Love Action (I Believe In Love)

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Mick DeVille
Mick DeVille - 10 days ago
Great album from a great decade, slippery of Rushent to sell me the album twice....Love and dancing, instrumental versions of the same tracks, clever man.
Benjamin Reece
Benjamin Reece - 16 days ago
Love this song and Human League!
Benjamin Reece
Benjamin Reece - 16 days ago
Wow have not heard this song in a long time, it just showed up on my laptop for some reason
Pekka Sahlberg
Pekka Sahlberg - 27 days ago
You 247 thumbs down, you IDIOTS with poor taste in music, DON`T EVER AGAIN LISTEN TO HUMAN LEAGUE AGAIN!!!! Imbesilles or smt. like that word!!!
Alan Strom
Alan Strom - Month ago
This is pure magic.
It's an epiphany of my music experience.
I heard this on JJJ 105.7 Sydney Radio in 1981.
Back in those halcyon days that's where you heard the good music first,
before commercial stations jumped on the coat tails of its success.


George Harrison?
George Thorogood?
Dolman Eff
Dolman Eff - Month ago
boss live act!
Liezl-Mari van Rensburg
TurnItAround and strike em
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H J - Month ago
When your confided to your living room and have been for 3 weeks, there's nothing better to pass the time then listening to some 80s tunes... And this track ♥️♥️
H J - Month ago
@Ronald Kusatz love a bit of Gary numan :) omd, human league.... Even my 5 year old loves it, mainly because I listen to it alot 🤣
Ronald Kusatz
Ronald Kusatz - Month ago
Do you know Gary Numan (80s)?!!📲
Kelly14UK - 2 months ago
Lyrics and music in this
Sandro Dellisanti
Sandro Dellisanti - 2 months ago
Please all stay health from Corona :)
Joann Miller
Joann Miller - 2 months ago
I'm the Wave 103
TheLuca2001 - Month ago
Not really. Only Adam First can truly be the Wave 103.
Paul Shotter
Paul Shotter - 2 months ago
Human league I believe in love great music from the eighties bring it all back again so we can be happy again and not sad anymore good song
Leon Straatman
Leon Straatman - 2 months ago
Well said.....thumbs up!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥
Ulf Utstrand
Ulf Utstrand - 3 months ago
Truth or DARE......its a human thing...........
Nick Callahan
Nick Callahan - Year ago
Back to the future?
Cat Earth Shill Confirmed
This and 'seconds' would be my two favourites from them.
Jason Sieffert
Jason Sieffert - Year ago
Who got here from George?
Alan Strom
Alan Strom - Month ago
Who's George?? George Harrison? George Thorogood?
monkeytrousers - 2 years ago
The Last America Virgin!
malcolm lowrey
malcolm lowrey - 2 years ago
My defining pop song...soundtrack of my youth...Phil's baritone and Rushent's slick production, instantly had me spellbound....and Brian Aris' vogue like cover photography were a winner...
Roosevelt McCarter
Roosevelt McCarter - 2 years ago
Love Action (I Believe In Love) from the l.p. "Dare."
Clive Five
Clive Five - 3 years ago
love this song
Lloyd Braun (Serenity Now!)
Talking Heads
Hasher90 - 2 months ago
Yep, I can hear some similarity between this and Once in a Lifetime
Jordynne Lancaster-Wilson
I know it sounds cliche but they really don't make em like they used to.
Cat Earth Shill Confirmed
I'm trying to hear the connection and I'm failing miserably just like I am in life.
flinkAdink - 3 years ago
No comments? :(
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