very talented at playing the trumpet 🎺 👍🏻
HOBO Secret Service
HOBO Secret Service - 5 days ago
James! You and me are both Lefties. Where’re the odd1sout. Yay!
HOBO Secret Service
HOBO Secret Service - 5 days ago
School is a bucha memorizing and remembering
Nanana - 5 days ago
8:42: That happens to me when I say stuff that are not true like this:
“I’m going to do NOTHING! “How are you going to do nothing?” Me in my head: what to say, what to say, what to say, WHAT TO SAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Techgeek _Mcq
Techgeek _Mcq - 5 days ago
Those things are for draining spit
Tori Owensby
Tori Owensby - 6 days ago
I'm just directionally challenged, especially when it comes to left and right.
Moonkitti lover
Moonkitti lover - 6 days ago
Did you know that left-handers wet their beds beyond the age of 4.

I should know.....
Please fucKINg KilL mE
Please fucKINg KilL mE - 6 days ago
Alex is so attractive wtf
Izzy The Taco28
Izzy The Taco28 - 6 days ago
You dont even know how many times I have watched this video

*Pls post more with Adam*
Panda Pal10
Panda Pal10 - 6 days ago
A dyslexic man walked into a bra.
Jerad thecow
Jerad thecow - 6 days ago
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy and z. Now I know my abcs now can I move onto 1st grade please?
luke does fortnite
luke does fortnite - 7 days ago
7:00 my friends in band class
7:14 me in band class
P.s me and my friends are in band class
kitten lover
kitten lover - 7 days ago
Angry Colt.
Angry Colt. - 7 days ago
They are for tuning a note better which is a D fingered 1 and 3
Fractured Foxy
Fractured Foxy - 7 days ago
I always just go while i sleep walk. PS u know what i mean by "GO"
Introverted Sister
Introverted Sister - 7 days ago
I’m dyslexic
Deontrei Garrett
Deontrei Garrett - 7 days ago
Tuning that what they do
Murali Chari
Murali Chari - 7 days ago
First Adam got roasted by James, and then James got roasted by his mom. * mlg glasses appear out of nowhere* 😂😂😂😂
Kokoa Loves Kris
Kokoa Loves Kris - 7 days ago
Music 10/10
David samm
David samm - 7 days ago
SomeThingElseYT and Markiplier look alike
David samm
David samm - 7 days ago
jennie johnson
jennie johnson - 7 days ago
wow most of those questions are often for me...does that mean i have dyslexia
Reagan Verhalen
Reagan Verhalen - 8 days ago
I know that James has dyslexia but does dyslexia have James?
endnyan - 8 days ago
Adam having vietnam flashbacks
Peyton Spencer
Peyton Spencer - 8 days ago
fun fact my uncle actually has dyslexia :(
Hey It’s Leila
Hey It’s Leila - 8 days ago
1:24 I don’t know why it cracks me up
Hey It’s Leila
Hey It’s Leila - 8 days ago
7:01 is where the best editing skills are at
Auction Lister
Auction Lister - 8 days ago
i have dislexia and i hade go grade early it is hard but you can get thour it im in 3 grade and there is a lot of jerks and i still cant do a lot times
Karina The gamer
Karina The gamer - 8 days ago
I do..... and they tried to help but it did not help
Samantha Rickey
Samantha Rickey - 8 days ago
KILL THE RITZ. red and blue flavored slushies are WAY better.
Samantha Rickey
Samantha Rickey - 8 days ago
It's like a mirror. But you're white.
Samantha Rickey
Samantha Rickey - 8 days ago
"F"= 👌
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