'The Five' reacts to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's viral dispute

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alex black
alex black - 12 hours ago
Fred Cuomo is an idiot and so is the pregnant woman,an on here.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 12 hours ago
Yo Fredo ! Fredo ! Fredo ! Fredo !
Your also a big JERKOFF
Also does it mean AOC & Cohorts are Fredas` ??
G. Buchnoff
G. Buchnoff - 12 hours ago
He's probably NEVER been in ONE school yard scrap during his early school days. You know why? Because he went to PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!!
G. Buchnoff
G. Buchnoff - 13 hours ago
G. Buchnoff
G. Buchnoff - 13 hours ago
Hopefully his loser (Fredo) career is OVER!!!
G. Buchnoff
G. Buchnoff - 13 hours ago
I remember not that long ago (about 6 months), Cuomo was lifting baby weights and showing off. Lately, he's been lifting (sort of man weights) all of a sudden!! That, plus a sudden rage incident?? C'mon, it's obvious!!! Lay off the the juice, Fredo!!!
G. Buchnoff
G. Buchnoff - 13 hours ago
This is SOOO funny and SOOO predictable!!! It's either the poor ratings at CNN, or the STEROIDS making this guy crazy!! Chances are, it's BOTH!!!
IM Afrayed knot
IM Afrayed knot - 13 hours ago
What the heck I like the name FREDO .chuomo is a turkey . There you like turkey tr
Linda Potratz
Linda Potratz - 14 hours ago
This is what Maxine Waters instructed democrats to do ! She started this
Gladys Amundsen
Gladys Amundsen - 15 hours ago
The name fits, he wears it well, for a CNN fake reporter
Shannon Leigh
Shannon Leigh - 15 hours ago
I often wonder how Fredo got his own show. Unintelligent people often use anger to hide their stupidity.
El Gordo
El Gordo - 16 hours ago
EF cuomo but you have to respect a mans wife and children even tho he is a P O S
Michael McCarroll
Michael McCarroll - 17 hours ago
He is as bad as his brother! He should be fired from fake news cnn an the other should be recalled for being a lunatic!!!
Anthony Godlewski
Anthony Godlewski - 18 hours ago
The media can camp outside peoples homes , post pictures and film people , their children , and relations in private moments , on vacation , in court , in custody battles . Show up at their places of employment or offices . Publish unflattering pictures without people knowing or print uncorroborated lies and "hit" pieces about people , but now they selfishly band together and claim " you don`t want some guy coming up to you in public and you know ... " What ? CALL A RAT A RAT ??? Sorry , can`t have it both ways . The reaction of Cuomo also speaks volumes to who these "people " sitting at your anchor desks spewing dribble all day long think they are . I didn`t see Cuomo`s wife and I didn`t hear any vulgarities except from the narcissist who reads news . I think Cuomo had horse shoes that day also , because if the psychotic anchorman had assaulted the gentleman with the glasses , FOR CALLING HIM FREDO , he probably would be doing the news in a few weeks in dentures and casts . These people are so full of themselves it`s nauseating .
ed schneidmuller
ed schneidmuller - 20 hours ago
Poor Fredo!
Steve Barkley
Steve Barkley - 21 hour ago
FREDO, FREDO, FREDO, FREDO, FREDO !!! I'm still standing at the top of my stairs.
denise winant
denise winant - 21 hour ago
Juan says it was set up..just like so many republicans are "set up".
Lydia Drummond
Lydia Drummond - 21 hour ago
lay off Fredo, he is a victim of racism!
Hush Money
Hush Money - 22 hours ago
Is it Racist to Call Maxine Waters Fredo .. She Makes Como Look Like Michael ...
flynbrian529 - Day ago
who cares what ANNA SAYS
Dave Wesley
Dave Wesley - Day ago
Como is a leftist lunatic just like everyone in his scumbag family.
Francisco Toscano
Francisco Toscano - Day ago
This must happen to him all the time, its funny.
Tom Vera
Tom Vera - Day ago
Fredo guido cuomo. Wuzzzzuuupppp!!!!
james endicott
james endicott - Day ago
fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo fredo!!!!!
2jz Fox
2jz Fox - Day ago
Fredo means weak. Hes a moron
Jesse J Florez
Jesse J Florez - Day ago
Fox news is trash!
Robert Vega
Robert Vega - Day ago
To bad Al Sharpton wasn't there... The situation would've been called Al-Fredo.....
Bill Davis
Bill Davis - Day ago
When ever he goes out he will be called fredo
Tom Vera
Tom Vera - Day ago
Take it easy fredo.everything is cool guido. Relax super mario.
The Mayor
The Mayor - Day ago
With that reaction he’s now Fredo forever, I don’t like faun much but he is a man, strong human being would just laugh at some stupid comment, Mr freeedo has that chip on his shoulder
Neil Macleod
Neil Macleod - Day ago
I think we should all talk that way in front of our daughters. Boy , those 'roids sure waste your mind
Marco Blanco
Marco Blanco - Day ago
We should show this to the police and see if this triggers the 'Red flag law'...
Terrible temper. He shouldn't ever be around guns, or security guards with guns.
modified unlimited
modified unlimited - Day ago
Wow everybody is turning into idiots this is so stupid who cares really?
The Desi Knight
The Desi Knight - Day ago
CUOMO: I haven't got a lot to say Tucker.
TUCKER: We have time.
CUOMO: I was kept pretty much in the dark. I didn't know all that much.
TUCKER: What about now. Is there anything you can help me out with? Anything you can tell me now.
CUOMO: They've got viral video about my meltdown that's all I can tell you.
CUOMO: I didn't know I was gonna be filmed, Tucker. I swear to god I didn't know I was going to be recorded. A HECKLER bumped into me in a bar and he said that he wanted to talk. He said that you and CNN were in on a big deal together. And that there was something in it for me if I'd help 'em out. He said that -- he said that -- you were bein' tough on the Trump family. But if they could get a little help -- and close the deal fast -- it'd be good for the Corporate Media.
TUCKER: You believed that story. You believed that?
CUOMO: He said there was something in it for me -- on my own.
TUCKER: I've always taken care of you Chris.
CUOMO: Taken care of me? You're my kid brother and you take care of me? Did you ever think about that? Did you ever once think about that? Send Cuomo off to do this, Send Cuomo off to do that! Let Cuomo to take care of some Don Lemonhead to the lemonade stand somewhere! Send Cuomo to pick somebody up at the Democratic Socialist Convention! I'm your older brother Tucker and I was stepped over!
TUCKER: That's the way Trump wanted it.
CUOMO: It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things I'm smart -- not like everyone says -- not dumb, smart and I want respect!
TUCKER: Is there -- you can tell me about this viral video about you?
CUOMO: The Billionaire George Soros, he belongs to the CNN.
TUCKER: Cuomo, you're nothing to me now you're not a brother, you're not a journalist, I don't want to know you or what you do -- I don't want to see you at the CNN -- I don't want you near my Fox News -- when you see our President I want to know a day in advance, so I won't be there -- you understand.
First Last
First Last - Day ago
You neeeeever go full fredo
china thailand
china thailand - Day ago
cuoma is an immature, self centered dysfunctional male. another mark against cnn
Patrick Forget
Patrick Forget - Day ago
So what are you saying why your wife has more balls and you got
Patrick Forget
Patrick Forget - Day ago
I never seen that crappy film either or The Godfather 2 really never cared to see it cuz if you run around with bikers trust me bikers are worse than the mafia by far by far they don't have to get the okay if they want to go f****** kick your f****** teeth in a just go kick your f****** teeth in so yeah that's why I never cared to watch the f****** Godfather cuz I grew up around it
Patrick Forget
Patrick Forget - Day ago
Nobody gives a f*** who want is nobody would walk up and go all your lawn can I get a picture with you Fox News can I get a picture with you please Juan you're Juan Valdez right no get away from me then I thought you would have coffee guy Juan Valdez nobody to ask for his f****** picture nobody gives a f*** who want is
Patrick Forget
Patrick Forget - Day ago
What it's okay for them to run people out of places where they eat the gang up on with they go to the grocery store that's okay though right that's okay for the left us to do that I look at it this way if he can't handle the word that's his problem little Fredo if you want to know something if you don't want to be bugged because you're on TV you're out with your family don't become to somebody that's on TV you're all a bunch of Kratos grow a f****** spine b**** that's the problem with people nowadays they're all spineless f****** pieces of s***
Patrick Forget
Patrick Forget - Day ago
Call Lil Fredo got all upset on doesn't hurt your little heart and Fredo got upset oh poor little Fredo don't get upset Fredo
zomg222 - Day ago
LOL that little punk really thinks hes tough.......
bobdogg2010 - Day ago
Fredo is the man!!!
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram - Day ago
He deserves everything he gets 10 fold
Steve Lindsay
Steve Lindsay - Day ago
Chris Cuomo is a child. He has an ego that drives everything he does and cannot take an insult or constructive criticism. He's a paid punk promoting the left BS propaganda. Thank God not many people tune in to his talk show. Who really cares if he was called Fredo. Anyone with an ounce of intellect and dignity would brush it off. BUT not the egomaniac Cuomo who then made threats and cursed in front of his wife and child. He's a PUNK.
Terence Fong
Terence Fong - 2 days ago
Greg's best line, "racism is part of CNN profit model!".
Al B
Al B - 2 days ago
Fredo instead of Chris suits him better.
paul lts Longtimesleeping
The Lefty's are all fredo's hahahaha hahahah πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Trump is the man 20-20
steve20118 - 2 days ago
Clearly that guy was baiting Cuomo to get him to punch him for a million dollar payday. That is why it was recorded.
Robert Kaussner
Robert Kaussner - 2 days ago
Kudos to Juan Williams for correctly clarifying what the incident actually was; a pre-meditated set-up deliberately done & recorded to make Chris Cuomo look bad.
toneman335 - 2 days ago
Juan Williams is the "fredo" on Fox!
toneman335 - 2 days ago
Hey Fredo.....LMAO
Derryl James
Derryl James - 2 days ago
What a f..king 'FREDO' ! He just labeled himself for the rest of his life LMFAO!
The Almighty
The Almighty - 2 days ago
It sucks because CNN used to be a good respectable news station they were well known for reporting the invasion of Iraq in the Gulf War and in 2003 they need to realize that they are a news network not an opinion Network
tony ramsey
tony ramsey - 2 days ago
Gett him Chris 🀣
Chad Steel
Chad Steel - 2 days ago
Fredo is only a racist slur if their first name is Al
Tim Stevenson
Tim Stevenson - 2 days ago
Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Fredo Chris Toxic to his Very Rotten CORE Cuomo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas Lavery
Thomas Lavery - 2 days ago
Fredo cuomo
Elisa Griffith
Elisa Griffith - 2 days ago
W T - 2 days ago
More like Fako than Fredo
caldreamin09 - 2 days ago
It better get better after this.
caldreamin09 - 2 days ago
Heckler??? Really??? Mark I love you on Rush but your whole intro seemed a little "Slanted" He was out with his family?? Who was using cuss words? The heckler? BTW I just got thru the first 20 seconds of this vid and surprisingly already disgusted!!!!.
gary noland
gary noland - 2 days ago
But if anybody qualified as credo it's chris cuomo.
Plating Users
Plating Users - 2 days ago
Colleen Heck
Colleen Heck - 2 days ago
I think Fredo needed a milkshake.
Colleen Heck
Colleen Heck - 2 days ago
But Maxine Waters said to "get in their face and tell them they are not welcome here"! Poor Fredo.
Colleen Heck
Colleen Heck - 2 days ago
Oh, does the left not like it when they have a taste of their own conniving ways? Boo-whoo.
Miggy Z
Miggy Z - 2 days ago
Yeah, Dana and Greg are Bush loyalists.
Nine Raccoons
Nine Raccoons - 2 days ago
He fell for the bait because he is Fredo.
Brandon Musser
Brandon Musser - 2 days ago
Isn't the first time it happened it happened to the Republican the first time remember
Brandon Musser
Brandon Musser - 2 days ago
At least you didn't have a bunch of people in his face and get chased out of the restaurant
Doug M
Doug M - 2 days ago
"I should be better" yeah so should CNN, they're getting beat in the ratings by cartoons.
PJM Ent - 2 days ago
Oh LOOK!! It's FREDO!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a piece of crap cuomo is.
Apeck Ak
Apeck Ak - 2 days ago
Mark he said I am an actor on CNN
Trump is a FIGHTER 17-0 16 Reps & 1 Crooked Hillary
The Four plus One FREDO
1963 Corvette Grand
1963 Corvette Grand - 2 days ago
Hey Fredo, know this, Walter Cronkite would never act like you! He was respectable. YOUR NOT! Do the world a favor, GO AWAY!
Brent Crude
Brent Crude - 2 days ago
Fredo, please!
D H - 2 days ago
john k.
john k. - 2 days ago
Evidently Fredo's been watching too many Soprano re-runs. he better go home & get out his shine box out....dont think he'll be at Communist News Network for long.
gitzah - 2 days ago
Cuomo is Fredo and stays Fredo. Period! 🀣🀣
Stmr Greco
Stmr Greco - 2 days ago
β€œI’m smaaart, I’m not dumb like people think., I can handle stuff!” Lol., Fredo for life..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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