A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut

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Cut - 6 months ago
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TasteMyStinkhole - 18 days ago
That dating coach is hideous. Eyeballs looking different directions, and her ridiculous outfit is lolololol
everything is awesome
everything is awesome - Month ago
@Zoned 247 😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Fox
Anna Fox - Month ago
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imtheboy - Month ago
Hey im hot and lean 💪💦💦💦
SteveVi0lence - 2 months ago
I need her help quick af
Banable - 4 hours ago
Tell her to look straight
TheFuschiaDragonfly - 9 hours ago
She's really good at recognizing body language. After multiple rewatches, I've noticed that some of these couples display mirroring: at 1:24 and 1:52, the two couples turn the head to the camera in the exact same moment.
When somebody is attracted to you, they tend to mirror gestures and posture, that's called mirroring. I know this is true also from personal experience :)
Jeondre Higgins
Jeondre Higgins - 9 hours ago
JustAThoughtMyFriend - 10 hours ago
She's very right about the mysteriousness of attraction and love. There is a spirituality to it of a higher realm that science cannot explain alone. You have to look beyond the physical presentation and into the chemistry and connection between people to really see that they mesh well together. Just because you ship a couple because they are both conventionally attractive does not mean they will click. That's why you see a lot of celebrities that people thought looked aesthetically good together not last. You will also see that people who may be different from what you would pair together connect well and last. That's the beautiful mystery of it. We are powerful souls in human form.
Charzia Molosi
Charzia Molosi - 11 hours ago
holy d$ck
Firesque_ - 11 hours ago
Watching this I just realised my crush smells damn fine
The ShepherD
The ShepherD - 11 hours ago
Ok what the hell is she wearing?
K/calvin Noralac
K/calvin Noralac - 22 hours ago
"raise your hands if she got you right"
*all proceeds to raise hands*
SLiM M - Day ago
She knocked it out of the park!! My only problem with her is she assumes couples are having sex/will eventually sex. I'm Asexual and I don't feel seen by her. If you're going to be a dating coach you should be familiar with all sexual orientations- that should be a given.
Fedora - 20 hours ago
But... the title is literally “guess which couple is sleeping together”..
Amilcar Schettini
Amilcar Schettini - Day ago
It seems obvious but they try to trick you sometimes
Stefan Aurora
Stefan Aurora - Day ago
Wow! Did she just say 'Holy D..k!'? She is so confident!
Wender Carvalho
Wender Carvalho - Day ago
She's a goddess
kuunami - Day ago
I'm not sure if a female coach can ever be a great dating coach for men. They would never understand actually having to make an effort when it comes to dating as men do.
Amanda Odawa
Amanda Odawa - Day ago
Is she wearing a kind of skort romper blazer or what?
Afroza Begum
Afroza Begum - Day ago
Its not a mystery always findable like you seen.
fucc my lyff
fucc my lyff - Day ago

Do i look... gAY?
Girl: mmk :)
Susan Carson
Susan Carson - Day ago
That was great!
Mia Hughes
Mia Hughes - Day ago
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Fauzan Rafael
Fauzan Rafael - Day ago
Wow she can read body language, meaning its like a super power to read people thoughts
sora roxas
sora roxas - Day ago
6:12 damn
sora roxas
sora roxas - Day ago
5:15 u kidding me right
sora roxas
sora roxas - Day ago
Spat my water when they wrre holding hands
sora roxas
sora roxas - Day ago
Shes wearing stupid cloth.
Exp LT
Exp LT - Day ago
Damn. Could she find a girl for me.
Ding Dong
Ding Dong - Day ago
I'd date her irrespective of that dress. She got them thighs.
123 abc
123 abc - Day ago
It doesn't take an expert to see this for fuck's sake... The last couple was literally holding hands and the black dude was practically humping his girlfriend.
YvngTjay ツ
YvngTjay ツ - 2 days ago
she look like penny wise lowkey. i can’t be the only person who was thinking that rite..?💀
Meh - 2 days ago
She good
Ga flippers Official
Ga flippers Official - 2 days ago
Holy crap she got all
Misskiah - 2 days ago
dare I say CEO OF HER JOB
i Kritonix
i Kritonix - 2 days ago
Holy dick
khurram shahzad
khurram shahzad - 2 days ago
If I was their she wouldn't be able to pair me cause I am always single 😂😂😂😢
Alvin Brato
Alvin Brato - 2 days ago
People who got cheated on: Is it possible to learn this power?
Nicholas Lampasas
Nicholas Lampasas - 2 days ago
How old are folks on here?
Pati Pat
Pati Pat - 2 days ago
Damnn the first person who got everyone right
Roshan Sharma
Roshan Sharma - 2 days ago
For some reason the therapist reminds me of Harley Quinn
Kordor Marwein
Kordor Marwein - 2 days ago
Did she say "holy dick"
Kordor Marwein
Kordor Marwein - 2 days ago
Who tf is a dating coach
keep living
keep living - 2 days ago
when that girl said friends with benefits i was like "what?!"
Martin Alexander
Martin Alexander - 2 days ago
Surprised there aren't any comments on how gorgeous she is!
Mad props to her for knowing her shit, though!! It wasn't even a question of, "Who's dating who?", but, "Who here has slept together?"
I feel like my former lovers have been vastly different, but shit, I guess there are different levels and types of compatibility.
She should definitely become a match-maker, for sure!
spriha rijvi
spriha rijvi - 2 days ago
the fact that she got all right like dang she gooooood
Lo - 2 days ago
That MOMENT when she can look to the Camera and to the dude behind it at the same time lulw
Drew Branch
Drew Branch - 3 days ago
Would you guys kiss ......aaaaaaaah?!
sophie marie
sophie marie - 3 days ago
Invalid User
Invalid User - 3 days ago
She can tell by reading reactions. She can keep an eye on each of them 😂
Invalid User
Invalid User - 3 days ago
Blazer no pants?????
Andrea Storm
Andrea Storm - 3 days ago
"Holy dick" 😂😂😂
Skye - 3 days ago
Erm. Can she be my dating coach XD
Fabrizio Prisinzano
Fabrizio Prisinzano - 3 days ago
Dating coach? Is it even a job?
King Marios14
King Marios14 - 3 days ago
“Holly dick” though..😂
Meksi - 3 days ago
I think is fake like she got all of em right
Meksi - 3 days ago
This ie uncomroftable to watch
María Manzanares
María Manzanares - 3 days ago
She expresses herself really good
Bronni - 3 days ago
She DID that
TheMachi - 3 days ago
I meeeaaaaann, some of them were really obvious
ツ R y o シ
ツ R y o シ - 4 days ago
Girl : Holy dick-
jules - 4 days ago
Kyle Vin
Kyle Vin - 4 days ago
The black dude scored a nice girl!
Kaden O
Kaden O - 4 days ago
that was reeeeeeeeally impressive
Susie Choban
Susie Choban - 4 days ago
Girlfriend needs to get that jacket/dress cinched at the waist, she’s out here with an oval body 😭
Pooponjoobs J
Pooponjoobs J - 4 days ago
Big shoutout to this woman that’s incredible she got everyone right, she could just read them like a book
sleepy a
sleepy a - 4 days ago
Holy moly guacamole that's a first, I don't think I've ever watched another video like this where the guest gets everyone right
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski - 4 days ago
“holy dick.”
MightyJA - 4 days ago
I literally clicked the part same like the intro 😂, and i thought that im still in the intro😂
a random perso
a random perso - 4 days ago
1:52 when the two girls turn their heeads AT THE SAME TIMEEE
Rebekah Beall
Rebekah Beall - 4 days ago
I can't believe she got everyone right !!!
sim_ tastic vids
sim_ tastic vids - 4 days ago
Absolute wank
limite beats productions
i actually could guess them they were both wearing same shoe
ItzErfan - 4 days ago
I thought it says “who slept with my mom”
Manoj Halder
Manoj Halder - 4 days ago
Complete bullshit. No one is capable of telling this.
Xinity Snipezz
Xinity Snipezz - 5 days ago
“Holy Dick”
Black guy named Requis: MMmMmmMm
soma s
soma s - 5 days ago
i feel like she feels a bit out of place tthe way she’s standing idk to
Banana - 5 days ago
I misread whom, I thought it was mom lol
Grievingbow - 5 days ago
Wow your gay 😮
LEONARDO 1999 El Que gusta memes
Who wants to date my Mexican Grandfather ?
Quin - 5 days ago
"Do any of you refer to yourselves as interracial couples?" - what the fuck kind of a question is that.
Quin - 5 days ago
She needs a style coach
Ana P.
Ana P. - 5 days ago
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