WHO'S MOST LIKELY TO...?!?! Ft. Lazarbeam, Muselk, Loserfruit, Crayator, BazzaGazza and Marcus

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Appsro 44
Appsro 44 - 3 hours ago
Disregarding the fact lannan has a cardboard cutout of the queen
Dipti Patel
Dipti Patel - 11 hours ago
hey its me
hey its me - 11 hours ago
Cray didn't get the wear red memo
Robert Rivers
Robert Rivers - 12 hours ago
Marcus with diyd hare looks like ninga if he wasn't a wimp
PuggyWuggy - 16 hours ago
Show most likely to lunch a wall in I th a sledgehammer putting a hole in tanger. Roll the clips of laser beam w
Belle and Will
Belle and Will - 19 hours ago
Did marcus say what i think he said
Piano Shavings
Piano Shavings - 23 hours ago
4:39 oooohhhh Fruity how do you know😶😶
frost bite
frost bite - Day ago
Does Marcus have a channel
Emilee flores
Emilee flores - Day ago
Your support to shower about 3times a week
Stephen Park
Stephen Park - Day ago
R3tr0 1101
R3tr0 1101 - Day ago
4:41 how does lufu know that
Patrick Uljan
Patrick Uljan - Day ago
Anyone want to know the click address
Diamondz 4 ever
Diamondz 4 ever - Day ago
6:30 loser fruit is holding up her self :O for leaking the click house address :O :O :O :O :O :O
The Pfeif
The Pfeif - Day ago
Question: Who’s likely to kill another member of Click?
Cray: Bazz.
Bazz: I’m gonna f*cking murder you if you don’t put that down!
awesome guy9
awesome guy9 - Day ago
Christian Mills
Christian Mills - 2 days ago
Christian Mills
Christian Mills - 2 days ago
Lannon would get a dui
demon 12748963
demon 12748963 - 2 days ago
They say cray will get demonetized and lazerbeam just randomly pulls out knifes
Sienna M.
Sienna M. - 2 days ago
Elliot- I’m a SLAVE to technology!!
Me-Elliot, I feel you! In the shower on my phone for like an hour!😂😂
Alim Tilvaldiev
Alim Tilvaldiev - 2 days ago
"finish it while you still can"
wojaX - 2 days ago
5:27 i love this part
Hiro Akizo
Hiro Akizo - 2 days ago
I punched a wall and broke my 4th 5th finger n still wearing cast
Robyn Gilbert
Robyn Gilbert - 2 days ago
Yeet Teey
Yeet Teey - 3 days ago
Where’s Lachlan
Dark Knight
Dark Knight - 3 days ago
6:18 - Lannan already did...
Abigal McLean
Abigal McLean - 3 days ago
Fruity is the house alpha!
Ravdeep Singh
Ravdeep Singh - 3 days ago
Part 2
tf2MellowJ D
tf2MellowJ D - 3 days ago
Elliot: Im Addicted to--
Marcus: Porn
Boys Will Be Toys
Boys Will Be Toys - 3 days ago
Courtney Dawn
Courtney Dawn - 4 days ago
Hey fruity what you been stealing
These nuts
AN00bAtFortnite - 4 days ago
Paul Loubieres
Paul Loubieres - 4 days ago
You're all Sidemen Wannabes
Rep1ix forever
Rep1ix forever - 4 days ago
4.45 how does fruity knows muselk uses his phone in the shower
Popcorn - 4 days ago
Are they bloods or some shit🤣
Barbro Gjerde
Barbro Gjerde - 5 days ago
Lazerbeam take Home an animal cuz he whold think IT will be a cool video next day They found a croc in the bathtub.
Max Pelling
Max Pelling - 5 days ago
Bazz wants attention
Honey Bunches Of Emma Fortnite
Can we take a moment to appreciate marcus’ fire watermelon socks
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez - 6 days ago
how does fruity know that Elliot has his phone in the shower
SniperDarren 2141
SniperDarren 2141 - 4 days ago
fartbuisness - 6 days ago
Cray shave the mustache
Rusty Coleman
Rusty Coleman - 6 days ago
You spelled color wrong
Soupy Noodle
Soupy Noodle - 7 days ago
6:03 Lazarbeam literally has a punch and smash hammer wall 😂😂😂
Jack Szymczak
Jack Szymczak - 7 days ago
8:48 Most of them were successful.
Jack Szymczak
Jack Szymczak - 7 days ago
6:04 Lannon if they included whiteboards and doors.
Christine Sweeney
Christine Sweeney - 7 days ago
Lannan is my fav Youtuber out them all
VICTOR RALEV - 7 days ago
How did fruity know Muselk uses his phone in the shower??????
Wakkd3Yakk - 7 days ago
Does bazaa even play RL because he has a NRG shirt?
Clone Vortex
Clone Vortex - 7 days ago
The Australian FaZe House
420 West side
420 West side - 8 days ago
Dylan Myers
Dylan Myers - 8 days ago
U live in wales but u said that lannan was the first to leak ur address and u just did. Nice
Patrick Uljan
Patrick Uljan - 8 days ago
How does fruity know that Elliot uses his phone in the shower ...something you want to tell us
Bianca Bair
Bianca Bair - 8 days ago
Lufu is alpha!
SLADKER Gaming and vlogs
4:48 Porn
Good omen
Good omen - 8 days ago
notice the sidemen did this (still a fan of lazerbeam)
rappergod gamer
rappergod gamer - 8 days ago
bazz because he said ill murder you
Lui does stuff
Lui does stuff - 8 days ago
7:56 lannan slightly grabs his card then swaps
Poke'bro Aiden Gaming
Poke'bro Aiden Gaming - 9 days ago
7:57 lanann almost choses himself
OB Monster
OB Monster - 9 days ago
Cray and Lannan team name Craytorbeam
GiraffeWithAnxiety - 9 days ago
Kath puts her face up on the alpha question
Normall Peeep
Normall Peeep - 9 days ago
im still confused why you would shower once to twice a day. id say every other day or every two days cause every day is just a waste of water
mrroom foam
mrroom foam - 9 days ago
Elliot: I'm not sexist and because of that, Kath you're gonna die
wolfy 19
wolfy 19 - 9 days ago
4:46 help i can't stop laughting-XD

Evelyn Jones
Evelyn Jones - 9 days ago
Look at alanna 9.23
Gruenebag - Freshly Yours
4:54 He is still in his phone!!
Hi - 10 days ago
Lannan doesn't punch walls he uses a sledgehammer
Alex Plas
Alex Plas - 10 days ago
Why does loser fruit know muselk uses his phone in the shower
Keyton Rogers
Keyton Rogers - 10 days ago
Alyssa Buker
Alyssa Buker - 10 days ago
6:13 the L mug in the back, hmmm wonder who owns it
Bonnie787 Dan
Bonnie787 Dan - 11 days ago
Hold up what you say about r2d2 because I love r2d2 but still liked and subscribed and turned on the bell.
FearlessBellauchiha 02
FearlessBellauchiha 02 - 11 days ago
Lufu and cray was right when they said bazz is most likely to kill another member
TheRealPuppet_YT - 11 days ago
Most likely on phone.... savage Marcus... haha
Natalie Hulett
Natalie Hulett - 11 days ago
KenshinCat - 11 days ago
on the "punch a wall in anger" thing, why did they choose bazza. Lannan litterally has a wall he smashes with a sledgehammer every video....
Karin Hanstensen
Karin Hanstensen - 11 days ago
I will save muselk and Lazerbeam
Drawing Pokémon
Drawing Pokémon - 12 days ago
Elliot then and now. 11:11, 9:29
doodledoodlepencilfart 69
i died laughing at lazerbeam cause of the disappointment on his face
Sharon Pennington
Sharon Pennington - 12 days ago
elliot sucks lol
Turtles 123 Jayna
Turtles 123 Jayna - 12 days ago
Tbh it’s good fruity showers every 2 or 3 day bc if you do everyday then it’s bad for her hair and for her skin oof
12345678999246 - 12 days ago
U mm. ... is lazar wearing a hijab?...
Dylan Myers
Dylan Myers - 8 days ago
12345678999246 no it’s a hoodie
Jemima Ryan
Jemima Ryan - 12 days ago
Wait, what about Elliot's billboard?
Josh Boyle
Josh Boyle - 12 days ago
Anyone notice how the Prime Minister is wearing an AMERICAN flag😂
Calthirus Anonymous
Calthirus Anonymous - 13 days ago
Anyone else notice that for The Who would they eat, that Marcus put up Lufu, and I don’t think he would kill her... just saying...
More like _Genny
More like _Genny - 13 days ago
LMAO They were all exposed 🤣
Christina Jones
Christina Jones - 13 days ago
Can I say might be late because i rewatched this today and lufu I shower the same 😘❤️❤️
Fox Gaming101
Fox Gaming101 - 13 days ago
Most likely to rage during a game: Meh
PUGGIE YT - 13 days ago
How does fruity know Elliot uses his phone in the shower. She must stalk him.
Matthew Chau
Matthew Chau - 14 days ago
The house would be on fire but it is not just you guys there would still be your naboorns and friends.
Spaghetti541 - 14 days ago
Why is this channel named this way, did it just click or something?
Rebekah Watson
Rebekah Watson - 14 days ago
loserfruit is a fruit that is a loser
JAYDEN Huyck - 14 days ago
If you save marcus save lufu because marcus would kill him self probably.
Trinity Waite
Trinity Waite - 14 days ago
notice how everyone is wearing red, but cray
You got Dissed
You got Dissed - 14 days ago
Anyone else see marcus’ Lufu socks
Falki jr Games
Falki jr Games - 14 days ago
Hmmm Crays has had a wild past
2020=Cary becomes linzy lohan
Logan Briffa
Logan Briffa - 14 days ago
Fruity is the alpha
Ace Cadell
Ace Cadell - 14 days ago
Here’s to lazerbeem he’s true blue he is a basted though and thoo
SniperDarren 2141
SniperDarren 2141 - 15 days ago
Lazarbeam for life!!!!!!
CRAZEY MONKEY cooper - 15 days ago
who is most likely to leak the click house adress *The Camera Man*
DaCatz - 15 days ago
I only vote for lannen
RealDivineShado w
RealDivineShado w - 15 days ago
Yeaaah marcus my guy i see u Rockin dem loserfruit socks
Mink - 15 days ago
Lufu hates Elliot
Xd Masked
Xd Masked - 15 days ago
What if I want to use code lufu 😏
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