I’ve Escaped from Apple

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Dave Lee
Dave Lee - 12 days ago
I'm free
Jftzgorman - Hour ago
RIP privacy to Google
Timmy Chen
Timmy Chen - 10 days ago
Congrats I’m trying to break free too
CaptainFWR - 10 days ago
Lol it’s just a phone
Taro - 10 days ago
Where can I get you?
Luca Maddalena
Luca Maddalena - 10 days ago
Interesting the use of the "free" word related to the Apple ecosystem.
Matei Licaret
Matei Licaret - 32 minutes ago
I am happy that you realised that the software/environment isn't for you. I am not saying that apple products are bad , actually some times they embarrass windows/Android so bad , but in the last years they are not that great anymore , hope apple will stars doing things better because competition is always a good thing.
Jftzgorman - 49 minutes ago
Wouldn’t switch cause I don’t trust google with my data.
Clarito resdiano
Clarito resdiano - 55 minutes ago
Plus Minus Apple
Plus Minus Android
REX TRIP - Hour ago
No mobile companies would want Tesla to get in the league of making innovative phone 😊
TriXleZx - Hour ago
Mark Duarte
Mark Duarte - 2 hours ago
battledome64 - 3 hours ago
Believe me you’ll switch back to Iphone eventually
gaceqkos - 2 hours ago
Skeeter Harris
Skeeter Harris - 3 hours ago
Dave - just love the reviews and appreciate them but on the loosing the iPhone, I have done that now twice over the past 2 years since X came out. Tried this with the S9, and then went to the Note 9 and while they are very nice there is just a level of elegance and some of those iOS features just are too good and important to get away from. So I hear you thoughts, and like you I purchased my Blade 15 back in March and walked away from Macs when the Trashcan went to no upgrade land back in 2014. Anyway - Cheers
Ayush Chothe
Ayush Chothe - 4 hours ago
Mohi Beyki
Mohi Beyki - 4 hours ago
Dude, can you please upload your wallpapers in google drive or something? I couldn't find your phone's wallpaper :(
chuck90504 - 4 hours ago
You were never stuck, try having a bunch of kids FaceTime ING you, app purchases, etc... That's truly stuck, me.
Espigão Bravo
Espigão Bravo - 5 hours ago
Wallpaper? Pls
Todor Nikolov
Todor Nikolov - 5 hours ago
Micro USB ports break more than iPhone port.
Roman Brownlee
Roman Brownlee - 6 hours ago
Hey whats up dave lee
I just wanted to know
Is there any laptop under 1000 bugs with any of nvidia graphic card..... more than 8 GB RAM and i7 processor ..... pls suggest ....
Falto - 5 hours ago
Roman Brownlee dell g3 or g7
Predrag Bajić
Predrag Bajić - 8 hours ago
In 2008 windows laptops were trash? Wow, that's just plain stupid
Yamato Genskie
Yamato Genskie - 8 hours ago
Everything android pro
Thor Nado
Thor Nado - 11 hours ago
One iphone is like buying a high end laptop computer.
Darren Wood
Darren Wood - 12 hours ago
cooll vid mate
Gainz Cartel
Gainz Cartel - 12 hours ago
Yeah. But when you take selfies on SnapChat your picture quality is still laughable
wes - 14 hours ago
I switched to the s10e and i dont regret it at all
Rajesh Nayak
Rajesh Nayak - 16 hours ago
That's more of a home screen setup than a mere wallpaper fellas.
curt2g1998 - 19 hours ago
I here a lot of people use iMessaging as a primary reason and integration between other iPhones, but there is an iMessaging app for Android. People have used it and it works, although not as good. It just has to be side loaded because it isn't in the Playstore anymore and I think you need to be logged in to iMessage via a Mac or something. Android just offers so much more, making settling for an iPhone device, not worth it, imo.
Rukesh M
Rukesh M - 22 hours ago
Background 2 tubelights not good at all to see ...what kinda style was it u outdated friend
Kieth Woodard
Kieth Woodard - 23 hours ago
if you have an android, I highly recommend the Niagara Launcher. It is flawless.
Peter Capkovic
Peter Capkovic - 23 hours ago
Dickbutt, anyone?
hahahah Hahahah
hahahah Hahahah - Day ago
Gimme the wallpaper
Jerick Conejar
Jerick Conejar - Day ago
What launcher did you use for the icon pack?
Sivaraj N
Sivaraj N - Day ago
Can u share the wallpaper plez...thank you
Fionn MacCumhaill
Fionn MacCumhaill - Day ago
Apple are crashing and burning mate. Nobody in Europe uses apple anymore. They got arrogant
Andrés Cifuentes
Andrés Cifuentes - Day ago
Enjoy the air outside of the walled garden.
I actually lupt it
Jutsch80HD - Day ago
I'm surprised you see such a big difference in screen quality. Half a year ago I switched from a Galaxy S8 to the iPhone XR and of course the OLED looks better but the lesser quality of the iPhone's display isn't nearly worse enough to bother me.
Karl Skeimo
Karl Skeimo - Day ago
I feel like this channel have turned into a hate channel towards Apple products 🤷🏻‍♂️
KarthikRao2K17 - Day ago
you wife knows tech better than you
Carlos KJ
Carlos KJ - Day ago
Iphone gonna die unless they figure out the battery problem. In 10 months u got 89%.
11% wear level? Disgusting
DJ Ahamed
DJ Ahamed - Day ago
Well OnePlus or most of the android wouldn't support their handset after 2 years. But i can still use iPhone 5s in 2019 in a decent performance. That's why you pay the premium price. Apple fans want to upgrade every year. But an average user needs a phone they can rely on to for at least 4years. There you go. Thats where Apple scores.
Dylan Dekker
Dylan Dekker - Day ago
My favorite thing about android phones is how apps like Instagram and Snapchat don’t work smoothly, scrolling is choppy, and how you are forced to use SMS text messages!
Piotr Kołodziej
Piotr Kołodziej - Day ago
What is that light that you have in the corner?
Pokémon Mega Evolution
To be honest with everyone I do consider myself a tech nerd but somehow there's something about the tech community that I still dont understand

Why does switching phones or buying a phone from another company seem like escaping from a cult 😂
James Hall
James Hall - Hour ago
Apples Ecosystem is designed to keep you in and keep you spending money on their products. That's why it's looked upon as something cult-like.
What's the wallpaper used on that phone
The Name Chris
The Name Chris - Day ago
Ich Bleibt
Ich Bleibt - Day ago
Apple iPhone use displays from Samsung
Why did you have to buy? You could've like looked in your shoes or something to get a phone.
Juan Cena
Juan Cena - Day ago
i currently have an iphone 8, but have been eyeing the razer phone 2 because it is currently on sale for $399. I am hesitant because it would be my 1st android but im kinda open. I would love to hear your thoughts dave! also awesome vid
LethalTarget - 6 hours ago
Keep the 8
RipVanWinkle7 - Day ago
I thought your video was about one plus, dude.
Gillo - Day ago
Hi Dave...love your delivery, very relaxed and to the point 👍😎
Juan Medina
Juan Medina - Day ago
iPhones are only respectable for their build quality nowadays. If it wasn’t for the jailbreak scene, I would have already switched to android
Randy Randy
Randy Randy - Day ago
What's that sexy phone background?

Anyone have the link?
FReim 99
FReim 99 - 21 hour ago
Captain Seemo
Captain Seemo - Day ago
Does anyone know the wallpaper he is using on the OnePlus 7 pro?
Captain Seemo
Captain Seemo - 4 hours ago
@NM10 he mentioned in the video that he is using Flight icon pack. The launcher is probably the default one for OnePlus phones
NM10 - 7 hours ago
Yes plz. What is that launcher?
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