A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut

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Cut - 5 months ago
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everything is awesome
everything is awesome - 5 days ago
@Zoned 247 😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Fox
Anna Fox - 7 days ago
​Hi, I'm a nude model, please rate my photos by the link (careful I'm there without panties 👅👅). 💖 bit. ly/ your_queen 💖 (delete space!)
imtheboy - 9 days ago
Hey im hot and lean 💪💦💦💦
SteveVi0lence - 20 days ago
I need her help quick af
B A - 11 hours ago
Did anyone notice that at the end, when they were asked to stand next to their partner, ALL THE MEN, stayed where they were, waiting for girls to go stand next to them. It was only the women who, automatically, and quite quickly, started moving and changing their position to go stand next to their partner. (not including the gay couple, of course). Interesting, huh?
Manny Calavera
Manny Calavera - 11 hours ago
At the beginning: lol what kind of bullshit profession is that?
At the end: I need to book a session with this woman asap.
bby m
bby m - 15 hours ago
I don’t get friends with benefits I could never sleep with a real friend it would just be someone I’m sleeping with but we’re not like friends
Hope Bullard
Hope Bullard - 18 hours ago
Please make her do that again!!!
RandomVideos - 19 hours ago
Ok im so sure that, that guy in black shirt and brown jeans is gay..,because he is so awkward with girls!
Kim Bap
Kim Bap - 20 hours ago
"Romantic Friends" dang
Kittengirl6000 - 23 hours ago
Nasse83 - Day ago
She is interested in the khaki pants guy her self
Cydney M
Cydney M - Day ago
“Do I lOoK gAy” like girl you literally are why do you sound offended
Leslie Anne Palermo
Leslie Anne Palermo - 19 hours ago
It is very possible that she is surprised that someone knew her sexual orientation; since she doesn't fit the stereotype of the masculine woman. It could also be that she is not openly gay and very surprised that the woman nailed it.
Gott - Day ago
Whats a dating coach?
Tim G
Tim G - Day ago
See I'd be impressed if I didn't get them all right too for mostly the same reasons she said LOL
Not a dating coach and not hating but it's like what she said if you pay attention you can kinda just tell :)
Love is honest after all ♥️
glossyshimmer - Day ago
Damn she's good
E27J - Day ago
She's cute
NecroMelodia - Day ago
>will you guys kiss?
I can tell what she's into lmao
Athila Struys
Athila Struys - Day ago
This is gonna sound super superficial. But the blond girl is so so gorgeous.
IG: not_jairoo
IG: not_jairoo - 2 days ago
I am a very observant and alert person. I pay attention to literally everything when I meet any body. Before she was pairing these people up I was already watching who makes eye contact with who. You also start making certain facial expressions with someone. Human beings are crazy and impresive if you start thinking about it in the anatomical and phycological way. But then again, we all or at least I know that mother Earth will enjoy life ten times better if all humans disappeared 🤷.
Ziad Alharbi
Ziad Alharbi - 2 days ago
Wow she got them all
Lmao Idk
Lmao Idk - 2 days ago
Elle B
Elle B - 2 days ago
pink hair girl is from that video who’s the best dancer the river dancer
smoothsinger422 - 2 days ago
Her business just literally sky rocketed. I want to hire her lol
Anvachijab - 3 days ago
So how can I get her and can she find me someone who is ass crackheaded as me
I am ready to pay
Dwaipayan Debnath
Dwaipayan Debnath - 3 days ago
Who has slept with *whom ?
Miss Riss
Miss Riss - 3 days ago
She's good at what she does lol
Maddie Bolland
Maddie Bolland - 3 days ago
What a queen! She must be so incredible at her job if she can pick up on so many subtle intricacies! 💜
Nadiya Reddick
Nadiya Reddick - 3 days ago
That last pairing... had me in tears🤣 I was laughing so hard when she pointed to their hands💀
Melody - 3 days ago
The coach's outfit makes me cringe a lil, its cute on the back but in the front oof
Rain Delay
Rain Delay - 3 days ago
This woman has no pants, she is like the Donald Duck of Cut.
Matt Tr
Matt Tr - 16 hours ago
She has no pants in the front but she has Shorts in the back
Rohit roy
Rohit roy - Day ago
Macdonald Thangkhiew
Macdonald Thangkhiew - 3 days ago
"You guys sleeping with each other?
Couples: yes
Olivia Rosenkilde
Olivia Rosenkilde - 3 days ago
that’s crazy wow
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt - 3 days ago
I find it interesting that she stands straight as a robot when asked questions. Doesn't even look human, funny coming from someone that supposedly understands the human psyche. Plus she likes to bring it up, her ass is fantastic haha.
hannaj Mendoza
hannaj Mendoza - 3 days ago
Her confidence is iconic!
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez - 3 days ago
Relationship coach can get this work though she cute 😏
Galaxy Lucia
Galaxy Lucia - 3 days ago
For once in my life I’m glad I didn’t read the comments BEFORE watching the vid. Holy cannoli. 😲
Haylee Howarth
Haylee Howarth - 4 days ago
I adore her, I wish she was in more videos
Not 670
Not 670 - 4 days ago
You do not have the legs to pull the outfit off.
Alec - 4 days ago
Who says holy dick?? 😂😂 I love her already
Jordan G
Jordan G - 4 days ago
This dating coach and every individual present here are as hopeless and worthless as society
6Lilies6Phillies - 4 days ago
I wanna sleep with this coach.
Namani Amadi
Namani Amadi - 4 days ago
I need her advice in my life mannnn🥺🥺🥺
Rod Depensider
Rod Depensider - 4 days ago
Never trust a female to give a male dating advice. The rabbit will never teach the fox to hunt. The rabbit will only get the fox to work harder and for the rabbits benefit.
guruprasad m nayak
guruprasad m nayak - 4 days ago
I need this lady's number PLZZzz or else I'll die a virgin. 😭
guruprasad m nayak
guruprasad m nayak - 4 days ago
Isn't her 👗 too short
brendon stephen
brendon stephen - 4 days ago
This Relationship Couch looking better then Half the Cast
Yung Saucey
Yung Saucey - 4 days ago
Does she have like a lazy eye?
nicki ajša
nicki ajša - 5 days ago
„Attraction is so mysterious, it doesn’t always make sense.“ That was definitely well said👏🏼
phlarrdboi - 5 days ago
way to go!
foOsKaS tasos
foOsKaS tasos - 5 days ago
If it's not fixed it's good really
Ajay Negi
Ajay Negi - 5 days ago
Penguin Penguin Penguin Penguin Penguin Penguin
What the fuck is she wearing
Sabrina Paddington
Sabrina Paddington - 5 days ago
"Holy dick"
I'm stealing that
Laura Hirovanaa
Laura Hirovanaa - 5 days ago
All couples: *raises hands.*
Money payment: *raise price.*
UnrealThing - 6 days ago
she is whiter then my nut
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon - 6 days ago
She forgot to wear some trousers
VENATUS [R6] - 6 days ago
4:37 I hate that question. Imagine one saying yes and the other one being like
Selena R
Selena R - 6 days ago
This was so awesome to watch. I was fucking clapping like a damn seal looking for a fish when they revealed the matches.
oneroneen - 7 days ago
I have seen the pink haired girl in a Cut video about "friends with benefits "
Ckendyh Lim
Ckendyh Lim - 7 days ago
She is amazing.i think i need her to pair me with the right person😂
Brayan Gitau
Brayan Gitau - 7 days ago
Wow she's amazing
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