Word for Word: President Trump on Bernie Sanders (C-SPAN)

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Enough Already
Enough Already - 29 days ago
Bernie Sanders 2020!!
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster - Month ago
Bernie 2020 who is with me
Scott William
Scott William - Month ago
I love bernie
Shenly Jean
Shenly Jean - Month ago
I proceeded to dislike the video just because Trump's in it. I realized he was making sense for the first time ever. Why? Because he's running for president in 2020! Of course he's got to put up a facade. Duh
mopthermopther - 2 months ago
Vote for Bernie and receive a free copy of..
NCXV Gaming
NCXV Gaming - 2 months ago
Triggered! That orange buffoon is scared right now and he is so triggered right now I could tell his feelings about this.
Pointless Sentience
Pointless Sentience - 2 months ago
That moment when Trump and Fox News are being nicer to a democratic candidate than CNN or MSNBC
Marcy Clay
Marcy Clay - 2 months ago
Even Trump likes Bernie that's saying something.
Renbencanaan - 2 months ago
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
And for the first time I agree with him 100%
Gol D. Kill
Gol D. Kill - 2 months ago
Explain to me why ppl dont like trump?
BumDumb - 2 months ago
His policies don't represent regular people.
Xeccelerator - 2 months ago
Wow, I did not expect that from Trump. He gave a relatively wholesome response there, even pointing out how the DNC rigged the primaries against Bernie in 2016. See what I mean when I say Trump supporters can very easily switch to supporting Bernie? It's not a left vs right thing, it's an establishment vs anti-establishment thing. That's what the Centrist Democrats don't understand.
crunk4124 - 2 months ago
'' I hope you know who that person is ''

seems like he already knows...

Biden or Sanders ????
ECDCTECH - 2 months ago
Real recognize real
Vivien Toft
Vivien Toft - 3 months ago
Humorous. Although that level of delusion is worrying in a President.
binkabla - 3 months ago
TRUMP 2020
Daniea3 - 3 months ago
The thing is, Bernie calls out Trump's habitual lying, but he also gives credit where credit is due like Korea denuclearization and TPP.
austin tylers
austin tylers - 3 months ago
Bernie is a great guy and I hope he wins !!!
jennifer perez
jennifer perez - 3 months ago
jennifer perez
jennifer perez - 3 months ago
Dustin Tacohands
Dustin Tacohands - 3 months ago
Dream on
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 4 months ago
I love you Trump! You're awesome! I love my country and my President!!!
Bee L
Bee L - 4 months ago
Ofcourse we know who is gonna win. Bernie
Jonathan Sakks
Jonathan Sakks - 4 months ago
Trump/Sanders 2020 “Everything is free and Mexico is going to pay for it”
Riccardo S
Riccardo S - 2 months ago
Now that sounds like a political plan ! Got my vote on that even if im not from the US XD
mike wagner
mike wagner - 4 months ago
juju bone
juju bone - 4 months ago
Trump!!! I love him!
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy - 4 months ago
OMG hes so scared of Bernie lol
NCXV Gaming
NCXV Gaming - 3 months ago
Yep I can tell he's actually triggered.
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 - 4 months ago
Trump 2020🇺🇸💯
simonberry512 - 4 months ago
I don’t get it. You all believe that Trump likes Bernie, but he’s called him Crazy Bernie, made a rude impersonation of Bernie, blasted him, the list could go on and on. You want to talk about respect? Go talk about John McCain when he asked his opponents, Obama AND Bush, to speak at his funeral.
Gandilaf3 - 4 months ago
bundycamp - 4 months ago
This was really nice of him. Still voting for Bernie of course.
Daniel Fite
Daniel Fite - 4 months ago
the comments are full of zombies like usual. people truly believe the strawman of how the media portrays trump. you guys honestly believe america voted in a "sexist, racist, nazi biggot"? give ma a break, watch a full trump speech and not a 2 second out a context clip or a meme and youll understand that trump talks like this 98% of the time.
FilthyMcDumpin'Clips - 4 months ago
Don't be fooled when old Bernie Sanders says that he is going to eliminate tuition for State Colleges and that will make a difference.
Right now, Bridgewater State University has a tuition of $910 for local resident and $7,050 for out of state.
The FEES, however, are $9,457, housing is about $8,000, and a decent meal plan is $4,500.
If you don't have health insurance you can tack on $4,800 more for the year.
So if you eliminate the tuition, the colleges will easily find another way to get that measly $910 from the kids every year.
milo357 - 4 months ago
I used to vote democrat. #walkaway.
Terrence DeWeese
Terrence DeWeese - 4 months ago
He shouldn't be so respectful to Bernie. Bernie is a disgusting socialist.
DakotaBeerDrinker74 - 4 months ago
The president pooped his pants! Lol. Feel the Bern!
Henry S
Henry S - 4 months ago
Surprisingly civil.
Salomao Serra
Salomao Serra - 4 months ago
Guys are you really so naive? Trump is only being nice to Bernie here because Sanders is extremely popular, and being agressive towards him would severally backfire.
So, now just one case where he's decent to someone is enough for everyone to forget the name calling and the stacks he did on Bernie, calling him a socialist that want to destroy our freedom? Well, not for me. Trump still is a fraud. He goes with the wind. Whatever he needs to gain votes he'll do. This is just more evidence to support that.
P B - 4 months ago
POTUS changes his mind like the weather. He’ll be low energy Bernie real fast. Big League.
Evert Y
Evert Y - 4 months ago
I like Trump, but I don't really understand these comments saying how he was wholesome and gave Bernie praise.
First Trump says him and Bernie think alike on trading, but ads that Bernie doesn't know how to do it, but Trump does. Then he talks about how he feels bad for Bernie that he wasn't treated with respect by Clinton. Of course it sounds nice and all, but he says it in a way to pity Bernie. He says he thinks it's sad.
I like Trump, but it's clear he is trying to sneak-diss Bernie in this video, nothing wholesome about that. Not that I mind, I just find these comments strange
Evert Y
Evert Y - 4 months ago
@SonnyTheGreat Hahahaha a special needs kid! that's exactly how he treads him. People have to understand that Trumps whole strategy with people is based on him being the Alpha man, the Silver back gorrilla. Because that's how he sees America. Even if Trump isn't directly insulting, he will always want to come of as the most powerful one in the room, and he likes to make it seem like people or countries need his help. I think it's a good strategy, because even if they realize this, it's difficult for his opponents to call him out on this because he does it so subtly, so you will look like a weirdo calling him out lol
SonnyTheGreat - 4 months ago
Evert Y THANK YOU! I felt like Trump was passive aggressively being nice because he understands Bernie has no chance in 2020😂 He was basically treating Bernie like a special needs kid.
Aadarsh Ghosh
Aadarsh Ghosh - 4 months ago
Give me a break. Trump is being “respectful “ to Bernie, because he wants him to lose the primaries. Once he does, he wants to sway Bernie voters his way
Nikki Seven
Nikki Seven - 4 months ago
Trump fears Bernie Sanders. I love it.
Aka_ Viper
Aka_ Viper - 4 months ago
I'm sorry since when does respect equal fear?
Doctor Feinstone
Doctor Feinstone - 4 months ago
Damn, even trump respects Bernie
George Shaw
George Shaw - 4 months ago
Doesn’t seem like a thing that Trump would usually say but it was nice to hear. In my opinion, if the slander and personal attacks in politics went away then it would open real and thorough debate into policies
Kayla A. Stephen
Kayla A. Stephen - 4 months ago
For all the people who say that if you don't think he acts presidential, its because of the media:
I don't like the man because of his Twitter. He's nice to your face and then acts like an ass on the internet.
Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie
josan14basket - 4 months ago
You may very well think Clinton didn't give Bernie the respect he deserves, but Donald wasn't exactly respectful to his opponents during the primaries.
But Bufarate The Mirror
But Bufarate The Mirror - 4 months ago
Sometimes I still cannot believe that Donald Trump is the POTUS...
This is the biggest meme ever 🤣... Thank you America for giving the rest of the world a good laugh...
Dustin Tacohands
Dustin Tacohands - 3 months ago
Forever butthurt
Garrett Lawson
Garrett Lawson - 4 months ago
One of those moments you respect trump, but remember he might just be trying to retain those 50 percent followers of Bernie who switch sides once he lost the electoral college
Lawrence Mak
Lawrence Mak - 4 months ago
Is this guy even human? Nothing about him is remotely natural.
UPS Brown
UPS Brown - 4 months ago
Simple, Bernie and AOC get appointed by Congress to RULE Venezuela; they are happy to feed people dogs and cut down cow farts and we are happy to see them leave the US; it's WIN/WIN!
Jere B
Jere B - 4 months ago
I never thought I would say that, but Donal Trump just delivered a nuanced, calm and respectful evaluation of his political opponent.
Good job Mr. President, please make this a habit!
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