Word for Word: President Trump on Bernie Sanders (C-SPAN)

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Real American
Real American - 12 days ago
The Green party is just like Bernie ! And better !
Pappy - 3 months ago
Yeah! Right! Trump knows how to treat people with respect!
Nb - 3 months ago
Even DONALD TRUMP knows this system is rigged. Shame on the democrats for stealing votes away from Bernie.
Blue Or Bust.
Blue Or Bust. - 3 months ago
Trying to suck up early.
Jeff Berner
Jeff Berner - 3 months ago
Bernie is gonna put the middle class to death fuck paying more taxes ....
Frederick Röders
Frederick Röders - Month ago
The middle class is a lie
Tippersnore - 3 months ago
Trump Berns the Feel?
meuswe - 3 months ago
It a Trumper but he will destroy Bernie in an election. In fact his number in both Iowa and New Hampshire already prove this.
Nutbuddy 1
Nutbuddy 1 - 3 months ago
I want Bernie to do what mr garrison did to the Canadian president
Ed K.
Ed K. - 3 months ago
I recall in Trump-Hillary debates, when asked about "What do you like in your opponent?" Hillary gave a very general answer that he is a father and probably a good father (dooh, anyone with family who is not abusive is usually a good father).
Trump on the other hand answered directly - "I like that she does not give up. I admire that in a person".
So.. Trump is no stranger to giving compliments where they are due. I think he lowkey likes Bernie for two reasons 1. Bernie kind of has stood by his word. Much like Trump he has been the same for decades. Idk why people are so amazed about Trump when he literally talks and acts as he did 30+ years ago. 2. Bernie being popular divides Democratic voters.
gamer Guy
gamer Guy - 3 months ago
Socialism cannot be allowed in our country. The goal of socialism is communism
Kesha Nation
Kesha Nation - 3 months ago
You’re an idiot. This is why America will never see progress. Morons like you.
ArtAura - 3 months ago
Trump: I wish Bernie well.
ThatOneGirl - 4 months ago
WOW! FIRST TIME I didn't want to shove a rag in this man's mouth. Because it's the FIRST TIME he told the TRUTH.
125min - 4 months ago
To think that pathetic no - class creep represents me makes me sick.
ArtAura - 4 months ago
This will be one of the only things I will ever like out of Trump. His respect and best wishes for Bernie.
Johanna Lepistö
Johanna Lepistö - 4 months ago
What... Trump said something sensible? Trump is horrible and corrupt, but have to give him credit. He exploded American politics. And that is good thing. Hopefully Bernie wins this time, but democratic establishment hates and fears him more than Trump. So they are going to do everything they can to stop Bernie.
Stardust - NCXV Gaming
Stardust - NCXV Gaming - 4 months ago
Hey Orange Buffoon!? You look such an total turd! And you know you got impeached?
Srikanth Paniker
Srikanth Paniker - 4 months ago
Because Hillary is evil
Daniel Lamons
Daniel Lamons - 4 months ago
god bless you donald trump
CaliforniaCheez - 4 months ago
Bernie was treated unfairly. Beware of the DNC's super delegates which are elected but have far more power than regular delegates. The party and super delegates may go for Warren because she is a woman of color. Pervert Pete is too inexperienced and the party may save him for 2024. Biden is so mistake prone that he can't make it. I thinks when the DNC analyzes why they lost 2020 it will be realizing they need more Tulsi Gabbards and fewer communists. Trump is not a conservative but he will beat any old lifeless fossil like Warren, Sanders, and Biden.
Luis Amaya
Luis Amaya - 4 months ago
Spectacular is the beating he is going to give you
Scott William
Scott William - 4 months ago
Marianne B
Marianne B - 4 months ago
If even Trump can give Bernie credit where it’s due, y’all know who to vote for. #FeelTheBern
Abotani - 4 months ago
Bernie is coming for you Trump!
Justice Productions
Justice Productions - 4 months ago
He’s Afraid....argue with me if you want but Trumps afraid that a “socialist” will beat him
Stardust - NCXV Gaming
Stardust - NCXV Gaming - 4 months ago
@Rob American I don't think so..... He is scared of him.
Rob American
Rob American - 4 months ago
Afraid for our Country cause Democrat’s are trying to destroy it!! Trump 2020 & 2024 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Paul Christopher Little
Paul Christopher Little - 5 months ago
uh oh. Looks like bernie is going to be the nominee.
Jennifer Nunya
Jennifer Nunya - 5 months ago
He respects what he fears most... psychology 101.
Noah Miller
Noah Miller - 5 months ago
101 is too simplistic for Trump LOL
I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.
He knows he can't talk bad about Bernie when it comes to policies cause he himself is Bernie copycat. The only difference is Bernie is a real populist.
I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.
It will be the battle of the populist candidates. Bernie being the real populist and trump being the fake populist that never drained the swamp, outsourced jobs, also hurt our farmers causing taxpayers to have to subsidize them, and has kept us in the middle east.
Derrick Cox
Derrick Cox - 5 months ago
Socialism is when the means of production is owned collectively. It has nothing to do with social programs. In the U.S. social programs are funded by capitalism, where the means of production is owned privately by small business and corporations. This funding of social programs is done through taxation of these industries. Taxation has nothing to do with socialism. It is a means of returning income for the privilege of using resources provided by the land and people. Collectivism fails because it has no way to determine the supply and demand of the individual consumer's wants and needs. Socialism is an economic philosophy term based on collectivism, where a few determine the needs and wants of many...which the few are incapable of doing. It is a form of economic extremism. Capitalism has tremendous capacity to fund charities, foundations, grants, and many other contributions beyond government social programs, which it also funds. Socialism does away with this and turns to rationing based on a superficial formula for determining both contribution and distribution. This extreme attempt to control a mass population always leads to war...and no, Northern Europe does not have socialism. The means of production is primarily privatized. That is how they get the taxes to pay for expensive social programs. Socialism destroys social programs.
Trump's Neck Vagina
Trump's Neck Vagina - 6 months ago
If Bernie won he would have been tough on china, the difference is our farmers wouldn't be on welfare now.
Ben Stevinson
Ben Stevinson - 6 months ago
Bernie Sanders is an American 🇺🇸 Legend!
Justin Fetsko
Justin Fetsko - 6 months ago
This is the most truth I've ever heard this guy say....
Dianne Docherty
Dianne Docherty - 6 months ago
Hey President Trump, watching from Canada 🇨🇦. I see the hard work and immense undertaking of wading through this America you live in. Up here it’s still pretty much strong and free! We have jobs , families, industry and a more than adequate health care system that has never, in all my 58 years required me to pay beyond what I personally considered reasonable! I am more than excited for the next few years to actually be witness to something beautiful to happen in America my neighbour! Born on July 4th 1961, and a Kennedy supporters child, I visited the White House and Arlington Cemetery in July 1968 to honour both brothers who died for their beliefs! Even as a 7 year old your America seemed big and beautiful, very hot but so upset! That has been the case these last 50 years. I know the perception is we up here live in igloos and get about on dog sled and we seem a bit too nice, and why is that? I love my country it’s that simple for me, and I think a lot of Canada feels the same . So I’m hoping for a reasonable chance to see trading with my neighbours in such a way that puts the love of country solidly in the fore front! I also feel bad about Bernie 😡 ✌️❤️🌎
Marco D
Marco D - 7 months ago
Bernie will win and this greedy liar is scared that more and more people will see through his double-down bravado when Bernie forces him to talk about real issues. People are suffering and the corruption is rampant, screaming "SOCIALIST" won't work this time. #Bernie2020
dinosaws - 4 months ago
@sigma1932 stupid fuck. he answers "how do we pay for it question" every debate 10 times + all the rest if you don't know now you never will
sigma1932 - 7 months ago
Please, Bernie will be easier to beat than Hitlary... all he has to do is ask "how are you gonna pay for it?" and then when Bernie says his first act in office will be an executive order for the department of agriculture to plant all the magic trees that the free shit he's gonna give everyone will grow on, that'll be it. But seriously though, most of Bernie's talking points won't actually make things better... they'll just lead to more stagnation, more debt, and potentially just make everyone more equally poor.... for example: making college "free for everyone" will just turn it into a second HS diploma... which is useless for anything beyond flipping burgers or some sort of general labor position nowadays. FFS, "higher education" (i.e. post-high-school) is already becoming so diluted that employers are starting to look for ways to screen if potential employees can actually do the job instead of hiring people based on whether they have a piece of paper that said they sat through 4+ years of classes.
jbgrooves - 7 months ago
DumpTreasonousTrump 2020
martha mast
martha mast - 7 months ago
trump a major joke
Julian Herzfeld
Julian Herzfeld - 7 months ago
Stardust - NCXV Gaming
Stardust - NCXV Gaming - 4 months ago
He already got impeached.
richard ramfire
richard ramfire - 8 months ago
It’s hard for most people to not respect a man like Bernie whether you agree with him or not
richard ramfire
richard ramfire - 8 months ago
Wow. Trump gave Bernie more respect than the mainstream media does.
Dane Hammond
Dane Hammond - 8 months ago
This is one reason the democratic party needs to nominate Bernie Sanders. Notice how much talking about Bernie Sanders throws Trump off his game.
Waad Shraidah Lovely
Waad Shraidah Lovely - 8 months ago
Fuckin imbecile
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter - 8 months ago
Trump 2020
Dianna Skare
Dianna Skare - 8 months ago
TRUMP is a Criminal And Has Committed Crimes Against Humanity!! Both Immigrate And American ! He deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison ! He has caused more Homeless Veteran's then Any Other President and More Professional people to become Homeless He Has Started Wars All Over This Planet He Has Broken More Laws Then MOST IN PRISONS TODAY and ....
He has Divided Our Country "The easier To Conquer!" !!!
Dianna Skare
Dianna Skare - 8 months ago
Lol Sanders Plans are Fair Market And Brings Business Back To America, Restores Farm Land , Sustainable Agriculture Assistance Programs and Tax Breaks , Creates Jobs HERE IN AMERICA And Brings Billions $$$ In 4 years ! HE ALSO HAS ASSISTANCE PLANS FOR RESTORING FORESTS AND AGRICULTURAL LANDS!!
max howard
max howard - 6 months ago
Bernie DIDN'T advocate for tax breaks! If you watch the democratic debates he advocated an INCREASE in taxes on the upper class, middle class, and poor to compensate for his policy plans such as Medicare for All, Free College, infrastructure, and whatnot. In Bernie words "Yes, they will pay more in taxes, but less in health care than what they pay now."
Isabella Emmanuilidis
Isabella Emmanuilidis - 8 months ago
hmm. like this response, he hasn’t really ever thrown bad jabs at bernie. he’s scared. bernie won the states hillary lost to trump. bernie2020
C G - 8 months ago
He knows his match.
Amanda Johnson Music
Amanda Johnson Music - 9 months ago
Trump is scared of him and it shows.
Charles Martel
Charles Martel - 9 months ago
I heard bernie say he would deny federal aid to hurricane victims to rebuild......if he were potus
Shiloh M
Shiloh M - 9 months ago
Holy sh*t... Did my ears just deceive me, or did Trump actually say he liked Bernie!?? I think I need to watch this again just to check.
Hmm.. I wonder if CNN would ever show this clip? 🤔
Michael Langella
Michael Langella - 9 months ago
After Donald Trump spoke nice about Bernie Sanders he turns around and calls him an idiot.
jesse V
jesse V - 10 months ago
His one minute response could have been said in one sentence, he managed to say nothing lol
mona carmona
mona carmona - 10 months ago
Damn he's was calling out the DNC!!!
Enough Already
Enough Already - 11 months ago
Bernie Sanders 2020!!
Hodon Hibo
Hodon Hibo - Year ago
Bernie 2020 who is with me
Scott William
Scott William - Year ago
I love bernie
mopthermopther - Year ago
Vote for Bernie and receive a free copy of..
Stardust - NCXV Gaming
Triggered! That orange buffoon is scared right now and he is so triggered right now I could tell his feelings about this.
Pointless Sentience
Pointless Sentience - Year ago
That moment when Trump and Fox News are being nicer to a democratic candidate than CNN or MSNBC
tinaferr - 2 months ago
It's cuz they can't wait to lambaste him as a COMMIE when he wins the nom. Good for their political goals and for ratings. THE UBERCAPITALIST VERSUS THE UBERCOMMIE!!! Don't kid yourself, there is probably an agenda . Go bernie!
Taktavious Xertoxal
Taktavious Xertoxal - 5 months ago
Lol you know its all a game my guy all these ppl are colleagues and they serve the real ppl who run the world
Random Stranger
Random Stranger - 7 months ago
And DNC itself
Marcy Clay
Marcy Clay - Year ago
Even Trump likes Bernie that's saying something.
Renbencanaan - Year ago
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
And for the first time I agree with him 100%
Gol D. Kill
Gol D. Kill - Year ago
Explain to me why ppl dont like trump?
BumDumb - Year ago
His policies don't represent regular people.
Xeccelerator - Year ago
Wow, I did not expect that from Trump. He gave a relatively wholesome response there, even pointing out how the DNC rigged the primaries against Bernie in 2016. See what I mean when I say Trump supporters can very easily switch to supporting Bernie? It's not a left vs right thing, it's an establishment vs anti-establishment thing. That's what the Centrist Democrats don't understand.
crunk4124 - Year ago
'' I hope you know who that person is ''

seems like he already knows...

Biden or Sanders ????
ECDCTECH - Year ago
Real recognize real
Vivien Toft
Vivien Toft - Year ago
Humorous. Although that level of delusion is worrying in a President.
binkabla - Year ago
TRUMP 2020
Daniea3 - Year ago
The thing is, Bernie calls out Trump's habitual lying, but he also gives credit where credit is due like Korea denuclearization and TPP.
austin tylers
austin tylers - Year ago
Bernie is a great guy and I hope he wins !!!
737 - 4 months ago
@G’feezy 03 you will see
G’feezy 03
G’feezy 03 - 10 months ago
austin tylers well he is not in fact no democrat even has a chance lol
jennifer perez
jennifer perez - Year ago
jennifer perez
jennifer perez - Year ago
Dustin Tacohands
Dustin Tacohands - Year ago
Dream on
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - Year ago
I love you Trump! You're awesome! I love my country and my President!!!
Jonathan Sakks
Jonathan Sakks - Year ago
Trump/Sanders 2020 “Everything is free and Mexico is going to pay for it”
Riccardo S
Riccardo S - Year ago
Now that sounds like a political plan ! Got my vote on that even if im not from the US XD
mike wagner
mike wagner - Year ago
juju bone
juju bone - Year ago
Trump!!! I love him!
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy - Year ago
OMG hes so scared of Bernie lol
Stardust - NCXV Gaming
Yep I can tell he's actually triggered.
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 - Year ago
Trump 2020🇺🇸💯
simonberry512 - Year ago
I don’t get it. You all believe that Trump likes Bernie, but he’s called him Crazy Bernie, made a rude impersonation of Bernie, blasted him, the list could go on and on. You want to talk about respect? Go talk about John McCain when he asked his opponents, Obama AND Bush, to speak at his funeral.
Gandilaf3 - Year ago
bundycamp - Year ago
This was really nice of him. Still voting for Bernie of course.
No Body
No Body - Year ago
the comments are full of zombies like usual. people truly believe the strawman of how the media portrays trump. you guys honestly believe america voted in a "sexist, racist, nazi biggot"? give ma a break, watch a full trump speech and not a 2 second out a context clip or a meme and youll understand that trump talks like this 98% of the time.
Don't be fooled when old Bernie Sanders says that he is going to eliminate tuition for State Colleges and that will make a difference.
Right now, Bridgewater State University has a tuition of $910 for local resident and $7,050 for out of state.
The FEES, however, are $9,457, housing is about $8,000, and a decent meal plan is $4,500.
If you don't have health insurance you can tack on $4,800 more for the year.
So if you eliminate the tuition, the colleges will easily find another way to get that measly $910 from the kids every year.
milo357 - Year ago
I used to vote democrat. #walkaway.
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