You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

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Carl Mikkelsen
Carl Mikkelsen - 4 days ago
Bernard, I would love to have you in my real-life circle. You think and present well, and would fit in well with many people I spend time with. There is a lot of thought in your old and new material, and that thought will carry you through your life. Hold onto that select group of friends as long as you can. -- Carl
angelidez13 - 11 days ago
If girls jumped on that 'ripping on people' bandwagon there would be a lot of tears and a lot of blood-everywhere.
Lydia Chong
Lydia Chong - 14 days ago
Bernie is the reason I'm doing cardio at the gym now.
Leanne Mo
Leanne Mo - 23 days ago
By my 30s, I realized that all the friends my husband and I have collectively (a fairly small group) are wonderful people. While none of us are perfect, we do our best to be grateful, kind, and generous with each other. The majority are happily married like us, successful, hard-working, educated, humorous, adventurous, and ethical. We all go thru difficulties in life, but are supportive of each other. And if we disagree on anything, we can debate and discuss things in a mature, respectful way - not taking things personally, as many younger people do. A human lifespan is short, so there is no reason to be mean, jealous, cruel, or strangely competitive. When our friends have good fortune, we are happy for them...and they for us, when luck or success come are way. One of our Grammy-winning friends has said, "Be careful how you treat those on your way up...because you'll meet them on the way down." :)
Nerdygirl - Month ago
12:52: "Don't surround yourself with yourself, move on back two squares" ~Yes~
Ultra AL
Ultra AL - Month ago
its dudes that never evolved from the high school gym locker room... lmao... its fine once in a while a little roast... but IT does GET OLD AFTER A WHILE.
DurexDurpaneu2 - 3 months ago
So. Fucking. True.
Dr. King Schultz
Dr. King Schultz - 3 months ago
I was the that friend ripped on everyone my circle was just full of people ripping in each other. Sad thing to inform you, it just never stops even after 15 years and i still call my friend as fatfuck even though he is fit now.
Dr. King Schultz
Dr. King Schultz - 3 months ago
even worse group is people dont rip straight away but secretly hates you lol
Justin Die
Justin Die - 4 months ago
what if it's that you surround yourself with who you are?
123fendas2 - 4 months ago
but can I really do that? Just dismiss someone as not my friend? Isn't that mean or something?
Jay - 5 months ago
I surround myself with nobody
I like to be alone and I never ask help to anyone.
I surround myself with No one therefore I am No one
I am... No one
I'm death
Death have many faces
death .... [Mom] : Arya clean up your room NOW !!!
Ivan Dmitriev
Ivan Dmitriev - 6 months ago
1:40 You are mistaking friends and enemies. Those people are your enemies. Those people are trash and need to be called out for each of their despicable acts.
Shane Bro
Shane Bro - 6 months ago
This is the video that made me subscribe
Royale _ĘXTRÅ
Royale _ĘXTRÅ - 6 months ago
Your channel is my favourite right now on YouTube because there’s these videos then the new ones which is medical and there all entertaining thanks for being a great youtuber
Evan Zhao
Evan Zhao - 6 months ago
But what do you become if you don't surround yourself with anyone??

An introvert...
Over_Cooked_Ramen - 6 months ago
yeah the guy thing happens with me because i hang with dudes only
MilliganX - 6 months ago
You are Brilliant. I wish I could meet you.
MilliganX - 6 months ago
I don't know if you ever get new comments for old videos, but GOSH! You are so bright, and worthy, and so informative. I always learn from you, no matter the video.
Cyn - 6 months ago
Clear mind, but some people surround themselves without knowing they are not good for them, especially in relationships.
Briomite - 7 months ago
"who you surround yourself with you become" (surrounded by screeching foxes and dogwolf)
I must reflect on this
Colt Glass
Colt Glass - 7 months ago
Ive been enjoying watching your videos lately... Im pretty introverted myself. thanks for the morning internal discussion.
T shapedSpaceL
T shapedSpaceL - 7 months ago
I am surrounded by no one

I am no one
Ace Rodriguez
Ace Rodriguez - 7 months ago
I'm so happy I found this channel.
Marcelo - 8 months ago
“Bruh Culture” is SO S-T-U-P-I-D 🤦🏻‍♂️
MrLuffyoo - 8 months ago
Shit, i am nothing lol
Karl Andersson
Karl Andersson - 8 months ago
In my experience incessantly calling each other derogatory terms is reserved for the closest of closest friends (for me). Me and my closest friend always call each other stupid shit, we do it because it's humororous to us. I don't do this with my other friends that, while I do value them, I'm not AS close. It's a person to person thing as well, naturally you can't do this with anyone, just the ones with the same dumb kind of humour.
SzyKo - 8 months ago
Interesting video. I will never understand why people follow others, mimic their behaviour or listen to them but at least this video showed me a little bit of a thought process of a person being on the both sides of that coin. Interesting but one does not compute :D.
HyρerБ2002 - 8 months ago
That's my friends, but they just ignore me when I try to send a message.
Po Ho
Po Ho - 8 months ago
What if you spend your time mostly in isolation?
Jason Wills
Jason Wills - 8 months ago
This Isi, true.
BISKIT Garcia - 8 months ago
I believe its genetic, and we are all born with certain characteristics that link similar people together..
jon Doe
jon Doe - 8 months ago
I'm wondering if your still the same person
jon Doe
jon Doe - 8 months ago
Wow I'm surprised of all the bad words you say
Lisa T
Lisa T - 8 months ago
whil I am strangely addicted to your "...this is what happened..." videos, I am loving these even more, you are brilliant! and are giving excellent agvice
Tyrone Ingram
Tyrone Ingram - 8 months ago
There are people who are perfectly fine with ragging on each other as a term of endearment wish I think older people can relate that cut through catty attitude that was considered somewhat cool in the 70s or 80s even a little bit in the early 90s but it was the 90s when things changed .. the PC era destroyed that type of personality .. it's now trying to make a comeback in the trump era
hope dies
hope dies - 8 months ago
Well i dont have any friends so i may not even exist.
J. Mc.
J. Mc. - 8 months ago
Profound. True.
Luis Martín Pérez
Luis Martín Pérez - 9 months ago
You are a privileged mind. The way you express before the videocamera is absolutely mesmerizing, that is the reason I rollos this awesome channel!!!
Alien 4 Ever
Alien 4 Ever - 9 months ago
Great video Chubbyemu it's solidified what I was already trying to achieve.
Ali K
Ali K - 9 months ago
Only 16 dislikes, wow
audiotron1003 - 9 months ago
I like the philosophy of the video. I try to know myself and I try to be as cheerful as possible. My videos show a wide range of hobbies and my creativity inspires those at work. But I can't be a party animal as I like my own space and pace too much.
Summer Bradford
Summer Bradford - 9 months ago
2 times a day 13 times a week 😂😂 lol
Melissa lindsey
Melissa lindsey - 9 months ago
q&a how old are you as of to day 1-3-2019????????? i would love to know
Jerrick Bak
Jerrick Bak - 9 months ago
You are wise beyond your years chubbs
Re tard
Re tard - 9 months ago
Wtf is up with views
Justin Macklin
Justin Macklin - 9 months ago
I have never resignated with a video as much as this one. Thank you brenard
Unimaginative Bear
Unimaginative Bear - 9 months ago
Hey, obligatory "I didn't watch the video but I'm commenting based off the title" comment. What if I don't hang out with anyone but myself. :D
GEZZ X10 - 9 months ago
Me and my friends are the opposite, we act gay asf to each other
Solgato Blogopogo
Solgato Blogopogo - 9 months ago
Could it have been really hard for her to get up at 5am because something about it really *was* hard? Commuting drives me up a tree, it's depressing and exhausting, and I know it breaks me down eventually. Maybe she didn't know how much the early start would affect her? I can probably talk about this calmly because getting up at 4am gives me an hour of gorgeous quiet world I can walk around in and merge with sorta, just a beautiful inner hum, convection between me and the quiet dawn light. That and my cat never lets me sleep past around that time so it's been etched with a crowbar into
my circadian rhythm. I jump awake at the first sound of cardboard being knocked around ;)
Solgato Blogopogo
Solgato Blogopogo - 9 months ago
Haha, I'm a cat.
Solgato Blogopogo
Solgato Blogopogo - 9 months ago
Angel Dela Cruz Hi :)
Angel Dela Cruz
Angel Dela Cruz - 9 months ago
Hi cat :3
justin han
justin han - 10 months ago
i am lucky i found this channel. you taught me a lot about myself and helped me a lot. thank you
MigM16 - 10 months ago
what about all the great content out there that makes u made something like electricity and how we pay for something, we as a whole really dont need to be paying for/ and or should not be paying someone for, its a tech for the masses.. i wanna do something but with a group so if i cant do it i can learn be taught or move on to another group.
Roboticist Echo
Roboticist Echo - 10 months ago
ice well ocum
vipera_7 - 10 months ago
Yeah, there arent really many people like that in Europe or Asia. A lot nicer people.
vipera_7 - 10 months ago
The people that are consistently mean
CrazyCrezarak Arak
CrazyCrezarak Arak - 10 months ago
So true I hung out with bad kids and became a bad kid as well and did a lot of regrettable things and slowly they started to bully me and I completely cut ties with them and went back to my true self
Digby Dooright
Digby Dooright - 10 months ago
Dude, your channel is going viral!! :O
Please Suffer
Please Suffer - 10 months ago
If you really do want to get into programming, I suggest you start with an hour of code. It is just basic block code, but it can teach you the basics and you can move on to things like python, which is free and easy to use, download, and learn, and any other coding language that is appropriate for your skill level, such as Java which more than 1 billion+ devices run on.
filthy - 10 months ago
Great and inspiring video!
kennyboyy - 10 months ago
Hey Bernard, I just came across your medical / education story telling videos today which caught my interest and took me down the rabbit hole of all your other (older) content. I just wanted to reach out and say that your positive energy in life lessons and personal stories is very inspirational and is beneficial to even someone like myself who is in his 30's. I've had my fair share of life choices, struggles, and personal battles, so I believe that this type of openness can really help all generations as it isn't something often taught in school. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to talk about your own experiences in these life topics. I look forward to following your content and hope you continue to create these in addition to your medical videos!
Jules Lynn
Jules Lynn - Month ago
Kukost Kuksen
Kukost Kuksen - 8 months ago
I think a lot of us are in the same boat when it comes to how we discovered his earlier content
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