A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut

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Cut - 7 days ago
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Cryztal - 8 hours ago
Awesome! 👍
Cryztal - 8 hours ago
BlackWomenCry - Day ago
Wow, sis did that. 😂
Nothando Magagula
Nothando Magagula - 2 days ago
Cut can you please do a "guess who's an American," because we have some very close minded people in this world regarding diversity
H U - 5 hours ago
Damn i thought she would get like 2 partners right
angelina pendola
angelina pendola - 5 hours ago
i’m shook she got them all right 💀
lauraleahlee23 - 5 hours ago
My absolute favorite Cut video.
Naazanin Eftekhaar
Naazanin Eftekhaar - 5 hours ago
didn't see that comin! :D
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - 5 hours ago
Great idea and better execution.
Solivagant Soul
Solivagant Soul - 5 hours ago
You go name twin!! 😂💙✊🏼
Sandy g.
Sandy g. - 5 hours ago
There’s a very old Hollywood look to the guesser’s face, she’s lovely
cmindless - 5 hours ago
thank you youtube suggestions lol
Karly Provost
Karly Provost - 6 hours ago
First line up I’ve ever seen someone get everyone right
Gabriel Brien Bérard
Gabriel Brien Bérard - 6 hours ago
That was one of the best lineup Ive seen.
I really wish to see more videos of her and of that concept.
西施小狗Ling Ling
西施小狗Ling Ling - 6 hours ago
🤪 oh
NunChuck Taylor
NunChuck Taylor - 6 hours ago
I understand what she’s saying with the guy with the khaki pants. He just seems seems like a universal donor of love.
TheDaisykisses - 6 hours ago
Holy SHIT. This chick is a badass. Everyone she paired correctly, I was extremely doubtful with them.
Oursnoursof Fun
Oursnoursof Fun - 6 hours ago
The first couple in the middle “romantic friends”, the girl works at barista @ burlesque brew in the tri-cities. She is so amazing and always smiling.
Marketta Sneed
Marketta Sneed - 6 hours ago
The coach is gorgeous, there's something sensual about her.
P3yton P3yton
P3yton P3yton - 6 hours ago
Do I look gay....

escotina 🇵🇷
escotina 🇵🇷 - 6 hours ago
This was great!
Marilynn Lopez
Marilynn Lopez - 7 hours ago
Can she find me someone lol
Itz Me
Itz Me - 7 hours ago
Ok, wow, I’m honestly so impressed rn
Noelani Nomura
Noelani Nomura - 7 hours ago
I’ve watched many of these videos and this is the first time I see the person get everyone right
Les - 7 hours ago
Esto fue como ver un truco de magia xdxd
Fred Herbert
Fred Herbert - 7 hours ago
Some of that stuff was obvious. You'd have to be extremely oblivious to miss it.
Jenny Tam
Jenny Tam - 7 hours ago
I’m convinced this lady is a genie or something 😱
but really why
but really why - 7 hours ago
holy DICK!
Karen Dea
Karen Dea - 7 hours ago
I like her. She doesn't beat around the bush and just says it as she see it.
But not in an I-told-you-so haughty, kind of way. Just like an it-is-what-it-is way
James Puzzle
James Puzzle - 7 hours ago
Plot twist: the dating coach is a virgin
Abby Torres
Abby Torres - 7 hours ago
at first i thought it said “a dating coach guesses who’s slept with mom” lol
Jenny - 7 hours ago
I love her romper! I wish I knew where she got it!
Rose Goldberg
Rose Goldberg - 7 hours ago
I thought for sure the girl with the red top tucked into blue jeans was gay
Qianna Titore
Qianna Titore - 7 hours ago
This is the best episode I've ever seen, she knows what she is doing.
Li Josephine
Li Josephine - 7 hours ago
i actually clapped with everyone when she got it all right lol
Q Faira
Q Faira - 7 hours ago
Holy 🍆
sophia loves bucky barnes
*do i lo o k gay?*
*y e a h*
CIRCLE OF 4TRESS - 7 hours ago
Leticia Matias Simões
Leticia Matias Simões - 7 hours ago
that’s the first time i see someone get everyone right, she must be really good
Isabella Agundiz
Isabella Agundiz - 7 hours ago
The girl with jeans an the crop top with van is is cute like why isn’t anyone talking about that
Slightly Okay
Slightly Okay - 7 hours ago
Where do I hire?? Cuz she’s gooooood
Cas - 7 hours ago
i went HOLY SHIT
candyvodka - 8 hours ago
Tianna Brown
Tianna Brown - 8 hours ago
can she teach me??? pls start a youtube channel i must expand my intuition.
max nichole
max nichole - 8 hours ago
Outfits looking a little short 😂
Lydia Rose
Lydia Rose - 8 hours ago
Omg she got them all right
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Rose - 8 hours ago
I want more of these with this relationship expert. She's amazing! Wow
Nicky Nicks
Nicky Nicks - 8 hours ago
I read it as who slept with MOM😂😂
Carmen Pedroza
Carmen Pedroza - 8 hours ago
OMG I AM SO PROUD. I don't think i've ever seen someone get everything right.
Andy Lord
Andy Lord - 8 hours ago
I'd love to see the same thing, but with actors pretending to be in relationships.
asher levy
asher levy - 8 hours ago
what the fuck...
are you people shitting me...
she is only here to advertise her new business of pimping...
the way she is dressed and those fake couples are lined up to lie is clear to see that she has no knowledge...
anyone can be a coach if you can ask strangers to share an intimate hug and finger each other just to see if they are compatible or not, then where does she come in this bullshit?
Florin Scarlat
Florin Scarlat - 8 hours ago
Sharon Gitau
Sharon Gitau - 8 hours ago
Cryztal - 8 hours ago
Dang, she is good! 👏 She must be an Amazing Dating Coach! 👍
Static Union
Static Union - 8 hours ago
She seems like she will just stand there and star peeing on the floor for no reason
Chrisselda Alvarez
Chrisselda Alvarez - 8 hours ago
Chrisselda Alvarez
Chrisselda Alvarez - 8 hours ago
she’s a witch
Nuturist Nuturface
Nuturist Nuturface - 9 hours ago
plot twist: everyone is sleeping with each other
SiYun Zou
SiYun Zou - 9 hours ago
Does anyone else think the dating coach looks like Amy Adams?
danielle farmer
danielle farmer - 9 hours ago
“Do I look GAY?”
Keith Redacted
Keith Redacted - 9 hours ago
*After playing Super Seducer*
Me: "love coaches are lame."
*After watching this video*
danielle farmer
danielle farmer - 9 hours ago
This has to be the first 100% in cut history
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