Whoopi Goldberg Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Gary Regalado
Gary Regalado - Day ago
2 Chainz got some fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jackie Thompson
Jackie Thompson - 3 days ago
Ok Whoopi
Mamsir - 3 days ago
5 bucks paypal to whoever can link me to where I can buy her glasses.
Kameron  Nelson
Kameron Nelson - 5 days ago
Whoopi a legend
ExtremeGaming - 5 days ago
Whoopi got more awards then i have money in the bank
deeplyfilms - 7 days ago
Bruh she so wise
Sheila Daniels
Sheila Daniels - 11 days ago
Fabrice Münger
Fabrice Münger - 11 days ago
what a total badass
Mikledeepikle -
Mikledeepikle - - 12 days ago
Dr Phil goes sneaker shopping with complex.
bigwats 12
bigwats 12 - 14 days ago
Woopi still finer than a mother f*#ker . Half on a baby for some sneakers
Pame Navarro
Pame Navarro - 17 days ago
what shoes is she wearing?!
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz - 20 days ago
I love her man I feel the vibes
itsgbaly - 23 days ago
she's so cool
Jonas Cabrera
Jonas Cabrera - 23 days ago
that acronym pick pretty good ;p
Sincerely AJG
Sincerely AJG - 25 days ago
Great episode! Gotta love Whoopi!
Dwayne Robinson
Dwayne Robinson - 26 days ago
I would love for her and 2 Chains to do a video together
King DnD
King DnD - Month ago
She probably a cool ass grandma😂
Andrew Piluk Hockey
Andrew Piluk Hockey - Month ago
Kaywop - Month ago
fucking legend
Just Harry
Just Harry - Month ago
damn now i want a pair of alien stompers
Chase OneHunnit
Chase OneHunnit - Month ago
5:50 I have those shoes on rn...☹️ guess I’ll take them off now.
Queen of the South
Queen of the South - Month ago
Supreme_ Trevor
Supreme_ Trevor - Month ago
Look at her outfit she such a fun person with a great personality
Christy van Loenen
Christy van Loenen - Month ago
YukiILikeBleach - Month ago
When she sang “I will follow you” in the beginning I died, love whoopi 😂
chic B
chic B - 10 hours ago
Oh happy day
Dylan Bloem
Dylan Bloem - Month ago
Frosty The Snowman
Frosty The Snowman - Month ago
i frickin love whoopi, complex you gotta get will smith on here
Akame {The Assassin}
Akame {The Assassin} - Month ago
Michael Jordan thinking in his head *Bro thats ankther me!*
Akame {The Assassin}
Akame {The Assassin} - Month ago
Roberto_ Berto_
Roberto_ Berto_ - Month ago
ight whoopi ight you got the drip
Godly Girl
Godly Girl - Month ago
I like her style. Its dope 😆👌🏼
Reverend Miguel
Reverend Miguel - Month ago
FINALLY... someone grabs the coca cola Chucks. I like the white and red a little more, but a classic on a classic. Can't beat that.
Abby Fagerlin
Abby Fagerlin - Month ago
Whoopi is so Authentic
Malikah Brown-Henry
Malikah Brown-Henry - Month ago
You guys need more females on this show
heatermx szy
heatermx szy - Month ago
we need JOE sneaker shopping
jake jones
jake jones - Month ago
Phuc Yu
Phuc Yu - Month ago
I never knew how much I liked Whoopie
Johny Borighr
Johny Borighr - Month ago
Bill Gates shoe shopping with complex
Aaliyah - Month ago
Finally someone good on this show
Jacey Chmelar
Jacey Chmelar - Month ago
This was one of the best in my opinion. Despite what she bought she is an Og with classic nostalgic stories🤷🏽‍♂️ and made me laugh. She earned that flex catch up to Whoopi cuh😂😂
jbone •----=_-==〈
jbone •----=_-==〈 - Month ago
Whopper gold booger is an asshole and anti America
XZYPUSH XZYPUSH - 2 months ago
Who else loves Whoopi?
Orion Of Valenwood
Orion Of Valenwood - 2 months ago
You are ugly woopi. On the inside.
Vergil - 2 months ago
i love her she is so REAL
Orange Chipmunk
Orange Chipmunk - 2 months ago
whoopi your voice actor on lion king is shenzi
T M - 2 months ago
Whoopi is so disgusting and so full of hatred.
jhetro123 - 2 months ago
Levi Corcoran
Levi Corcoran - 2 months ago
2:38 subtly roasts Trump 👌
John Davis
John Davis - 2 months ago
Ms Lady hello!
TZZ_Joseph - 2 months ago
If the incredibles made a live action film whoopi should play Edna
awmaigawd - 2 months ago
nice undercover undercover coat
Tùng Khắc
Tùng Khắc - 2 months ago
Simba - 2 months ago
This woman is so cool!
DISTORTION bad videos
DISTORTION bad videos - 2 months ago
3:11 find the track please
Black Prodigy
Black Prodigy - 2 months ago
I know I’m not the only one who was thinking of hardstop Lucas
Gabby Bonilla
Gabby Bonilla - 2 months ago
What are those yellow nikes with the light blue swoosh and white bottoms behind woopie at 5:03?? 🔥🔥
Dmitri Moua
Dmitri Moua - 2 months ago
Whoopi is an OG God
Grandma Betty
Grandma Betty - 2 months ago
I’ll never forget seeing Whoopi when I was a kid, riding my bike with my brother and I screamed it’s Whoopi and wrecked.
ideel ahmed
ideel ahmed - 2 months ago
i thought that was Lil Wayne
Empress Empress
Empress Empress - 2 months ago
I’m a girl who also prefers to wear sneakers over high heels. I look for comfort‼️
Dan Gaawgan
Dan Gaawgan - 2 months ago
Decent haul. But more than anything Whoopi is dope!
Sad Boi Minute
Sad Boi Minute - 2 months ago
For some reason i feel happy watching this video :)
Yayito X3
Yayito X3 - 2 months ago
Whats the name of the song in the beggining of the episode
jeremy carter
jeremy carter - 2 months ago
Imagine woopie just pulling out a fat stack of cash
Maria Mail
Maria Mail - 2 months ago
Oooh wow! Whoopi was featured too!!?? Wow wow! Love her.
Ari H
Ari H - 2 months ago
The shade when she said you can be yourself at the White House or you used to. Mad respects
Jojo Wavy
Jojo Wavy - 2 months ago
Tell me why a lot peoples on the comment section got so much hate about her ?
Ezra Goggles
Ezra Goggles - 3 months ago
Whoopi & foamposites...❤️❤️❤️ I recently just fell in love with foamposites cuz they’re comfortable & stylish at the same time. Love them
ROBINETTE HAYWOOD - 3 months ago
She still look great
retardno002 - 3 months ago
Whoopi is as OG as it gets, but I was hoping she was gonna buy some Grape J5's or something a bit more old school. I know, Chucks and AM1's is kinda old school but not in the way that I'm imagining. Know what I'm saying? That Air Trainer 1 velcro strap colors popping old school vibe. That ankle-warmers 80's fitness show old school vibe. Billy Hoyle Air Force Command old school vibe. Maybe even some Reebok Pumps, you know?
roccorostagno - 3 months ago
Whoopi goldturd.. fuckin twat.
Xander Mccargar Mccargar
Xander Mccargar Mccargar - 3 months ago
Whoop Goldberg is the best black actress ever she is amazing
Shaya playss
Shaya playss - 3 months ago
Whoopi speaking fax! People say my shoes are grandma shoes or something but IDC as long as it's my style and I like it that's what matters
Urwah - 3 months ago
Take a shot everytime she says "you know"
Finesse King
Finesse King - 3 months ago
Sister Act Was Legendary
Samara Covington
Samara Covington - 3 months ago
" i can't judgee somebodies craziness , ya' know , i have my own . "
Ramírez the barber
Ramírez the barber - 3 months ago
2 chains mom
m3talh3ad123 - 3 months ago
"Emmy award winning, Grammy award winning, Oscar award winning, and Tony award winning" jesus christ, I really had no clue she was that successful. I mean, I know it's Whoopi, but still, that's remarkable. The Tony is the icing on the cake.
King Bradley
King Bradley - 16 days ago
She also won my heart
Klippa Ken
Klippa Ken - 26 days ago
Dont forget about the golden globe
jeremy brown
jeremy brown - Month ago
Shit had me shocked too
Destry - 3 months ago
TRUMP 2020 ! ! !
Nikki Nick
Nikki Nick - 3 months ago
Gorilla that never evolved..go back to jungle..with your big mouth you could fit 4 c..cks..in there ..nasty foul mouthed skank
bee vee
bee vee - 3 months ago
She has wide feet just like her mouth.
mjbs - 3 months ago
Braindead libtard whoopi!
dntworryboutmyname - 3 months ago
and I'll never shop their because of this.
rebas04 - 3 months ago
Who gives a shit
Batman M
Batman M - 3 months ago
Fuck you whoopie goldberg!
Chris R
Chris R - 3 months ago
Jesus that is an ugly woman. I can’t believe whoopi is even the same species as Sophia vergara
Ya Caesareen
Ya Caesareen - 3 months ago
Rotten fruit..gets all onvolved hurled down to eternal danmation
But ...on other note they dont fit
Edward Waliczek
Edward Waliczek - 3 months ago
Whoopi Goldberg seen climbing the Empire State Building............
Trump scrambling jet fighters to the scene.
Lilcumstain - 3 months ago
Her sweater low-key heat
Moose - 3 months ago
Liberal bitch.
Jay Melendez
Jay Melendez - 3 months ago
Lol she’s dope
Andrew Hoang
Andrew Hoang - 3 months ago
Cannot separate art from the artist... Wtf.
Barney Fife
Barney Fife - 3 months ago
Yea and Obama won the Noble Prize. Perverted joke. Saw her on Dr. Seuss Thing 1or2. She’s Nasty.
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton - 3 months ago
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton - 3 months ago
No one gives a fuck about Whoopi !
Fucking Traidor !
Orion Of Valenwood
Orion Of Valenwood - 3 months ago
Feline Fine
Feline Fine - 3 months ago
Why? Like woopie Goldberg really walks around in sneakers?
Fatt Tev
Fatt Tev - 3 months ago
Get G Herbo On Here
Gaylene Morley
Gaylene Morley - 3 months ago
Hello to you i have always like whoopi g even in ghost. When whoopi knock that door down so frighten. Byy hearing a voice
Todd Dunford
Todd Dunford - 3 months ago
She is nappy
Z Snillockly
Z Snillockly - 3 months ago
Bars! 0:25
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